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  1. X2 on that from Pgamboa. Been using his connector for ~ 9 months I think? Not one issue.
  2. Just talked with TSP. Looks like i'll be going with the TSP 416 CID Gen 5 LT1 Long Block. https://www.texas-speed.com/p-4418-tsp-416-cid-gen-5-lt1-long-block.aspx Thanks for all the help/ideas.
  3. Well I actually just got word back that it's going to be a lot easier like everyone has said to just use a LT1 motor with Gen V trucks and LS Motor with Gen IV. So best bet is for me to look for a used 2016 Sierra with a 6.2L and take the engine apart and upgrade the internals and everything else I'm looking at doing. Again, just looking for naturally aspirated V8 - no forced induction.
  4. Just looking to run 33s comfortably? Go with the Fox 2.0s. I've got them in the front/rear, and I left the rear block stock. Coilovers brought the front up 1.5" or so. No needs for UCA's with 2.0s You will need new UCAs with Fox/King 2.5 series. People get the adjustable DSCs in the rear for when they're towing a lot typically, otherwise they're not really needed. Typically you get an add-a-leaf when you're running a 3.5-6" lift and 35s. I don't think you'll need the Deaver kit.
  5. X2 on that, as long as it stays in my budget. Currently waiting on a reply from Texas Speed & Performance. The 6.2 will be option #2 if my LS option doesn't work. LOL that's definitely not a daily driver setup. Won't be able to get my hands on race fuel either. But a beauty of an engine for sure. I don't really see how this pertains to anything? We all have different spending habits, and hopefully they're relative to the amount of income you generate. Some people just have higher incomes and can accommodate more than others. I chose building a GM truck from the ground up essentially over buying a 2018 Ford Raptor/2014-2015 Chevy Reaper. Engine/Transmission work will be done by a shop, but I'll be doing everything else myself.
  6. Hard to tell who is just speculating and who knows whether this would work. Here's the specific engine I'm looking at. https://www.texas-speed.com/p-3582-tsp-376-cid-590-hp-ls3-turn-key-package.aspx The 525/LS does sound nice though. Half the price.
  7. That’s where Texas Speed comes in. They can pair the ECM/TCM to the new motor (comes with the engine install). I’m talking about buying one of their custom built LS motors that they have hand built. Not to knock anyone else here, but I prefer the updated GM 2014-2018 looks. Even more so then the 2019s, which is why I chose this 2016 model. But it sounds like I need to talk to TSP to see whether it’s even possible. Their website says it would work. Back up plan looks to be what everyone here is excited in seeing, a fully built L86. I wouldn’t put a supercharger in it, I’d fully build the engine instead. And also looks like I confirmed it would be one of a kind to get a LS engine in a Gen 5 truck haha!
  8. Not interested in the diesel. I've thought about doing all of this in a 2500/6.0 gasser, but I wouldn't get the HP I want for a daily driver. Def going to be replacing the torque converter as a new engine would require a certain stall. Not looking for forced induction either since it'll be a daily driver, def will be naturally aspirated. Reason I like the LS engines over the LT engines is the fact that the LT engines are DI and the LS are not. I know everyone loves the DI setup, but I personally do not. I am looking for long-term as well, and I bet the LT engine will require more upkeep than a LS engine. Keeping the stock LT engine is a good backup plan though, and I guess just upgrading the internals till I got to 500-550 HP. New cam, lifters and valve springs and I bet that would about put me there with the common bolt-ons. But if no one else has done this, it's just more incentive for me to want to do this project. I'd rather build a $50k truck than buy one. Took me a couple years to learn that, and I'm doing this in place of building a car.
  9. I'm looking to see if anyone knows of anyone who has swapped a LS engine into a GM 2014-2018 1500 series truck. Most likely with the 6L80. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking to do this with a LS3, more specifically one from TSP. Been coming up with a new daily driver truck build for myself in the next 1-2 years. Little info for anyone who is interested/wants to suggest anything. Engine/Trans: LS3 from TSP w/ 550-600 HP @ Crank 102mm throttle body ARH LT Headers Electric cutout for exhaust dump CAI Intake TSP, Borla, or Corsa Catback exhaust Custom Driveshaft? Circle D Torque converter 6L80 with 4.10/4.56 Yukon Gears Build truck: 2016 GMC Sierra SLT/Denali 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 or 2WD BDS 4" Suspension lift King 2.5 Suspension Front & Back w/ reservoirs Cognito/Camberg UCAs Metal Front & Rear Bumper Intellihaul Tow Mirrors McGaughy's Traction Bars 20" Method Wheels wrapped in 35x11.5x20 Nittos
  10. Yes, the headlight was removed from the truck before the bezel was removed. It'll be a pain in the ass to remove the bezel if you're just tinting. But I'd personally say don't tint the actual headlight.
  11. Alright so I've been waiting patiently on this, but I figured I would ask everyone here. First week of May, was driving south on i35 and had a rock crack my front windshield from a semi. I have insurance so I went for the $100 deductible replacement going through their approved installers. I've been waiting since the first week of May on my order for my front windshield to come in. Turns out the E-assist models have a different windshield compared to ALL of the other GM trucks. I do not have the lane-assist camera, my truck from factory is a LT, E-Assist, Crewcab. Pro Glass told me that GM has said this front windshield is on back order, which is the reason why they have no idea when it will come in. I'm in contact with the dealership and they have confirmed the glass has been ordered. Any reason why GM wouldn't have any E-assist windshield in the great state of Texas or that could be shipped in? I understand waiting for a month or so for it to come in from a different location, but this time line is getting a little too long for my comfort. It honestly sounds like they're going to the factory and making a brand new one how long it's taking. Insight on ordering parts from GM factory is greatly appreciated. Edit: GM Dealership just called me and said that GM is waiting on their supplier. So who supplies GM's hybrid windshields?
  12. Bumpershellz I’d say is your best bet if you don’t replace.
  13. Did you go with the extended Fox 2.0s with the Zone 4.5? Happen to know which Cognito UCA you are using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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