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  1. You mean somethign like this? Found this a while back when checking my cabin filter. Not saying this is whats causing your issue but never a bad thing to check at each oil change just to make sure there's no critters trying to get free rent. My truck is kept in the attached garage all the time so this can happen even when you think it maybe very unlikely. never hurts to check it every so often.
  2. Does it sound sort of like this? If so I know exactly what it is.
  3. Sad thing is the salt will probubaly rust the rockers and rest of the body out while the orange paint will keep the underside looking new.
  4. Thought about that but wasn't sure if that would be good for plastics, bushings, gaskets, etc.. Unless I was just cautious with where it was sprayed and didn't get carried away with it.
  5. So this is a mystery... Somehow somewhere I must have ran over some paint, thinking possibly a spray paint can based on the volume and splatter pattern. Unfortunately it's bright orange and looks horrible from underneath. Good thing is it's entirely underneath and didn't get on the paint, wheels or steps. Just a dot or two on the tire but other than that not visible unless you look underneath. Now the question is how in the world do you go about cleaning this up? It's all over the transmission pan, heat shield, ,Transfer case, driveshaft... Tried rubbing it with paint thinner and various cleaners, goo gone, etc.. but nothing is working. The frame, sway bar and anything black I can paint over with some black spray paint, but everything else I have no idea, or maybe just leave it since it's purely cosmetic? Just glad it's not visible unless you look underneath.
  6. Looks like something has been rubbing on the side down at the bottom? Hard to tell from the picture angle, maybe it's the cable but from looking at the other pictures it seems like it could be tailgate?
  7. Was thinking about replacing the tow hooks with shackles just to change things up and give it a different look. Anyone done this? I found the Rough Country has a conversion kit and was curious if anyone has done this or have experience with the RC kit? If so any pics would be appreciated. Any reasons this wouldn't be as strong / reliable as the factory hooks?
  8. Did you ever get this diagnosed or determine what it is? Mine has almsot the exact same sound as the video you posted, sounds like it's coming from the bell housing or just infront of the transmission pan. Hoping it's nothing to be concerned about?
  9. How important is using distilled water? I was thinking of doing a flush using the garden hose method then using pre-mixed 50/50 coolant, but we have terribly hard tap water. How much does the block hold? Is the 5 year 100k intervals still what's recommended?
  10. So when you have the brake fluid flush from the dealer does that flush the entire system including the calipars and ABS module? I just had this done but never really thought about it until now what that really included?
  11. Heavy wheels or tires will make them wear considerable faster too. seems like most of the ones I've seen go out are with someone who has heavy LT tires.
  12. Actually Disregard - I was going to comment on a hand held tuner but just realized tuning isn't available yet on the 2019 + For what it's worth I have the diablo tuner on my 2017 and have the idle RPM set at +100 for same reasons you mention and is perfect now. Sorry couldn't be of more help.
  13. Anyone ever take the rear liners out to wash any salt/dirt or crud that may build where a power washer or hose can't get to? Was thinking about doing this recently but curious if anyone else had done this or feels there's any benefit. Thinking in terms of keeping clean to avoid any places for rust to start down the road. They look fairly straight forward to pull out but not sure it's worth the effort?
  14. Borla Touring? This is the quietest of the Borla mufflers and is what what comes on the performance Exhaust (at least on the 2014 - 2018) and I have on mine. To me this is perfect, has a nice sound and tone like it should but not overly obnoxious at all even on cold start ups. You can not hear it at all at highway speeds, no drone, but you can definitely tell it's there when you get on it. Combine that with the dual side exit polished tips, what's not to like about it Other than the price. Next step up would be the S-Type if you want a little more sound. Attak is the loudest which is too loud for me.
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