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  1. My build got way out of hand. Had these for an lt4 supercharger on my 5.3. Now I’m building a 427 with an l8t block. Ported lt4 throttle body 150 shipped. Gpi custom cam 400 shipped. Johnson drop in lifters 450 shipped. Cam and lifters have never been out of the box. Just going to have a different cam ground and go to link bars. Make me an offer!
  2. I might have to get the black painted one and re paint. Mine was not painted at all when I purchased it.
  3. Anyone by chance have a copy of the 2016 2017 gm accessories catalog? I have the gm grill with the embossed Chevrolet across the top. Long story short a pheasant took mine out and need the part number for the paintable one? Hopefully someone can help me out! Thank you in advance!!
  4. Looking for a set of rear deaver springs. Let me know!
  5. Difference between this one and one for a 5.3? Interested in it
  6. Not even close to the right part, but thanks!
  7. Looking for a set of the tall ict manifold spacers/adapters. Collecting parts to put an lt4 on my 5.3. Pm me please! Thank you!
  8. I already have uppers. Really leaning towards the cst 4.5 or the fabtech 4. None of the other kits really interest me because they increase track width. Most of the time I’m on the road and want to get all my angles back to factory. I’ll probably call cst in the morning and see what they can do. I can get the fabtech 4” with remote rezi dirt logics for 3300.
  9. After having leveling spacers in my 16 for a couple years I’m just not happy with it. Which coilover rides the best? Really thinking about going to a 4” fabtech with dirt logic coilovers or a 4.5” cst with coilovers to get angles back to stock. Neither kit increases track width. Which one of those kits rides the best? I also see Elka makes coilovers for our pickups now. Also tempted to try the Elkas but I’d still have the angles I have now. So what will ride better cst/fabtech 4” with coilovers or a fox/king/Elka setup for 2.5” ?
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