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  1. I can't argue Amsoil is a top notch oil, but let's not get into which oil is better debate. Simply wanted to hear from anyone using it or knows more about it, not necessarily if it's better or worse than other name brands.
  2. Not to be another which oil is better debate, but curious if anyone is using Amazon oil? They have this below for $20 or 6 quarts of 0W20 for $21. Price seems good for a full synthetic. Curious if anyone is using it or knows who the manufacturer is. I'm trying to picture what the Gulf would look like full of Amazon Oil rigs... or maybe Amazon gas stations...?
  3. Would this be dependent on how long it's been since the average was reset? Meaning if you have 2,000 miles of highway driving since it was last reset, your average likely won't drop at all even if idling for an extended period of time, but if you reset it earlier that day and only drove 20 miles then it will drop much quicker.
  4. For anybody following this topic, I can attest to the inner tube rubber solution. Mine was making all kinds of noises and banging for a while now, and today did the rubber in between the springs and is absolutely amazing how quite it is now compared to before. Only took about an hour and was pretty easy, just pry the leafs apart slide in the piece of rubber and done. This should be a permeant too vs the greasing fix . Yes the dealer could have likely fixed or replaced under warranty but for something this easy and cheap I see no reason not to DIY and save the time and hassle of going to the dealer possibly multiple times. I see no reason it will ever reoccur either.
  5. I just looked at their website and they have some great prices. There's a SLT 6.2 MSRP of $62,560 on sale for $47,303. That's just over 25% off! https://www.kendallautomall.com/
  6. Not trying to be smart ass but curious how a $20 filter was incentive in buying a $40k + truck? Did you check the underside for anything unusual? Even though it was only 315 miles I wonder if it had some high water that entered the filter area before your purchase and they threw in a cheap replacement filter?
  7. Honestly, all the talk on here about how the 6.2 out performs the 5.3 made my decision. That and I was able to find one somewhat close. 5.3 would have been more than enough for my needs but everyone bragging about how fast it is, etc... I couldn't resist and glad I didn't
  8. Anyone know what those smaller holes are for? Access to a bolt or something behind the frame I assume?
  9. Do you happen to know total height after the lift & tires? Asking for purposes of potentially doing this myself but only have 80 inches to fit in the garage.
  10. royalkangaroo, thanks for taking the time for the pictures, very helpful. I'll give this a try this weekend and see how it works. Regarding the clips, my 2017 has just one on each side in the front, non in the rear. I'll try to get a decent pic later this evening.
  11. I tried all kinds of various lube and sprays nothing works and like you, it's getting pretty bad. How did you get the rubber pieces to stay in place, or did you pry the leaf's apart and then they rest on top of it when the weight is distributed? Any pictures of what you did or how it looks today? I really want to get this done but just not sure how and where exactly to insert the rubber.
  12. This may work if you have a squeak or some light noise, but when your neighbor says 'What's wrong with our truck' (true story) when your backing out of the driveway it's hard to just ignore it. Then every time someone rides in it you feel like you have to explain what that noise.
  13. Not to hijack the conversation, but what tires and size are those? Looks real good.
  14. Mines doing the exact same thing. Happen to have any pics of your gasket fix?
  15. Not trying to start a 'which gas to use' or octane level debate, but wondering of all the Top Tier gas stations is one any better than the other or is all top tier gas created equally? I ask this because I see some pretty noticeable names on the Top Tier list like Shell, BP Exxon, etc... but then see some that make you wonder like Value America. Is all Top Tier gas equal or is Shell Nitro better than BP Invigorate, etc..
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