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  1. I think that they (GM and Ford) say you can run regular ‘cause most rednecks wouldn’t buy a truck knowing they HAD to run premium. Most folks consider me a redneck, so please don’t take that offensively!
  2. Where are you filling up? I have never seen .75-1.00/gal difference that I can remember... I’m filling up at Costco now, .30-.35/gal difference, so ~$7/gal per fillup. Yes, other places are 0.40-0.50/gal more. On a different note, folks can think & do/run whatever they want, but this motor needs premium to run to it’s published specs, etc. Can programming, knock sensors, etc, compensate? Yes, but you won’t get the same performance. If driven mildly yes you may get the same mileage, but not when you push/work it. Ford’s ecoboost is the same - manual says run a minimum of 87
  3. Is the battery low after doing the update? Not sure how long it takes so curious if you had to leave the truck on, etc?
  4. Well, looks like it was as simple as a bad battery... time will tell. They tried to charge it (wouldn’t turn completely off before I had it towed, so battery drained overnight), and it wouldn’t take a charge at all. They replaced the battery and truck is acting normal. Guess all these dang electronics are extra sensitive, never had an issue like this with my Camaro and the battery gets kinda low frequently as I don’t drive it a lot.
  5. I traded an F150 Lariat for my AT4. Seats are more firm, but more comfortable and supportive in my opinion. My back would hurt on drives over an hour or so in the F150.
  6. Part of the problem right now is the shortage of new vehicles, so dealers have fewer demos/loaners. Same with rental car companies. Running in to that problem right now myself, and it’s every dealer I called yesterday. Luckily I have my Camaro to drive, just causes a few small inconveniences for me but aware most folks don’t have an extra car sitting around (question myself on that quite often).
  7. Thats exactly what i did. The only “issue” is the drain tubes running down to the bed holes... those bed holes get covered by these bins if you use 2 like me and push ‘em all the way back. I used a piece of 2x6 behind ‘em to keep ‘em pushed out beyond those holes, then I put a strap across the front of ‘em. But honestly, they are very unlikely to move around because they are a slightly tight fit under the canister. I will probably drill some holes in the bed further out for the canister drain lines, but wasn’t eager to do that immediately ‘til I thought it through a bit more.
  8. I’m not a suspension expert, but nothing jumps out at me as being an issue as long as you redo setup of the WDH after installing the helper springs.
  9. No, I thought about it but decided to let them have it as is rather than it maybe start again and then wonder when it quits or they say they can’t replicate it. Things are so computerized/electronic these days, it’s nice when things work but little things can be very frustrating! When I first saw the O2 sensor code, my first thought was someone stole my catalytic converter last night, but it was still there.
  10. Thanks! Me too! I will update when I know more, hopefully tomorrow. It just got offloaded at the closest dealer, they said they would look at it tomorrow.
  11. I’m trying, but been over an hour now... not wanting to get $hitfaced! Hahaha
  12. Ok, that was on my way to the park and ride this am. Just got back to truck about 30mins ago.... went into limp mode, pulled back in to parking lot, put in park and killed it... except it says “Put into Park” now and won’t totally turn off. Motor is off but dash and radio still on. Waiting for tow truck now while having a beer in ac at sportbar by park and ride lot... 2 months old and 2200 miles... sad!
  13. Well crap! Almost sounds like a bad harness connection or something maybe... No issues starting, driving, etc. Zero issues before this.
  14. Pretty sure I’m gonna go this route myself after looking at CAI, Rotofab, etc. It looks nice and appears to have best flow capability, better than factory filtration, and “bonus” is a lower price than most others.
  15. Thanks! I may have to attempt this over the winter (once it’s below 80F that is)! I did put Dynamat in a truck years ago, so pretty familiar with installing the stick on stuff. It’s dropping the headliner that’s a little unnerving!
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