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  1. Thats what I thought but wasn't sure what parameters may be changed in manual mode. Just wish it would hold 7 a little longer but I get they want to eek every MPG out if it they can in stock form. Funny how even months later after tuning out AFM I still automatially go to manual mode and up to 7 each time I put it in drive just out of habit.
  2. A while back I got a Diablo handheld tuner that I really only use it turn off AFM off and for larger tire size. Prior to this I was constantly driving around in L7 to keep from going into V4. Since I got the tuner I find myself still going to L7 out of habit when driving around town most of the time. This got me wondering... Other than the obvious of being able to control what gear you’re in and not going into V4 (AFM), are there any other benefits, pros/cons of this vs ‘Drive’. Are there any other parameters that change when using the L gears? (TCC lock up, shift points, etc..) Or is it truly the same as ‘Drive’ but no AFM and you can control the gear selection? I do like the ability to hold 7th gear a little longer and not shift into 8th at less than 50mph.
  3. If anyone else reading this is interested, PM me if interested. I'm ready to get rid of it so any reasonable offer will be accepted. All new never been installed. Have rectipt, GM part# 19303345.
  4. While we're on the topic... is there any noticable difference in performance, airflow, backpressure, MPG, etc.. with the flapper? One would think anything inside the exhaust like this would impeed airflow. So other than sound, any benefits of removing it completely or forcing it open?
  5. What year truck you have? Long story, but i have a brand new, never been used GM performance exhaust for a 20145 - 2018 CC SB 6.2. It's not in the box but I have the recepit for it. I belieave the muffler is either 3 or 3 1/2 in and dual 2.25 out. I have the exact same on my truck but ended up with two and just want it out of my garage at this point. Make and offer and it's yours, I'll even deliver it for free anywhere in the Chicago area.
  6. I use Mothers Back To Black and have been for several years. Works great on all plastic trim. There's simular products out there but found this works the best and dosn't wash off as quickly. Maquires has a simular product that would be my second choice, just costs more. You should be able to buy it at most local stores, maybe even Walmart. Back-to-Black® Trim & Car Plastic Restorer | Mothers® Polish I have even used it on my Line-X bedliner. Takes some time to get it on evenly but can make your bed liner look brand new if your willing to spend the time to do it.
  7. I have a 2017 with stock stamped steel UCA's, 1.5 inch level, and 275/60/20's on stock rims and no rubbing. I was going to get the Ready Lift UCA's at the time but decided to just wait and see how long I can get out of the stock control arm. So far 25,000 miles and no issues or rubbing. When it's time to replace them I'll most likely be going with the Ready Lift.
  8. I went through the same thing when I did my level too. I found the link below to be most valuable. You can buy just the UCA or the kit with the spacers. There's plenty of other options out there, but found the Ready Lift UCA's to be a great aftermarket replacement at a reasonable price especially when adding a level. Ready Lift - UCA Info.
  9. Need some help on weather this is an issue worth chasing or not. 2017 Sierra 6.2 / 8 speed, transmission temperatures are at times erratic. for example, it will jump from 90 to 120,then down to 88 and back up to over 100, etc.. Or times I'll be driving for an hour and it will show only 120 which I know it will be warmer than that. Doesn't happen all the time but maybe half the time . Outside air temp doesn't seem to change anything and drives fine with no engine light. I've done quite a bit of searching on this and read through the entire post below, but from what I can tell the special coverage applies to 2016 only? So my questions are: 1. Does the special coverage #N192291660 apply to 2017 or just 2016? Anyone have this done on their 2017? 2. Is it worth perusing? I could take it in but with out any engine lights/codes or symptoms other than odd temperature fluctuations I'm afraid they will say nothing found and will be a wasted trip and money. Powertrain warranty ends in September so if it's something that needs documented or fixed I'd like to do it before then, but if it's nothing then I'll just let it go and keep an eye on it. Drives and shifts fine. The post below was very helpful as the special coverage is specific to 6.2 / 8 speed, which I have, but didn't really address the questions above. Curious for any thoughts on if it's just let it go or worth a trip to the dealer? Last transmission fluid exchange was about 25k miles ago so the fluid should be good.
  10. I'd print out the TSB posted above and show it to them and ask why this is not covered under warranty? I had my fluid exchange done and covered under powertrain warranty last year. Although mine was having the rumble strip feeling / vibration, but right in the TSB is says diagnosis beyond customer complaint is not required. And all 2018's fall within the production dates. The last page even has a section on how the labor times for being done under Powertrain coverage. Are you positive you have the 8 speed and not the 6 speed? The TSB only applies to the 8.
  11. Curious how you even noticed the nut was missing? Being up in the cross member like that, seems like you would have to be specifically looking for it to even notice?
  12. Interesting... good to know, it just sounds so not normal, but I guess we'll just add that to the other not normal noises these things make.
  13. The fuel pump ticking is definitely normal, but what he's describing sounds a lot like mine which I have never been able to identify, (not the high pressure full pump or the vaccum pump) although it's hard to get a sense of a sound based off a written description. Mine has this same type of sound and when your crawl underneath it's coming from the bell housing area right in front of the transmission pan. Very rhythmical, like something spinning and hitting each time. Been happening for quite a while now so thinking it's normal, or hope so at least. Mines is a 6.2 with just 55k miles.
  14. On my 2017 I went with 275/60/20 BFG KO2's and a 1/2 inch level and while looks are very subjective gives it the perfect stance. I also trimmed the lower air dam in the front which gave it the appearance of being at bit higher and couple more inches of front-end ground clearance. The GM performance exhaust helps finish it off with just the look and sound I was set on. I'll try to find some decent pics to post.
  15. Or just start taking bolts out one by one until oil starts coming out.
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