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  1. My Denali is in getting chips on the bed in front of rear tire repainted on both sides under warranty. I drove approximately 40 miles in the first 550 miles and counted over 20 chips of various sizes. At first they were a little reluctant to fix but the bed was a little out of alignment so they will repaint when realigning box.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Now to decide which tire to go with.
  3. Thanks eppieguy. I don't really want to go that much wider, just want a little more sidewall in a good all terrain tire. Will have to keep looking.
  4. As mentioned above, I look at cc the same as having insurance, fire extinguishers, seat belts, etc. I have them all but hope to god to never use them. There have been a few times where I have truly felt uneasy and was glad I was carrying. Like many I don't practice as much as I probably should ( hit the range typically once a month and put about 50 rounds downrange with my ccw ) but I will vigorously defend my family or myself and have no problem using my gun if need be to protect them.
  5. I vote for the Garand. Nice examples are getting harder and harder to find and the value keeps going up. Also they are a excellently designed rifle and fun to shoot!
  6. Will 285/55/22 Nitto TGs fit on a stock Denali with out rubbing or trimming? I read through all the threads and not sure if the people running these all did a level or not. I want to keep as is for now except to replace the horrible stock tires. Thanks.
  7. I have kept all mine since my first new one, a 2004 Silverado.
  8. I brought mine in because was getting paint chips on the bottom of the box in front of the rear wheels and front edge of box after a whopping 511 miles, about 40 miles on gravel. Service looked at it and noticed the box was misaligned. They said they would look into a fix and call back. Hope something has been figured out by now.
  9. I have an Elite Engineering catch can from my 2015 Sierra if someone is still looking. Used 2 years, took off as I traded it off. It is in great shape, has the L bracket ( I had it mounted new spare battery area) 2 sections of hose about 30" each and spare O ring. Would sell for $75 shipped. SOLD
  10. At work we are transitioning from 2500 to 1500 pickups because of DOT weight restrictions in neighboring states we work in. The problem is when I transferred my equipment to the 2018 1500 it really sits a lot lower to the ground than I would like. The rear sits about 1" lower than front also. I don't know a lot about upgrading suspension but would a 1.5" level kit in front with maybe 3" blocks in back improve things? I tow a 900 Ranger with tracks on it periodically but nothing super heavy. Of course money is kind of an issue as work doesn't want to spend thousands to remedy it. I would like any suggestions you guys would have. Thanks!
  11. Tailgate seems to fix problems no one I know have every had. Seems like nothing but a gimmick to me. I mentioned in another thread but as far as I know carbon fiber isn't repairable. I use some carbon fiber equipment at work and if cracked it needs to be replaced. There will be some big repair (replace) bills if they get damaged
  12. Also don't like wheel openings, seem like made only to be different from everyone else. Different isn't always better
  13. I am concerned about the carbon fiber bed. We use carbon fiber in some equipment at work and if it cracks or is damaged in any way it's not repairable, throw it away and get new. I hope GM has figured something out or else accidents where bed damage is done will be very expensive.
  14. Technically the same here in ND. It's actually a dangerous weapon carry permit. Covers everything from brass knuckles all the way to guns.
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