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  1. The back window, tailgate band, and steering wheel from my first truck, a 1981 GMC Sierra Classic. I had changed the steering wheel out, so I made a plaque for it and mounted it on my wall. After I wrecked it , I took the back window out because it was hanging and about to fall out. After one night in the junkyard, someone went and stole things out of it and off of it, so I took off pretty much everything that I could unbolt. I had the window and tailgate band stored in an old shed at my parents' house, pretty much forgotten about. My dad was tearing down the shed a while back and asked if I remembered that they were in there. Told him I wasn't sure what I would do with them, and he suggested this. I love it.
  2. I use an old hard drive iPod in my 15. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it does work, it's very laggy. I read somewhere that MyLink doesn't like the hard drive iPods, as it's made to work with flash memory type devices.
  3. Rear Seat Covers

    They're doing a 2019 "classic" as well. Same as 2014-2018.
  4. It's like a cateye that the chrome bar fell off haha. There's a 1st Gen Equinox around town here that's missing the bar and bowtie on the grille. Looks just like this lol
  5. That nose is terrible. Looks like the grille is missing.
  6. My wife's 2010 Equinox has started having a gas smell when she fills up. It only smells when the tank is full. After she drives it for a day and burns a little of it off, the smell is gone. Smells like it is coming from the rear driver side. Doesn't smell around the fuel filler on the passenger side. Any ideas what might be causing it? Evap canister maybe? It's not hard to put gas in, my Silverado is actually worse to fill up than this thing.
  7. Just changing those little details are pretty much perfect. The mirrors on the windows and a straight body line. And a bumper that wraps around! Kill those hanging jowls lol. I'd buy one right now if they looked like that!
  8. Exhauste Flapper Removal

    That's what I did with mine. It sounds too good that way to spend more on a new muffler haha. Nice growl, not too crazy. About as loud as the Magnaflow I had on my last truck, maybe a little quieter at idle.
  9. I believe the current ones came out in 2018.
  10. Borla XR-1 40085 Questions

    I'm thinking it's the valve. Clamp it open and see if it gets any better / worse.
  11. Email your VIN to [email protected] They'll send you a build sheet.
  12. I want to do the same thing...so yay

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