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  1. This should be a buy up option like the ford and ram have. Why not ?
  2. Thanks gents. Site works good. So many nice color options. Coming from a white 19 denali. Will post pics when I get it.
  3. Auto trader doesn’t give an option for short of Standard box. Is there a site I can check the state for just standard box ? Ohh looking for 6.2 standard box trail boss. Thanks fellas
  4. Yes your 2018 work truck interior is world class. Lol. S class inspired
  5. Wellllll. Not this last year anyway as The Silverado took a big hit in sales. People hate on Ram but they hit a grand slam. And sales numbers prove it.
  6. Really stupid GM won’t offer mono painted bumpers on the SLT. Another small reason why RAM took market share from them. Ohh and that awful interior.
  7. 87 91 and 93 all work just fine. How do I know ? Cause I’ve tried all of them. In my 2014 6.2 in my 2016 6.2 and now I’m my 2019 6.2. Obviously the higher the grade the less chance of pinging. But if your not beating on the truck all the time lower octane works. Nothing is gonna blow up. My buddy puts 87 in his 2015 Silverado 6.2 from day one. At over 100k miles now it still runs fine.
  8. Black is and will always be the nicest color ( when clean. Which is like 1 day
  9. Welcome to the Dark side. What year was your Limited ?
  10. I’d actually love air suspension as an option like they will have now on the new SUV. Not standard but an option. Buddies limited RAM rides really smooth. But obviously you give up a little capability
  11. No worries bud. All good my man. I get shit wrong all the time , this is why we’re are all here.
  12. Well happy to report back that my fix so far as held up . No leak after 2 days of hard rain . Was semi worried that it would leak again but after they fixed it the first time it held up. Time will tell .
  13. curious what you think Prior to OIL like indicator life means to you ? 30% ? 40% ?
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