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  1. Hi Guys, I have a Range Pulsar LT for sale that I used on my 2020 6.2L Sierra for 7 months. It worked perfectly the entire time. I just removed it because I am upgrading to an HD. $375 to your door. Paypal.
  2. There is still no possible way this could happen driving through 3" of water. Not even if you were going 100 MPH. -Eli
  3. The actually showed you the water in the intake?
  4. Your MPG is "showing" better because your speedometer is correct now. The truck didn't think you were driving as far before. Also, you can get your speedometer dead on accurate. The second number in the programming is 10ths of an inch. -Eli
  5. Ask them to show you actual proof that this happened. I still don't see how its possible with the intake design on our trucks. I am leaning towards a mistake they made on your last oil change and they are trying to cover it up.
  6. I had the Corsa system on my 2008 Vortec Max and liked it a lot. I did look at it for my T1 but decided to go for the Borla Touring for the larger pipe diameter. -Eli
  7. I am still patiently waiting for a mounting solution. I drive in deep snow a lot and have always had a winch. My last two were Zeon 10-Ss. I might give the VR 12-S a try this time if there are ever any decent mounting options released for the sierra. -Eli
  8. I would put them on my AT4 if they were offered with power fold and a gloss black cap. Seems you can only get the uplevel mirrors as a FACTORY option. -Eli
  9. I have 3K miles on mine now with no issues. I do NOT use the throttle mapping. -Eli
  10. I have the normal AMPs and live in the U.P. of MI. The Extremes were backordered when I was ready to order. The AMP warranty is excellent and I have not had a single issue with them. Food for thought..... Less wiring and electrical parts with only one motor.
  11. I am going to go out on a limb here and say the engine is not hydrolocked. It is nearly impossible to do that on a newer vehicle unless the entire intake assembly is UNDER water. Did you happen to have your oil changed recently? Valve spring issue? -Eli
  12. Any new news? I am getting tired of waiting and really need to get a winch mounted.
  13. No issues with heat or airflow at all.
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