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  1. Was there any changes on how stabilitrak works on the 2019+ models with the new brake system? I actually found it somewhat useful in some deeper snow driving the other day. Feels way different then my previous truck. The traction control on the other hand is useless in snow
  2. I'm pretty sure its the same one, the one I found here was the same for the Sierra as well
  3. I am sometimes In a remote area where there is no cell service, and Sirius seems to be on repeat for weeks on end. FM is the only other option or recorded playlists on Spotify. The FM station sometimes broadcasts local games though too which is nice.
  4. Lets see out of the 20 vehicles I drive around regularly or are a passenger in, half of them get it clearly and half do not. So like I said it SEEMS about 50% of vehicles are capable of getting it clearly, a 19 Sierra is not one of them. That's why I asked if anyone knows of a way to get better reception, aftermarket or otherwise.
  5. There is a good FM station near me, that only about 50% of vehicles seem to have a good enough antenna to get clearly. The 19 sierra is not one of them. Is there any way to boost the FM signal? An aftermarket antenna or something?
  6. Is there a specific name for that roll-up to order?
  7. Ok its pretty obvious how to shut traction control off, as well as stabilitrak. Is there any way to keep it there? I drive through lots of snow and a lot of the time a good spin helps me get to or out of where I need to be. It seems though even with everything shut off something is happening traction wise with a good spin. It doesn't sound good either, a bunch of clicking and what not behind the dash. Is that the brakes being applied maybe with the stabilitrak re-activating on its own? It would be nice to control the spin myself and not the computer. I was in auto when I noticed this, maybe this won't happen in 4x4?
  8. At least you have the center console. I'm still pissed mine doesn't open. I never would have thought it wouldn't open before I got the truck home then found out. Hopefully there is an aftermarket solution soon
  9. ok, it seems if the mechanism releases, unless the tailgate immediately opens it latches itself shut again. It makes for some awkward timing especially if one hand is full.
  10. Anyone else having issues with their tailgate not wanting to open in the cold? Mine will not open unless I give it a pull at the same time the latch activates with the button, sometimes this takes a few try's to time it right. I believe it is just the grease in the hinges being sticky and also the lowering cylinder or mechanism being sluggish. I don't have ice anywhere. Maybe it will be better as it wears in?
  11. Anyone know if the 19's specifically the 5.3 AFM have the block heater only function when the temp is below 0F? i know this was the case for a while, but don't know if it still is.
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