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  1. Curious how many of these leakers GM has had.
  2. The 8 Foot beds with either the crew or extended cabs are very long for sure but not 26 feet . Longest truck with 8FT bed belongs to GM and Ford . Both of them being around 263 inches long which comes out to little under 22 feet..Ram is a little shorter because they are still using their old Cab vs the new bigger Cab in the Ram Half tons.
  3. I don't think so , not in this case. Same situation on the half ton side. The 19s had them and then some models on the half ton 20+ didn't have them . Like the 19 LT had them but 20 LT does not. This is penny pinching at its finest . I know other manufactures do this as well so just not GM .
  4. Absolutely. Especially if you need it for work/plan . $260 is a pretty darn good deal offered by GM here. . Heck even the Ford Tailgate Step is $375
  5. The 5+ inch bed difference is pretty significant if you ask me. Especially in a HD truck
  6. Dont forget the 3.0 oil burner. A great engine with some really good torque
  7. I'm sure it has something to do with making more money on the CC higher trims .
  8. Don't settle on the Safety Package if you cant afford it . Its worth every penny of the $890. Especially the front sensors.
  9. Very fair assessment here. Agreed on all points mate
  10. Its not a bad priced option if you need and use the Tailgate actually. I like where GM priced this. Even though I really like the Ram barn doors functionality ( if you need it) for $995 its price is pretty high .
  11. nice in between tire but some decent sidewall for a HT tire. I like it
  12. Nice truck but IMO I think more meats would have looked even better ..To each his own though
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