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  1. Yes a little picky but at the same time you have seen the competition and wonder , hey GM why cant you put together a nice interior ? Its not so much the knob but a complete lack of care for the inside. The attention to detail went to the bed, trans, chassis etc .
  2. Its just an option, not on EVERYTHING but on most models . Its not just an FX4 thing . Its like a $250 option at that .
  3. Yeah the 6in steps on a off road package? Either way 10 speed and 3:73 , I’m sure this truck will move out. Even with only 277hp. That torque with 3:73 is bad ass.
  4. GM just dosent do good interiors. You have to be living under a rock all these years to not know this. From this Camaros to corvettes to their suvs to their trucks. Interiors just is not their strong suit. The 70k Sierra Denali is last in every interior test. Even the Cadillac needs major work on the inside. After all these years , it amazes me the lack of attention paid on the inside. But again dosent surprise me. This is GM. not trying to insult anyone either, life long GM guy here with my 5th GM truck, i just know better .. By the way you noticed the RAM total sales so far ? Eating Silverados . Up over 20% YOY. The ole Lipstick on Ram comment is no longer valid anymore. its a fair ballgame and people are buying more RAM then ever.
  5. I love the 3:73 option. Why not give the rest of us the option as well ? Like ford and ram do. https://www.tfltruck.com/2019/06/chevy-silverado-to-get-diesel-off-road-package/
  6. Wouldn’t the larger wheelbase not allow ?
  7. A little I6 info “Video”

    With a 10 speed i think it will be quicker 0-60 then 9/10 sec The Ford 3.0 Oil burner is actually not bad when it comes to acceleration With more HP and TQ then both the RAM and FORD, and same 10 speed , i think people will be surprised. But then again who the hell is drag racing with trucks .
  8. Hey f8lvnm,  how you liking your Sierra so far?




  9. difference between DC and CC is about 9/10 more inches of legroom
  10. Gm plays heir Pretty dumb aint it ? This is why i like Ford when it comes to options/simplicity of options
  11. Very nice rig right there
  12. Window tinting

    Ceramic is for sure worth it’s weight but just too expensive for my taste. I tinted all my windows except the front windshield all for 140. Ceramic would have been about 950+.
  13. lots of class actions going on in the US . let me know when this actually sticks.
  14. Drive the MFer like you stole it. Just the good ole boys never meaning no harm. Anyway you get my drift. Ain’t no break in. I was redline on my way home.
  15. 8 speed came out in 2015 model year if I remember correctly. My 14 that was a 6.2 was a 6 speed.

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