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  1. leaf clunk

    Mines doing the exact same thing. Happen to have any pics of your gasket fix?
  2. Not trying to start a 'which gas to use' or octane level debate, but wondering of all the Top Tier gas stations is one any better than the other or is all top tier gas created equally? I ask this because I see some pretty noticeable names on the Top Tier list like Shell, BP Exxon, etc... but then see some that make you wonder like Value America. Is all Top Tier gas equal or is Shell Nitro better than BP Invigorate, etc..
  3. What type of hitch is this?

    if you do a google search for Trailer Sway Ball Mount you'll get plenty of results. Most look like this, but some are welded one piece like you have.
  4. I put these on my 2017 SLT and bolted up just fine. Any ideas on what the square hold is for in the middle? I assume it's some type of inspection hole, but there's really nothing I can see that would be worth looking at in there?
  5. I know the feeling of letting someone (likely not a mechanic but some young kid technician) you've never met before work on your truck somewhere where you can't see them. For that reason I do most everything myself. (Oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, other basic maintenance). However for a tire rotation the only thing they should be touching are the lugs, not a huge risk of scratching the wheel if they are not taking the tire off the rim. To do it your self, all you would need is a jack, some jack stands, torque wrench, 21 MM socket and preferably an impact to get the lugs off. Then you will also need a programmer tool to re-learn the tire position for the tire pressure sensors. There's a separate topic someone started recently with information on that.
  6. While we're on the topic, anyone know of a decent TMPS programmer so the display on the dash shows which tire is which correctly after a rotation?
  7. Appreciate the responses. Of all the things on this forum to be parnoid over, I honestly don't know why this gets to me. Vibration/ TC issues, vacume pump failure, AFM issue, etc... and this of all things somehow gets to me... I clearly need some time with a theropist or just stop changing my oil all together.
  8. Is it just me or does anyone just cringe each time you do an oil change and have to poke open that foil seal on the oil jug, paranoid that some small sliver will find its way into the oil. I think I spend at least 5 minutes with a razor knife making sure it's safe before I pour it, but would really like to just twist it open and pour. I use Mobil One so i can't speak for the other brands, but why is it that the 1 quart bottles have a plastic cap but no seal, where the 5 gallon jugs always have that darn foil seal? Anyone else get worked up over this or is this OCD on my part?
  9. Came across this and thought I'd share for anyone interested. The 2019 Navigation Update from GM is on sale for $99 through 6/1/19 from regular price of $160
  10. My best 400 mile average was 26.4 and this is with 6.2. This was going from Chicago to Omaha last fall, cruse set at 70. Even the last 400 mile average of 16.6 isn't bad considering that's about 85% city/in town driving.
  11. Speaking of Diablo I3, anyone using one of these for 6.2? Been thinking of getting one particularly interested in the torque management reduction and if that helps with the throttle lag and lazy shifts? Also when I get new tires this summer I'll be able to calibrate for them (That's the real reason I justify with my wife for the purchase)
  12. This is for those who want to know if they can fit 66 inch tires. Yes but.... https://www.motor1.com/news/315861/watch-chevy-silverado-get-ruined/
  13. So to take this a littler further... Whats the lowest level isn't hard on the pump? I realize there's not magical number the pump runs on and is gradual over time but in theory what's the lowest one should routinely let their tanks get before filling up for this topic? 1/4 tank?
  14. Is anyone else finding the the transmission line runs directly over the bottom screw for the air box making it exceedingly difficult to got to? I wanted to check the air filter but spent 15 minutes trying different screwdrivers and adapters just to find a way to get to that bottom screw? Does a flexible drill bit help at all? That's the only thing I haven't tried.
  15. Curious what the thoughts are on the Oil Filter magnets. Worth it? Waste of money?... Or would a simple magnetic oil drain plug prove the same them for a fraction of the price?

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