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  1. As far as I know the TSB for HP fluid flush, is only for the 8 speeds. This may be the reason they denied covering it? For the 8 speeds at least, the TSB procedure for the HP fluid flush is absolutely covered under the power train warranty. I had mine done 100% covered as well as many others on this forum. The dealer saying you need to pay for it because the technician couldn't feel is not right unless it was because it is a 6 and not the 8 speed?. The TSB even states that diagnosis beyond customer complaint is not required. Other than six speed not being part of the TSB the only other reason I can possibly see them denying it with out feeling the shudder would be if it was already done at some point and your now trying to get them to do it again.
  2. Did you buy the truck new or used? Since you have a 2016 8 speed it would likely have had the TSB for TCC shutter performed by now (18-NA-355). This is a 20 quart fluid exchange where they replace the original trans fluid with the new HP fluid. I had mine done, covered under warranty, at about 35,000 miles. This in turn is a free transmission service where you get all new fluid. So may want to check your service records and if this was done already your fluid may not be as old as you think and have more life in it yet. I was going to do mine at my own cost around 50k but having this just completed I'll hold off now until closer to 85k - 100k.
  3. This is also covered under the 5 year / 60k power train warranty so even once your 3/36 is up you still have coverage should the shutter come back or need a new TC. Although I will say it was night and day difference on mine, immediate improvement on the clunks and harsh down shifts. Some say the shutter comes back after a few thousand miles so we'll see, but for now the new fluid certainly was noticeable a improvement. And you get new fresh fluid exchange at 35k miles for free ; )
  4. Not true... Below is the TSB and clearly says diagnosis beyond the customer compliant is not required. I would print the TSB and bring it with you and show them this then see if they will do it with out being able to reproduce it. For what it's worth, I had the same clunks, harsh down shifts and then the TCC shudder. Once they did the fluid exchange all of that was gone. So far it's been about six months and no issues, drives like it should finally. This was done under power train warranty after bumper to bumper had run out.
  5. I have 275/60/20 KO's on my 2017 on stock wheels and stamped steel UCA with no rubbing on on UCA, wheel well liners or mud flaps, but also have a 1.5 level. However from what I've read that tire SHOULD fit with out a level.
  6. Any of those should be fine, my 2017 has a 1.5 inch level an 275/60/20 which is 32.99 inch tire and sits at about 80 inches tall which leaves about 4 inches to spare.in the garage
  7. I always thought it was a safety thing where it acts as a fire blanket incase the engine catches on fire the plastic screws would melt and the blanket would fall and smother any flames. If that's one of it's intended purposes I'm actually surprised every vehicle doesn't have one?
  8. For the loops is is safe to put hooks or clevis on it to help get a hold on the other vehicle? Or is that an accident waiting to happen? I normally don't have a ball hitch on which is why I was thinking about getting the shackle hitch receiver, but just one more thing to keep under the back seat too.
  9. Found my self in an 'out of luck' situation this week where a friend of mine parked a little too far off the side of the road and couldn't get out. Had I had a chain or tow strap would have taken about 30 seconds to nudge them out but instead had to call for a tow. I now decided having some kind of recovery chain or strap isn't a bad idea to keep in the truck at all times, weather it's for getting someone else out or should I ever need it. My question is what does everyone recommend? This isn't meant to be for hard core buried to the frame recovery but just something that can get a vehicle back on the road or out of a snow bank, etc.. My first thought was chain but that seems like it could potentially be dangerous should it break, so now looking into straps. I found this one on Amazon which includes a 20' strap and shackle hitch receiver for a decent price but curious for any other recommendations or what others may be using.
  10. Do all of them have cooler lines or is it an option/package where they get included?
  11. Received and put on today. Overall not super impressed. Quality seems fine but rear is not even visible, the lettering sits down below the lip of the bumper and combined with a little light reflection you can't even tell it's there. Front seems fine, but wish the lettering was a little bigger. If anyone is considering I'd just do one for the front. You can buy them as a single or double.
  12. Have you considered the GM Performance Exhaust? It's made by Borla and has the flapper built into it to help with the v4 drone. I recently got this for my 2017 and really like it, sounds nice but not obnoxiously loud. Highly recommend it. It uses the Borla Touring muffler which you can check out videos for on YouTube or Borla's website to get a sense of sound and loudness.
  13. I found them on Bonanza.com, here's a direct link to the webpage. They are listed as Camaro frames. Comes with a set of 2, so If you live in a state where you only need one then maybe you could sell the other? I unfortunately need both. My order shipped same day from NV and scheduled to arrive Tuesday the 19th. I'll let you know what the fit and finish is like. Here's a few others I also found on the same site.
  14. When I use the 5 quart jugs of Mobile one I always cringe when opening the foil seal. Pure paranoia I know, but I always feel like there's going to be some little sliver of foil fall off as I'm pouring it in and run through the engine before it can get to the filter. Not to hijack this thread, but how come the 5 quart jugs of Mobile One have a foil seal but the single quarts just have a plastic twist off seal?
  15. As long as you don't mind it also having LS3. My truck is silver with chrome steps, handles, mirror caps, bumper, dual side exhaust tips, and wheels (polished aluminum), the silver and chrome combination go really well together in my opinion. But for a darker color these below may look better. They also have some with red lettering. If you google 6.2 License Plate frame you'll get all kinds of results. That's how I found these. Never heard of this seller before so hope it legit and not some sticker that comes off in the first carwash. We'll find out soon enough. What I find quite interesting is there is literally nothing I could find that says 5.3 lol I guess nobody wants to brag about their 5.3 ?
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