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  1. Nice upgrade! Only thing missing IMO is maybe payload , smaller bed and some towing but that DirtyMAX is awesome engine. You get nicer bigger interior , more tech and overall nicer truck and you will ride 10 times nicer in a halfton then HD truck. Congrats mate! Now slap on some black wheels and call it a day .
  2. Looks more like Ford IMO. More flush. Good find mate. And that front end looks more cohesive.
  3. Take that to the BBB. Don’t settle for anything less. And crazy an Elevation gets the 10 speed and some LTZ models don’t.
  4. Have to agree here , but have you seen Porsche added option costs ? And no im not comparing them but just agreeing with you , they will find a way to get more of your money ..Look at all the drama with not allowing the 6.2 in lower trims for years.
  5. Yes , we know this mate . time and time again you have shoved it down our throat. thanks again
  6. I will but when the price is right. which will probably not be until summer of next year i would imagine. I really like the new interior but with the damn 6.2 being the same , no reason right now to pay mark ups etc. i really thought we would have new engine updates by now.
  7. Take your GVWR and subtract the payload. Good stuff mate
  8. Gotta love it! Hopefully the race was in Mexico Gotta love the 6.2 but man i yearn for more power!!!!!!!! hahaha How much does your truck weigh ? does Raptors are i believe around 5700/5800 lbs
  9. I believe the C shaped LED DRL become dimmer when the headlights are turned on.
  10. Camaro was a huge bargain , heck the ZL1 1LE is still one the most badass track cars and nothing can touch it for the money. But as you can see by the awful facelift GM did couple of years ago , and absolutely nothing else, they gave up on the Maro again as I'm sure they will AXE it again. Also I like the Blazer/Trail blazer. Nice little SUV's that look good and are pretty decent on gas . But why on gods green earth would you call it a blazer?
  11. Gm Also stepped up their game to match Ford on their standard HD bed being 6'9 inches. The bigger the better, i guess
  12. Yeah it looks exactly like the Traverse. lol
  13. Rear heated seats are not deal breaker but I get upset when i see GM is only one to do these cheap games. Like taking away the 10 speed on some models 1500 ( LTZ) when they had it prior year. I get it, the whole chip shortage is messing everything up but it seems like GM has been hit the hardest ?
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