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  1. Here's a couple. Tire is hair over 1/8" from rubbing. I have had them since last november and no issues and huge improvement from stock tires
  2. No lift and have the stock rims. can try to post a pic tomorrow if you like.
  3. I have Terra Grappler G2 285/50s and have no rubbing problem. Tires look way better than the junk stock ones also. I have been very happy so far.
  4. I got the Terra Grapplers in 285/50/22 and have been happy so far, no rubbing. They are great in snow and ice, haven't used in mud yet. I do hear tire whine on the highway with the window down but doesn't really bother me.
  5. The type of snow makes a difference too. I have noticed that in deep wetter snow, which I would think is what you have with the lake effect snow, does make trucks I have had a little looser feeling but not so much in drier snow. I have never used bags except in a 2wd but it did make a big difference, you can put weight directly over the drive wheels. As cheap as a bag of sand is I say try it, if it doesn't help you're only out a few bucks.
  6. The price they quote you for extended warranty is negotiable. I have got hundreds off on my last 2 extended warranties. It is definitely worth the money if you can get a good enough deal on it. Fortunately my last truck had a few things covered under the extended warranty which saved me a lot of money.
  7. I had a 2015 Sierra AT with 6.2/8spd combo. The first 4 years I owned it I had no issues but had to bring it in for issues with rough shifting and stuttering when going into 2nd and 3rd gear. They did a bunch of different things to it as per GM during 4 visits in 6 months. They claimed on the last drive they couldn't reproduce the issue anymore. I got tired of it so I bought a 2019 Denali and am so much happier.
  8. I love the 6.2/10spd combo, huge improvement over my old 6.2/8spd combo in my 2015. The cab is definitely quieter also. It rides smoother even with the 22s shorter sidewall. Overall very impressed so far!
  9. They drive nice. I keep them at 40lbs pressure so I didn't notice any difference with the ride. The biggest change is how much better they are than the stock crap in the snow and ice. We've had quite a bit of snow and a few bad storms and haven't had any trouble getting around. They are a little bit noisier but the only time I really notice it is if I'm on smooth concrete and radio is off or very low. It doesn't bother me at all but as this truck is still the quietest I have ever owned. I have used BFG KOs on my last 3 trucks and love that tire so will be interesting to see how I like these after a year or 2.
  10. They warrantied it because they said the bed wasn't straight and it would catch rocks more than normal. It also had less than 500 total miles with less then 50 on gravel and looked like it had been sandblasted on the bottom foot of the both sides of the box in front of the tires. They said must be bad paint or more than likely thin clear coat as that should never happen, especially with so few miles.
  11. I had an issue with the paint in front of both rear tires on the box, blue paint also. I drove maybe 50 miles on gravel and had dozens of rock chips down to the primer. It also was fixed under warranty but am a little concerned about the paint in the future
  12. Here's a couple pics. Been very snowy here lately so truck looks like crap. No rub but close.
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