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    2019 Sierra SLT 6.2L CC Short Box
  1. GM Torque Specs

    Classic! Thanks for the laugh. That method has always worked for me as well. Guess I'll stick with it.
  2. GM Torque Specs

    Really? No one? Just winging it?
  3. New Running Boards or Rock Sliders

    How do you like the Grabbers? Smooth and quiet on the highway? Any noticeable loss of power with the heavier tires? Sweet looking ride!
  4. Nice rig! Any lift/level done? What size are the tires?
  5. GM Torque Specs

    For those of you leveling your trucks yourselves, what are you using for torque specs when reassembling everything? I'm doing front and rear.
  6. I think it looks great. I too prefer a leveled look but often tow or haul heavy stuff so I don’t mind some rake. I love the white too! Definitely concur with the liners.
  7. Which level kit for RST?

    Another thing to think about if their 1” rear lift block is really lifting the rear by 2” is your shock travel. You’re going to bottom out your shock and will likely have a rough ride if you don’t replace the shock with a longer travel shock.
  8. Which level kit for RST?

    I don’t. I ordered their block that says it lifts the rear a true 1” but I don’t know if they’re assuming there is a factory rear block that is removed to make that happen. I saw your pics and I like it so I’ll stick with theirs. I received the kit but haven’t had it installed yet. I tow a lot so I don’t mind the rake as much. I just don’t want too much.
  9. How do you like the ATx? Good on the highway?
  10. Drag racing with travel trailers

    I love these guys! I subscribe to their YouTube channel. Great videos!
  11. Which level kit for RST?

    I just ordered the FabTech 2" front and the 1" rear block. May want to take a look at those. I went with the top mount spacer.
  12. Tire Recommendations

    Nothing yet. I'm leery of upsizing until I know what will fit. I don't want any rubbing.
  13. Tire Recommendations

    Looking at getting some new kicks on the new ride. I've narrowed it down to 3...General Grabber ATx, Goodyear All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar, or Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT. Anyone have any experience with any of those? I don't do a ton of off-roading but I do tow and would like something that rides well on the highway. I've had Duratracs, BFG TA KO2s, and Terra Grapplers and I didn't think any of them were that great. Each of the 3 that I'm considering offer either a 30-day or 45-day trial period and satisfaction guarantee. Also, I'd like to put on LT285/60R20. It's a 33.5" x 11.5" tire. Any issues with rubbing with a 2" level and stock wheels? Thanks fellas!
  14. Towing Pics

    Nice TT! Is that 35'? I agree about driving a 2500 daily. I have a 33' TT and just traded in a 2500 Duramax. Loved how it towed the camper but didn't care to drive it on the rough MI roads everyday. Hoping the new 6.2L Sierra will tow it half as well as the HD did.
  15. What about the Flowmaster American Thunder? Someone posted a video and I thought it sounded pretty beefy.

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