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  1. 2020 L5P

    As long as GM sells I don’t think they care too much about numbers etc. first time in years they will have a nice HD diesel and NA combo. Loving it. Also hearing a new new bigger block is also coming ?
  2. RST?

    The painted bumpers looks really good on the T1s. Especially the white blue red. That’s Daytona Silverado was beautiful.
  3. On a basic level kit I wouldn’t recommend anything more then a 2.5 in the front. Anything more puts too much pressure on other components. Otherwise do it right and get a real lift kit. Shocks etc. on the rear it comes down to if your want stock rake or lower rake or no rake.
  4. Frame Thickness

    Interesting. I know the HD f150 package come with a thicker frame, didn’t know if gm does it as well
  5. Anyone know if GM has a site that shows the Frame thickness ? Looking to see if all T1 frames are the same or if the max tow OR max payload models have a thicker frame. thanks fellas
  6. 2020 L5P

    Only big change i know of is that is the Dirtymax's will all have 10 speeds now, kind of odd they didn't give the 6.6 the 10 speed as well but then again this is GM, as some of their options dont make sense. I also dont see the numbers changing on the DIrtymax . It runs great and GM is not into the numbers game as much( HP and TQ that is ) but the new 35k towing is bad ass
  7. 3.23 vs. 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio

    the 5.3 and 6.2 are within 1 MPG of each other, if that ..very close . My 6.2 2016 Denali with standard bed 4x4 gets the same as my wifes Yukon 5.3 with 3.08 gears ..performance wise its not even close but i have to say the 5.3 does sound a little better ,.
  8. Does the high country and Denali 22 come in same tires ?
  9. And you think GM trucks are perfect right? Cmon guys. This non sense again. They all have issues. My 14 was bought back and my 16 has had many issues too. No one truck is perfect. Stop the Kool aid 🤣.
  10. As far as biggest interior I think all half tons are all very close. The fact that the gm does not offer the dual moonroof adds more interior room. This was also pointed out in a recent car and driver magazine. Again though all of tbem very close now.
  11. RCSB sighting

    Looks like the regular cab has some more room behind the driver now . .?
  12. It’s just a matter of time. IMO. And this has zero to do with politics. People over spend like crazy.
  13. See that’s the thing. A lot of would be suv buyers like the crew cab truck. More utility. And Ram is the most family friendly. Big cab , luxuorious and amenities. If this was 80s yes you have a point but IMO These are different days now. Trucks rule and all of them loaded are all pretty close to each other in terms of performance. So what is next deciding factor? Interior/smooth ride

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