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  1. Prices paid

    I still agree that this has to be the amount off of MSRP. But it does say $305 a month estimated pmt. If you divide it out that comes out to exactly 48 months, assuming no money down
  2. Coming from a 6.2 owner, I absolutely love the power and MPG's for it's size but one thing to consider is the 6.2 really should be run on premium gas (93). Around here 93 octane is about 80 cents more per gallon than regular 87. That is just over $19 more per tank than if filled with 87. Or think of it this way if you average 18 MPG over 50,000 miles that would be over $2,200 MORE just for the premium. If that doesn't bother you then I say go for it, as previously mentioned outside of these costs there's really no downside at all, (other than maybe finding one) just extra power when you want it. I only use 93 as recommended by the owners manual, but you could use lower which risks denotation (i.e. knocking), poorer fuel economy and less power. If you paid up to get the 6.2 no sense in cheeping out a few bucks at the pump is how I see it.
  3. Oil Change Question

    GM says 0W 20, that should trump what anyone here has to say.
  4. Brandon, nice rides. My 2017 I got from Laura is exactly like the sliver one above (minus the towing mirrors) Regarding the comment that local dealers wont' come close to their prices that's is very true. When I was looking took the print out of the truck I wanted to local dealers and asked about their price. One dealer literally told me if I can buy that truck for the price I showed them (print out form Laura's website) then I should run down there fast as I could before they changed their minds.... So I did. I also found their trade in to be fair, infact they quoted me a price sight unseen based on the discription over the phone, which I thought was fair, but then once we get to the paperwork said it was nicer than they thought so they gave me another $500 which they didn't have to do and I wasn't expecting. Given it was EXCELLENT condition, original owner, low milage (for the age) 2003 silverado Z71. But does not compare to the 2017 6.2 I have now
  5. All discounts are already included in their prices. Not sure if most know this or not but you can go to https://www.gmsupplierdiscount.com/build-and-price/ and build a vehicle just like you can on the GMC or Chevy website and it will show you the supplier price plus any incentives or rebates. Just for fun I built a 2018 sierra crew cab 6.2 and compared to a very similar truck at Laura. MSRP: $55,550 Supplier Price: $47,395 Laura Price: $42,807 (plus another $1,000 if you use GM financing) I you can get 20% off MSRP that's generally considered a good deal, Laura's prices (on their trucks at least) typically seem to be at least 20 and sometimes close to 30% off just depending on the vehicle, options, package discounts, incentives, etc.. And best of all it's no negotiating. The price you see is what you pay with no extra feeds just tax, title, and $172 document fee. Having said that I have no affiliation with this place, just a very pleasant personal experience ;)
  6. Their prices are well below supplier, I get suppler pricing at my job and have found that to be a good starting point for negotiations, but there's still money left on the table at that price. Most are willing to come down from there, some not so much, but in general Laura is several thousand lower than that with no negotiation.
  7. Since you mention it, why is it when it dark and you turn the headlights off and then turn just the fog lights on, the DRL's come on with as well but only about 50% brightness of the normal daytime DRL? I've always wondered that but never thought to ask until the topic just now came up.
  8. Keep in mind they are keeping and selling the factory wheels which is 100% profit for them. When I bought mine there last fall they quoted me $3k for a 2 inch level, Fuel wheels and 305's which seemed a bit high. Although with that said I have nothing but positive to say about the purchase price and overall experience. Made the 10 hour round trip well worth mainly due to difficult finding any 6.2 inventory close by or any local dealers willing to come close to their prices.
  9. What gears to you have now, 3.08?
  10. Running Boards & Bed Liner

    $495 is what I paid from Line-X as well, seems about the going price, but like said above shop around for prices in your area. For another $100 Line-X offers UV protection guaranteed to never fade. I went for it, but not quite sure how something deep black can never fade when sitting outside in the summer sun for 10+ years, but we'll see and I don't think fading is covered under the lifetime warranty.
  11. There's a few different ways to tell, but if it shows 8 when in manual selection then you have the 8 speed. Another more definitive way to find out is to check the RPO codes on the sticker on the inside of the upper glove box. MYC = 6 speed and M5U = 8 speed. Easiest way to verify would be to drive at a nice and even acceleration up to highway speed and count how may times it shifts. Also all 6.2's come with the 8 speed. In addition, you can ask your local dealer to provide you a build sheet that will show all options your truck with built with. This would be a nice way to see anything else you thought you had and didn't or didn't know you had. For what it's worth I have a 2017 that bought new last year and have had zero problems with the 8 speed. There's some on this forum who do, and I feel for them based off the stories they have to tell, but don't let that get in your head thinking you have a lemon. Just drive it normal, enjoy the new ride and have any problems fixed or at least documented before your warranty expires. Certainly not worth loosing any sleep over.
  12. What else would there to be worried about? I've read a number of posts where many are running 275/60 with no level at all and have no rubbing (or at least they claim to), so with a 2 inch level I would think would be plenty of room, not counting the mud flap in question. Width is the same, but is 1 inch taller (33 vs. 32)
  13. I'm getting excited as I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a set of 275/60/20 KO2's. I know lots of members here are running this size, but for those that do, has anyone been able to keep the factory mud flaps with this size tire and a 2 inch level? I'd really like to keep the mud flaps to help with the rock chips, especially with the KO2 tread design that loves to hold rocks. Hoping with a level it will clear, but if clearance is an issue I may consider sticking with 275/55, as I don't want to go any more than 2 inch level. Anyone able to make this work with no rubbing?
  14. Driveshaft spline grease

    Can't comment on what type of grease to use, but really curious why it would need shortened?
  15. Illinoisains?

    Anyone else from western Chicago suburbs? I'm in Oswego and also looking for a decent and reputable 4x4 shop

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