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  1. To those that went with the MasterCraft mxt how is the on road noise compared to the stock duratracs?? What about the cooper stt??
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies! Does anyone know if 305/70r18s fit on the stock rims? I've seen a few post about 35/12.5/18s but no 305s.
  3. Thanks for the reply, that's actually what I've been leaning towards, I definitely need something that fills out the wheel well a bit more! Lol
  4. Looking to go with a 295/70r18 on stock rims for my trailboss, I have it narrowed down to the MasterCraft cxt, MasterCraft mxt and Falkin at3w. Just looking for opinions and maybe pictures of them on our trucks. Thanks guys
  5. Just wondering if you guys think it's worth the cost to ceramic coat a silver truck. From everything I've been reading dark colors benefit more so from a ceramic coating. Pluses/minuses? Thanks guys
  6. Anyone else having paint issues on these trucks? 3 weeks old and already two noticable scratches in the clearcoat in the black, one on the front bumper one on the back....... The front one was from me drying the truck after washing it..... Tried buffing it out and it's to deep. I can't believe how soft the clear is!! Coming from a 2016 midnight edition that held up great!!!
  7. What's the hood guard you have?? Looks good bro!!
  8. Trailboss custom doesn't have under hood insulation is this normal??
  9. I'd say get the 19 now with 10+k off and wait for the trailboss diesel in 2021-2022.
  10. She needs a bath but the silver still looks clean without!! Way easier to take care of than my 16 midnight edition was!!
  11. Trailbosss LT Crew cab standard bed. Had them put on the rear wheel liners, sidesteps and lineX the bed. Coming from a 2016 double cab midnight edition and this truck seems huge!! Did any one vinyl the lettering on the tailgate yet? I'm thinking gloss black letters would really pop on this truck! I plan on getting all black Z71 badges for the front fenders and taking off the trail boss decal... Idk yet lol
  12. Picked her up today, they had to send it out to get lineX. I'm definitely a fan!!
  13. Just got quoted for a 19 trailboss lt crew cab standard box (which seems almost impossible to find atm) leather, convenience pkg 2 with advanced trailer pkg, MSRP $54700 for $44800 thinking it's a good deal atm as I just started looking, probably gonna pick it up tomorrow being I really want the crew can with a standard bed and all the trucks around me are the short box.. Truck looks so much bigger than my double cab midnight edition!!!! I'll put some pics up tomorrow.
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