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  1. Good for GM. They needed a strong quarter after a down year. Big ups to Ram that interior is paying of for them. Can you imagine if GM had a nice interior ? And Ford is indeed having down year. Lol 186k sold in 3 months and we call it a down quarter.
  2. Please send me a couple of dealers you see advertising this ? Most i'm seeing discounted as of to date is 6-8k . Or are you saying you can get 20% off , just need to ask for it since they dont advertise it ?
  3. No it dosent. If your going WOT then yes the 91 would be better for the 6.2 but around town and normal driving 87 and 6.2 does just fine. Also the MPG between the 2 motors are very close. This is my 3rd 6.2 since 2014 and i mix 87 here and there and zero issues.
  4. I would stay patient. Ain’t no one buying cars right now unless you absolutely need it. They have to start whoring cars out at some point. Even if that means you don’t get the truck you ordered. My only concern is shortage of trucks now that president has put GM on notice for being shameful and not helping like ford has started doing. I don’t want to turn this into politics but I read the Indiana plant will be busy with ventilations? Again I could be wrong so don’t quote me sir.
  5. Wow really? I was always under the impression the Ridge Graps were louder then Duratracs. But man do i love the style of RG
  6. Pending on where you live after 3 times they fix something mechanical you are eligible for lemon law Not sure about Camera/stereo stuff but if these problems add up to 30 days in shop i would call BBB and start the process
  7. anyone try Rhino liner ? I have been using them for 3 of my last trucks. Price is comparable and it feels thick and dosent kill the knees. Never any issues with it holding up
  8. Thats the one thing GM does really really well. That is makes really nice 20 and 22 in truck/SUV wheels. Majority of them look great and awesomely interchangeable
  9. Very nice! Buddies and I go once a year . Good Trout and Salmon, but yeah sad to see all CA water levels so down ..
  10. Maybe someone can correct me but i think the Borla is a little louder then the GM Perf. Muffler? Here is my uncles truck with the GM PERF Exhaust and Intake.
  11. As this thing gets worse they will become more desperate. Totally agree April will be better
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