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  1. Thanks! Are they lower then the stock ones too, or just wider?
  2. Does anyone have the larger gm mud guards installed on a sierra, and could post a couple pics? The GM accessory site only shows extreme close-ups. I have a ton of rock chips already and am trying to decide between these or after market
  3. I took the cover off last night and couldn't see any broken pcs. I think that noise may be the plastic reinforcement ribs catching an edge as the tailgate flexes, or the screws that hold it in place pulling out a thread or so
  4. Let me know what you find, I know, its a awful loud snapping sound
  5. I got that too, I assumed it was the latch handle (button now I guess) plastic barbs popping out. I think sometimes they don't come out far enough and snap back in on there own. Its usually just the top that pops out. It takes a solid hit to snap it back in. Seems to be worse in the cold so far too, maybe the plastic can flex a bit more when warm.
  6. Yes, the snowmobile is 670lbs, but still dont have this issue with my other truck. Hasnt happened with my lighter sleds
  7. My latch half pops out when i load something heavy, so theres some serious flex for sure.
  8. https://accessories.gmc.com/ type in your vehicle, look up your accessory, click on documentation and the instructions should be there
  9. Like i said ,it was included with other stuff, so i dont really care if it does or not
  10. Banned? They put one on my truck. It was included in the 10 year rust protection package. I haven't had a vehicle make it passed 6 years here without rust somewhere on it. I was told it probably doesn't do anything but its included anyway with the undercoating and rust warranty. Think it was $1000 for the under coating/warranty
  11. The distance from the center of the hub to the ground will only change if your tire is low, if your tire is floating in mid air, or you have a something under the tire which is under the tire but not sticking out past the tire ie, a 2" rock (not happening on any normal surface) If the ground is lower, or there is a pot hole there your suspension will take up that distance not your tire I guess you could run different size tires too
  12. That would only make a difference if a tire was low
  13. Ya same thing in my 19, no xm or onstar
  14. What did the whole process set you back? Also is that the 7" or 8" display or was stock 7" now you have 8"?
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