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  1. I don't keep my money in the bank. I keep it stashed and buried ?
  2. Hey everyone, this is my first Diesel and am coming up on my first fill up. I googled this topic and have read about Stanadyne amongst others. Does my new L5P need this and what’s the best additive if so? Thanks for your help.
  3. Where in PA? I’m in Binghamton next to Scranton. Does the package have necessary hardware? Is it simply screws?
  4. Purchased today. 3500HD AT4's are hard to find and I had to drive 4 hours one way to get this girl
  5. Nice and cleaned up before driving 4 hours home. For a 3500, it rides amazing and I enjoyed getting to know her on the journey today.
  6. Hello all! Just upgraded from my '20 Sierra 1500 AT4 carbon pro to a 3500 AT4. As Henry Ford said, you can have any color you want as long as it's black. SO, black again it is. It has the AT4 premium package, multipro step lights, auxiliary trailer camera (currently for sale), snow plow prep, and a few other small options. This is my first Diesel, so I will be reaching out to many of you to educate me. Contemplating a few mods like leveling kit, slightly bigger tires, maybe adding painted wheel arch moldings, and tonneau cover. Man, these HD AT4's are hard to find. I purchased this one 4 hours away. They literally just received the truck last Thursday and hasn't been test driven. The dealer is willing to deliver it to me, but my OCD self almost wants to drive the 8 hour round trip to drive it home. It was PDI'd today and will be ready for delivery pickup no later than Wednesday I am being told. Any helpful advice with the break in of the diesel? Any pointers as a new diesel owner?
  7. I just purchased a '21 3500HD AT4. It's black, and am wondering what the painted black part# is? Honestly, I fight with whether to leave the flat black stock ones on as I think it breaks it up and looks more rugged on a black truck. Thoughts?
  8. I just purchased a new 2021 GMC 3500 AT4. With it comes an auxiliary traler camera option which I will never need, or use. It is on my window sticker as a $595 option. First reasonable offer can have it.
  9. I have to ask, because I simply don't know...but, will this work on my 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4?
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