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  1. I kinda hope mine in my 2014 SLE goes out before April 2021 when I lose my extended warramty…… sad thinking but I almost prefer to do it myself only once with a aftermarket part. Ohh GM....neva again Yotaman
  2. Yes truck is all stock. Thanks for all the replies and ideas. Yotaman
  3. Does anyone have a link to a trans pan with a drain plug that is not so expensive. The stock one is cheap enough do they make a version with a plug ? 2014 GMC Sierrra 5.3L / 6- speed. Not a welder so the weld in plug not really a solution for me. Thanks, Yotaman
  4. It is. Known thing in the jeep and ATV world. Been on my 1984 Honda 3 wheeler and my GMC for months ! No meltage yet !
  5. Go to the Home Depot. Get a can of Flood Penetrol and wipe it on with a clean rag on the faded plastic. Let it dry and get ready to be amazed. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Flood-Penetrol-1-Qt-Clear-Paint-Additive-FLD4-04/100130893 Waan ! Yotaman
  6. Get ya some of this and paint it on first. I did the frame of my 88 Toyota pu years ago and people would ask how I kept the frame looking so new. Yotaman https://www.walmart.com/ip/LOCTITE-Extend-Rust-Neutralizer-Treatment/21285265?wmlspartner=wmtlabs&adid=22222222222016785703&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=e&wl1=o&wl2=c&wl3=10356902120&wl4=pla-1103071468189&wl12=21285265_10000000871&wl14=loctite rust extend&veh=sem&msclkid=b7babb0b50a41d6f260ce7ddef036561
  7. I am saying on the plug on the capacitor link plug that plugs into the original factory wire where the oem bulb plugged into. Just invert or flip the factory wires that go to the morimoto capacitor link plug....... confused yet
  8. On the plug that plugs into the factory headlight wiring plug. You have to use a small pick or jeweler's screwdriver to release and swap wires or to test it first just flip the plug. It will not lock on the plastic clip but if the problem is fixed then you can do the wire swap. Yotaman
  9. Where did you buy from ? I recently installed the 35W Morimoto Elite on my 14 Sierra and the DRL's would not work in the day and the relays was humming. I read online about reversing the polarity on the capacitor link and that solved my issue. Hope you get it figured out. Yotaman
  10. Lawd I need to sell my 14 Sierra cause if that one is worth 30K,,,,,,,,, Yotaman
  11. Does this condition eventually happen to all 2014's ? I have one with 53,000 miles and AC seems fine just wondering if I am on borrowed time. Is there anything to do on a preventative side to stop or slow down the cracking of the condenser ? Thanks, Yotaman
  12. Final update I hope. Over a week with no alarms coming in but I was confused they replaced the Brake fluid reservoir level switch and that seems to have fixed the issue. Not sure why I never got low alarm but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth. New owner dealer service mgr replaced it under factory warranty too. So hopefully I have many more miles trouble free. 22R
  13. As a update I tried sanding the G218 ground as well as the one on the opposite side but that did not work, I ran a extra ground from the battery negative post to the chassis thinking that if the ground was bad maybe that would stop it to no avail. I was getting my tires rotated at my local tire dealer and mentioned the issue to him and his mechanic pulled a few different codes and said it looks like a communication issue but we do not do that type of repair. So I called GM Customer Service to complain that I have lived with this for almost 5 years and am upset that a tire dealer could hone in on a possible problem but not a GM dealer...…..so of course apologies and understands but my truck has to be checked by a dealer to go forward. So I go back to my dealer who is under new ownership and a new looking service crew. I explain what has happened and they take the truck wait an hour and then tell me the brake switch is bad and we will order it. I go back next Friday to have it replaced. The new service advisor apologizes says it should have been fixed a long time ago. I won't know for a few weeks after if that really fixes it but the service manager seems genuine and seems like he really wants the problem fixed. A post I read a while back someone here said they had the same issue on a 2011 or 13 maybe and it was the brake switch so hopefully I will get lucky. Just posting so if anyone else has this issue It may give them hope to possibly fix it. Yotaman
  14. I find it ironic that my 1988 Toyota PU had a sliding damper that went from recirc to fresh and when the recirc door closed no outside air came in......Ohhh the simple things I long for. I really don't understand my 14 Sierra system and do not even really try. Yotaman
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