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  1. Sold! $220 shipped. Shipping was $36 from PA to VA.
  2. Sold! coilovergto is a great dude. Easy, hassle free sale. For future record since these don’t seem to pop up often, the calipers alone were sold for $750 + shipping. They held up really well for 20k miles. Finish is still solid. Definitely a worthy upgrade. My only gripe, which I didn’t notice until I went back to the small stock setup, is that the big rotors and calipers added noticeable weight but the braking performance was worth it.
  3. That is a nice looking truck brother. The red is bold… I love it.
  4. That is awesome. Wow.. that mileage is nothing short of impressive.
  5. Thanks sir. Same size, just different tires. My junk Bridgestone OEM tires dry rotted thankfully right before the warranty expired so my local Firestone prorated these for me. The difference was night and day. I love my truck and searched all over for it before I found it back in 2018 but I want something a little smaller and a lot faster. SRT, Hellcat, Trackhawk, etc.
  6. All logo’d back up. Will be traded in here shortly hopefully.
  7. Just the front. The pads and rotors are about shot so it’ll just be calipers.
  8. 20k miles on them. Taken off my 2018 Silverado. Will need new inner pads and the rear of the rotors have seen better days. Local pickup only; Parkesburg, PA 19365. $1,000 obo.
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