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  1. I can’t speak to employee pricing. I get fleet pricing. So it was about $5000.00 off MSRP. And I was also told that I couldn’t get the Costco rebate as they can’t “stack” discounts.
  2. I ordered my AT4 on December 8th up here in Canada. Picked it up today. Was about 11 weeks including Christmas. The high clearance running boards did not come with it, they are on back order.
  3. My wife has done this twice now. Now i actually wrap the cord around the driver side mirror and lay it on the hood before connecting it. This way it can’t be missed before getting in and driving away. I do like the tag idea though!
  4. No one ever seems to discuss where all the power to charge all these vehicles will come from or how the needed extra infrastructure will be installed. All the buried power lines in cities would all have to be upsized to support all the chargers needed in every home. imagine everyone getting home and all plugging in their car at the same time...... just saying.
  5. I work in the oilfield so I put a LOT of mileage on my trucks. Used to be about 70,000 km per year now I am down to an average of 45,000 km per year. So I go through a lot of trucks. 1990 ( high school truck) 2003, 06, 08, 10, 14, 16 and soon a 2021. All were gas engines, all GM ( some Sierras, some Chevrolet depending on how they looked that year) all were basically crew cab 4x4 other than the 1990 ( 03 and 06 were extended cabs) with few modifications except the 2014 that had a lift kit. Usually SLT type trucks so nicely equipped but not Denalis. Mainly highway and gravel roads with some offroad miles on them for pipelines and oilfield leases. I take really good care of my vehicles and repair anything that goes wrong. Engines broken in as per owners manual, drive line fluids , antifreeze, etc changed ( although not quite as often as GM would like as that would cost a fortune! ) Oil changes more frequently than needed, plugged in when it is cold and always warmed up 10 minutes in summer and 20 minutes in winter at least. Don’t tow a lot other than the holiday trailer and tractors/skid steers once in awhile. For those I had the 3/4 tons. My personal experience is this: 1. First of all I have noticed 3/4 tons seem to be built much better than 1/2 tons as my two 3/4 tons had the most mileage on them and the least problems. 2. I used to get rid of trucks at about 120,000 km to 140,000 km for the most part. My 06 and 16 were the 3/4 tons which both ended up with over 200,000 km on them. The only one I had drive train issues with ( other than front hubs which warranty doesn't cover anyway after 60,000) was the 2010 1/2 ton and it was at about 170,000 km the engine wore out (I believe this was AFM related) . As it was after 160,000 it was not covered. This truck I experimented with and kept longer than most of the others to compare depreciation vs. repair cost long term. Should have traded in sooner it turns out. 3. I only ever bought extended warranty on the 2006 3/4 ton. I used ( what work cost) about $1200.00 of the $3000 i spent on the extended warranty. 4. I never bought extended warranty on any of the other trucks as for me it never really seemed like it would cover anything that actually went wrong anyway or it would be gone quick due to high mileage. 5. I probably spent about $3000.00 fixing trucks where extended warranty would have saved me but had I bought warranty on each truck besides the 2006 I would have spent about $15,000.00 on unused warranties. For me they always seem to want about $3000.00 ( Canadian) for any type of decent extended warranty. 6. We have a 2017 Ford Explorer for my wife. She now has 150,000 km or so on it and I never paid the approx $3000.00 for extended warranty on it and it has been great, no repairs needed other than some small items that warranty would not have covered anyway. So more money saved. I also noticed a trend over the years that with every new truck they are getting less and less reliable of course (other than previous comment about the 2016 3/4 ton being better) I am pretty disappointed that with the 2021 AT 4 I ordered, the powertrain warranty is now only 100,000 km. So GM doesn’t believe their trucks are going to last 160,000 km anymore and don’t want to cover powertrain repairs up to that point? I hope my long winded story helps someone decide. It is up to you what you feel comfortable with. For me and my situation, I have saved money so far (knock on wood ha ha)
  6. I am from Alberta too and when I got my 2014 I hit the ditch because of not being able to turn stabilicrap off (yes it does come back on at 56kph). The computer decided what was best to do on black ice for me and threw me into the ditch when I could have easily saved it. So I figured out pulling the #3 fuse for antilock brakes disabled it. This worked on my 2016 2500 as well. Now that i am buying a new 2021 AT4 I am trying to find a way. The owners manual for these new trucks does not even list fuses for antilock brakes anymore so that is not going to work. Not sure what to do..... For those of us that drive in deep snow /mud and need momentum and tire spinning to get through sometimes this is horrible. And 4 hi does not disable it only 4 low does according to the manual.
  7. Zero offset wheels are a better option than spaces other than the cost of new wheels versus the cost of spacers. If you use the same size tire as stock then they will not rub. I have done lots of research on this as the first thing I am doing before picking up my new AT4 is getting 18x9 fuel rims in +1 offset and putting the stock duratracs on them. Just remember with these new brake calibers not all wheels will fit on these trucks. It depends on the shape of the wheel although a zero offset should help that in some cases.
  8. Don’t forget how much water weighs when you fill the tanks as well. It adds a lot of weight to the trailer plus food, dishes, etc. It doesn't take much to add 1000 pounds to the empty trailer weight. Maybe you accounted for this but in case you didn’t......
  9. There is a thread here with about 120 pages of rear window leaks......
  10. Both my 2014 1500 and my 2016 2500 did/do this. Yes it is annoying. I try not to let it bother me. I still maintain that as they get newer they get worse and worse but as I put so many miles one every year I can’t keep a truck for more than 4 years and have to keep getting new ones. So I have gotten used to the idea that paying more doesn’t get better quality and small things that would have bugged me in the past are now acceptable, just hoping for no big issues. And I think all brands are the same unfortunately.......
  11. I have had a few colors over the years. Had black once a long time ago. Looks nice but never again. Too hard to keep clean. Had a couple whites, a blue and am on my second silver truck. I love silver as it is the easiest to keep clean. But when I saw the new satin steel i got excited. I ordered an at4 in that color. It is the only color of Chev that I like and the RST in that color is the only chev I would buy. ( for this model run I prefer the GMC front end) . They look awesome in that color! Just my opinion of course ha ha.
  12. Because it didn’t work at all. Would never come on when getting sleet or slight rain. I had to turn my wipers off and on every 30 seconds myself as they wouldn’t come on themselves. I found a way to disconnect the feature otherwise I was literally going to trade the truck off I was so pissed off.
  13. Unless a Denali has it ( I don’t know I have never looked at them), GM trucks don’t have rain sensing wipers. They did in 2008 (I had it then and disconnected it as it never worked ) and have not since as far as I know. settings are all metric or not.
  14. Stock is plus 24mm. Anything less pushes the wheel further outside of the fenders (away from the center of the truck). So plus 1mm offset will sit 23 mm further outside the edge of the fender than stock would. Stock tires fit the 1/2 inch wider rim fine. You have to check each rim specifically with the manufacturer before you try to put them on these new trucks now. Not all rims fit these new wider brake calibers. As long as your offset is not closer to the center of the truck (say plus 35 mm) the 9inch wide rim should be ok as long as the spokes will clear the brake caliber. Custom Offsets has a really good video on you tube that explains wheel offsets and fitment.
  15. Those factory wheels are 24 mm offset. There is a topic here somewhere that someone posted info on all the wheels and tires. I have tried to attach a copy of pictures I took of the pages. Sorry I don’t know the weight.
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