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  1. Low Jack for sure. Costs about 200-300 bucks but dealers are charging 1000-1500
  2. so basically the 10 speed was hand built by jesus! Is what we are trying to tell you. :) ( no disrespect to anyone's religion)
  3. Good luck mate! Life is that roller coaster , I wish you the best.
  4. The 2.7 is a great little engine. On our Farm we have about 30 trucks and so far our two 2.7 have been flawless. We will be getting more as we exchange trucks out every 2 years .
  5. Very nice pic.. love the new GM full size SUVs. My only gripe with the Z71 Tahoe is why not give AT tires as an upgrade option as well.
  6. lol, that's exactly what I was thinking. Straight gave us E85 numbers , what a joke. Yeah because a E85 Tune on the 2.7 wouldn't easily net 50+ HP easily. He will argue with anyone , about anything.
  7. your like the cricket that just wont go away ....Stop jamming your 4.3 down everyone's throat . Go take a walk , take your metamucil and take a nap grump bear . Jesus says stop pissing in everyone's thread about the high and almighty 4.3.
  8. Yeah. Not happening guys. This ain’t Ford where you can get their top engine choice In a basic XL model. Just don’t get the games GM plays.
  9. Heck that 3.6 Turbo engine GM has in the ATS ( too lazy to check what other GM cars get this engine ) really scoots out. Couple of guys in the Cadi boards have them on tune /DP and E85 running deep into 10s. Easily picking up 150+ HP
  10. I think that's partly because on the Cadi I believe its a 91 octane rating? I could be wrong. The power difference could be 1 LB of boost . None the less hard to believe you cant dyno tune a turbo engine/E85 for more power. I do agree I don't think its maxed out.
  11. Don't forget the bigger Cab! Wheelbase increase by about 4 inches over older model
  12. Best wishes to you Mate....May you get healthy and kick the Cancer.
  13. Solid numbers! Also hoping they give the 10 speed option on the 2.7 . IMO it would become even more potent
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