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  1. I have the OEM splash guards from GM. Installed 33" KO2's they are throwing lots of rocks. love the look but i would get something wider if i was going to do it again. Side of my truck and rear bumper down where the rocks hit are taking a beating. Again love the look but if you have big tires make sure you get a wider guard to avoid the issues i have.......
  2. wow i just did my radio surround and the flat spots on the door panel. Radio surround took for ever! any tips/tricks on doing the vents as they seem like they are going to be a lot harder.......
  3. Looks good! How is the positioning of the steps getting in and out? what lift and tires are your running? i'm afraid my truck will look to "low" with only the 2"level and 33's.......
  4. ha ha ha this is true. i have the 33" KO2's and 2" Level ill see what happens for me
  5. Ya same as me since the larger tires i put on. I think ill pull mine off and see, but thats what I'm getting and mine is on so not that much of a difference...... Cheers
  6. Hey man keep me posted on this thinking about doing it myself but do a lot of highway driving 90kms/day so if its an extreme change in fuel milage i wont do it. How long has yours been off for and whats your L/100km? Picked up a K&N Air Filter today see if that helps at all.
  7. post good pics of N-Fabs on 1500? Thinking about getting some as i find its a pain to climb in.
  8. Can't seem to find much online about the AEM Brute Force Cold Air Intakes besides the AEM Website, Not many reviews...... Has anyone installed the AEM Brute Force Intake System? Part # 21-8032DS --> https://www.aemintakes.com/search/product.aspx?prod=21-8032ds or Part # 21-8033DC --> https://www.aemintakes.com/search/product.aspx?prod=21-8033dc Open to other brands that you may have installed? Looking for the deep throated growl and may add exhaust at a later date. Looking for Comments or reviews before I go ahead and purchase one of these. Any Info is helpful! Thanks Ya'll
  9. Are you running just an air filter? Interested in a non oiled one and just can't seem to find much online besides some reviews on auto anything. Is there one you are running and like? Looking for a bit more "growl" and any improvement in mpg or acceleration is a plus! Pros and cons Oil vs non Oil?
  10. 33" K02's with mud flaps no running boards tho, my jams are filthy all the time!! Looking at putting something like the Rough Country Steps onto my Silverado to prevent a bit of rock throwing from my oversized tires. Anyone else install similar model to Rough Country http://www.roughcountry.com/rc-gm-wheel-to-wheel-nerf-steps-rcc1489.html Would Prefer to not have the wheel to wheel....... Let's See What You Got!
  11. What Aftermarket Running Boards & Steps are you running?
  12. Starting running mid grade in my 15 after always running the lowest and I've noticed a significant difference in power. Even the miss's has said it has more power since using higher grade. Does cost about $10-$15 more dollars per fill but well worth it IMO. Also have noticed the "ticking sound" isn't as noticeable while running the higher octane. I was told from the dealer that this was normal. Sound reminds me a small exhaust leak i once had on an older vehicle....... Glad others are having the same issue.......
  13. Have them on my true with 285 66 18 KO2's they don't stop much... As for drilling i did mine myself, isn't rocket science. Go to your local windshield shop and see if they can give you a small primer stick and a bit of urethane to put in the whole before the screw to prevent rust. I wouldn't let the dealer........
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