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  1. Not sure if they changed filler necks but our 2018 work truck could use the larger nozzle but like mentioned there is usually a little spillage as it does flow lots more fuel and never seems to shutoff in time to avoid it.
  2. I'm hoping to get an answer too before I buy one. I really love the way they look. Seems strange that the camera would make any difference but that's what GM said and everywhere I look to buy one they only list it as fitting a 2020 and newer.
  3. Do any of you guys that have done the install on a 2019 have a front camera?
  4. Parts guy talked with GM and they stated the front camera wiring is different on the 2019 so harness that comes with the emblem won't work. Do any of you that have done this on a 2019 have the front camera?
  5. I have read through this but can anyone verify the install is the exact same in the 2019 as in the 2020? I'm having some things done at the dealer and was going to have them install it but they are unsure as everywhere they look only claims 2020 and newer. They don't want to do it if they have to make any other modifications to get it done. Thanks
  6. I have owned a 99 and 04 Silverado and 09 and 15 Sierra, all bought new. My current 19 beats them all hands down, been very pleased.
  7. I started out at 45lbs but lowered to 40 as it rides a little better with a slightly lower pressure. After about 9500 miles they seem to be wearing evenly so far.
  8. If someone finds a film that works please post here. The 2 places I checked locally won't do it because the film won't mold correctly with the rough " protectant " in front of the rear wheel and leave noticeable bubbles in the film.
  9. I've had mine sit for 5 days without starting and no issues
  10. I have had a Samsung s8 for over 2 years and the battery is getting noticeably weaker. I kind of want to stay with Samsung as have had great luck with my last 2 phones with them. Does anyone have any experience with the s20? I'd appreciate any feedback positive or negative. Thanks!
  11. Yep, same here. Tried 3 different times, nothing yet.
  12. Here's a couple. Tire is hair over 1/8" from rubbing. I have had them since last november and no issues and huge improvement from stock tires
  13. No lift and have the stock rims. can try to post a pic tomorrow if you like.
  14. I have Terra Grappler G2 285/50s and have no rubbing problem. Tires look way better than the junk stock ones also. I have been very happy so far.
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