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  1. I actually tested 285/50/22’ AT3’s on my current 21 Denali and felt the ride suffered. If the 305’s will fit I’m thinking that’s a good compromise going to an XL tire that’s quite a bit lighter. I’m just not sure if the aggressive tread on the AT3 in a 305 will fit without significant rubbing on the UCA’s. ideally the 285/50/22 is the perfect tire, I just wish I could find one in a XL instead of E rated.
  2. The ride suffered from pulling the added weight of the extreme heavy E rated tires. The 10 ply E rated tires are also a lot stiffer than a XL tire, hence the tougher ride. I’d really prefer to go with an XL tire which is why I’m asking if the 305/45/22 would possibly fit. I’m looking at AT3’s and G2’s so the deeper tread has me concerned they may rub. Thanks
  3. @diamond817 Thanks for the reply. I actually ran 285/55/22 G2's on my 17 Denali and the ride suffered dramatically due to the added weight. I'd really like to stay with an XL tire if at all possible. Does anyone know if the 305/45/22 will fit?
  4. I’m currently in the same boat. I have a 21 Sierra Denali w/ 22’s and am looking to replace the Alenzas w/ an all terrain tire. Are 285/45/22’s basically the only option beside going to E rated 285/50/22’s?
  5. I’m in the same boat now lurking the site for info and real world experience. Your truck looks great. The black factory wheels really set it off.
  6. Thanks for all your info. After your advice I’m leaving towards the level and 285/50/22’s. You’re right though, the 22’s severely limit our options compared to 20’s. I’ve had several leveled GMC Denalis but have never taken the jump to a lift. I’m not sure the trade off for looks is worth the increased wear induced by a lift though. Its a tough decision bc it does look really good with the 3.5” lift
  7. @2017GMCALLTERRAINMan your truck looks awesome! I've got the exact same truck minus the black wheels. Now you've got me debating lift over level. I've owned 4 Sierra Denali's and love the ride so that's my biggest concern. If you had to do it all over again would you go lift or level? I ran the G2's on my last Denali and loved them. My tire shop is saying the Toyo AT3 is one of the best on the market now so I think either will be a good choice.
  8. @2017GMCALLTERRAINThanks so much for the in depth reply, this is exactly the info I was looking for. I have stock 22's and am just looking to go up to a 285/50/22. It sounds like after your experience the level is the way to go. Unfortunately all of the all terrain tires available in our 22" are load rating E which I know will also stiffen the ride. Do you happen to have any pics of your Denali w/ the 3.5" lift just so I can see it? Thanks for all of your info.
  9. @Dirk13 No need to question my time researching the subject. There are all kinds of lifts, levels, etc on the market. I am asking for someone’s real world experience with both a lift and level on a 21 Denali since the ARC system is fairly complex. Thanks for your response though
  10. Yes, the 22" wheel does rub with a 285/50/22 Toyo AT3.
  11. I actually installed Toyo AT3 in 285/50/22 which is one size up from stock and they rubbed quite a bit. I put the stock Alenza's back on and returned the tires until I could figure out the best route to go. ARC adds a new set of issues so hopefully someone will chime in. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my stock Alenza tires and go with a slightly more aggressive a/t tire. While doing so I'm wanting to go up one tire size. The only lift I've found available for the 21 Denali w/ ARC is a 3.5" lift. I'm not sure I'm interested in lifting the truck that high so I'm also looking at levels. Has anyone leveled a 19-21 Denali and if so did it affect ride quality or anything else? Thanks
  13. @StealthallSo you don't feel the level affected the ride at all? Do you have 20" or 22" wheels? I have the 22"s and am wanting to go to a more aggressive all terrain tire like the AT3. What size tires are you running with the level?
  14. Could I get feedback from anyone that's installed a level kit on the 21 Denali w/ ARC? I have a 21 Denali and am looking to add a slightly larger a/t tire and keep going back and from between lift vs level. I don't really like the idea of a 3.5" lift so a level makes more sense. My concern is I leveled my 18 Denali and the ride was sacrificed greatly. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
  15. I just installed the Toyo ATIII on my 2021 Sierra Denali in a 285/50/22 but they are running at almost full lock in reverse. How did you guys install this size and not rub?
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