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  1. Have to say I couldn’t feel or notice a difference til I had my first oil change then it changed. At low speeds in town, 20 to 30 mph, I notice the shutter in my seat and steering wheel. I know the feeling cause my wife’s ‘19 Yukon Denali has the same terrible feeling while cruising at highway speeds. Any insight on a problem that developed during the oil change and fix or do I have to deal with it? 2019 GMC Crew 4x4 AT4 with 5.3 and 8speed transmission. 9000 miles.
  2. This is our second Denali that has paint chipping off the plastic bumper on the top edge on both sides where it meets the fender. There must be a fair amount of flex going on that causes this. Has anyone dealt with this issue yet?
  3. After 2 weeks and a new radio, a receiver and a hmi module the Yukon is finally fixed. The hmi was the final part installed that fixed the problem. Like I mentioned in an earlier post we have to go back and have them install a bezel that they scratched during removal. They said due to the GM strike that part will take awhile to get. Thanks everyone for your input and the wealth of knowledge here on this website!
  4. Tried the fuse trick with no luck. Just noticed today the hdmi ports below the radio do not work either. Starting to wonder if these are related to the radio black screen problem. Also noticed after startup radio works with black screen but after a minute it cuts out for a second here and there for a couple more minutes then hoed dead. Ground? Back to the dealer on Tuesday.
  5. Well 5 days at the dealer, still have black screen and radio not working. To top it off I noticed the bezel around the a/c controls and the one above it are scratched on the sides where they pryed to get the trim off. Frustrating. We will see what next week brings now.
  6. Passed the info onto the dealer this morning. Stopped by this afternoon and they said they ordered a new radio and receiver. They believe this is the culprit. We will see tomorrow. Thanks for your input.
  7. Didn’t think my first post would be a problem with my Yukon but here I go. This weekend the wife started her Yukon up and screen on radio was black. She had sound but only stays on for 3 mins after starting and then dead silence. During the 3 minutes she could only use the steering wheel radio controls to adjust the radio. Turn the beast off and start again the radio plays for 3 minutes and off it goes. The whole time though when she backs up the camera displays on the screen and in drive again goes black and still no radio. The dealer got it in first thing this morning but is perplexed as what it is as they worked on it for 5 hrs today with no results. Has anyone had this problem and any ideas what it might be?
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