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  1. i'm the opposite kind of, RST with z71 and I think I was in around $54k with options... I needed that dual exhaust haha.
  2. yep that's where mine is and it fit me perfect. Nice trim, nice wheels and all the bells and whistles I really need (carplay, heated stuff, remote keyless etc) and nothing extra except the safety package which was on the truck I wanted. I dont think the safety package is worth what they charge, but I don't hate it either.
  3. I know, it was a joke. But mine fit in my 16 and weren't out in the open for a thieves eye and not exposed to UV.
  4. so weird that the RST got f'd over when it's a pretty expensive package and not to shy of the ltz with features.
  5. yeah... but do you have a sunglass holder!?
  6. holy shit and a high country to boot!
  7. yeah thats my plan. I'm nearing my first "free" oil change and have the 2 recalls and figure I'll ask while I'm there. There's a long thread somewhere on this that describes it, but iirc it has something to do with build date and plant. I guess I was unlucky. I dont think it applies to the sound package upgrade, just those of us with the base model stereo.
  8. eh I live in upstate NY, but I love the feature. Wife's explorer has it too. One last thing to deal with in the cold and snow when my hands are cold already. I can see some situations like the OP where very dusty environments are bad, but I've never had snow and ice accumulate inside and it's one last OBD light to deal with because of a bad cap.
  9. everytime i see this i'm reminded and annoyed that my expensive ass z71 RST doesn't have the update feature... With all the tech these days, the ability to not update your tech is ridiculous. I constantly have buggy connection and audio issues with carplay that I have no doubt would be solved with some patches.
  10. yeah i should reiterate that I'm not that lazy, but maybe not as diligent as some. I should have taken a pictures, but what happens it seems is that access snow from the hood blows back and gets trapped UNDER the wiper. It may be just a result of the design of the hood, windshield and trim.
  11. I'm guilty of being harsh, also on hunting sites haha. But I have thick enough skin that it doesn't bother me as I understand sometimes people are just having a bad day. that's the kind of feedback I was looking for honestly. Sometimes it's a common fault across the platform, or it could be a one off. the funny thing is that I am the father now haha. But I've also grown up with the internet where everyone is perfect, so it's all good. Appreciate your opinion on the motor power.
  12. I knew I'd get these kinds of responses. Thanks for being unhelpful. The point is, apples to apples, whether you agree with the practice or not, these motors aren't powerful. Never had this issue in my 16. And if you really read my post you'd know I had a clean truck get clogged and fail in a snow storm while driving... not sure what I'm supposed to do about that.
  13. I live in upstate NY, I'm not always the most diligent about wiping ALL the snow and crap from my windshield, and with 20 years of driving and a dozen or so vehicles I've never had a wiper motor this wimpy. My wife's mazda hatchback was better. Like if there's any amount of snow between the hood and wipers preventing it from going all the way down it'll quit. Any slight resistance on the windshield and it wont move, and I'm not talking frozen stuck, but just slush. It was bad enough that I was driving during a snow storm and had to pull over as it was accumulating and packing in the trim between hood and windshield and quit working! I think the part that gets me is that this is a freaking truck... a 4wd z71 offroad truck and it's borderline dangerous. Anyone else in snow country having this issue or just me? This is a bitching post yes, but I'm also trying to verify if maybe I have a defect.
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