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  1. Yotaman


    I sure can't prove it hence we had to move on but I can't see any way 81M people voted for Joe. People did not like Trump and I get it he is a dick but it isn't like I was having him over or he was inviting me to the White House. People let their emotions rule them and here we are. Yotaman
  2. Did you replace or pay someone to do it? Damm that is quite a list. I think I would head to a good transmission shop.
  3. May want to try battery reset first. Our trucks are very glitchy. Yotaman
  4. Damm ! If not for such slim and expensive pickens I would trade it. I would google and look for videos of dash removals to help you. A good auto shop if you weary to do it yourself. Yotaman
  5. I checked mine out and bamm it is working. My guess is that in the years I have not used it I disconnected the battery and it reset the port ?? Now it may stop working again soon but for now it is good. I was beyond shocked as I finagled it years ago trying different cords, phones, etc before I gave up and just used the bluetooth connection. Yotaman
  6. This is what I do as well but I may look at it again this weekend to see if it will connect. I have SLE model FYI
  7. My 2014 Sierra quit connecting via the cable years ago. I tried different cables at the time and no change. I did try a friends iPhone back then and it worked so I thought it must be my phone but when I got a new iPhone the same thing, so I just use the Bluetooth connection. These trucks are very glitchy. I really love the look and feel of my Sierra but being mechanically inclined is almost a must to enjoy GM ownership. Maybe someone will chime in with a solution since it seems to be more than one of us that has seen this issue. Yotaman
  8. I have had good luck with no Engine and Transmission issues with me 2014 but yeah it is glitchy and worrisome you see and hear so much about them. And yes while any thing mechanical can fail you have a much better chance to not go back to the dealer with a Toyota or a Honda. Love my Truck but don't trust it.
  9. Try disconnecting the battery and wait about a 1/2 hour and reconnect. Beyond that go to the dealer. GM vehicles are glitchy at least my 2014 is a alot of others I read on here about. Best of luck. Yotaman
  10. Anyone have a used one laying around cheap ? Yotaman
  11. Calm down. EV’s can’t stand alone unless propped up by government subsidies. People despise replacing golf cart batteries much less a EV battery. EV’a will be more popular and may have a place for city dwellers and short commutes but overall they don’t save the planet much more than what we have when you factor in exploration for minerals and disposal. My cell phone almost holds a charge for a day then there is that too. Enjoy your truck 22R
  12. Sorry it sounds like Wrecker Time. Find a reputable mechanic cause what you are describing is not gonna be good. Yotaman
  13. How many has had this fixed under warranty or used the updated part from GM and it has failed again ? Mine is still good but I am afraid the aluminum foil is not really gonna keep it from cracking again. Yotaman
  14. Mine has a dipstick but I would think there must be a fill plug somewhere ?? I just measured how much I drained out and refillled the same amount then verified with the....dipstick. Yotaman
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