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  1. They do but that does not help. This is in front of the back tire. Actually right above that plastic. Also it is not a mudflap. It is a wind resister flap. Installed to direct wind around the back tire for better aerodynamics. this is the reason I always get running boards, also because I need them to get in ha ha.
  2. No, i left them at the dealership and got the all weather ones i stead.
  3. I got my AT 4 in February and I ordered those boards. They were backordered and took about three or four weeks to come in.
  4. It is funny because I order a truck so I do not get a sunroof. Don’t want one. I don’t mind hitting a switch in the cab to turn lights on in the box. The less wiring to rot away and short out in a truck, the better. We never used to even have lights in the box. I also tried to order my AT4 without the fancy tailgate as i use my truck as a truck and can see that gimmick failing in some way one day. Contrary to most I don't want an IPad on my dash. I prefer good old reliable buttons that work in the winter. All the new computers that control the truck in a skid drive me nuts. if I could buy a brand new 1995 gm truck today I would. There is something to be said for simplicity. All those fancy features are also what has made what is basically the same truck I bought in 2014 cost $20,000.00 more this year. We all have our own preferences and the manufacturers have to find the balance. Just my opinion of course ha ha.
  5. I bought the locking one myself just to keep dirt and water out. And if GM is now including a rubber cover, my guess is lots of issues with dirt getting in the tank. It has never made sense to me. How hard is it twist a gas cap on and off. And unlike the capless fill system on our Ford explorer that has a gasket sealed door and rubber insert, these trucks have gaps and holes to let dirt and water in. As always I am sure it works great in California......
  6. Thanks for letting us know. And please update us. In the past when I pulled the ABS pump fuse the abs and stabilicrap light came on but not a check engine light. That is concerning. I did ask a guy at the dealership whenI picked up my truck and according to him you can’t pull a fuse anymore there are safeguards built in now.
  7. The reason I said not the nerf bar style was because when driving on a lot of gravel roads, the rocks from the front tires will hit the back of the bars where they turn in under the truck and ricochet up into the bottom of the truck removing all the paint in that spot. Where as the flat ones don't allow that. I had a company truck with them once and there was no paint left right above the back part of the bar. About a 3 inch round area. I have never bought that style since. If you are not driving on any gravel then it wouldn’t matter. That is just not an option for me ha ha.
  8. Might not be the answer you are looking for but this is one of the reasons I always have running boards on my truck. Some kind of flat ones not the nerf bar style or power ones. They protect the bottom of the truck better than a mudflap can. The other reason is that I am short and need them to get in ha ha.
  9. In the past I always ordered a new truck in June so it would arrive in about September. It was basically a year old and the next model year was on its way about the same time so the rebates are the biggest at that time. But that was before all the issues that covid is causing so I don’t know if that would work this year. If you aren't picky you can also pick up a leftover truck for a smoking deal sometimes if it is one of the last ones left.
  10. 2021. Fuel 18 x 9 plus 1offset Blitz wheels with factory Duratracs. 50 calibre style antenna. Wrapped the front GMC with carbon fibre look vinyl from Canadian Tire. Plasti dipped all the other emblems. Added a compustar T 13 remote start and dash cam. Expel on most of the front end. Dealer offered black powder coated exhaust tips installed for $200. Also had them swap out the special “carpet” floor mats which will get full of mud anyway and I don’t want snaps that will rust on the floor. Added a hard to find skinny low profile black tool box as well so I can still fit my bike in the back. And got rid of the red tow hooks ( I know some people like them but I don’t )
  11. Thank you. I believe the stock tire size is 275 65 R18. No trimming. I don’t like cutting up my trucks so I stick with a smaller tire to make sure there is no rubbing.
  12. 2021 AT4. Fuel Blitz 18 x 9 plus 1 offset. Factory duratracs.
  13. Finally got my new AT4. Put carbon fibre look vinyl on the front GMC. Plasti dipped all the tailgate and AT 4 badges to get rid of all the chrome. Had the dealer put on black powder coated exhaust tips. Fuel blitz 18 x 9 rims with +1 offset and factory Duratracs. Had to look for months to find a 12 inch wide, low profile, black crossover toolbox. Need it skinny so my bike will still fit in the back. Also put on a 50 caliber bullet antenna in black and stick on window vent visors. Added a compustar T 13 remote starter and dash cam. Just need the DFM disabler to be developed for 2021’s and I am done.
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