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  1. My replacement unit came in and its installed. So far it works perfectly. Throttle sensitivity adjustments DO work on the fly and make a dramatic difference in pedal feel. As long as everything keeps working as advertised this will be a great product. And BTW... Range answers the phone every time I call and they are more than willing to help. -Eli
  2. Just because you have Bose and the big screen does NOT mean you have NAV. It is a separate option. However, if you do have those items your unit can be upgraded to NAV at the dealership via software. -Eli
  3. Here are a couple small editions I made to the AT4. I swapped the gloss black mirror caps for some dark sky caps. I also installed the GMC logo puddle lights. I like the look. -Eli
  4. I tried to install mine this morning. As soon as I turn the ignition on I get reduced engine power, ESC and parking brake errors. Range is sending out another one. Bummer. -Eli
  5. Reverse flow (comma) turbo. The engine is reverse flow with a “hot V” turbo setup. The intake is where the exhaust normally is and vice versa. Provides better packaging and a much shorter exhaust path to “both” sides of the TWIN SCROLL turbo. the lesson here is that when you troll the internet looking to correct someone you don’t always know what they were originally saying. Maybe they left out punctuation for short hand internet talk? It’s very easy for the teacher to become the student.
  6. I have run them in the snow. They perform pretty well.
  7. 275/70R18 Milestar Patagonia. 33x11 mounted on the truck at 40 PSI. Stock Suspension.
  8. It's not even about the money to me. It's an added bonus that they are very affordable. I don't mind paying for a tire that does everything I want it to do. I have yet to find a tire this aggressive that does everything as well as this one does at any price. It's not perfect in any one area but it does most things well without much compromise. -Eli
  9. Like the title says, what pressure are you guys running when you switch out to Load Range E tires? -Eli
  10. They are. milestar Patagonia MTs. I had a set on my JL Wrangler that I put 20K on. They work excellent off road and they are the best driving and riding MTs I have ever had. I have run approximately 15 different MT and AT tires from most of the big manufacturers.
  11. I didn't go with the "biggest" that would fit but here are 275/70R18 Milestar Patagonias. -Eli
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