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  1. My AT4 came with the GMP exhaust and I was nervous because I also prefer the quiet ride. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how quiet it is while cruising. I only hear it when I accelerate. I think I’ll keep it.
  2. Don’t forget the truck nuts on the back to complete the look!
  3. Yep. Perfect match right out of the GM box. Gives my truck a totally different look.
  4. Have you tried eBay or Craigslist? Lots of good deals to be had there.
  5. Your post doesn't make complete sense. 275/65R20 is the stock wheel size. That's a 33 inch tire. With a lift most people are looking to go to larger wheels - maybe 35". Some fit 35" tires without a lift at all. What's a 12 x 10? That sounds like a toddler bike wheel size or something. Do a search. There are tons of threads about different tire size options and lifts.
  6. Nothing. Just like paint quality and thickness.
  7. Yeah right. The EPA made GM use crappy paint and told them they could only use one coat. Lol. What’s the EPA requirement for orange peel? Because this is the first truck I’ve had in a while that doesn’t have any. But It’s my third truck with this new environmentally friendly paint. GM might not be in compliance.
  8. The EPA made everybody switch to non-hazardous paints. They didn't make them paint it thinner. That's on the OEMs.
  9. It has nothing to do with the EPA. It's purely on GM for using the cheapest, thinnest paint they can get away with. GM got smart and added the rock chip paint at the bottom of the fenders. Now they need to put something more resilient on the fronts where rock chips happen frequently.
  10. I agree with your first sentence, but disagree with your second one. AUTO is great any time the roads are slick - light rain, heavy rain, snow, ice, gravel, etc. Usually the roads are slicker with light rain as all of the slime and oils have not yet washed away. And people usually try to drive "normal" when it's only a light rain, and more traction is needed when driving quicker on wet roads. In heavy rains people usually slow down due to poor visibility and ponding issues, so I find AUTO less needed (but I still use it). I usually use the pulling into traffic example when tryi
  11. Let’s see if this works. https://www.ebay.com/itm/84269333-Front-and-Rear-fender-Flare-Set-Summit-White-/353684594856?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  12. There haven’t been a lot. They come and go. I just save a search with alerts for the part number i needed. This deal came up and I snatched it. I’ll post a link to the seller.
  13. eBay. $500 shipped. I agree. Especially for Denali and color matched trims. I can see having the gray plastic on lower trims. Maybe gray fits for the off road perception? But it definitely looks cleaner and better color matched.
  14. Thanks. No. Not gonna paint the splash guards. That would be too hard to keep clean.
  15. Well, I found a good deal on these so I pulled the trigger. They fit with the larger splash guards no problem. I think they look pretty good. They make the wheel wells look smaller and the stock tires look bigger. BEFORE: AFTER:
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