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  1. I did this to my last truck and it was extremely time consuming and difficult. But I didn’t know what I was doing back then. This time I taped around it and sprayed them on the truck. It was actually very easy. Tape around the badge. You want about 2” of paint showing all around it. Put at least 6-8” of tape to protect from over spray. Spray the entire space including the emblem and paint within the tape job. Light spray to start then wait 15 mins and spray again. You want at least 4 coats. Wait 15 minutes in between each spray. Let dry completely at least 30 mins. Then start pulling the tape off and the plastic dip on the paint will start peeling off as well but leave the paint on the emblem. It was super easy...
  2. Hi All, i am selling my 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT 4 20" wheels and tires. tires are 275/60. they have zero miles on them. i had the dealer lift the truck and install new wheels and tires as soon as it arrived. wheels and tires are already mounted, balanced and include the TPMS... $2750 for all including free shipping within the mainland USA. i am also selling the standard AT4 step bars. I'm in South Louisiana, probaby best to be someone close by. shipping would be too expensive. Looking for $650 for these. i also have all the old struts, spacers and shocks that they removed when installing the lift.
  3. here are my pics. just got the truck today. i did the RC 4" lift. 295/65/R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Black Rhino 20x9 wheels RBP power steps hard tri fold tonneau cover front windows tint match rear. plasti all badges
  4. will do. i was worried about the garage as well. my cousin has a ram truck that has a 6" lift and we measured his truck to the top of his room antenna and it was at 82" i think my at 4 with a 4" lift will be roughly same height. in which case most garages i think are 7 ft. i only go to a garage at the airport or to Pelicans games at the arena. the airport has a brand new garage and have huge clearances. the superdome garage is old and low so i may have issues there. but i figured who cares this truck is going to look bad ass and i will just take my wifes car to the games...
  5. I have decided to go with the rough country 4” suspension lift instead of the level kit. also switched to 295/65 Nitto ridge grapplers and black rhino stadium 20x9 wheels. and switched to the rbp stealth power step bars instead of the amp research ones. planning on plasti dipping the front and back gmc emblems, the Sierra on the tailgate, all at4 emblems and the chrome exhaust tips. i also plan on removing the valance.
  6. does anyone have an AT4 with 2" level kit and 35" tires that can tell me the height of the truck from the ground to the top of the mounted antenna on the roof? trying to get an exact measurement to know if i will be able to park this inside of parking garages...
  7. yes it is those 20". i am planning selling them along with the stock tires. they will have zero miles on them. truck is still in transit so once they get it they will take these off and put my new ones on immediately.
  8. Just put a deposit down for a 2020 1500 AT4, all black. here are the things i am doing to it. what else have you guys done? truck is coming with the performance exhaust upgrade. putting a 2" level kit taking off the stock wheels and tires and going with a GM all black wheel 20" and 285/65/r20 Nitto Ridge Grappler taking off stock step bars and putting the amp research power steps adding hard folding tonneau cover replacing chrome exhaust tips with black tips i plan on selling the full set of stock wheels and tires and the bars... i am thinking about getting the kicker subwoofer added too. can't think of anything else but i may be.
  9. i installed the AFE CAI and Magnaflow 12909 on my 2017 sierra denali 6.2. love the sound. cant say the performance is any better. although definitely see a better MPG now. still shifts like shit! i need to do a tune.
  10. while the wireless charging would be great to have and i still would like it to work. you still need to plug in the phone to be able to use car play correct? it would be great if GM came out with a hardware update for the wireless charging to work on 14-17 model years for the iphone. as well as a software or hardware update so you can wirelessly use apple carplay.
  11. Tri mode running boards are sold! Wheels and Tires still available $2250. Free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. no. you need to create the harness. you can see where the harness plugs into in the first picture. i couldn't get the harness out of the truck without cutting it which would have voided my warranty.
  13. bump. $2250 for wheels and tires $900 for Tri-Mode Step Bars i am offering free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.
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