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  1. Nobody else having this issue? It’s happened a few more times. I have noticed a few times while it does it it shows “media indexing”. I think it says that when I’m on USB. I was wondering if it might have something to do with my 32GB USB stick full of music. Maybe too much info for it to read while the radio is starting up?
  2. I was a detailer for a few years when I was younger and it’s been a hobby of mine ever since. First things first, try not to wash in direct sun, especially for dark colours, like black vinyl. For a soft vinyl tonneau cover I would use a diluted all purpose cleaner like Simple Green (dilute based on strength needed) with a soft bristle brush. Keep the paint of your truck wet and wash or rinse the cleaner really well from your paint. If it’s too strong it can leave streaks that will need to be waxed or polished out. After the cover is rinsed really well, let it dry. Then get yourself a good quality exterior vinyl dressing. I prefer PRO products if you can find them in your area. Spray it onto a wax applicator and then massage it into the vinyl in small circles. Depending on how faded and thirsty your vinyl is it may need a few coats. Once it’s looking good and even you can either leave it as it is for the high gloss look but that will most likely gather dust. Get a clean rag and give the vinyl a wipe down to get any excess dressing off. This will help prevent dust. A nice wipe down can get you a nice semigloss look that will last for weeks (depending on the product you use). FYI You can use this process for tires and all that exterior textured black plastic trim (great for getting dried wax off of trim). Just vary the amount of cleaner you use depending on what your cleaning. And always remember to wipe down your tires after applying any kind of tire shine no matter what the bottle says. Otherwise as soon as you drive away it’s gonna fling all over tour freshly cleaned paint.
  3. I got the upper and lower organizers for the center console the other day. The upper one is pretty decent, maybe the lower one will grow on me. There was a discount if you bought more than one piece so it was only $10 more. They are very well made and fit really well. The bottom one wedges in place right at the bottom. The top one has four little notches that keep it in place on the rails in the console. The little rubber non skid matts in the upper tray are nice and grippy and have a diamond plate design that looks pretty cool. They are made by Vehicle OCD on Amazon. Nice to have some organization in there now.
  4. Hey all! New-ish member here. Just got back into a GM product after about 9 years with my ‘08 Dodge Dakota. Awesome little truck but it was coming time for an upgrade. Enter the 2020 Sierra AT4! I love this truck! I’m already loving the info on this forum and getting some great answers to my questions with this new truck.
  5. I’ve had my 2020 AT4 for a few months now and occasionally right after startup I will get intermittent audio for about 30 seconds. It’s happened on all sources (usb, radio, Sirius, iPhone over Bluetooth). Everything else seems fine I can even watch the time of the song keep going and even pause while I can’t hear anything. Always clears up after 30 seconds or so.
  6. Right on. I’ve had a few friends who were “told” how to setup their WDH but didn’t know there was some adjustment to dial it in perfect.
  7. Do you have any adjustment left in your WDH? Maybe one less chain link on your bars would get you level?
  8. Thanks. It was raining so hard that day. Helped in washing the winter grime off the trailer though.
  9. For safety sake I would go with a WDH. They are easy to setup initially and then super easy every time you use it, just a couple extra steps. The highways I take to go camping can be pretty nasty... ever watched the show “Highway Thru Hell”? The twists and turns and steep hills can get pretty hairy in the rain or snow, or even on a dry sunny day can get sketchy. The extra control I feel with a WDH installed is night and day. The only thing I don’t like about them is how heavy the hitch is to put in the receiver. My trailer only weighs 4000 lbs so I tried it both ways because I really wanted to run a standard hitch to save my back. But the benefits of the WDH were clear.
  10. Love how this truck pulls my little trailer. Much better than my 08 Dakota. No problems up those steep canyon roads.
  11. Very cool I can’t wait to see what you do. I bought a black 2020 AT4 5.3L a few months ago. I love it! All I’ve done is had the dealer install the REV hard tonneau cover. I’ve got an organizer for the giant center console coming and I’d also like to get some vent visors.
  12. Excellent point on the rails. The fronts go to the drains and the rears just drain near the tailgate. Just need some free time to identify each leak and take care of em.
  13. Good to hear you guys have the same cover and it keeps dry. I just need some free time when it’s dry to get out there and do a proper water test to see exactly where it’s leaking and fix it.
  14. This is the REV hard tri-fold installed from the dealer. I have read it is possibly made by the same manufacturer as the Backflip.
  15. Now just gotta figure out why the gutter drains leak so bad. The left drain seems tighter than the right but both leak anyway. Might just have to silicone them.
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