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  1. I haven't looked, mostly because I didn't think at 25k miles I needed to but now I think I will. Don't hear any unusual braking noises or rotor wear but worth a check, something made that happen. Aren't the inside of the wheels clear coated? If so, is brake clean going to be to harsh and strip the clear off? I can see a coat of wax helping with the corrosion and build up, especially up here where the salt is thick.
  2. fantastic, good to hear this should come off. What's odd is it's just the one wheel, the other three look fine, and the wheels have been rotated every 5k miles so they have spent equal time under different brake/rotors so not sure why just this one wheel is this way? I'll get some polish and give it a shot..
  3. Anyone had any rust/pitting spots on the inside of their wheels? Was rotating the tires yesterday and three of the 4 looked fine but one had small rust spots all over and wasn't sure why just the one? Just on the inside, the outside facing finish appearance is fine but worrying about it spreading. These are the 20 inch snowflake polished aluminum wheels with 25,000 miles on them. Is this something that would be covered under warranty? Notice how it's only in the middle and the two 1 inch or so rings around the edge that don't show any rust spots? Pictures below. First two are the wheel in question, Last picture is a different wheel for comparison and they way the other three look, like they should.
  4. My curiosity got the better of me as I was trying to visualize what 26 inch rims would look like so did a quick google search. This one appears to be lowered, but honestly, it looks way better than I thought it would. Is this the look your going for? Those are some thin sidewall tires those are for sure
  5. This! My last truck I bought new in 2003 and was aiming to keep it 'forever' like you and has all the maintenance done as recommended if not earlier and washed and waxed regularly, especially in the winter. Like you no major issues and really got to love the truck. Fast forward to 2016 the rust started taking over in the rockers and spread so quickly with in a year I could put my entire foot up inside where the rocker used to be. Underside was entirely rusted too, including the frame which I spend many hours every year scraping and sanding and painting, which is a loosing battle. Seeing this was a never ending battle, I bought my 2017 and decided I need to plan to keep it not much longer than 10 years. We'll see, but if your anywhere where road salt or brine is used 10 years max is about what you can expect before the rust starts to take over slowly from the bottom up. I'm trying things like regular use of fluid film on the underside of this truck to see if that is any different but still don't plan to see much difference over the course of 10 years of daily driving.
  6. Sorry to not come back to this for a while, few things came up and never got back to the store until today. So interestingly enough, when I returned today all the old stuff was gone and looked to be replaced with new stock. Wish I had got a picture of it when I was there originally. Black02Silverado thanks for the info on the date stamp, I took a look at the new bottles and look to be from July 2019. I got 8 quarts of 0W20 signature series on sale for $9.99 a quart at Farm and Fleet in Montgomery IL, if anyone's in the area and interested, although their prices seem to fluctuate quite a bit.
  7. Let us know how those KO'2 work out. I'm about ready to get a set but slightly smaller 275/60/20 and there seems to be LOTS of bad reviews due to unable to balance. I had a set (two actually) a few years back on my prior truck and had no issues, but seems to be lots of complaints about it... With the vibration issues these truck can have the last thing we need is bad tires in the mix
  8. I can see why you may not need the 6.2 but how can anyone not want one... But maybe I'm biased But I do agree an elevation with 6.2 would be perfect.
  9. Did you look at Laura GMC? They have AT4's (with 6.2) at just over 18% off, and with 5.3 for 19% Heck they have SLT's at 27% off. ($56,420 MSRP for $40,790). That's were I got mine from back in 2017
  10. Got to love DI. I wonder if a regular treatment of the spray can CRC valve cleaner make any difference or would that happen eventually anyways? That's pretty nasty looking for only 78K miles.
  11. Well it certainly isn't cheap but made of 304 stainless, has the GM flapper and supposedly no drone. For what it's worth MSRP is $1,249 but GM Parts Warehouse has it for $979 + free shipping, by far the best price I've found. Now just have to see if it ever gets here. We're coming up on 2 months now due to the strike and now paranoid it won't even make it when it does ship.
  12. fair enough... I'd say more than a little, enough to clearly write your name in it. Think of an old car in a barn for years,. Now that's an exaggeration of course but is kind of what it reminded me of. I'll grab a pic when I get to the store.
  13. fantastic, thanks for the help. I'll stop by the store take a look and grab a pic tomorrow. I'm sure it's fine but something just not right about cracking open a bottle of oil covered in dust.
  14. PM sent - I'd gladly take those mirrors if your not longer wanting them, and certainly wouldn't take them for free. They are worth something and would make you an offer on them and of course pay any shipping charges. This is great timing as I actually just smacked mine on the side of the garage door recently and been looking for an OEM replacement. If you still have them and are interested let me know and we can work something out
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