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  1. Thank you! I monitor it on the screen, check them routinely with a tire pressure gauge and check the monthly diagnostic report emails. I keep them at the recommended 35psi. Good to hear but still a bit unsettling. I’ve never seen it happen on any of my cars over the years. No sir. 35 psi routinely.
  2. 12/17 build date. I bought it brand new 05/18. It sucks man. So 36th week of 2017? All four are like this. No extreme exposure to sun. I live in Pennsylvania.
  3. Park in the driveway and just car wash soap.
  4. Purchased the truck May 2018 and it has 20,000 miles of light use. Is this normal?
  5. Thanks sir! Yessir, stock wheels and tires. They do well... it’s a beast in the snow but my prior car was FWD with 300hp. Lmao.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Buying new or used?
  7. Welcome from Pennsylvania! Post some pictures.
  8. Finally got a set of these. Anyone have input? Good? Bad?
  9. Welcome. I’ve never seen what you’re referencing but now I’m intrigued.
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