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  1. In this case this was buyers remorse. No way a truck this new was at auction.
  2. Fuel tank size?

    Dont the Rams also now have a 30+ gallon tank option ?
  3. Fuel tank size?

    Why not just give the buyer the option ? This is my main gripe. You bring out all this new Towing tech, even go as far as simplifying the window sticker for weights , etc but make the tank even smaller then before.
  4. Sounds like you need a new dealership.
  5. They are all easier ways to get in bed. Certainly the gm now offers more in terms of bed access. I also hope the tailgate multipro will be available to silvy within 1-2 years
  6. My buddies trailboss has the borla. Sounds good. Still kind of quiet but sounds nice. Obviously 5.3
  7. Looks wise I guess it will take time getting used too. But it’s all about easy bed access and gm Is kicking some arse here. The front and back of the bed is now covered.
  8. FS : AMP bed extender HD

    Texted pics. I will also have shipping numbers hopefully this week thanks fellas

    Someone scored big time. These things are bad ass congrats to seller and buyer
  10. Rear end?

    Ain’t there only 2 rear end options for all trucks ? 3:42 and 3:23 ? And maybe 3:08? Inthe ford you can get 3:15 , 3:31 , 3:55 and 3:73. Just saying nice to have options.
  11. Where Is The Crew Cab Standard Box Models

    Any updates on standard beds ?
  12. No just observation espcislly since they are on the door. Impartial to the style for me
  13. Time for GM to get some market share in the HD field sick of seeing Super duty and Ram HD everywhere. Question is can this compatible with 1500 bed ? Also those mirrors are huge lmao. Dumbo 🐘
  14. You guys see it ? Kind of cool and intuitive https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.carscoops.com/2018/11/2020-chevrolet-silverado-hd-drops-heavy-camo-show-1500-inspired-design/amp/ now hoping for a new HD gas motor

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