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  1. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/214-1980-2009-chevrolet-kodiak-and-gmc-topkick/
  2. I've been wondering what these were like. I have a white truck, so any body color exposed between them will show. They look great on your truck though. Might give them a shot.
  3. Do it! I deleted the muffler and flapper. You can hear the tone change when it kicks down into V4, but I don't find it annoying or anything. It's just a lower tone. The sound is similar to installing a mild performance muffler. Not raspy or trashy sounding at all. Smooth rumble and an nice growl when you put your foot in it.
  4. I had a 97 Ram way back that used to go through those things like crazy. Replace them with brass and put the new one in the freezer for a couple hours before you change it. Makes it ever so slightly smaller and easier to go in.
  5. Definitely never saw that wheel before. I had to put the spare on my 15 over the weekend. It's definitely a steelie. This is the wheel that I've seen most commonly. I had an 06 Titan before this truck, and the spare was actually a matching alloy wheel.
  6. I have 57k on my factory LS2s, and they're getting a little worn. Trying to decide whether to go with another set of these, or something else. I've had a good experience with the LS2s, no shaking or anything like that. I could probably get 60k+ out of them, but I'm thinking about replacing them while GM is offering price match and $200 rebate. Looking at either another set of LS2s, Continental CrossContact LX20s, or Hankook Ventus STs. What do you guys think? Truck is a street queen and it doesn't snow down here. Just looking for a smooth and quiet ride, long life, and max MPG.
  7. My 15 is great *knock on wood*. Definitely the best year. That front end just looks like a Chevy should. Not sure why they only kept it around for 2 years. I've got 56k on it, and so far so good.
  8. Thanks! That one is a 2006, so I can definitely vouch for that being true. My dad actually talked to the guy that bought it the other day, and it's still kicking!
  9. Back to the original topic.... I had a 1st Gen Titan before I bought my current Silverado, and I wouldn't hesistate to own another one. I owned it 10 years, and put 184k on it, and it NEVER ONCE saw the inside of a mechanic shop. Worst problem it ever had was a broken clockspring, and I changed that myself. Other than crappy MPG, I have zero complaints about that thing. When it came time to buy a truck, I wasn't really in love with the looks of the new ones, and I wanted better MPG as I drive for work now, plus I come from a big Chevy family, so I came back home to the bowtie.
  10. The back window, tailgate band, and steering wheel from my first truck, a 1981 GMC Sierra Classic. I had changed the steering wheel out, so I made a plaque for it and mounted it on my wall. After I wrecked it , I took the back window out because it was hanging and about to fall out. After one night in the junkyard, someone went and stole things out of it and off of it, so I took off pretty much everything that I could unbolt. I had the window and tailgate band stored in an old shed at my parents' house, pretty much forgotten about. My dad was tearing down the shed a while back and asked if I remembered that they were in there. Told him I wasn't sure what I would do with them, and he suggested this. I love it.
  11. I use an old hard drive iPod in my 15. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it does work, it's very laggy. I read somewhere that MyLink doesn't like the hard drive iPods, as it's made to work with flash memory type devices.
  12. They're doing a 2019 "classic" as well. Same as 2014-2018.
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