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  1. Went from a.. To b Ordering some different running boards and then will move on to a new exhaust (Flowmaster fx)
  2. Just posting an update. After talking with WAMs, they let me send my cluster in for programming. Supposedly it was already WAMs program but needed my VIN. Got it a week or two ago, but was nervous just in case something went sideways. Bit the bullet today and literally 15-20 minutes letter.. Before and after... It look 100x better. Altogether it was a little over $535 to aquire cluster and get it programmed. Def the way they should have came.
  3. Def looks good. I just did mine in vinyl wrap for about $20
  4. Thanks. Was able to source one for $50. Will update once I install
  5. Now that day light savings is a thing, I forgot how nice auto dimming mirrors are at night. Doesn't look like the most intrusive of installs but curious if anyone had the plain no tech mirror and upgraded?
  6. I looked extensively all over but most don't respond or no longer do it. I may have reached out to him but wedsite only lists earlier models and not the 2019+. Appreciate these leads in case the dealer avenue falls short
  7. Ya was going to try them. Only issue is this was already programmed by WAMs so I thought I would grab it and sent it back for essentially a Vin change. But they only sell new now. Not sure if it will matter to the dealer but guessing it would be like any Vin change
  8. New shoes today. Fuel Vapor D569 20x9 +2. Trail Runner AT2 275/60r20 stock RST height and no leveling.
  9. Anyone know of another company that will reprogram a used cluster? Was told that WAMs no longer programs used, only sells new....
  10. This was most helpful. I'm looking to grab some fuel vapors 20x9 +1 with same size tires and was curious about poke The +1 are in backorder but are abt $325 cheaper than the +2s
  11. Never heard back but looks like these will work.
  12. I'm gonna call fuel tomorrow and verify. I can piece together the first set for 1k but the one recommended will be 1.5k and the only difference is 1mm offset from what I can find
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