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Found 16 results

  1. Just traded in my 2015 Sierra. I have a few goodies that am looking to sell I also have some Wet Okole Real Tree Camo seat covers that are in great shape. They are for the crew cab with the middle seat in the front. Im told they will also work on the console models but dont hold me to that. $280 Pulled Out the Mids and Highs as well These Are Hertz HCX 6x9s and 6.5s for the doors $220 for the 6x9s regularly $599 $180 for the 6.5" regularly $399 Pulled out the 2 12' Kicker Comp R DVC 2ohm subs Brand New Bushwacker Fender Flares . The set is still in the plastic. I had to take them out of the box to transport them home. ALL seals, and bolts and everything they come with still brand new $275 comes with everything Front valence under front bumper. If local you it’s free. Hit me up AFE Power Aid Throttle body spacer This is mode 200-543 Never got to install. asking 80 OEM under dash lighting these are the oem lights for under the front dash. Never did install asking 35 Rockford Fosgate Punch 400.4 Amp amp is in excellent shape. Any questions ask asking 240 Still Adding pictures so message me if interested, or want more pics or some pics of things that arent uploaded yet If you have any questions feel free to ask
  2. inTune i2 tuner for GM vehicles unlocked with license. I unmarried the unit from my truck before I traded the truck in. Unit is completely functional and updated. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. This is the i2030 model for GM vehicles. Should cover 2014 - 2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Check website for complete compatibility list. Compatibility List $150 Shipped to you via USPS
  3. Just traded in my 2015 Sierra. I have a few goodies that am looking to sell First is a Diablo I3 Platinum Tuner that is unmarried. I bought it brand new from Diablo and used a couple times. This is thing is awesome if you wanna customize how your truck shifts, get a custom tune from Diablew. He is the man. Sadly there were some issues that popped up on my truck that GM Acted as though they didnt do. So I will use this to post things as i can get pictures of them. Paid $500 for this Asking $280 I have an Axxess Bluetooth data processor in case you want to turn that chime down and run both aftermarket mids and highs and subs. All can be controlled via bluetooth and for these models comes with adapter harness that is plug in play. $150 plus shipping I also have some Wet Okole Real Tree Camo seat covers that are in great shape. They are for the crew cab with the middle seat in the front. Im told they will also work on the console models but dont hold me to that. $350 Pulled Out the Mids and Highs as well These Are Hertz HCX 6x9s and 6.5s for the doors $250 for the 6x9s regularly $599 $180 for the 6.5" regularly $399 Pulled out the 2 12' Kicker Comp R DVC 2ohm subs I also have a Yaesu 7900 RT 2m Radio that has been unlocked for race frequencies. The radio itself and antennae were never installed. $200 for Radio, Cables, Antenna cable and and Antennae Brand New Bushwacker Fender Flares . The set is still in the plastic. I had to take them out of the box to transport them home. ALL seals, and bolts and everything they come with still brand new $300 comes with everything Still Adding pictures so message me if interested, or want more pics or some pics of things that arent uploaded yet If you have any questions feel free to ask
  4. To preface this thread; I am not looking to go to Bonneville or the Autobahn. Now that that's out of the way... 98-99 MPH when it's still pulling hard, and is on T Speed Rated tires, is a bit of a let down. I don't go that fast all the time, but I have found myself hitting the nanny state leash a time or two on the toll roads not far from where I am. In the immediate future is a CAI cold air that I will need a DiabLew Tune update to get the best results from. My thinking is that when he does the update, he also moves the limiter. Here is my question: What is the max safe top speed we can set it to? I say max safe from the stand point of not exceeding the drive shaft's max rotational speed, what Complete Street Performance called "Critical Speed". The truck in question is a 2018 Silverado 1500 LT TX Edition, Crew Cab, Short Box, 2WD, 5.3L, 6L80, 3.42 G80 rear diff, one piece driveshaft, on a 265/65R-18 112T Tire. If going off the speed rating of the tires, one would say 118. The speed rating chart is common knowledge, but not the end all answer. Again, what I'm not sure about is the max speed of the truck vs rotation speed of the drive shaft with my combination of trans, rear diff, and tire size. I'm thinking... 110-115. Thank y'all in advance!
  5. Up for sale is my DiabloSport inTune i2 I2030. This tuner will come with 2 unlocked GM licenses for you to use. Works perfectly fine and is completely up to date. With 2 licenses, you can tune your truck and just sell it without losing a dime. Picked up a 2019 and don't have a use for this anymore. Please don't hit me with lowball offers. Each additional GM license was $100 alone. If you only need a single license then use it and sell it to a buddy, or charge him for a tune. Price is $220 shipped to contiguous US.
  6. Truck details Make/Model: GMC Sierra Year: 2014 Engine: 5.3L L83 Trim: Work truck (blue blood truck right here) Transmission: 6-speed w/ 4 wheel drive Gears: 3.42 Miles on truck: ~53k Miles driven on tune: ~3k Performance Mods: None, apart from the tune of course Other mods: bed cover, remote start, tailgate damper Tuner: Diablo Intune I2 Truck role: Getting to/from work and doing work. Have another car for long trips Background I purchased a Diablosport Intune I2 for my previous vehicle, 08 Colorado I5. The tuner for that truck was the best investment I ever made, especially for the transmission tune. Lightning-quick shifts, more power, better throttle response, no complaints. That truck has since left my life, needed something with more payload, in comes the Sierra... Intro The truck commutes 15 miles per day for work and is otherwise a weekend warrior. About 80% city, 20% highway driving. Had no complaints with how the truck drove, until I started noticing an occasional downshift "clunk" when going around corners between 20-30 mph. Then, I remembered how awesome the I2 made my Colorado transmission. Said, "Screw it, lets tune this thing and see if the problem goes away." So I purchase the extra license for my i2, install the canned 87 octane/firm shift tunes, and go out for a drive... Big mistake. The canned transmission tune was QUITE bad. Started investigating, lots of complaints on the Diablosport forums, only solution is to try a Diablew tune. So, $150 and 3k miles later, here we are! The Process Contact Diablew with your information, wait 5 seconds for him to respond, pay the man, follow the instructions, profit (for him... and you, eventually). Don't want to cover this too much as it's not that interesting. Onto the tune! The Tune One engine and one transmission tune provided with tweaks available upon request. The engine tune can be provided for the octane of your choice, but keep in mind that the 87 and 89 octane tunes are the same with no spark advance provided for 89 (ie. might as well run 87 unless you tow in high temps, or just request the 91+ tune). The engine tune, after driving 150-ish miles... wow, I like it. Noticeable power increase in the low end (around 1.5k rpms). Feels better across the board. On the stock tune, I was getting random blips of knock retard on mobil gas, even 89 octane. The Diablew engine tune has yet to register ANY knock retard on 87 mobil. Better for the engine, more power, can't complain. The V4 mode was also disabled, though I did not have an issue with V4 (part of the "Cannot notice it's even working" club, which only has 7 or so members on this forum). MPGs are about the same, pedal feel is spot-on, spins the tires too easily (not a complaint, unless its raining) The transmission tune, on the other hand... it's not bad, but not for me. This was the primary reason why I wanted to tune in the first place, but I am a bit disappointed as a transmission tune made my Colorado (by comparison) FAR better than stock. The tuned transmission on this truck shifts a tad later (which I felt wasn't necessary) and also *tries* to shift firmer. I say "tries" because the firmness is random. When the transmission tune shifts firmly across all gears, I love it. But, the inconsistency breaks it for me. It also does NOT shift faster than stock, or at least not noticeably so. After searching through tune forum posts for this truck, it seems like everyone has had a different experience and probably no fault to Lew as a tuner, just that the truck has a silly transmission. No improvements after 3k miles of driving on this transmission tune, either. Remember that downshift clunk when taking turns around 20-30 mph? Since the transmission now shifts harder, the flaws are more pronounced. I reverted back to stock and due to the additional engine power in the low end, I think it makes the stock tune that much better. Due to the higher shift points, I feel that this tune would make more sense for a truck with the 3.08 gears (vs. my 3.42) as many people with 3.08's seem to hate the shift points. The tune is worth a shot no matter what, but my truck did not like it, unfortunately. I gave the Diablew TCM tune another shot. After the paint-stick-gas-pedal mod, this tune has definitely improved. Lew says its the adaptive transmission just doing its thing (more the reason to shove something up behind that gas pedal, the truck just performs better all around). The upshifts are much better, driveability all around is "as it should be" and the shift speed is definitely better than stock. Shifts fast and smooth. The only complaint I had was with the downshifting. When approaching a stoplight, the truck felt like it had a less-aggressive engine brake, causing me and my passengers to lunge forward. After asking Lew to modify the downshifts to be less-aggressive, I loaded the new TCM tune and all is well. I have changed my review to reflect that the TCM tune takes some time to adjust, but combined with the gas pedal mod, its totally worth it. Just be wary of how your truck behaves on the downshifts and notify Lew accordingly. Final thoughts Want more power for only a few hundred clams? Get a Diablewtune. More power than the canned tunes, less knock retard, and will take advantage of engine mods. Certainly try the transmission tune as "your mileage may vary" (har har), but the engine tune alone was worth it. Estimated gains from Lew are 12-39 HP, 10-35 lb-ft of torque, and +0-3 mpgs (all of which are mod dependent). Since I have no mods, I am happy with an additional 12HP/10lb-ft. Feel free to ask any questions!
  7. Hello All, This is my first time posting in this forum!! Just bought a DiabloSport Itune I3 Platinum Programmer. I am looking for some decisive direction as well as suggestions on the best parameters for tuning my truck with the I3 Platinum. Specs of Truck: 2014 Silverado Z71 LTZ 2WD Crew Cab Rough Country leveling kit installed 33" x 12.5" x 22" Nitto Terra Grappler G2 A/T tires 5.3L Ecotec flex engine K & N Cold Air Intake installed Gentle 46k miles I RUN 93 OCTANE IN THIS TRUCK Being a 2 wheel drive (It Does have the Z71 package, Rancho shocks, etc...) Obviously it raked in the front. First thing I did was put the K&N CAI on and it was like a rocket in Manual 5 gear mode, when I shifted through the gears myself. After leveling kit and 33's with aggressive tread, it was complete garbage. No power, confused shift points, almost like missing. Just a hot mess. So I bought the Intune I3 first, rather than switching to a 4.10 gear (which I may do later). Already turned off AFM and that was immediately effective. Also, 15% throttle boost. Can anyone suggest the best parameters to make this bad boy get up and GO!!?? I would like to know if there is a good idea on what ECM and TCM adjustments should be made to not only get that stock power back on 33's. But also get good fuel economy. The standard Diablo Flex, Jammer and 91 tunes don't seem to help a whole lot. Still bogs down and takes forever to get through 1st and 2nd gear. Anybody know about these tuners on a 14 Silverado with 33's?!?!?! Please help!!! Alan
  8. I am selling my used diablosport intune i1000 that I bought for my 2014 silverado. It worked well and comes with all the cables. I put the truck back to stock unmarrying the tuner before trading it in. Asking $150 obo. Application list can be seen at .... http://old.diablosport.com/support/intune-application-chart.html -Keith
  9. I've tried a couple different times to register my i3 device and create a username on the forums...no luck...even sent an email requesting help...no response. Does anyone know anyone over there or have a phone number I could call?
  10. Got rid of my 2014 Silverado, So im selling my DiabloSport inTune I-1000 tuner. It has been unmarried, as you can see in the 4th picture. Comes with original box, paperwork, and cords. Like new condition. Asking $225 shipped priority mail within the continental US. Payment via PayPal Goods
  11. I received this warranty replacement after my original trinity went out. So I am stuck with my Lew tune in the truck and a brand new unmarried trinity that I can't use unless I go to the dealer and flash the stock programming in. So I've decided to sell the new trinity and just move up to a real tuning suite for the next round of mods. Again this is an unmarried warranty replacement trinity t1000. Asking 375 but pm me with your best offers including any trades.
  12. 2016 L83 5.3L 6 speed 4WD, normally running on 87 regular, no access to E85 anywhere near me. Is it worth while to purchase a tuner without doing anything else? I have not changed tire sizes or done a darn thing other than cosmetic things. I mean, down the road, may do CAI and exhaust... but to start with a tune, is it a waste of money to buy a tuner 1st or should the CAI & exhaust come 1st and worry about the tuner later on? If it's worth it, I'd rather start with the tuner as it's invisible... the exhaust and intake are kind of in your face obvious.
  13. I have for sale a barely used, unmarried Intune I-1000. Everything included. $300 obo shipped to the lower 48
  14. After almost two months of ownership I've finally gotten the bug to unleash a little more horsepower. Here's what I'm looking for guys! Wanted: Used Diablosport Intune i1000 or Used Diablosport Trinity T1000 Requirements: Unlock/unmarried from vehicle Excellent working condition Good physical condition Payment: PayPal or Cash In Hand Disclaimer: While I do appreciate all offers please do not expect me to pay $250-275 shipped for a i1000. They are selling for $280 brand new shipped, a $30 "savings" is not worth it to me on these.
  15. I just recently bought a diablo sport predator programmer for my 07 new body style 5.3 silverado. I'm very happy with the power gains but after i drive a mile or two my abs light and parking break light turn on the dash along with a repetitive chime. I've heard of this happening to guys who have regeared their trucks or added 35" tires or so. But as soon as i shut the truck off and restart it the lights are gone until i start driving again. This leads me to believe its not actually an abs issue, but a programming thing. Wondering if anybody else had anything similar happen with a programmer or if their was a fix
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