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  1. I did get an update pushed the other week... PS running on LO is going to crank your AC, so again I'm guessing your AC was needing the engine on. idk...
  2. this happened to me a few weeks ago and then shutoff later the next day. mine was unsettling as it came on while driving through some fields (hey it's a truck right?) nothing reckless, just pulling a turkey blind. Never noticed any performance issues but for having less than 10k on the odometer and just 2 years old...
  3. couldn't find the before, but here's an after of my pontiac g8 after using the above 2 products in 2018 after 9 years and 60k. no water used, just rags.
  4. Highly recommend wolfgang total engine cleaner. Does a great job without the need for water. If I wasn't lazy I'd show some before and after. https://www.autogeek.net/wolfgang-total-engine-cleaner.html Also some Sonus trim and motor kote is a great product to add shine without the need to wipe. Of course with both products it's always good to cover the electrical (esp alt) and the intakes. https://www.autogeek.net/sonus-trim-motor-kote.html
  5. I'm going to guess based on your location that your A/C was cranking in the heat and until you reached the thermostat auto level (or if it was just set on some fan setting) that your engine was needed to keep the air coming and auto-stop wouldn't kick in.
  6. Just had this hit yesterday, coming out of a field after doing some work in the deer woods. was still on on the way to little league and then off on the way home. Seems to be running ok now. less thank 10k on my 19
  7. A truck in its natural habitat. Careful, can be aggressive if startled.
  8. I didn't want the safety package but it was the only truck on the lot that had the stuff I did. In hindsight I really like the blindspot alerts and the beep when backing up isn't as nice as the cross traffic warning that you're about to back out of the parking spot into someone coming down the lane.
  9. to be fair, at 26k (depending on habits) you might be close to needing new pads/rotors. But for sure nobody should be having this issue under 10k.
  10. yeah not to pick nits, but I think that's the point. The sticker on my rst z71 was in the high 50's I think and it's crazy to have it sound like a 90's accord with 200k on it. Don't get me wrong, I love the truck (minus the sunglass holder removal ?) but it's a sign of "cheapness" or "neglect" and that just bugs me.
  11. that's interesting. My wife's old explorer had a squirrel make a nest in the engine bay (yes daily driver). Thing chewed through the rear washer hose line (thank god could have been worse). Read that a lot of the rubbers are now made with bio/eco friendly oils that attract things that like nuts and berries. We win and and lose it seems.
  12. seems weird that in 100 years of making trucks that this would be a new issue...
  13. now that you mention it, mine is only in reverse too. odd.
  14. I have a 19, all recalls done and just ticked 10k at 18 months and while not all the time and obviously more prominent in wet weather I've noticed my breaks are pretty squeaky on the first few slow breaks. Never had this on any of my silverados before. And normally I wouldn't care if it was a faint squeak, but it's a loud "change your pads" kind of squeak and even my dad commented on it. Just me?
  15. a good read https://www.edmunds.com/car-safety/are-smaller-cars-as-safe-as-large-cars.html#:~:text=Bigger Cars Are Safer Than,still safer than small ones.&text=Large vehicles weigh more and,an advantage in frontal crashes.
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