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  1. just an update should anyone stumble on this in the future. According to the dealer there was a wire that damaged. Not sure where or how, but he also said that he's seen this issue a few times already.
  2. thanks. might drive it another day or 2 to see if it'll reset on its own. all the gauges, sounds and feels are normal.
  3. Today I got a u0284 and u1345 my obd WiFi scanner says it’s the active grill air shutter and o2 sensor. I’d like to reset before dealing with a service call in the middle of all this corona stuff. Most of the free scanner apps require a subscription to reset a code. Does anyone have any free suggestions, I’m not overly worried about the code just yet. There’s a tech bulletin out there Regarding a battery sensor but not for the Silverado https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10154631-9999.pdf also annoyed to have this happen with just 7k miles...
  4. like the insert guys. my truck is black, so I like the all black look. even the one decal i added to the rear window is black so that it's just barely noticeable. i'm glad they left it as is, or i think you'd see more "how do I remove the color" threads then you would, adding color.
  5. yep lots of exclusions. still a decent site though, i've ordered a lot from them and have even had customer service provide a discount to some excluded items. never hurts to try.
  6. I'm not saying or have I ever stated that I love the interior of my truck and that ford and dodge don't outperform in this category. What I was trying to say, although yes I was a little snippy about it is that the interior is much further down the list for me for a truck and the other attributes the silverado brings to the table in my opinion are superior to the other domestics and that's why I have a chevy. I do think they can and should do better. Competition is good and someone has to say something to sell those motertrend mags rights? When we were shopping for our kid hauler, we were mostly looking for roominess and flexibility, but the interior was very high on the list. When I shop for my summer car, the interior is very high on the list. I'm saving/planning for the new vette and the only thing I dont like is the center armrest button thing. But for a truck? Just not a huge deal. Sorry not sorry. I had a 16 before my 19 so I feel qualified to speak to it. My 16 was an LT, so basically the same trim as my 19. If this dude is bragging about his 16's interior... I'm not sure he's ever been in a 19. There's very little changed as far as the overall design. Things I liked more in my 16's interior sunglass holder usb charger inside the armrest not on the dash z71 on the door sills and not on the mats z71 carbon fiber inlays on the gauges better base model backup camera and stereo more storage in the bottom seat cubby Things I like more on my 19 softer materials push button start e-brake nicer wood grain accent HEATED FREAKING STEERING WHEEL rear usbs (i have a crew now and dbl before so not sure if this is new) Truthfully a lot of what I liked better on the 16 could have stayed and the additions to the 19 could have come along with it anyhow. I do not feel that the 19 kept up with the times as well as it should have for a brand new model, but I don't look back at the 16 as some marvel of luxury either
  7. I've had more compliments about my 19 RST than any other truck I've owned. I'm not sure what world you're living in... And I believe the world you live in is much different than mine, because my whole family owns trucks and rarely do we discuss how pretty our interiors are. It goes: what size cab, what size bed, what engine, z71 or no?, backup camera?, hows it ride?, how's it on gas? but then again, we hunt, fish and use our trucks as trucks. Maybe yours is stuck in California commuter traffic?
  8. I think the complainers just have a louder voice. Granted the truck has come a long way and many people use them as daily drivers now, but I am climbing in and out of mine a lot during hunting season with bloody hands and muddy boots. I have a nice car that rarely sees the rain, but my truck I want to be made simpler. Durability and ease of cleaning is more important to me than anything else. That said, I think they can improve for sure, but I never once considered another truck because of the interior.
  9. The LT sure does hit the sweet spot, but i bet fleet vehicle WTs are in the mix. In upstate NY I'd say LT, Custom, LTZ and RST tie for 3rd then HC and in last for sure is the TB
  10. what I love about cars and trucks is that everyone has their preference. You can go wild and crazy, subtle and sleeper. It's all up to you and your imagination and in the end that's all that matters. That truck isn't my cup of tea, but cheers to whoever loves it, so long as it makes you happy. PS just don't bitch about the mpg
  11. mine is finicky with my tonneau cover evern after i messed with it. I've chalked this up to a gimmicky feature that is pretty neat when it works, but not all that reliable. At the end of the day it doesn't change my opinion too much of the truck, just of GM when they remove basic features to add fluff that doesn't really work.
  12. I've been B-lo since high school. I'm not going anywhere, but after a few failed campaigns I dont think he will be in the news much longer either
  13. while I dont disagree with you, I think it's more of an annoyance because it's such an easy fix. You can customize your phone, tv, thermostat and even some beds today to your liking. It would be one of those "neat features I leaned about my truck" if you could select a setting for it to stay on. Am I one of those ready to sell my truck over it? no. Do I think they could have made it better in a few spots? yes.
  14. yep should, and i think just about all domestic and Japanese too. not sure about Europe.
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