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  1. Wow. Since you have not taken delivery of it..... do you have to ? lawyer up !!! Yotaman
  2. Look in the 2014-19 forum our trucks had the same issue may be the same problem. Some guys came up with a few different fixes. I did the washer fix and it has been solid since. I tried the hose clamps and it work work a while them loosen again later. Yotaman
  3. So you just bought it and want to know if you should trade it for a higher gear transmission ? Ummm Why did you not just buy a 8 or 10 speed to start with ? But yes go ahead and trade in..... Yotaman
  4. No idea why or if they took door apart to tint Windows but the big chunk of plastic is your best clue.... follow that. Maybe part of a electrical plug that is broken ?? Yotaman
  5. I finally got around too ordering and installing the kit. It was a easy and clean install. One of the things I worried about was if the Thermostat stuck closed and the Transmission overheated. I am lucky as I have no transmission trouble yet and have done two drain and fills and a new filter at 72K miles. I hope my trans last but just looking at youtube videos of them it is a miracle they function long at all they seem so complicated. Anyway I appreciate the post and hope the lower temps help us all in the long run. Yotaman
  6. Is cap sealing ? Sounds like the water is boiling early due to no pressure. Maybe try new or someone else's cap ? Yotaman
  7. Have you checked your G218 Grounds ? Do a youtube search if not. Yotaman
  8. Very Worried. Nice beautiful trucks but a crapshoot on issues. Look at Toyotas if you want reliability. Yotaman
  9. Damm 28K miles and SOL. Ya think GM would assist at least 1/2 but I agree no mo GM for me in the future. I have seen how they treat ya with warranty much less with none. Yotaman
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