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  1. At work we are transitioning from 2500 to 1500 pickups because of DOT weight restrictions in neighboring states we work in. The problem is when I transferred my equipment to the 2018 1500 it really sits a lot lower to the ground than I would like. The rear sits about 1" lower than front also. I don't know a lot about upgrading suspension but would a 1.5" level kit in front with maybe 3" blocks in back improve things? I tow a 900 Ranger with tracks on it periodically but nothing super heavy. Of course money is kind of an issue as work doesn't want to spend thousands to remedy it. I would like any suggestions you guys would have. Thanks!
  2. Tailgate seems to fix problems no one I know have every had. Seems like nothing but a gimmick to me. I mentioned in another thread but as far as I know carbon fiber isn't repairable. I use some carbon fiber equipment at work and if cracked it needs to be replaced. There will be some big repair (replace) bills if they get damaged
  3. Also don't like wheel openings, seem like made only to be different from everyone else. Different isn't always better
  4. I am concerned about the carbon fiber bed. We use carbon fiber in some equipment at work and if it cracks or is damaged in any way it's not repairable, throw it away and get new. I hope GM has figured something out or else accidents where bed damage is done will be very expensive.
  5. Technically the same here in ND. It's actually a dangerous weapon carry permit. Covers everything from brass knuckles all the way to guns.
  6. It's been nothing but GM in my immediate family for about 80 years. Grandfather, dad, my brothers and I have owned nothing but GM. Grandfather had misc. Chevy pickups and cars but was fond of the Buick Park Avenues, Dad is Chevy pickup and Caprice Classic to Monte Carlo guy, brother is Chevy pickup and misc. Pontiacs. I had a few Camaros, a Trans Am and now GMC pickups. A few cousins and one uncle have jumped ship but overall whole family has been fairly loyal. Heck my cousin is a mechanic at a Ford-Dodge dealership but drives nothing but GM! Overall GM just makes a great product, have seen no reason to change.
  7. It was a hell of a game. JMU played great and was defiantly the better team. They played fast and Bison just couldn't match their speed. They should be favorites in the championship game. The Bison having an 84-7 record since 2011 with 5 rings isn't a bad run though.
  8. Just picked up a new Ruger LCP on a Black Friday sale for only $170. I just need to find a good ankle holster and will have a nice backup to my Kahr CW9.
  9. The sad part is there have been bills in both the House and Senate to have reciprocity on CWPs for years but they can't ever make any head way with them.
  10. Having my new shocks put in Tuesday under warranty. Like b1gted stated, for them to get paid they have to put Ranchos back in. Will see how these pan out, currently need to spend money elsewhere so can't upgrade quite yet.
  11. I was going to wait a little longer to reply with my mileage report but since it seems to be a current discussion I will post my results. I started to turn off grade braking in the 3rd week of May and my mileage has definitely increased. I have kept track of all mpg from each fill up since I bought the truck. Over the same time period from last year to this year my mileage went from an average of 18.9 to 20.1. This is with taking the same path to work and 3-4 weekends each month to our seasonal camper so the driving type is very similar but is 263 miles less this year compared to last. There is of course the variable of different weather and winds so can't say the increase is all from turning it off but it's safe to say it does make some difference.
  12. I'm really curious who would be at fault if the computer freaks out and causes an accident. Software company? car manufacturers? Would they put in a disclaimer putting the responsibility on the consumer? I can see more and more cases stemming from accidents ending up in the courts if autonomous cars become common.
  13. Great looking truck! Love that wheel/tire combo.
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