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  1. I have to ask, because I simply don't know...but, will this work on my 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4?
  2. Randall, thanks for the inquiry but I checked on shipped to the Tennessee area and it was outrageous. Texas would be crazy expensive. I def would though if it made sense.
  3. Yes, it’s that simple....I just don’t like having steps on my trucks. I’m clumsy and always rub my leg against them or slip somehow. Thanks for the trade offer, but I’m just looking to sell only. Tell you what, to help with gas and you taking them off my truck, I will do $275. Let me know.
  4. I am from Lewisburg WV originally, so hope all is well back in my home state. I can certainly look into shipping, but am confident it will be fairly high. I am not that far from Pennsylvania, so I would consider a meet and greet if you're willing to drive some. I can be in Scranton PA in an hour, but even from Morgantown (if you live close to there), it's still 5 hours drive.
  5. I would ship, but man these things are big and heavy. I can't begin to imagine what the shipping costs would be. For what it's worth, I love Tennessee...beautiful state. Hopfully somebody within a reasonable distance chimes in soon. It is a great deal.
  6. Yes, they have the Sierra name on them and my truck is a crew cab. I am not sure if they would work for a double cab, but it may be the same part number.
  7. A few pics...detailed, and 50hp gain from american flag and shackle hitch receiver
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