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  1. Funny, my last 6.2 2016 Sierra Standard Bed/4x4 with 22 inch wheels was getting the same as buddies 4x2 2018 Sierra 5.3 with 8 speed and also my wifes 2018 5.3 Yukon with 3.08 gears . All around 18-19 area. They are very close and you dont need to put in 91 in the 6.2 . Most would prefer 91 but it wont break with 87. Runs just fine. The 5.3 to me is lethargic and thats no disrespect to anyone that has one.
  2. Waste of good money ? Why is it a joke ? Cause you don’t have one ? Oh ok. but remember looks are subjective. By the way to get the multi pro you need an SLT. The average SLT climbs to almost 60k. Trust me GM is making their money back ten folds.
  3. Beautiful truck. Just wish had a little more side wall tire. Still truck looks fantastic
  4. Also the wheel base is longer on new ones , so that would be a problem too right?
  5. Damn. That sound incredible. Very nice tough. Can we see how the tips look from a wider angle? But really this truck sounds mean as hell. I would be thrilled. 6.2 FTMFW
  6. Unless a mechanical change like different motor and trans , go with the most discounted one which are the 19s
  7. I honestly thought my 16 black standard bed Denali looked best with 22 GM black wheels. The 19 plus have all the options I like. Bigger cab ,more options etc. but I also think the new sierras are very gawdy looking. Like A In your face look at me. I still ended up with a 19 Denali. I would have gone back To the Chevy side last year had they offered the 6.2 in the boss. Which they do now. Sorry I just can’t do 5.3 but the HD sierras look 100 times better then silvy HD. Honestly wtf is GM thinking lately. The camaro , the trail blazer. New silvy HD and how can I forget some badly executed interiors. Man they better hit a grand slam with the Escalade. Have you seen the comparisons between the XT6 and Lincoln Aviator ? Some really suspect looking vehicles and for the love god can we retire the wheezy 3.6 already. Shame on GM for sticking this motor in Everything.
  8. IMO Looks are subjective so pick what you like interior it’s not even close/more interior options as well ride comfort goes to ram as well cause the coils. Ram is actually a IIHS top pick now. I think GM is a step behind here ? engine goes to 6.2/10A hands down. Bed functionality and tie down points/bumper step is huge win for GM here payload and towing is close enough to negate however I still like the GM frame here. Did I miss anything ?
  9. If maybe consult a lawyer in your area that specializes in cars and lemons. Now I’m not 100% sure if lemon comes into play but end of the day it’s not your problem they can’t fix it. So could this be a lemon case ? Either way truly sucky situation. I feel for you man
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