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  1. So far so good. Have put another 4,500 miles on, and seems to be functioning normally. The issues it was having previously have somehow disappeared. Not sure how that happens in a mechanical system? I won't complain. The truck is a little bit noisy at the engine on start up. Sounds like something along the accessory belt? Water pump, alternator, something? But that's probably to be expected after having the engine torn apart.
  2. Based on how quickly they got the first repair done, I would say they could get to work on it pretty quickly. Fortunately the dealership and employees that I've been working with there have been great. 0 complaints from me for them. But at this point I'll just keep running it. Maybe it breaks again, maybe it lasts. Maybe I'll see what a trade looks like. Not totally sure what to do yet.
  3. Mechanic at the dealership said it could potentially be a problem with the actuators that they use to control the lifters for DFM. The problem is that they're so difficult to repair/replace that GM doesn't allow them to even touch them unless they're certain that is what's causing the problem. GM Customer Service is about useless at this point, told me the truck would have to fail 2 more times for them to take any meaningful action besides just pointing me back to the dealership for repairs/diagnosis. They want me to leave the truck with them until they can try to figure it out. Not practical for me because they don't have a loaner available. Maybe I should just be glad that it's all warrantied? Really sucks to have such a nice new truck with such substantial issues.
  4. Hit the nail on the head. They can't do anything for me right now, basically told me it would have to fail two more times before any meaningful action can be taken. Directed me to the dealership. They don't even want me to drive it until it fails again, just take it there and let them have it to try and figure it out. Won't be doing that since they don't have a loaner available. The mechanic there mentioned that it could be an actuator issue with controlling the DFM lifters. But they're so difficult to replace that GM doesn't allow them to work on them unless they're certain that is what's causing the problem.
  5. I actually already have a case opened up with GM. First time it took her 3 or 4 days to get back to me. Tried calling her again yesterday before lunch and had to leave a message. Haven't heard back yet. Would be nice if she could get back to me to try and get something figured out. I've sent an email like you requested.
  6. More bad parts, or maybe something else defective in the block?
  7. I understand that. The point I was making is I'm nine to ten months past the supposed date range. Pretty sure they wouldn't have an engine setting around for nine to ten mo ths waiting to go into a truck. Could I be wrong? Possibly, but that hasn't been the pattern so far. Seems to be within a few months of the truck build date that the engine is built. However I have not checked my engine build date.
  8. Yeah it really sucks. Build date on my truck is 12/21, so the whole engine build date range theory might not hold much water. I think it's an even bigger issue than they're letting on. Also disheartening that the replacement parts don't seem to be holding up, at least in my case.
  9. Got the truck back from the dealer. Put less then 200 miles on it and it's having the same symptoms it did before it failed the first time. Thinking it will drop another new lifter on the way home from work today.
  10. Just got my 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited AT4 with the 6.2 back from getting all lifters, pushrods, cam and everything else associated replaced. 6,000 miles on the truck. Now less than 200 miles from the fix and it's acting the same way it did right before it failed the first time. Thinking it's going to have another lifter failure on the way home from work today..... Super frustrated because it love the truck. But this is leaving a terrible taste.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. Shop managers at the dealership said they haven't had any repeat failures after all 16 lifters have been replaced.... yet. They have however had trucks with one bank replaced only to have the vehicle return later with the opposite side failed.
  12. Yeah, I've been really happy with the way the dealership has treated me on this. Haven't heard from GM direct yet, but not sure what I would need from them anymore at this point?
  13. Update: The dealer dug into the repair a little deeper, and found that the camshaft was scored pretty bad from the lifter failure. So now instead of just replacing 1 bank of lifters and pushrods, it will be getting them all replaced. Also getting a new cam, rockers, timing chain guides, and everything else associated with those parts. Gaskets, bolts, sensors, etc. Hopefully this brand new, rebuilt engine holds up better than the original.
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