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  1. GM still hasn’t fully figured how to make a nice interior. The new GM SUVs are a step in right direction but overall they are still trying to figure out the interior game. This is coming from a guy who owns a 19 Sierra Denali. I know interior is not GM strong suit but somehow I still find myself in a GM truck ( my 5th GM truck ) it is what it is
  2. Every few months a thread like this comes up ...Every manufacturer has issues. No one is perfect . Dont be fooled by homerism.
  3. Couldn't agree with you more on the transmission part . Total Fu**ery on GM and offering 3 different transmission across the truck lines. And you know its because of cost . This is why I admire ( not sue admire is right word) Ford because they dont mess around when it comes to trucks. Its their lifeline and they throw everything at it . They gave their new GAS 7.3 the 10 speed to begin with , while GM stuck with the 6 speed. Heck even now their basic work truck 3.3 V6 will have the 10 speed . In the torque wars a few years ago the Cummins came out with 925 TQ and the same year Ford upped theirs to 935. Its not much but again to them their trucks is everything.
  4. I think in 1500 comparison , they both look good...Its a toss up . It really is . Now once you get to the HD trims, the Silverado is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. Kudos to GM for going out of their way to make the HD different then the half tons but my goodness the people that came up with that HD front clip design need to be taken in back alley and beaten...Its awful .
  5. With F150s new interior, the GM looks several generations behind. Hoping GM steps up to the plate here.
  6. the center console is fine with me i dont have any issues with it . Its the center stack LAYOUT to me that looks bland and dated already .
  7. Why not do a muffler delete ? Cheap/more sound and easily can go back to stock if you dont like it
  8. is there a power proven dyno gain on these ? looks like a nice piece
  9. I think you will have a hard time right now with the shut down and plant closing. Having said that ALL LT Bosses come with 10 speed. The 10 speed is awesome. The 5.3 and 10 speed is a nice step up and really wakes up the 5.3 Good luck .
  10. I actually like the gear changes to be on dash . This is best way to get rid of the column shiftier but still have room for multiple cup holders and a big area for your other items besides the center console. Also the GM gauges on both GMC and Chevy models are sooooo boring. Even my Denali is ehhhh.
  11. Interior for sure needs a bit of updgrading. Good to hear GM is listening to majority of people/magazine/internet writers and upgrading the looks. Current interior is very bland. love the soft materials in my 19 Denali but overall look and layout is terrible. To each his own though , I know some peeps love theirs. So no offense to anyone.
  12. I'm back overseas on contract assignment so i wont be back for another 1-2 months. And i'm seeing less and less Standard Bed 6.2 Trail bosses around 100 miles of my home , so this is why i was wondering. my question has nothing to do with leaking windows , my 2019 leaked as well. Sucks , it is what it is at this point.
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