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  1. Wondering if the volume engine is the 5.3 or 4.3 when it comes to sales ? Will be interesting to see what percentage of sales the 2.7 has . Thanks
  2. IMO i do believe the 5.3 is the most reliable vs the RAM 5.7 and Ford 5.0 . . Its a solid engine with adequate power .and gets best MPG out of the 3 Acceleration wise ,. its not quickest . Very lethargic getting up the RPMs
  3. Baby wipes! From huggies or really any kind. After my kid grew out of diapers , i continued buying them. They clean very well, but not with crazy chemicals and they dont shine . Just a nice clean
  4. Selling black ck replica 22x9 rims that come with 285/45/22 tires about 70% left. Note there are some scratches and nicks but nothing major/no bends etc. Tires are DELINTE DX11 BANDIT HT were bought less then 12 months ago and have only 10k miles on them. 285/45/22 never patched damaged etc. Sale also includes black center caps , lug nuts , chrome rim inserts breaking up all black look and factory tpms sensors which will obviously need programming. Came off 2016 Yukon. I’m in so cal and would rather not ship. Ventura county and sfv. 1150. I can text more pics. pm me your number. Thanks
  5. I hear you on the manual transmissions . Really not much left but 4-5 small cars that offer them. BTW You sir are awesome. Always enjoy reading your posts! Always enjoy the life knowledge you give on trucks etc. I Mean that in a sincere way , you sound like my father.
  6. Looks are subjective. I like the new 19+. But man the interior is a joke. Like I said before it’s not just gmc or Chevy. Cadillac needs help in the interior dept as well. GM is still employing the guys making interior in the 80s.
  7. Get your kids the crew. You will regret the extended cab. Nothing wrong with EC just for having kids and car seats is not gravy.
  8. Really find brand loyal folks funny. These are billion dollar Corps they could give 2 shits about anyone. Reminds me of grown ass men fighting in football stands. Like who you fighting for ? A bunch of millionaires who could give a rats ass about you? Comical. But yeah every board has brand loyal folks and that’s ok.
  9. What they need is a clear start. That means you fire every asshat that signed off or was responsible for this current interior. Just don’t get how gms interior have been bad for so long. Good to hear though and see gm knows this is a huge sore spot. Ohh and they see ram is destroying their sales this year so far.
  10. I got the the same run around on my 14 that was a lemon. Called multiple gm corporate numbers and ended up in the Philippines every time. They could care less, as it’s a call center. Anyway I got smart , called the BBB and had GM calling me within 3 days of me calling BBB , asking if I wanted a credit. I said yes and after 1 week I saw their weak ass offer and said no , I want all my money back plus the down. They said no , I went back to the BBB and had a full check in my hand within 3 weeks. F these people. Billion dollar Corp give me run around. Point is be aggressive
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