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  1. For anyone interested in a hand held tuner, this is a great topic to read, lots of really good information on various settings, and impacts on drivability, mpg, etc.. After reading this and other forums, my questions are: 1. Can someone explain the differences between Predator 2 - 7271, 7220, and 7202. I'm seeing conflicting information. For example Amazon says 7202 is compatible but Summit Racing site says it's not and the Diablo site only shows 7271 when I use 'find parts for your vehicle'? 2. As we all know, the stock 6.2 is recommended to use premium fuel (91/93). Will a 'canned' Diablo tune for 87 actually increase performance/drivability over the stock tune? I'm trying to figure out why you would want to put in an 87 tune into an engine that comes with a stock tune that recommends 91/93 to begin with and not be going backwards in terms of performance/drivability/MPG, etc.. If this is the case however it does seem to me like it could be a win/win if you get the improved tune and still able to us 87. Around here 93 is about 90 cents per gallon more than 87 so this means after 425 gallons the tuner would actually pay for it's self right? Or perhaps I'm looking at it all wrong.. Please no comments on how a custom tune is better, etc... I realize a custom tune may be better in various ways but for different reasons,which I won't get into here, I'm set on a handheld programmer and leaning towards the Diablo. Would love to hear any feedback from those with a Diablo, which settings you have and why.
  2. Factory plugs are not magnetic like they used to be either. First thing I did was pick up a new magnetic drain plug from Napa, looks and performs just like OEM except it has the magnetic tip. Not sure why or when GM stopped using magnetic plugs but it's well worth the few bucks for a replacement in my mind.
  3. What about torqueing the rear bolts? From what I understand it needs to be at ride height before they get torqued down. Is there room to do this once the wheel is on and the truck on the ground, or would you use a floor jack and press up on the lower arm to get it where it needs to be?
  4. Due to the stamped steel UCA, and 2 inch level going in, I'm getting ready to replace with aftermarket UCA's. I've watched several YouTube videos and seems pretty straight forward, but curious if anyone has done this and has a write up or any tips to share? Looks like the hardest part is getting the bolts past the spring.
  5. I just pulled the trigger and bought the Borla performance exhaust (GM version) and ran across this post. Never crossed my mind there would be ANC calibration for it, but since it's a GM exhaust system I guess there would be. Anyone ever have this done or have any info on what it sounds like on the inside with and with out the calibration? Now have to eagerly wait for it to get here, but there was also a disclaimer that with the strike there may be a delay, so we'll see. Ordered on 10/23 from GM Parts Warehouse and still says 'processing'... But the ANC calibration is very interesting and hoping someone has had this done and can speak to what difference if any it makes.
  6. Curious why it would rub more with a level kit, one would think that would make it rub less? I wonder if replacement UCA's would be any different?
  7. They responded quickly to my e-mail and stated that an updated manual for 2017/2018 should be available around end of January 2020. I'm not sure I need the FSM and that much detail, this has served me well in the past basically used for torque specs, and more simple DIY stuff. For $20 it seems like a good investment if your not needing the full service manual.
  8. Anyone ever heard the difference between touring and S type in person? Curious how big a jump the cold starts are. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and decided Borla already but worried about the cold starts since I'm in a townhouse and our garage is literally feet away from next door neighbors bedroom. For that reason thinking touring may be the best bet.
  9. Off topic, but which Borla do you have? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the Touring Catback (GM version) and curious what you think of it as far as overall sound and drone..
  10. Off topic, but which Borla do you have? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the Touring Catback (GM version) and curious what you think of it as far as overall sound and drone..
  11. 3tspapat - thanks for the comments. I'm actually Ok with a more tame sound, main reason is I live in a townhouse and my garage is feet away from the neighbors bedroom and not looking to piss off any neighbors. Just something that has that 'not stock' tone to it especially when you get on it. For cold starts the less noise the better for me but after that, all is good.
  12. Your right, like news papers and magazines, physical manuals are definitely heading to being obsolete soon I'd think. I always like having something in physical form I can take with me to the garage, friends house, etc.. and reference while I'm doing the work but I feel like I'm definitely the minority these days. In the meant time, I sent them an e-mail asking and will see what they say.
  13. The current Haynes manual is for 2014 - 2016 only. Anyone know when we could expect an updated version for 2017 - 2018 or would the 14-16 still apply since mechanically there are very few if any differences?
  14. I realize this post is about 3 years old, but I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the GM Performance Exhaust (6.2) - 19303345 - and looking for anyone who has the same and done the install themselves and tips or comments on ease of installation. I assume this is all bolt together that you can do on your own in a couple hours? Also would love to see pictures and any sound clips for those who may any. Also curious what everyone else paid for theirs? Cheapest I found it was at GM Parts Warehouse for $972 + $116 for tips with all in price of $1,160 including shipping..
  15. Off topic, but what size KO2's you got there? Are those 275/60/20?
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