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  1. That new 2.7L seems like a pretty sporty engine for the RCSB. I remember how much I liked my 4.3L V6 RCSB back in 1994 with only ~165 HP and 235 TQ. I can't image what >300 HP and >420 TQ feels like in a RCSB. No need for the 5.3L in my opinion. The only thing I'd miss from the V8 would be the exhaust note.
  2. There are hundreds of things that could go wrong with your truck. If you run away from all of them you'll be left with no truck at all. Order what you want and don't worry about it. That's what the warranty is for. Most trucks don't have that problem - mine included. It's just the vocal few that are getting attention. I skip all of those problem threads because they aren't very useful to most people unless you have a problem that cannot be resolved.
  3. Might need to mix a little Viagra with that Moly!
  4. It's your money. Waste it however you want. 3500 mile oil changes???
  5. That makes sense since the fob is always transmitting I think. I heard that they don't last as long. But the remote keypad is like the old keyed fobs and only transmits when you enter the code, so it should last 5-10 years I would hope.
  6. I use a 6 inch drop, but I have a Curt shock ball which raises it an inch. (excellent product BTW - highly recommended.) This brings the ball down to about the same level as my 2015 Sierra Denali. I tried a 4 inch drop but it wouldn't fit under my boat trailer's receiver with the shock ball.
  7. That's kind of strange that you cannot replace the batteries, but batteries last a lot longer than they used to. When I traded in my 2015 Sierra in 2021 I had never replaced the batteries in my fobs after 6 years and the signal was still strong from a far distance. And that was after being used multiple times a day every day. I imagine a remote keypad that is only used a few times a month or less will last at least 10 years. Not that much of a concern in my opinion, but still a very strange design choice.
  8. I second the Corsa or Borla Catback. You will get the best results. Second choice would be a Corsa or Borla muffler only, but I've heard mixed results. If you don't care about the sound that may be ok. But if you want a great sound without the drone, then go catback. You should be able to find a full kit for closer to $1200 or less during a sale or promotion.
  9. All of the dealerships are independent businesses and not directly associated with GM. They just sale and distribute their product with agreements. Your best resource for a dealership complaint is calling the dealership manager/owner or complaining through Yelp or Google. GM won't do anything as far as I know.
  10. If you look at the etching on the OEM windows they clearly state what % UV they block. I think all of the windows have it called out. And I think they all say 99% UV protection standard from factory regardless of window color.
  11. That suspension is only available on the Denali. If you have the SLT you do not have adaptive suspension. Again, that knob does nothing for suspension. It only helps with traction control, throttle, and shifting.
  12. None of those will protect your door sills. If you want a rock slider look at something similar to what GM offers for the new ZR2. I went with the GM high clearance off-road step on my AT4. They don't provide any protection, but they're high and tight and won't get in the way or snag on things as much as some of the other options.
  13. Stick with a street tire. Don't get off-road tires. They look dumb on a lowered truck.
  14. Your truck does not have any suspension adjustments at all. That knob only controls traction control and throttle response. Just put a few pounds in the back of the bed and your ride will settle down substantially. Trucks are designed to carry heavy loads. It's hard to make a truck that rides smooth in an unloaded condition without sacrificing loaded performance.
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