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  1. Did you notice a difference in ride quality going to the more aggressive at tire?
  2. This is exactly the info I was looking for. What size G2’s are you running? Do you happen to have a pic of your truck? Was ride quality sacrificed over the stock tires?
  3. What size Michelin Defenders are you running? Can anyone else chime in that's running more of an a/t tire in this size on a Denali?
  4. To be completely honest my biggest reason for changing tires is the overall aesthetic of the truck. In my opinion the Denali looks alot better with a more aggressive a/t tire. Second, I pull a fairly heavy wake surf boat and the added traction of an a/t tire helps at the boat ramp. But, the truck is mostly a pavement princess and ride quality is also important to me. I understand I can't have both but wanted some feedback from other Denali owners that may have gone to an a/t tire in the 22" wheel setup. Thanks
  5. Thinking about replacing the stock tires on my 21 Denali but am concerned about ride quality. On my last Denali which was a 2016, I had a level and ran 34" Nitto G2's but noticed quite a difference in ride quality once I installed them over stock tires. My concern is how bad with the E rated 285/50/22 in a Nitto or Toyo AT4 affect ride quality on the new 21 Sierra without a level. The truck absolutely floats right now and that's my biggest concern is hurting the ride in exchange for a much better looking truck w/ AT's. Thanks in advance for an input. Jay
  6. My 21 Denali isn't perfectly level. But I also don't want to sacrifice ride quality if that's the case
  7. Hi guys, Quick question. I had a 17 Sierra Denali Ultimate and installed a 2" level kit from Rough Country as well as added Nitto A/T tires to the factory 22" wheels. After doing so the overall ride quality of the truck wasn't close to what it was stock. I know the higher ply tires had some affect as well. My question is, I just bought a 21 Sierra Denali Ultimate and absolutely love the ride on the factory 22" tires/wheels but am itching to level this one as well. Is there a level kit out there that will accomplish this without sacrificing the awesome ride quality of these trucks? Thanks, Jay
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