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  1. and by everyone, it appears to be a small handful of RST owners. If it was truly that bad, you'd see more than a single 4 page topic on it. A vocal minority, doesn't mean the many RST owners such as myself are upset. Our silence is mostly because we're happy.
  2. i've modded just about every car or truck i've ever owned. Every mod was done with an expense to me to make the car or truck better. As some in this thread have also agreed, there might not really be an issue at all with the ride quality, but your expectations are higher. So when your car isn't fast enough for you, rarely do you blame the manufacturer, instead you spend some money to make it faster and to your liking. Maybe this isn't apples to apples, but I think it's close. You didn't like the ride, but many do. You spent some of your money on aftermarket premium products to bring the ride to your standards.
  3. we can hope for a sunglass holder and adjustable seatbelt maybe? they weill tout these as enhancements because they f'n eliminated them in 19. "We are excited to announce the reintroduction of basic 1970's features like center console storage and sunglass holders. We are sure that ford and dodge fans will love the new chevy"
  4. if you guys are really serious you'll avoid chemicals all together and get a steamer. Absolutely amazing cleaning abilities with no chemicals and great for the nooks and crannies https://www.amazon.com/McCulloch-MC1375-Canister-Steam-System/dp/B00G00BT72/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3SHY5334DZBAV&keywords=mcculloch+steam+cleaner&qid=1566317232&s=gateway&sprefix=mcculo%2Caps%2C384&sr=8-4
  5. I have owned 3 silverados in a row and never even thought about another brand, but i too might take a look at some other trucks when my lease is up. I'll say this though, at least chevy didn't try to sell us a turbo 6 like ford did. sunglass holder? that's nothing compared to the shit show that must have created
  6. yeah the cleaning wipes are good. But as you said, armoralls protectant will actually do more harm than good in the long run and should be avoided if you care about your ride. Sure it's a nice glossy finish that some like, but there are better alternatives out there that also include good uv protectants.
  7. at first i was going to say it's common for people to bitch more than compliment, but then you referenced other forums where this wasn't as much of the case. I don't know about the other trucks, but I know this isn't a refresh, but a redesign and so the change is somewhat drastic. maybe that's it? Why others would come in to bash a truck they don't own is also beyond me. I'll say this though. As a previous 16 LT Z71 owner, that truck was tits. Sure there are some real nice adds on my 19 like push button start and unlock, heated steering wheel, sport mode and a much peppier 1st gear, but it doesn't seem to have that same "this has it all and nothing extra" feel my 16 had. It's hard for some of us to put our finger on it I think so we nit pick things. Now I upgraded a little with an RST, factory running boards and a safety package this year and also went crew over dbl, but I'm paying over $100 a month more and I just don't know if it feels like $100 a month more.
  8. what am i missing? I press voice and ask seri to read text messages.
  9. i get this too. a clunk at lower speeds when slowing down. For me it sounds like something is banging around in the bed... but it's empty.
  10. you should be banned for recommending this garbage. Anybody with any detailing knowledge at all would agree. The cleaner is ok. The protectant is horrible for your dash.
  11. mckees fast interior is great. light cleaning and light protectant and safe for all surfaces including lcd screen. If you're really dirty you'll need something else, and I also recommend a more permanent protectant. But this stuff is great for a quick and efficient light clean. I also recommend a swiffer wipe wand. they're awesome for getting the dust and i'll use one with the windows open doing 30. https://www.autogeek.net/mckees-fast-interior-detail.html
  12. thank you! I noticed this like day 3 of ownership and thought I had a factory defect issue. I peak under there and i'm like really? who designed that? It's not like a/c and exhaust are new concepts.
  13. drove with sport mode the other day and it is a nice change when you need peppy driving. otherwise i've been leaving it off for normal commuting. Love that this is an option though and it's probably underappreciated and underutilized for the truck community. We bitch a lot and don't praise some of the nice adds.
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