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  1. Got the back ones installed last week and am impressed. Smaller bumps feel about the same but big improvement on larger ones and on washboard roads. Crossing rougher angled rr tracks rear end used to have a tendency to want to bounce to the side a little but now tracks straight. Dropping down the mountable curb at end of my driveway truck used to rock side to side a bit but no longer. As others have said it just feels more planted with a better ride over most surfaces. I was a little shocked at how bad the Ranchos have rusted after only 9 months and 8000 miles.
  2. I'm really looking forward to them, the fronts were a big improvement.
  3. Good news for those with the AT4 that are looking for the rear shocks, they are back in stock. Summit racing has them and just ordered mine from Bilsteinlifts.com as they were about $15 cheaper.
  4. It will depend on tire size also. My old 19 denali had 22" rims and wasn't too inpressed with the ride. My current 21 AT4 has 18" tires and with the taller sidewall on the tires rides much better.
  5. I'm curious what the recall investigation is about. Did you check with your local dealership? That's where I bought mine.
  6. I tried to get one for my old 2019 Denali and was told the electrical connection is different than the 20/21 models so the illuminated emblem won't work with the 19 year trucks as a direct plugin.
  7. A co-worker had his go bad about 11 miles from the dealership. He called and they told him to drive it in. He said it sounded horrible and it wouldn't go more than 40mph but he made it.
  8. Guess I should have bought the rears last year when they were available. I wanted to wait till I could get front ones done and now I can't find the rears anywhere. I love the ride and the slight lift the front ones give. The couple places I contacted said they don't expect them to be in stock till end of May at the earliest. What a bummer!
  9. I haven't heard of this one. I'd be a little suspicious.
  10. gemarsh is correct. Listing has been changed to 17444 miles
  11. Mike, I did raise it to the highest setting which kept the front about 1" lower than the rears. My truck was 2 1/4" higher in the rear originally which was more than I liked but didn't want it totally level because if hauling heavier weights I didn't want the rear to squat much. Are you happy with the rear set?
  12. Had the front ones installed 2 days ago and am very happy. Like mentioned by others it just feels so much more planted than before and really makes a difference on the sharp bumps like pot holes and joint separations that like to appear around here when the frost sets in. They are a noticeable improvement from stock. Can't wait till I can find the rears in stock somewhere and get them installed.
  13. I have been trying to find the 5100 series rear shocks for my AT4 and can't find them in stock anywhere. Does anyone know where to find them? Part # 24-309516 Thanks
  14. Not a major league team but just wanted to give a shout out to the NDSU Bison for winning the FCS Championship on Saturday beating MSU 38-10. It is their 9th title in the last 11 years. Here's some impressive stats during this incredible run. Since 2011 they have a overall record of 149-14 which includes winning streaks of 33 and 39 games, 39-2 in the playoffs making at least the quarterfinals each year, 10x conference champs and have went 6-0 against FBS competition. What a historic run they are on. GO BISON!!!
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