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  1. Hey everyone, Haven't been on here in a while but I ordered a set of Torque Air Springs (a clone of the Firestone Ride Rite) from SD Truck Springs and wanted to fill you all in on my experience with both companies and the install. Its a little lengthy, sorry. I tow a bit with my 2018 GMC 1500 but not an excessive amount of weight. Usually firewood (1-2 cords at a time maybe 3,000 lbs) or our pop up camper (1200 lbs). In an effort to take the strain off the leafs I figured what the heck. Some friends have ordered the Torque brand air springs from SD Truck Springs and had good results on their Toyota pickups so I placed the order - pretty sure they were $250 all said and done - not a bad deal, right? Link below: https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=28300 Got the air springs quickly and started the install... ended up missing both bail clamps that fit around the base of the leaf stack and secure the bottom mounting plate. Outside of this issue the kit is high quality and has a nice finish. SD was sort of helpful and was initially responsive. When nothing happened after a few days I started calling and was met with huge wait times, 1.5 hours and no help. So I called Torque (who is based out of IL I think) Instead of receiving the bail clamps I got another bag of hardware in the mail. Fed up I bugged the folks at SD over Facebook messenger as well as their chat feature on their website and got a RA number but they wanted me to take care of shipping - F that its a 25 lb box and I think they should pay since none of the issues with it were my fault... maybe I'm wrong here but I don't think I should have to pick up the tab. I'm not sure if the lack of service is because of COVID or if they really operate this way normally. As far as doing business with SD, I cant say I will be ordering anything from them and I sure wont be recommending them to anyone either. So be careful if you are in the market for air bags. I was able to find the parts I needed from etrailer, just got the bail clamps for the Firestone kit and they fit good and were only 11 bucks or so for two...on to the second install of the system. Install is straight forward and easy - had mine on in an hour or so. Fit is good with the exception of needing to shim out the brake lines on the back of the rear axle, on the passenger side to clear a bolt that clamps to the axle tube (I used a 1/16" washer and it gave better clearance with no strain on the line). The ride is pretty good, it takes up some of the bounce in the rear end when unloaded and firms up the ride, but does give the truck a little more rake. Not sure if the rake bothers me yet. Not sure where I'm going with this other than to inform you guys and gals about the poor customer service I got from SD and the potential issue with getting the parts needed from Torque. Also to just share my experience for the greater good. Have a great day! Sam
  2. Hey all, I recently noticed my passenger side rear speaker was making some noise, kind of like static but also kind of like an object rattling around in the door pockets. The dealership will be replacing the speaker under warranty. Just curious if other folks had/have a similar issue, or if this is an anomaly. Thanks!
  3. I recently went with Cooper at3 xlt's on my sierra 265/70r18, E rated. Made in USA, really nice tire. Originally wanted the falkens, but they weren't available in the size I wanted, also made overseas.
  4. I had a 2000 S-10 Blazer that did that frequently. Never could figure out why. Hopefully the work they did resolved it for you.
  5. If you are referring to me I did buy one. I got a 2018 Sierra z71, extended cab, SLE. I'm planning on a retroactive build thread so stay tuned. Its less than a year old and Ive racked up about 17000 miles - absolutely love the truck.
  6. I got a good deal on a camper shell. A good friend has a soft topper on his frontier and likes it.
  7. Some interesting comments came out in this thread. A little more douchebaggery than was expected though. I tend to be a considerate driver because being a dick never got anyone anywhere...just my $0.02. Not to mention getting blinded on roads where deer and elk hang out is a serious safety concern. Just wanted to see what folks thoughts were about how bright these things are, like I said I came from a Wrangler so anything is exponentially brighter.
  8. When looking at new or used vehicles I always push them a bit on the test drive. Pay close attention to what the truck is doing when shifting and how the motor sounds. If it were me and I decided to buy it, I'd change all fluids myself or by my mechanic regardless of when they were done, change belts and radiator hoses. Get all the easy stuff taken care of right off the bat and start fresh.
  9. You are right, a friend/officer in town asked me about them. He couldn't believe how bright they were and initially assumed I had my brights on. I'll check the aim this weekend. Like I said, these haven't been touched from factory settings, so if anyone aimed them poorly, it was GM.
  10. Obviously trucks sit higher, but this is everything from cars to other pickups and semis. I don't plan to change anything just making sure its not just me.
  11. Does anyone else with a sierra or silverado get flashed constantly at night? Seems that folks think the highs are on even though they aren't. Coming from a Wrangler that had horrible headlights I appreciate the lights on these trucks, but oncoming traffic doesn't haha. My truck isn't lifted or anything so the lights cant be that far off, never touched them so factory setting still applies. Thanks.
  12. Has anyone added tow mirrors to their 1/2 ton? If so, post up a photo... I find the stock mirrors on my '18 Sierra a bit too small for towing duty. I was looking at these: https://www.americantrucks.com/opr-manual-foldaway-telescopic-towing-mirror-textured-black-1418-sierra-1500-gmc.html
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