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  1. Buddy brought his TB over and we did Borla Atak muffler. Color me impressed. Sounds so damn good. maybe picked up a couple of horses at same time ?
  2. No not at all . You do credit when your ready to buy . We order about 10 new trucks every 18 months from GM for our Farm. When they come in we run our credit like every other time and pick it up . Its almost like they want to see who has more potential to buy from them.
  3. With a 3.5 lift you should more then able to put a 35in tire. Post up pics when you have it !
  4. Mamma had a Chevrolet Celebrity! That thing was made out of plutonium.
  5. With the EV Silverado , its hard for me to see them doing a LT4 hot rod truck. And that's disappointing because we already know they have the engine. I mean if the new ZR2 gets the same 6.2 as every other high trim, should be our indication .
  6. Cmon Mary! Sack up! Grab your man balls and lets do this
  7. If Dodge/Fiat/Stillantis can give every damn thing in their lineup a 700+ HP motor , i agree why not get LT5 ? At worse you can rate it at 700 .. IT WILL SELL! People who buy these cars dont care about a 1-2k car payment. Probably a write off anyway.
  8. Hope so , even if its just for the Escalade. They need a flag ship V or whatever they call it model to compete with the BMW X7/GLE/Range Rover Etc. You know damn well it will sell. If someone will pay 100k+ for one now , another 20-25k is nothing to them. About time! Why not the exact set up out of the CT5 V ? 668HP please
  9. I love the power plant but yes looks wise is not fully catching my eye. I agree with you . Well see how things go .
  10. Interesting that on this truck GM did what i have been asking! Keep the shifter stick but shorten it up like the Benzes. I actually think this interior is nicer then the refresh 23 models. Just my opinion.
  11. Especially when all that Torque is down low.
  12. Great write up mate. So far my families farm have three 2.7s and absolutely zero issues. We work out a deal with GM to lease trucks every 18 months . I can honestly say for our work which is mostly hauling , the 2.7 is a little reliable monster.
  13. My man!!!!!!!! See now that's the spirit! By the way any advise on your hair regrowth ? My receding hair line is looking sad
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