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  1. How comfortable were the seats in each and did the new interior feel like high quality?
  2. Just got a phone call from dealer saying GM isn't taking any more orders for the 2022 models for the 6.2l engine due to valve supplier constraint. I am not interested in the diesel so looks like my order is on hold until the 2023 books open and hope the constraint is fixed.
  3. wonder if this is why they just stopped all 6.2l engine builds the rest of the year.
  4. Thanks all for the advice and experiences. Ordering today and will be sticking with the Premium Package. Yes, 311 fan!
  5. I am about to order an AT4 Sierra and after reading the rear window leaking thread, I am considering dropping this package and just adding the Sierra Safety Plus Package and the Technology Package. It seems I will only be missing the rear sliding window, adapter cruise control, universal remote and the side steps. I plan on replacing the side steps with electric ones any way so they would just be removed. Would I be missing anything else worth while? Would I regret dropping this package?
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