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  1. Sales rep is being slow and vague, I thought I would see if anyone here knows for sure before I start leaning on the sales rep Monday. 2020 1500 6.2 slt max tow.
  2. New truck back at dealers. I have owned it a week and a half and most of that was in the shop for the shift out of park issue. This time it is a flashing engine service light that happened at 100km/hr. I am not sure how long, as when I noticed it, it stopped. Checked the code when I got home and it was p0300. Dropped it off at the dealers and they ran it, checked it, called it in, cleared it and shrugged their shoulders. cylinders 3 and 8 showed a history of misfires. Suspect a faulty dynamic fuel system, but not sure until that throws a code. hopefully is was a random once only, but I am losing my confidence to be driving anywhere remote.
  3. slt 6.2 max trailer, owned the truck less than a week. Unable to shift out of park for several minutes 4 random times. Took it to dealers this morning and they said they could not do anything until it could be reproduced. I drove an hour home and it got stuck again in a parking lot. I called the dealer and told them to send a tow truck. After 5 minutes it magically worked and I drove it back in. It got stuck again with the counter person, and then again with the technician. They are ordering a new part (not sure which one yet) and I get to drive a little crappy buick while I make truck payments for a while.
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