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  1. Yes mine has never came back in again. They either fixed it or disabled it . I have been alot happier with my 2014 since then. Luckily I have had no drivetrain problems just the glitchy nuisance stuff. I hope you get yours sorted out. 22R
  2. Behind the glove box is the "Brain " of the truck. It has a few plugs going into it. I would make sure you did not dislodge something when you was working on the blend door. Yotaman
  3. My 14 Sierra SLE seems to do this sometimes.... Hope it not a computer issue or something big on the horizon. Will check doors next time 22R
  4. i recently installed a driver side swing case and other than the cost it is the shizzle. It rides under a Tonneau cover so stays dry. I too have plastic tote strapped to the front of the bed but I hated having to roll the cover and climb in bed to grab small stuff but that is a good solution also. Yotaman
  5. Interesting ! Guessing the key switch since it does start just not with key. Keep us updated. yotaman
  6. That thing is slicker than Fish **** Mainnnn ! Yotaman
  7. My 2014 Sierra SLE 5.3 w/68K miles started a while back running a lil less than 210 it was used to. I was not too concerned at first but the needle was drifting cooler as time passed so I hooked up my OBDII scanner and saw it was cycling between 160-175 running down the road so I thought no biggie till I read here about the cracking radiators. I called my Dealer but was told no warranty too far out so I bought a new Thermostat and some Dex Cool and swapped it out this morning. Job went well and now I am reading 210 on my gauge and scan tool. Hopefully I caught it before any radiator damage it looks good where I can see no signs of any leak. Thanks for the thread Guys sure makes shade tree mechanic lives easier. Yotaman
  8. What is a DL3 set up just like that worth ? Yotaman
  9. Just FYI when I had my done two weeks ago the entire bill was like 650-700 bucks from my local GMC dealer. 22R
  10. Taking another look at it today on the driver's side there is a square cutout and I think you can reach the bulb and twist it out on the other side the airbox would have to come out but that is no biggie. I wish the manual would have been a bit more descriptive but lesson learned. Hope this helps someone else. 22R
  11. I read the manual. It showed to twist and remove the bulb from the back the problem is their is no way to reach the bulb holder and twist. Removing the headlight it was then easy. There is a metal beam that is in front of the turn signal. Any video link of this or how to ? I cannot see it being done without removal of headlight ???
  12. Dropped of at 10 and done by noon. Condenser has the new part number and the lil heat shield but unsure if it is actually a improvement it looks a lot like the old one. If I can get another 5-6 years I will be happy cause by then I will be back in a Toyota. Yotaman
  13. So my 2014 Sierra with the weak projector lights ( upgraded to Morimoto HID's ) burnt the driver's side turn signal. I could not find a way to get the signal bulb out of the back so I removed the Grille and bumper trim. Luckily I got it all back on OK but there has got to be a easier way to access those bulbs ???? I changed the passenger side too while in there. Yotaman
  14. 2014 Sierra 60,200 miles went out today. Will go to dealer as I have a extended warranty. Will inquire about the 2019 part number Felipe referred to in above post. Last GM 22R
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