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  1. My 19 sierra has the chrome outline trim around a black grill. Has anyone found a way to change it to black? Can just the surround be ordered? I imagine the surround part is the same for all models, i'm just not sure if the whole grill has to be changed as well?
  2. Hmmm you have show message notifications set to off? I guess i could try that. I currently get no sound notication or pop-down notification. The phone still gets the message, but when plugged into AA the phones chime is muted, so I never see any indication of a message until i stop and look at my phone to see if i missed anything
  3. Truck went back in yesterday. Dealer calls and says that they called GM and apparently it is a known issue with the latest infotainment update (phone won't even be recognized when plugged in), but google is working on a fix, so basically nothing i can do. Wait, theres a problem with your last update making Android Auto completely non-usable, bit Google is working on a fix??? right. Anyway i just walk away and figure I will try another dealer and see if this is a load of BS or not. I get in my truck and my cell battery is low so i plug it in. AA works fine???? Anyway I'm back to where i started Android Auto at least works, but I still get no text notifications. I will try a different phone and see if i can not isolate the issue to my phone or the truck now
  4. Gave that a shot and no difference. Android 11 now has AA built in now too, so theres no real option to uninstall the app
  5. So i didn't get to trying a second phone as i made a recall appointment and the dealer said they would have a look at that time. Anyway after the dealership visit (they said they updated the infotainment system) get in my truck and the system wont connect to my phone at all. I go back in and they say its my cord. Anyway instead of listening to more BS and arguing. I leave and try 3 different cables and 2 phones and absolutely nothing. Truck goes back next week.
  6. Ya everything is up to date. I will try my kids phone out on the weekend, see what happens
  7. Hmm interesting, my phone does auto-update. I am also on android 11 now, which i think may have been in and around the time i started having troubles. With android 11 android auto is now "built in" I am not sure how I can install an older version to try. Any ideas?
  8. https://thedroidguy.com/s10-notification-problems-after-android-10-1116416 Yes, i went through all the above too. Confirmed on way home that incoming and outgoing calls work, spotify and also Google assistant works. Just can't get text notifications. It's driving me nuts
  9. I have a base, so no notifications in the gauge cluster anyway. I get zero notifications on the android auto display and my phone is also muted when plugged in. The truck goes in for recalls next Tuesday and i will have them take a look. I am almost certain it is my phone though and not the truck.
  10. Yup, i've gone through them all. Still doesn't work
  11. I searched but couldn't find an answer anywhere. Galaxy s10 when hooked up to android auto will not get any text notifications. It worked fine months ago, I have tried re-installing android auto and a bunch of other things. My phone, no matter the volume level will also not give any indication of a text message recieved when plugged in. A notice does come up on the phone screen though, so I have to check every time after a drive. Spotify seems to be working o.k. I'm sure I went through all the settings and permissions. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone try a cardongle yet or other device to give the infotainment screen full android powers and wireless control? Other than that $700 mod i've seen
  12. Feel lucky if you only have salt on the roads and not calcium chloride like they have here. It has to do 3 times the damage salt does.
  13. Seen plenty of videos of guys wiring a switch to the fuse panel to switch off the ABS to deactivate stabiltrak when needed. All of these trucks are previous generations. Any one know what fuse would work or have tried this on the T1?
  14. Thanks, ill see if I can find some. I know about the armor all, thats why i mentioned it. Hard to keep black looking good
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