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  1. SO, I've got two kids (3 year old and a 5 mo old) and two dogs (blue heeler and border collie). This is why i traded my 4 door Wrangler for the Sierra. My initial plan was a camper shell with a roof rack. Soon found those have gotten pretty pricey since the last one i bought ($2,500-3,000). So I'm on the look out for a used one. We have a roof top tent and do a lot of camping and traveling in the warmer months. Current plan is the Thule Xsporter Pro for the roof top tent and rod vault (fly rod storage) and a 46" chest tool box mounted in the bed for camping equipment tools and such. Haven't figured out the dog situation yet. They may get tied down in the bed or put in covered kennels in the bed sure as hell not riding in the truck. Otherwise we take our Outback.
  2. I worked at a car wash in high school detailing cars and operating the automatic car wash. We would occasionally clean the brushes/fiber strips with a pressure washer but we were also teenagers so you know how that goes. I'd never take my personal truck through one - some are pretty damn sketchy. Sorry you have to deal with that, good luck working with the car wash and your insurance.
  3. Qwank's 1999 2 door Blazer ZR2

    Nice blazer, I had a '00 non ZR2, 2 door, exterior tire. Pretty much turned it into a ZR2. It was a great vehicle, took it beyond 150k before some electrical gremlins started appearing. There was a tendency for the 4x4 to turn itself on after a few hours of highway running, which was really odd. Either way great job on the swap and enjoy it.
  4. Child locks in 2018 Double Cab?

    Yep! found it. Always been familiar with the manual child lock in the door jam. This may be the most techy vehicle I've ever owned, such a learning curve. I'm not your typical "millennial", haha. Thanks!
  5. Child locks in 2018 Double Cab?

    Thanks, I'll check that out.
  6. Haven't found an answer in the searches so here goes. In the Double Cab config, is there a child lock option for the rear doors? My 3 year old is able to pull the door handle from his car seat. Thankfully he did it when we stopped in the driveway but I worry he can do it on the highway. I didn't see anything on the door jam. Thanks
  7. Truck broken into. FAST too!

    I think this is probably your best option to make the truck a little more secure. I had their products in my jeep which was all too easy to break into especially with the soft top on. In the summer I left it unlocked if the soft top was on to prevent someone from slashing a window. Tuffy makes a great product and their customer service is top notch. Also leaving a gun in a truck is just a risk I wouldn't take these days. Better to keep it on you. Gun theft is rampant where I live, and most are stolen from vehicles.
  8. Duratrac tire question

    Just had a set put on my work truck, which is an '04 Chevy 1500. I like them so far off road but I found they wander a bit on the highway. Does anyone else notice that?
  9. Scared of the K2

    I've only had my 2018 Sierra 5.3 6 speed for a week now, but I couldn't be happier (time will tell though). This forum is full of great knowledge and helped reinforce my decision to buy one of these trucks. Don't think you can go wrong with a K2. Good luck!
  10. With these Bilstein or Fox leveling kits are you seeing a true 2" (or so) of level or are you seeing slightly more or less. From what I have experienced, companies produce these not only to lift the front end for cosmetic reasons but also to compensate for a heavier bumper/winch combo. For example, when I lifted my Frontier with a 2" puck I actually got 2.75" of lift, which dropped down to about 2" after a heavier bumper/winch was installed.
  11. Awesome, thanks for the link.
  12. We are essentially saying the same thing. The strut/coilover is adjustable. Bilstein makes more than one type of 5100 series shock. I'm very familiar with the 5100, I had them on my Jeep, which was had coil springs which required a puck/longer springs to lift thus requiring a longer shock, which the 5100 is. Not to argue with you or anything, I just have a problem with stating that shocks provide lift. Adjustable struts/coilovers provide lift. Can you find a link to the version you used? I cant seem to come up with anything that shows its compatible. This sounds like something I'll want to consider when I decide to level/lift.
  13. No, a 5100 shock absorber, or any shock absorber for that matter, will not raise vehicle height. The standard 5100 is just a longer shock or use with a lifted vehicle. You are looking at an adjustable coilover. Based on the Bilstein site the B8 5100 don't even fit these trucks. Is there a version that does? Although I'm not a huge Rancho fan, these seem like a decent deal for the OP. Not sure on ride quality though. https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/rancho-2-inch-level-it-lift-kit-rs66304r7/_/R-BCKM-RS66304R7
  14. Shocks alone do not lift a vehicle, they just dampen the suspension travel. You need to put in a taller/stiffer spring, coilover, or a puck over the strut to lift it. That said, if you are looking to level, I would get whichever set of pucks fit in your budget (except urethane or plastic) , they all do the same thing so no need to get too fancy. I've used ready lift pucks on my father's '16 sierra and they worked just fine. Also used pucks from a company called Supreme Suspension on my Frontier a while back, cnc'd aluminum pucks, made in USA, they are out of NC I think, you can get them on ebay. Depending on the lift you may or may not have to change out shocks. I'm partial to Bilstein, used them on my lifted wrangler and they were great and will put them on my Sierra when the Ranchos die. Good luck!

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