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  1. Ok weird. After washing i noticed the rock guarded trianglular area in front of the rear tire was on the grey side. I had to really buff to get it to go black, thats when i noticed the mud guard was real rough on that face only
  2. This is the front mud guard on the rear tire on my truck. I washed it and noticed the texture on this face looks sandblasted or really rough compared to the one on the other side of the tire or the ones on the front tire. Does anyone else have this? I only have 5000miles on, i can't see it being from dirt/salt on roads. Also do all the trucks have the "rock guard" type spray on the fender/rocker in this area, or did the dealer do this?
  3. Goodyear duratracs on mine but 275/65/18
  4. That plastic is not just a protector anymore, it is hollow underneath it
  5. Next time it happens i will. Theres 2 barbed type clips up top similar to the older style ones. These ones pop out and it gangs out 1/2-3/4". The bottom stays in
  6. Anyone else have their tailgate handle (guess there actually isn't a handle anymore) pop out when loading an atv or sled? Mine pops out every time. I am not sure if the tailgate flexes that much or what is going on. It is not loose as it takes some good force to snap it back in. I do not have the multi-pro
  7. Its easy to find outstanding recalls, but is there a way to see completed recalls on a vehicle? Mine sat on the lot for a quite a while and am just curious to see if anything was done before I picked it up
  8. Ive seen a '20 hd with a utility trailer hooked up lights flash every 10seconds or so while the truck was off and no key fob in truck. Nothing on the truck itself, just the trailer lights. Not sure why the trailer plug power has this, or if this ever stops after a certain amount of time or something
  9. Nope, box lights too and also the LED by the tailgate handle, or button i guess you would say now
  10. Ya, turn your cargo light switch on. Its on the left of your dash by the fog light switch
  11. Nope not max tow, just the normal one and x31. Strange, maybe the higher trims get it and the lower doesn't
  12. My 19 5.3 does not have. All the mounts are there, but there is no shutters in place. Maybe it is removed with tow package?
  13. Try flushing the hinges out with a lighter spray like wd-40. Mine never worked either until I sprayed it. I think they use a white lithium grease from the factory, but it turns to glue in the cold. Ive had no more issues for a while now. -30 this a.m.
  14. That rear end bouncing around may not be the E-rated tires, but more how the 19s behave. Mine is the same with C rated tires and does it as well. My other older trucks with the E rated does not. I head out hundreds of miles into no cell service range often and usually always run E's just for the piece of mind. There are lots of sharp rocks here. I have never had a flat in 8 years other than a slow rim leak here and there , but come across guys with P- rated tires steady with flats, even one guy that had 2 at once. I'm sure D range is plenty, but not as many options as E. I have had flats with C's as well
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