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  1. GM could have offered the 6.2 in the TB and charged 60k and people would have still bought it but since GM has different divisions, they play hierarchy rules. bs
  2. I actually fine the 2018 F150 Refresh really nice. Like it alot more then the 2015-2017 And looks are always subjective , but thanks again for your facts
  3. the gulf states love their Reg Cabs . They also love beating them to death ( see drifting,)
  4. Brothers F150 and Good Freinds F150 have never had any issues with their locking ends/differential . But i understand your stating facts from what magazine again that states ford is the worst ? lol
  5. Yeah for sure, great point. And again another ford win for offering several different ratios. Nice being able to choose as ford offers 3:15,3:31;3:55 and 3:73.
  6. You smoke it ? Would love to see the video. Not calling bs but smoking someone is what 2-3 trucks and that is a life time. All tests have the gm 6.2 and the ford 3.5 and ford 2.7 all very close 0-60 and quarter mile.
  7. Buy why looks best to you and what is best deal. All trucks have issues. Everyone has a story to tell about what they like. Go drive them and see what is best bang for the buck. I don’t drink the GM Kool aid or ford or dodge etc. it’s funny when I see people trying to convince other people that one manufacture has more problems than the other
  8. Baby wipes works wonders for me
  9. I have nothing to say to help but just damn! That is a nice rig mate. Love the stance
  10. Tow Mirrors

    Is gm that incompetent that they can’t build a towing mirror when also designing a new body style ? Like really ? Same BS happened on the K2 body style. The 14s got the towing mirrors from previous generation before finally the 15s had them.
  11. So let get this straight. You took your truck to the dealer in 30 different occasions? Wtf. ?
  12. Best last 25 miles don’t mean much. But yeah the lift and tires will kill Milage.
  13. Dash squeak

    starting to get this noise on mine now ..well check with dealer on my next oil change

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