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Found 48 results

  1. This question has probably been answered on here a hundred times over but I can't seem to find any search results that match exactly what I'm looking for. My dad has 07 Classic with the LBZ Duramax. He absolutely loves the truck and plans on running it til the day he dies. With that being said, his biggest complaint is the fuel mileage he gets out of it. He averages 12-14MPG no matter how he drives it even when towing our boats/campers. He keeps sending me links to sketchy sites with tuners that are dirt cheap and claim to greatly improve fuel mileage. I'm smart enough to know not to go cheap when it comes to tuners/programmers. Can anyone provide any recommendations on somewhat affordable tuners that increase fuel mileage enough to warrant buying one in the first place? Or any other ideas to help squeeze some more MPGs out of it? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  2. AYYYYOOOO, So I have a 2016 Silverado 5.3L 1500 High Country with a K and N series 77 cold air intake and a Borla ATAK cat back Dual Exhaust and I am looking for the best/recommended tuner to go with.... Really I just want overall better drivability comfort and power, disable the speed control limit and AFM disable functions. After some research that I have done I have noticed multiple mixed reviews and could not decide which one to go with. Here is a list of the ones that were most talked about and was wondering if any of these would best suit my truck or if there is something else out there: Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner DiabloSport 9245 Trinity 2 EX Platinum DiabloSport 7220 Predator 2 Platinum Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner Thanks in advance!!
  3. Has anyone used this PSI Power Tuner or found where others have used this? I found the product on two different sites; the 2nd URL has better details on the product. I'm skeptical on this product, being that no other tuners have released products for the 3.0L Duramax (LM2). PSI Power 2020 3.0L Duramax Performance Module (Truck Edition) | Thoroughbred Diesel Agricultural Diesel PSI Power Module 2020 3.0L GM Duramax (parleysdieselperformance.com) Also, what about these two products? https://afepower.com/afe-power-50-70064t-momentum-hd-cold-air-intake-system-w-pro-10r-filter#overview https://afepower.com/afe-power-77-44014-scorcher-hd-module#overview And this? https://www.sbfilters.com/cold-air-intakes/silverado-sierra-1500-duramax-3-0-intake-75-5137?variant_id=712
  4. So i recently lifted my 2006 silverado 1500. it’s a 5.3 regular cab short bed 4x4 with the basic interior (rubber floors, floor shifter). I recently lifted the truck on 35’s and tried to tune the truck so my speedometer was accurate. I have a flashpaq 2865. it works fine on my dads truck, a 2008 gmc sierra denali, and turns on as soon as i plug it in. the tuning functions work as it should. i plugged it into my silverado, and it wouldn’t even turn on. i can’t find anything on youtube or google about this, and my code reader works fine and turns on without any problems. i just can’t seem to get power to the flashpaq. anyone else having similar issues?
  5. Banks Ram-Air® Intake System Dry Filter for 2015-2016 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax, LML (Item # 42248-D) and a Banks AutoMind Tuner for the 2015-2016 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 (Item # 66411). $275 each or $500 for both!
  6. Just returned my DIablosport i2 as it would calibrate my speedo when changing to larger tires. Talked to Diablew who advised it is a known problem that hasn't been fixed... With that in mind, looking for input on the Bully Dog DT and Hypermax 2.0 Tuner. I know everyone on here says to go custom, but I just dropped $5K on my lift and wheels/tires so looking at something more affordable for now. Superchip and Edge don't support the 2016 Silverado 5.3L yet so those are out as well. Any help is appreciated! thanks
  7. Hey everyone. Is there an available AFM disabler that is available for a 1997 Silverado with a 305?
  8. Up for sale is my DiabloSport inTune i2 I2030. This tuner will come with 2 unlocked GM licenses for you to use. Works perfectly fine and is completely up to date. With 2 licenses, you can tune your truck and just sell it without losing a dime. Picked up a 2019 and don't have a use for this anymore. Please don't hit me with lowball offers. Each additional GM license was $100 alone. If you only need a single license then use it and sell it to a buddy, or charge him for a tune. Price is $220 shipped to contiguous US.
  9. Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I come to you guys again for help finding something... A good tuner chip/monitor. Here's the catch: I want a tuner that has a monitor so I can see how my trucks doing while I’m driving. I’ve heard that the DiabloSport intune i3 is a good tuner for our trucks, but I don’t see any mounting options... Unless I buy a phone mount for my windshield? Really not looking into blackbear at the moment, even though I’ve heard so many good things about it. I'd like to keep my price at below 400. I am very interested in the intune i3, but can I mount it with a windshield mount for a phone or is there an actual mount sold separately for it? Can I even use it as a monitor as well? What programmer/monitor do you guys recommend for my price range?
  10. Ok so I've installed the Airaid MIT, AEM dry high flow filter, and Borla muffler. Now I need a tune to bring all this together. I'd love to pay a custom shop to do this professionally, but unfortunately I can't find one near me, which is weird because I live in the freakin racing capitol of the world. I'm looking for a very basic tune. My primary concerns are MPG's, turn off V4, and account for the 33" tires I put on. If I can gain a bit of performance from this tune, awesome, but that is not my primary concern. Anyhow, I've seen a ton of tuners out there from the cheap "plug in and leave" type, to the full blown $500 tuners. So what is everyone's opinion on getting a tune? Is it really all the hype others make it out to be, is it worth it, and is it really necessary with the mods I've done? Will the cheap "plug in and leave" type suffice, or are they junk? Are the $500 tuners worth it, and if so, are they easy enough from a beginner to use (I'm a beginner but I'm also very tech savy)....OR, should I just keep looking for a pro shop to do it for me? Thanks fellas!
  11. ChuckTaylors27 3 Posted 18 hours ago Has anybody had any issues with BlackBear Autocal that was not a user problem? Anything specifically pertaining to ECU lockup? I heard about that happening on an 8 speed dodge but was okay on the 6 speed dodge. From what I hear and what I read, blackbear is the way to go. Mostly what I am looking for is drivability and to tighten the hell out of my transmission as I just put a new one in. Other things id like to take care of is the Active Fuel Management, Torque Management System, and change up my stabilitrak/TC preferences. Im not so concerned with running e85 or premium tunes as what I can tell being stock it really won't make a huge difference in engine preservation. Does anybody have any experiences or knowledge to share for what I will see in the future choosing BlackBear, or maybe some suggestions to add to my list for Justin? Thanks guys
  12. Has anybody had any issues with BlackBear Autocal that was not a user problem? Anything specifically pertaining to ECU lockup? I heard about that happening on an 8 speed dodge but was okay on the 6 speed dodge. From what I hear and what I read, blackbear is the way to go. Mostly what I am looking for is drivability and to tighten the hell out of my transmission as I just put a new one in. Other things id like to take care of is the Active Fuel Management, Torque Management System, and change up my stabilitrak/TC preferences. Im not so concerned with running e85 or premium tunes as what I can tell being stock it really won't make a huge difference in engine preservation. Does anybody have any experiences or knowledge to share for what I will see in the future choosing BlackBear, or maybe some suggestions to add to my list for Justin? Thanks guys
  13. Thinking about doing an intake, exhaust, and tune to my new-to-me 2017 Sierra 1500 5.3L 8 speed. I miss the throttle response my 2013 6.2L had, it would lurch forward at the slightest tap of the gas. I also want to hear the engine, its so quiet! Cold air intakes seem to be disputed for having any performance gains, so are they really worth the $$$ in terms of better air flow? healthier engine? sound? any words of wisdom? Your $0.02 is always appreciated! I'm looking at the Magnaflow 15267 catback as it seems to sound pretty good for what I'm going for. I've read that there is a flap in the factory exhaust system that creates back pressure for AFM shift into V4 mode. I do like V4 mode and would not want to go away with it. How can a catback system integrate this feature? Also, what would be the rough performance improvements if any from a catback exhaust? Any other options that would sound similar and perform better/keep V4 mode for around the same price as Mgnaflow (~$800)? As for the tune, I know ZERO about tuning but do want to get rid of the rev limiter, speed limiter, get some performance gains without having to put midgrade or premium fuel in. How does the tuning process work? about how much do they cost? how can it be adjusted in the future? I assume anything like this would void some sort of warranty? Anyone do something similar and can attest to their experience with an intake, tune, exhaust?
  14. I could really use some advice, I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 4.8l rwd. I'm buying a used truck very soon, either a 2005 Silverado 1500hd LS at 135k miles for $10k or a 2005 Sierra 1500hd SLE at 156k miles for $8.5k. They are both stock and same condition exterior. I am looking to put a cam, tune, stage 2 trans, 6in lift and some other goodies in it. I am completely stuck on which one to get, any experiences or advice could really help me.
  15. Brand New In Box; EFI LIVE - Flashscan V2 - FS2-GM - Scan & Tune tool. Comes with all original paperwork, packaging, (2) VIN licenses still available to use with ECM or TCM of your choice. NEVER USED, still has protective plastic on unit, all cables in original packaging. I received this as a gift and will not be using so up for sale. Asking $750 USD shipped to you anywhere in north america. unit retails for $899USD + tax & shipping. http://www.efilive.com/flashscan/flashscan-v2-with-gm-tuning-option
  16. I think I've narrowed my tuner purchase down to one of these two options. What do you guys think and why? Got a better option? I'm all ears.
  17. I recently just purchased a 2018 Sierra Z71 with 5.3 and 6sp. It literally has about 435 miles on it after picking it up with 21 miles. I will be doing Carven Competion Exhaust cat back, K&N Black series intake, motofab 2.5in front and 1in rear with air lift bag for towing, along with 33in tires. Now I don’t really want to void my warranty, and I know if something happened they would have to prove it, and before I take it in always return to stock. Originally I was going to go with the Range products AFM device but I’m considering a tuner instead. I don’t need anything custom, just some canned tunes is fine. Can someone tell me who has the better customer support? Superchips or Diablo? Problems with either? Leaning towards the Diablo I3, but I have a buddy with a 2015 6.2 and he has the F5 and likes it. Pros of and cons to either? Should I just do the afm device or do the tuner? Here’s a stock pic hooked up to my 82 Ski Nautique
  18. Just bought an Edelbrock supercharger for my 2014 5.3 with out the Edelbrock tuner. Got an unreal deal of 4500 for it!!! Couldn't pass it up!! I search and couldn't find much information on getting a reputable tune other than black bear. Just wondering if anyone has a reputable shop in South Florida or a shop that uses HPtuners that would be good over email.
  19. I will start by saying that this isn't a thread debating canned vs custom tunes. In general, I think most of us understand custom is likely best. If you think custom tuning is the only way to go, this isn't for you (stop reading now and visit one of the other glorious topics like Gamboa's mirror thread). If you are interested in a cheap way to delete AFM and have tire calibration in one packaged, this is for you. I bought this tuner because I needed tire calibration and AFM disable controls at a reasonable price. The canned tunes that came along with it were a nice to have but weren't needed for me. Not sure if its been posted before but in my own opinion I believe most of these non-customizable tuners are all the same. The EDGE EvoHT2 (~$375), Flashpaq F5 (~$290), and TruXP Xtune+ (~$260) are the same tuner just a different name and color casing which means a different price. TruXP is the housebrand at Autoanything similar to ProZ. I have bought multiple TruXP parts and can positively say that these parts are just rebranded and cheaper than the name brand counterpart i.e. the TruXP air intake is really a K&N intake but cheaper. I'd put money on it that the tuners all run the same canned tuned with the same results, I cannot confirm that though. My point being, don't be so quick to ignore those "not so name brand" projects. In the TruXP case they are just rebranded parts at reasonable prices. With a little research you can same some money. The TruXP tuner was $260 at Autoanything. To complete the same tasks W/O a tuner I would've paid $145 at my dealer for tire calibration and $189 for a Range AFM disable tool. Add in the fact that I also got 3 canned tunes for my truck at $260, at the end of the day it is not a bad deal at all. Here is a quick run through video of the TruXP tuner on my GMC Sierra. It is incredibly simple to use. Just for kicks, I tried the 87 performance canned tune on a run to Costco a few days ago and the truck felt aggressive (firmed up shifting) but for me that was a bit much for my day to day commute so I backed it down to running stock with my tire and AFM options only. There's also a 91 performance tune. Everything above is my opinion and if I can help someone make the decision on a tuner then this post was worth it. If not you may shun me...
  20. I am selling my used diablosport intune i1000 that I bought for my 2014 silverado. It worked well and comes with all the cables. I put the truck back to stock unmarrying the tuner before trading it in. Asking $150 obo. Application list can be seen at .... http://old.diablosport.com/support/intune-application-chart.html -Keith
  21. Having traded off my 2015 GMC Sierra, I reset the tune back to factory. I now have a Diablo I2 tuner for sale. Have the box and all cords. These run about $369.00 new. Works perfect. $150.00 firm, and I'll ship for free. Thanks! (You can email me at [email protected])
  22. I have a 2017 GMC Denali HD with the 6.0 Liter gas motor. I can't seem to find a performance tuner that fits this year. Anyone out there find one and if so how is it? I'm looking to tune for gas mileage, I haul a truck camper and get terrible gas mileage, could be my lead foot too LOL
  23. Hey Guys, My tuner came in yesterday and I plan on tinkering with it this weekend. I thought it was odd that it didn't come with any manual and only a cd, I had to go with Hypertech because I live in CA and of course they are ridiculous about everything.. Anyways, I was hoping someone could drop some knowledge on me for the 2014 Silverado and how the tuner performed. If they like the performance or power tune better and what are the pros and cons of each? Benefits/Cons of turning off AFM? Did you feel a big change turning off V4? Also, My Speedo is off by about 6 mph when I get above 45+mph so I need to calibrate that as well. I have the stock tires so I'm not sure how or when it got out of calibration but it is. Any help on that front would also be appreciated. Those are the major changes I wanted to make. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hello All, I recently purchased a 2016 Chevy 1500 LT, with the 5.3 (AFM v4/v8). I'm looking to lift the truck sometime after next February when my wife gives birth to our second kiddo (don't want to have a lifted truck with a pregnant wife getting in and out). I'm planning on having SORS put on a 6" ProComp lift, 35" A/T tire, and wheel it (probably 18s). I'm keeping the factory step bar, and have a tool box with an open bed (no tonneau). I'm looking for the best MPG possible, both before and after the lift and was wondering if anyone had any advice? I'm thinking: Flowmaster 50 series Airaid CAI SCT Programmer Are there any other things that I can, or any better parts to use for a big MPG boost? My driving is 50/50 city/hwy. Thanks!
  25. Been a member here for a while when I had my '13 Sierra but spent most of my time on a different forum. Due to a lifter/ cam issue, I now have a 2016 Canyon SLE and I think I'll make this my new home! It's weird going from full size to the Canyon but it's comfortable, rides nice, and moves out pretty well, and I'm looking forward to some better mileage. Not planning on too many mods (famous last words), mainly a catch can if needed (gotta research that), and possibly a tuner (I doubt my DiabloSport will work on this one). And I'm anxious to find all the home grown "how to's" from the guys here who've already paved the way......
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