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  1. The T1 is better in every category. So no not really. Cab size is a huge plus
  2. Wouldn't the 285/65 rub on stock suspension ? Nice tire size though . Post pics!
  3. Would also love to see the 10 speed trickle down to the 2.7 as well . Ive driven a 2.7 in LT trim and it surprised the heck out of me. Color me impressed .
  4. yeah I'm gonna buy what I like . Not gonna nit picking based on political non sense. BLM, Trump whatever the case is . Our country has gone mad
  5. While the DT are awesome AT tires i think the GOAT status can be given to a few different AT tires. The Nittos, the BFG, even the Coopers are excellent AT ., Is there a real fair comparison test someone has done?
  6. I can see that which is about an extra 100 RWHP, i bet it sounds amazing , but not sure i want my truck with a Lopy cam or let alone just shaking when I'm idle/sitting at lights
  7. I think MPG regulations had something to do with this ? But next sidewall size up 70 series would have looked even better Because it seems like GM cares more about it then Chrysler does. Not sure if CARE Is the right word ?
  8. Love the duratracs, look Good and they perform well and like many have said at higher speeds they tend to hum Little bit loud. Would have been nice to see the current Trail boss size little bigger. Like the Ram Rebel
  9. I personally believe the 2.7 motor will be durable over the years . GM spent a lot of time/money developing this motor and who doesn't love Turbo Boost! They are also starting to use it in car applications like the Caddys which in most powerful form makes 325/380 , so the Truck application is actually tuned down .
  10. Only thing i read was cooling , so maybe there were things done ? Also how is the Diesel and 2.7 so close in towing when there is about 100 Pound feet of torque difference ? if anything i'm impressed by the 2.7 and little disappointed in the diesel . Lastly though anything over 10k , I would want a 3/4 ton anyway but just thought it was odd they are so close
  11. Looks like the 2.7 now is able to tow maximum 9300lbs. What are your thoughts on this ? I’ve driven a new 2.7L and it’s a peppy little motor and has really good torque down low. But do you guys think 9300 lbs is too much for a 4 CYL in a truck ? Also the oil burner is now at 9500. With 460lb of torque I would have thought it could be more? I really like the new 3.0 and would consider it in my next truck.
  12. Beautiful Truck, Pics but where are the mud pics?
  13. Agreed with everything but when he said elevation I knew it was not a RC but for sure you are correct in the 8 foot bed and RC
  14. There has to be a isue with their site . Gm only makes 3 bed sizes and only 2 for the half tons . Small and medium . 5'8 or 6'6
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