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  1. Sorry, I mistakenly thought the 10sp was a CVT given its requirements and the way the verbiage on Dexron VI bottles and others saying it is not for CVT transmissions but the Dexron ULV does not have that disclaimer on it.
  2. For some reason I thought the 10sp was a CVT. The verbiage about it and how it is mentioned on the bottles it says not for CVT for all but the ULV. I assumed that meant the 10sp was a CVT. In fairness it feels like a CVT lol
  3. So for the most part they say to use the same transmission fluid in the transfer case. Does that apply for the CVT transmissions? So for my truck they say the transmission fluid required is the AC Delco Dexron ULV and NOT Dexron VI. For the transfer case should I use Dexron ULV or Dexron VI? I have been searching all over and can't seem to find a clear answer
  4. From what I gather they are not as great in snow as the other A/Ts but still light years better than all the all season and H/T tires.
  5. So I have been reading the reviews at nauseam and here is what I have come to realize: half the reviews say they are awesome in snow and half day they are terrible in snow. The most common delineation is most the positive reviewed we’re on 4wd and AWD vehicles and most the negative ones were on 2WD or did not specify and rarely if ever were verified purchasers, which could mean they are leaving a review for the wrong tire. Oddly enough when tested by pros these have by a massive margin the BEST wet traction and wet braking and yet some of the snow complainers also complained about hydroplaning. It seems 2WD drivers think better tires will perform miracles in snow without 4WD or AWD. Even with dedicated snow tires in my G35 it was awful in the snow. In my Equus there is a zero tires that have given me any sense of traction in the snow. In fact it is the scariest car I have ever driven in the snow. I have tried so many different tires and it just doesn’t matter. Ultimately every tire I have seen has people complaining about snow traction. I suspect I will need to trust that the tire design will do what it was intended to do and manage well in snow with 4WD engaged. My Escalade years ago I had a set of Geolanders (can’t remember which version) and I could not throw it sideways no matter how hard I tried until I turned off traction control. If I get similar performance to those I will be happy as hell. Those Geolanders where fairly aggressive but I do not think they were a A/T tire… I’m almost certain they were the H/Ts… I would have to imagine these will perform better in snow than an H/T? I dunno…. I will wait and see what other recommendations come in. I’m still leaning towards the Continental but not sold on anything yet.
  6. Yeah unfortunately we can’t do the 305/45/R22 tires because they require a 9.5” wide rim and ours are only 9”. Looked at 33” X 12.5 X R22 and that was $400+ a tire. No thanks… lol
  7. Yeah I am not sure we have any option other than 285/45/R22 at this point it seems. Reviews really seem to be pushing the Continental Terrain Contact A/Ts more than any. Lots of folks seem to be very happy with their performance and how quiet they are, etc. Tireracks review was pretty informative as well as Campus Automotive's continued reviews
  8. Hi All, Hopefully I placed this in the correct sub-forum... I am due to replace my tires on my 2019 Sierra 1500 Denali with the stock 22" wheels. This means the tire size is 275/50/R22 which really limits tire availability. I have considered goin with a 285/45/R22 as that opens up more options. It is 2.1% shorter so hoping it's not going to be an issue with the speedo and mileage staying pretty close to accurate? Thoughts on that tire size? Thoughts? Concerns? How much is this really affecting my annual mileage if we say 10k miles per year? I suspect warranty company is fine with it as my mileage will add up a little faster... Any other tire sizes you guys recommend that open up options that wont require any recalibration to speedo? In any case, I live in MN and we have a lot of snowy road days and we ice fish, etc. Using the stock tires on the lake this year was.... well... not good. I got stuck. I would like something that will perform better on snow but also not be real noisy. I have a Denali truck with no real mods because I have finally reached an age where all I want to hear in my truck is my music and nothing else lol. So road noise is a huge factor. I had a Trail Boss as a loaner for the weekend and the aggressive tire profile on those were AWFUL. But the standard all-season tire on a truck that is the same for a car just isn't it. Is there a good all-terrain tire than is quite? Does that even exist? Looking for any input and experience any of you have on the matter. Also considering the Continental Terrain Contact A/T as well. Reviews seem to indicate they are very quiet on road as well. These are also a 285/45/R22 (smaller diamter/circumfrence). can changing from a 50 to a 45 series tire affect road noise and comfort a lot? I had 24s on an Escalade running 30 or 35 series tires and they didn't seem to sacrifice comfort, but its been a while.
  9. yeah.... thats what I am afraid of. I am going to call Kicker today and see what they think and go from there.
  10. Sierra Denali Has Bose Fade/Balance was/is Centered Tried adjusting it and same result. Once you go far enough in any direction it will eventually just cut out as well 4-6 all up. I have tried 1-3 all up as well. I have swapped the leads thinking that should fix phase also and nothing... I am beginning to think the amp is faulty as well. Going to try and call kicker today. My only fear is there is some protection kicking in and it doesn't seem to take much for it to get there. Im pretty sure door speakers should not overpower the sub
  11. Sigh…….. spoke too soon. Same thing happens no matter where I plug the inputs in. It seems to be able to give a little more output on yellow wires, but ultimately does the same thing. Bass knob does very little for sound. I can feel it cause more excursion but sound output is pretty minimal. Now I have to wonder if this is a phase thing. Still running 1,4,5,6 on for the dip switches. anyone have any thoughts? I’m so disappointed I hope there is a fix and this isn’t just really poor output.
  12. Decided to move it to the yellow wires for the rear passenger door and now it works fine. I think there may be a flaw in using the sub wires. Anyone else want to test putting your fingers on the surround have someone turn it up and see if sun stops moving until volume goes back down?
  13. Alright…. Now I’m frustrated. So I felt like I have not gotten hardly any extra bump and what found is once I start to get it up loud enough to do anything the sub stops moving. The amp power led is still green but sub will stop moving until I turn it down enough again. My door speakers are out performing the subs with the bass setting at zero. I tried adjusting the bass knob, removed the bass knob, changed the dip switch settings to see if I can find something that works with the gain and nothing. I started with 1, 4,5,6 on and then tried just 4,5,6 on. When neither produced good results I tried all sorts of combos and got nothing. Any ideas?
  14. I managed to get it all wired up today and took some video that will hopefully help. I do need to run the amp harness under the carpet and then plug it in and adjust eq and put the fuse in and then I am live. Hoping I will find time to finish it up. If all works okay, I will then get the videos up. For the time being I plugged the green wire into the green with black stripe wire and the brown wire of the harness into the blue wire with silver stripe.
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