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  1. I just had the right front bearings in a 2017 replaced at 48,000 miles. Bad luck for me. My son has a 2014 with 130,000 and no problems
  2. The weathertech floor mats will slide right under the storage bin. The bin is great.
  3. I just got the 275/60-20 Michelin LTX and love them. Excellent ride and little impact om MPG (esp when you consider they have a 3% larger tire circumference)
  4. I have had three ARE tops. All have been good with remote locking. Last one was about $2300 new. I traded one truck in and was allowed extra $1000-1200 .
  5. Mine started shuttering at 25,000. Mobile One flush did nothing. Torque converter was replaced and transmission is great now--it even got rid of the occasional "clunks" in the parking lot.
  6. I have used Hatchie Bottom neoprene and have been very happy. My friend heavily uses his truck and his seat covers have held up for 10 years
  7. My local Mobil has 93 premium with 10% ethanol and 89 ethanol free. I get my best gas mileage from the 89 (22 mpg driving 75-80 with 6.2 NHT). Ethanol free gas has more BTU's (energy) per gallon than 10% ethanol gas. For the same price, I would use 91 ethanol free.
  8. I have 2017 Sierra 6.2/8 speed NHT that developed "the shudders" at 25,000 miles. They changed the transmission fuid but no change. Torque converter was changed 2 weeks ago. Now it is incredibly smooth. There still occasional light clunks between 1-2 gear in parking lots, but I think most 8 speeds do that. I read somewhere that when making the torque converter, the manufacturer was damaging an internal seal and fluid was not flowing properly and that the new torque converters have a different part #. I'm not sure if all of that is true, but I would hate to have to replace torque converters every 25-50,000.
  9. I have a Sierra SLT 1500 6.2 8 speed. I drive 70-80 mph on highway. My truck runs fine on any octane rating though I use premium when towing. Using 93 premium 10% ethanol my high mileage is 21. Using 87 regular 10% ethanol my highway mileage is 20. Using 89 midgrade ethanol free my highway mileage is 22. The 89 ethanol free costs the same as premium, so that is what I usually run since it is more efficient. The cheapest cost per mile is with regular 10% ethanol. Ironically, I had a 2014 5.3 6 speed that only got 19 mpg highway using regular!
  10. An update to my truck. 2017 6.2L NHT Sierra. It started shuddering after 25,000 miles (and a week of towing). First the dealer changed the fluids and I drove it 200 miles. No change in the shudder. Last week they changed the torque converter. It was at the dealer 4 days and they listed 21.5 hours of labor on the warranty claim!! It now is smooth as butter. Still an occasional clunk when cold in a parking lot (another 8 speed issue). Love my truck again.
  11. I got the new transmission fluid and filter yesterday. On the way home there was still a little shutter (especially going uphill at 25-35 mph). This morning I didn't notice any shutter going to work. It is at least 90% better if not totally resolved. I am supposed to drive it for 200 miles--if there is still shutter I will call them back.
  12. My truck goes in today. They say I should drive it up to 200 miles. If it still shutters, then I get a new torque converter. I will give an update after the fluid change.
  13. A big thanks to this forum for all the information shared. I have a 6.2L NHT with the eight speed. At 25,000 miles I noticed a slight shudder (especially going uphill). Without the info of this forum I would have blown it off. I took it to my local dealer (Everett Chevy in Hickory NC). They made me drive it with Ed, the service manager (who I expected to tell me it was normal). The service manager noticed it more than me and said it was good to address it early. I am scheduled for an inspection/fluid change next week. If that doesn't fix it, then a new torque converter. Thus far a very pleasant experience with the dealer which is why I mention them by name.
  14. I have driven a gas 2500 and a Max Tow 1500 SLT with 6.2. I got the Max Tow 1500. The 1500 has a much better ride (unloaded at least), better fuel economy, and a shorter turning radius--it is a better daily driver. The 1500 pulls my boat (5000-6000lb) as fast as I want (70-80) mph even uphill if needed. I love the large mirrors.
  15. I have the 20" Defenders on a 2014 SLT. Love them. I have the 18# Sumitomo Encouonter HT on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. When i first drove the Jeep I thought the tires were almost identical to the Michelins in ride and quietness. I haven't had them long enough to comment on longevity or traction, but thus far they are a great tire and an even better value.
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