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  1. I also got it on my truck. It’s much quieter than you think. It’s probably the most quiet “performance” exhaust you can get. None of your neighbors will notice unless you drive through the neighborhood with WOT. That’s the only time it’s somewhat loud.
  2. So you're turning your off-road truck into a street truck? That's interesting. You would have been better off buying the Elevation edition and saving a bunch of money, but oh well.
  3. Coal burners are the new ricers. They look and sound just as stupid - especially with the HUGE muffler tips big enough to hold a basketball.
  4. How many miles do you have on them? The Duratracs got much louder over time. Wondering if the Territory’s do the same.
  5. Bumping this topic to see if anybody else has any feedback. How do you like your Goodyear Territory MTs? Thanks.
  6. I added a set of Duratracs to my last truck and they definitely got much louder as they wore. They were great off roading, but the highway noise became maddening. If look at the threads of a new Duratrac tire you will notice that the thread blocks are chamfered at the very top. Once that chamfer wears off they will be loud no matter how often you rotate them. The noise is built into the design. I suspect they're designed that way to make the OEMs happy. The truck will be quiet at the dealership, but then noisy after 5-10k miles. My AT4 came with the Goodyear Trailrunners (275/60R20). I have no complaints so far. I might buy the next size (275/65R20) up when these wear out. That size appears to fit stock suspension without rubbing. I really like the look of the Territory MTs, but they don't come in many sizes. I want a slightly taller tire than stock, not a smaller one (265/60R20).
  7. 99.999%correct. The only asterisk would be if you spend a lot of time at WOT, then maybe a performance intake would give you increased performance over OEM. But I don't hear about many people drag racing their trucks on this forum. A new intake is just a noise maker for most people.
  8. Does anybody know if GM has a new part number for the lifters that keep failing? Or are they just replacing the lifters with more of the same type? If they are the same part number as the failed ones, then GM has no clue what is going on. That's what I suspect, they have no clue and are grasping at solutions. Maybe the 6.2L being on constraint is them trying to actually FIX the problem instead of guessing at solutions.
  9. I'm not really sure what your post means, but I stand by my statement. If you bought the premium engine and can't afford the premium gas, then you shouldn't have bought the premium engine. Not "knowing" that gas would go up is a stupid excuse as well. Why would you not think or plan for gas prices to go up? If you can't afford a slight increase in gas prices, then you need a to drive something more affordable. Too many people over-extend their credit and buy stuff they can't afford. It's a shame. Buy smarter and save some money for the hard times.
  10. These new trucks drop MPG significantly above 75 mph. My 2015 Denali with 6.2L and 22's got better mileage than my 2021 AT4 with the 6.2L and 20's. I think it's the aerodynamic differences between the two trucks.
  11. If you can't afford the premium gas, you shouldn't be driving a truck with a premium engine. Sell it and buy a Prius.
  12. What's with the USB stick? Just stream music from your phone using Bluetooth. I bet the cassette player sucks too...
  13. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/tailgate-step-lighting-84347814?year=2020&make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&modelId=548&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Standard Box&wheelId=119&trim=AT4&trimId=5102&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=5.3L V8 GAS&engineId=2059&bodyNumDoors=5 You can find them cheaper on Amazon and several other sites.
  14. That new 2.7L seems like a pretty sporty engine for the RCSB. I remember how much I liked my 4.3L V6 RCSB back in 1994 with only ~165 HP and 235 TQ. I can't image what >300 HP and >420 TQ feels like in a RCSB. No need for the 5.3L in my opinion. The only thing I'd miss from the V8 would be the exhaust note.
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