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  1. Do a search for G218 ground some have reported that doing this simple repair fixed the issue. I get the Service brake assist and Stabiltrac together and it did not work for me but I never had anything worse than that nuisance alarm.
  2. Sorry dude it looks exactly like a Tundra. I wish GM could learn to mimic their quality too. Hey after 5 years I almost have all the kinks worked out of my 50K mile Sierra. 22R
  3. I put the rubber and hose clamps on years ago and have had to tighten em up a couple times since. They worked great but I had to keep the front part of the seat at it's highest point or it was still a bit loose. I did the washer fix this weekend and left the hose clamps and it is solid any way I go. I also tightened my G210 and 218 ground points to try a correct my Brake and Stabiltrac alarms and so far so good but I still think they will return. A shame we have to fix all these issues years later cause GM never could. My truck is nice but never again GMC..... I will be Yotaman again next time around. Thanks for the fix whoever "engineered it " Yotaman
  4. Sounds like the GM I know.....and as a owner of a first year 2014 sadly you may have to get used to some stuff or plan on spending days at a dealer or leave your truck with them and gamble on it's condition when you get it back. Professional grade my azzz........ Yotaman
  5. I hope it works out better for ya'll than my 14 Sierra. I have gotten Service Stabilitrac and Brake assist since 300 miles. Was told if not on can't do anything about it. Stop by when it comes on but it always clears within a few (10 Miles) plus even if I ever made it to a dealer like they could get someone out to it while it was in is a long shot. I just live with it and hope one day is does not clear and I will bring my 300 mile service receipt plus a few others from later dates and hope they honor it but I won't have my hopes up. Yotaman
  6. No mine still does it just not as frequent as it used to. I guess I will revisit the G218 ground and sand the connection and do the other side as well since I know how to and it has slowed down since I first did it but that could be a fluke as well. Yotaman
  7. Anyone using these ? Pros and Cons if so please. Yotaman
  8. Appreciate your responses Guys. Mine seems to do it every afternoon at work as soon a I start the motor. So I am not even moving yet and both alarms come in always both of em never just one. For a while I have thought maybe it is something to do with the Bluetooth or when I connect my phone by cable to the truck but I cannot find any consistency in it. I will look into the brake pedal further too. It is only a nuisance but I still irks me. I am thinking it sitting in the hot sun like a ground point may lose good contact from contraction and expansion or something too ??? You get to be a half azz mechanic owning these newer trucks these days I tell ya that. Yotaman
  9. No but it looked to be clean metal to metal contact. Thanks for the reply. Yotaman
  10. Well damm damm damm I spoke too soon.... came back on next start. Knew it could not be that simple. Yotaman (last GM Man )
  11. Update I did the G218 mod yesrerday. A couple notes for anyone interested. Watching the youtube video is a big help. The nut that holds the ground is deeper and harder to get at than I realized. I used a 10mm wrench to loosen it but once you get about a half turn loose it will thread right off. I did not cut the insulation I simply removed nut pulled off ground wire the folded the insulation material back towards the pass side then put the ground back with the nut on top then let the insulation fold back over the spot where it went. Thus far I have started my truck 8-10 times and still no alarms. If I go through next weekend without any I will consider it fixed.... could it really have been this simple ?? thanks Yotaman
  12. My 2014 Sierra with 42k has since around 300 miles popped up the message to service stabiltrac and brake together from time to time. My dealer said they can not find a issue with either system and the alarm would have to be in to troubleshoot. Problem with that is it only stays on for a few miles then goes off. I have read about wheel sensors and now the G218 issue. I am going to pull the dash and look at the ground and fix that but I was wondering if anyone else has done this with only the two messages I have coming in and it fixed the issue. It looks like other people has had a lot more issues like more error messages and the jerking steering wheel and dimming lights. I hope I correct my issue but I am thinking the ground while not hurting to check it and fix it is not my issue. I thought years ago it was the Range but I got rid of it and the message continues to pop up with no set frequency. Hoping that someone chimes in that had the identical issue and did the G218 fix and it worked to give me some hope. Yotaman
  13. Sorry first rule of new car/truck ownership is stay the hell out of parking lots or park in BFE......and sometimes that don't even work. Body shop will make it like it never happened. 22R
  14. Damm ! after reading this thread I sympathize with you 17 and 18 owners. Makes me appreciate my 14 with it's glitches but so far solid engine and trans performance. I realize any brand can have issues but GM just does not seem to care once you buy one. A shame when they know their is a issue they do not step up and correct it or sub it out to a tuner if needed. I think my truck is fine and gets good mileage but my next one will be a gas sucking Tundra..... say what you will but the 3 Toyotas I have owned never had any real issues other than a recall on a Camry.....can't be all coincidence ?? Best of Luck Yotaman

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