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  1. I can attest to how they felt on my previously owned F150. I had them on the middle setting and the quality was good. When I took all the rake out and put it on the max setting the truck felt bouncy to me, not stiff at all. I really liked the ride in the middle setting. GMC/Chevy may be different but I doubt it.
  2. z1boss can you give an update on how the ReadyLift SST has performed for you, any issues? I am looking at this kit for my 2020 GMC AT4.
  3. I like it! Wish they would color match the AT4. I hate the black plastic on the fenders, only thing that looks cheap on my truck.
  4. I normally level trucks and install aftermarket wheels. I really like this truck. I did remove the factory steps and installed a set of Amp Powersteps this weekend. Something about those steps, once you've had a set it is all you want.
  5. 44 years old and bought my first ever GM product, 2020 GMC AT4. So far I love the truck and the Pacific Blue color. Look forward to learning and sharing. No MODS planned as I am very happy with the truck and the look. So far have a Retrax bed cover, a vault storage under the rear seat and Magna flow exhaust. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
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