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  1. I decided to go the Firestick route about 3 weeks ago. I signed up for Hulu live, HBOmax and found a internet deal with a local company that has saved me over $50/ month over what my old cable bill was and actually get more of what I want as far as channel options go. Very happy so far.
  2. I thought about that but my 2 TVs are fairly new, just not smart TVs, and the streaming devices are pretty cheap compared to buying 2 new TVs.
  3. Cable prices around here are getting ridiculous, I am paying over $180 for internet and cable. I can get fast internet for about $80 and am thinking about subscribing to a few streaming services instead. I don't watch local channels anymore except local news which I can get online also. Which streaming device would be the best? Roku? Firestick? Chromecast? Other?
  4. wurgs

    Gas Prices

    $4.11 for premium at Costco yesterday in Fargo
  5. You are right! Checked the settings and the passive unlock decided to switch itself off. Thanks for the info!
  6. yep same result with all 4 doors. The buttons will lock but not unlock the doors. I think the the fob battery is fine, it will work from pretty long way from the truck.
  7. I went to get into my truck yesterday and the button on the handle wouldn't unlock the truck. My fob was in my pocket and even tried all doors but nothing. I unlocked it with the fob and tried all doors and the buttons on them will lock the doors but not unlock them. Any suggestions?
  8. My installer said he would try to install it over the textured area and if it didn't work he wouldn't charge me for it. He said there is pretty big difference from truck to truck in how rough the texture is and he gets it to work about 1/3 of the time. Might be worth a shot to check around and see if someone will try it. Mine has been on for awhile now and looks as good as when put on.
  9. Check and see if anyone in your area does Xpel brand PPF. The local shop here was able to apply it over that area of my truck and looks great.
  10. Just go with the 5100s in front and back, no need for additional leveling.
  11. I've got them on my AT4 and really like them. I think they look great and as I wear size 13-14 shoes the larger size of them are very nice. They also have a texture on them so in the winter snow and ice aren't a problem.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it either. I've owned a 2015, 2019 and my current 2021 all with the 6.2l and either the 8spd or 10 spd tranny with no major problems. There are many more that have no problems than those that have them. Usually people don't post the good things, only if they have issues to try to get help. There's differing opinions but I personally would take it a little easy during break in period, not sure of the trip your taking but I would avoid long stretches of continuous 70-75mph driving until you put 500 or so miles on it. Just one persons opinion. Enjoy the new truck!
  13. Got the back ones installed last week and am impressed. Smaller bumps feel about the same but big improvement on larger ones and on washboard roads. Crossing rougher angled rr tracks rear end used to have a tendency to want to bounce to the side a little but now tracks straight. Dropping down the mountable curb at end of my driveway truck used to rock side to side a bit but no longer. As others have said it just feels more planted with a better ride over most surfaces. I was a little shocked at how bad the Ranchos have rusted after only 9 months and 8000 miles.
  14. I'm really looking forward to them, the fronts were a big improvement.
  15. Good news for those with the AT4 that are looking for the rear shocks, they are back in stock. Summit racing has them and just ordered mine from Bilsteinlifts.com as they were about $15 cheaper.
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