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  1. There is a very good video series on you tube from Gale Banks. The after market differential covers are usually not as good as the factory one. Just more of a gimmick than helpful it seems.
  2. I have had many sets of these. I like them. They are good in mud ( had set of Nitto all terrains once thet were garbage) not as noisy as a mud tire ( but a little louder than highway tires for sure) and decent in snow. With running them at 60 psi they ride rougher than the factory tires for sure. I got 90,000 km out of my last set and probably could have gone a little longer. That is with pulling a trailer about twice a month ( holiday trailer or skid steer type of thing) for a couple hundred km each trip. They last longer I found than th BFG AT KO. Never tried the KO2's though.
  3. Not all trim levels get the fancy tailgate some come with a one piece still.
  4. I had a very similar problem with our old dodge minivan. After a year of trying to solve the problem with 5 dealerships it turned out to be the whole ignition piece that the key fit into. Completely different vehicle i realize but it sounds like the exact same symptoms. Like turning the key off. Maybe some where to start looking anyway....
  5. So I just got my truck back. At 134,000 km the nut backed off and my steering got loose. $400.00 to lock tight a bolt seems a little steep..... But steering is back to normal again. Hope it stays tight from now on.
  6. Check the manual for the fuses. Maybe they have their own fuse you can pull. Worked for me for disabling stabilicrap.
  7. I think it is a magnaflow. Single in and out. Stock tailpipe
  8. When I got a new muffler I didn't know they were going to put a 3 inch on. When I got home I looked and discovered it wasn't 3.5 inch. I called and asked why and they said they didn't have the equipment to bend 3.5 inch pipe. They said they do it all the time. That was 3 years and 120,000km ago and I have never noticed anything bad. Not sure if I will just get the same muffler again when this one burns out or go to a different shop and pay more to get a 3.5 inch with 3.5 inch pipe bent.
  9. Does that require a wheel alignment after? What brand did you use? I have thought about doing this myself. Thanks.
  10. How much work was it to install a steering stabilizer? Was it bolt on or did it require removing any parts to install it?
  11. I have 33 inch tires with the torsion bars cranked up about 1.25 inches and air bags in the back. I have an aluminum 6 inch drop hitch and it is only down about half way for most of the trailers I pull. I think you will be fine. I have never even used the bottom part of mine.
  12. Someone else in this forum mounted fog lights in the black plastic "filler" pieces on either side of the opening for the transmission cooler. That would be about the best place in your case I would think.
  13. Ha ha. In my case it wasn't about the rake. It is about being scared to drive over a curb or anything near that height because the air dam almost touches the ground (a little exaggerated but not far off). All these new trucks sit so low I just wanted a little more clearance for ruts, snow etc. without removing or cutting the air dam. Then to counter act the "leveling" I had to put air bags in......
  14. Yes I do when pulling the camping trailer or leaving home pulling something else heavy. Usually about 50 to 55 psi is enough to bring the back end back up. I also have a little portable air tank i carry if I am taking a flatbed trailer to go pick something up like a skid steer or tractor. That way I can fill them when the truck is loaded. It doesn't take a lot of air.
  15. I disagree based on personal experience. Some are similar yes but some are much different. Different compounds, tread patterns, etc can make a big difference. And how they perform can change based on how they are used as well. All highway versus heavy trailer towing on gravel roads, etc. But like I said everyone has different opinions.....
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