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  1. yeah if your going that much lift get some more tire. 55 profile will look way to small IMO
  2. My 14 was a complete POS . Several issues . After a total of about 35 days in shop off and on , i asked GM to give me my money back . They balked/delayed/stalled then came back with a stupid low ball offer I called BBB , and within 40 days , I had my down , my 12 months of payments refunded to me . I would for sure go with the BBB , and lawyer up if you have to .
  3. I dont have an answer for you but damn you live in paradise! what a view sir. You made it in life!
  4. I have said this a few times why not offer a Sport and Chrome edition ? Sport edition being body colored.
  5. The 6.2 is a beast of a motor. About the same gas mileage as 5.3. Very close. Why take a risk with warranty aNd a tune ?an extra 5-10 hp of a tune is not enough to have to worry about GM saying the computer has been modified. Exhaust and intake and your set.
  6. There is zero beef with G80. It’s a solid system. This is my 5th GM truck so I know they are good systems. just saying it would be nice to be able to control it yourself.
  7. Seems like so old as the others have a button to lock. Rather then slip and hope for system to work.
  8. Unless you get someone looking for a direct swap , I think your best bet is some replicas and sell yours on side.
  9. Are you guys really bitching about pulling 1 or 2 pins ? This is a great idea and will sell. I will purchase one myself. First it was the multi will hit and someone makes a nice hitch that doesn’t and now it’s a pin issue ? Lol
  10. All you need to know is the TB is noW available in the 6.2
  11. I hear they are looking for spelling bee contest refs ? Any thoughts ?
  12. If the T1 is cheap what do you then call the K2 ? Awful ? Sounds like you really want a T1 jealousy is a muther fka
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