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  1. Installed replacement Fog lamp housings as mine was hazed and installed 2022 AT4 wheels a few weeks ago. Yotaman
  2. Those are neat as hell. Damm Harbor Freight will just about give em to ya though. Yotaman
  3. PS. I watched video. Don't keep forcing gear shifter or you will have another issue to address.
  4. Welcome to GM ownership. Mechanical inclination is almost required for membership. If under warranty get it to a dealer. If not check grounds do a google search and search here. Our trucks are glitchy. best of luck. Yotaman
  5. How do you know the battery is not charging? truck won't crank or going off of dash gauge? System will show less than 14V if battery is charged just FYI. Yotaman
  6. If anyone was wondering what these wheels look like on a 14-18 model. I like em just not sure if more than the original.  Well, they are there now. Yotaman
  7. Try disconnecting your battery for 30 mins and see if that helps. Yotaman
  8. All good advice. Battery, Battery cables and google G218 Ground point which is the ne under the dash speaker. Our 2014's were quite glitchy. They are not designed for non mechanically inclined people Yotaman
  9. EV's are gonna be great !! Ima just let other people get to enjoy them years before i have no choice but to buy one. Yotaman
  10. Hi guys if anyone has the sun visor with the vanity lights in grey fabric or even just the grey plastic cover without broken hinge hook tabs please PM me. I broke a tab on mine and the lights don't really work without it. Thanks Yotaman
  11. Check the fuses first. Make sure they are good and that they are there. Yotaman
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