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  1. 3.23 vs. 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio

    3.23 will be better suited to highway cruising and better fuel economy. 3.42 for better acceleration and better towing performance.
  2. Thanks, I will! Signed all the paperwork today and started to strip my jeep of all the goodies and return it to mostly stock. I'll be picking it up Monday.
  3. SO, today I think I worked out a deal at my local dealership on a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 z71 - new (16 miles). I'll be stripping my jeep of extras and trading it in, I think the deal for the trade went pretty good and the deal on the truck is decent as well. Tomorrow we will be finalizing the deal and getting the approval of the Boss (wife). Thanks to everyone who chimed in with their experiences.
  4. Thanks everyone, I am definitely looking at these trucks and you all have reinforced how I felt about GM prior to my foray into Nissan and Jeep. I was looked at a 2018 GMC Sierra Z71 in "Deep Mahogany" yesterday, the dealership nearby has it listed for $39,995 "Managers Special". It seems like I'll take a hit on the jeep if I trade it so I am holding off until I could sell it. I'd still get at least what I owe on it, but we will see how I feel moving forward if I get a wild hair or if I see one I really like then I might pull the trigger.
  5. Yeah I've been considering a crew cab. The extended cab has more leg room and width than the back seat of the Jeep so how ever you look at it the extended cab is an upgrade. Neither my wife or myself are tall so I doubt the kids will be either. Also, not too concerned with the dogs as they will go in the bed.Planning on a camper shell or soft topper with whatever I end up getting.
  6. I appreciate everyone's point of view on these trucks. Not so much worried about getting into the whole GM/ford/dodge thing. I've had the opportunity to drive a few "Big 3" and Japanese (Nissan) trucks in my line of work and they each have their pros and cons. There happens to be more fords in the forestry world for some reason... lower cost? Not sure. Either way I'm not a Ford fan - combo of professional and personal experience... but the seats are comfortable and the interior is pretty ergonomic... that's about it though. Lets try to stick to 2014-2018 GM full size pick-ups.
  7. We are quickly approaching:
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. I got some clarification from my father on the year and mileage. Its a 2016 extended cab with 14,000 miles. garage kept and really just around town driving lately aside from hunting season. 2" ready-lift leveling kit and falken at3w's (sized up from original size). I think I am going to pull the trigger, just got to sell my jeep first.
  9. Back home (PA) we've got a 1964 Corvette mid-year convertible. I believe its been about 30+ years of ownership, I really miss having that around. Such a fun car and what I learned to wrench on and drive a manual trans in. Trucks unfortunately haven't lasted that long.
  10. I'm driving a manual trans now, which I will miss, but as long as its not a clunk associated with an issue, I have no problem with it.
  11. Yeah, you are validating my decision to trade it in/sell it. I love the jeep don't get me wrong but I commute 70 miles round trip every day in a lightly modified jeep and my lower back is taking the brunt of it. His truck only has 14k miles on it, and is the original owner. We installed a leveling kit on it last time I was back East visiting and he just put a new set of Falken all terrains on it. Since retiring he doesn't put much miles on. Seems like a good truck to me.
  12. Hey All, New member here... After 5 years of ownership I am ready to get rid of my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Looking at trading or selling her this spring. Finding that with two kids and two dogs I need a pick-up again. I came from a GM family and have owned or driven silverado/sierras and blazers for a long time, but never anything from 2014-2018. My current work truck is a 2004 Silverado and its a great truck, it sees some rough terrain. My father has a 2015 or 16 GMC Sierra he is thinking about selling that I may buy. Just want to get a feel of how these things are... issues? quirks? From my experience GM trucks were always just solid performers, comfortable, never any big issues, easy to find parts and easy to work on them. Does this still hold true? Thanks! Sam

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