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  1. You are fortunate to live in a location where diesel and gas have such similar pricing. That is not the case across much of the US. The national average for diesel 12/30/2019 was $3.07, and nationally Regular Gas was $2.58 per gallon. Using those figures, the annual savings would be ~$308 in favor of the diesel. It would still take years to break even. I own a 5.3 8-speed, and once my transmission broke in, now that I have 7500 miles on it its working fine. (shrug)
  2. I did some quick math, see below - using the published 2020 combined mpg rating for the 5.3 8spd and the 3.0 10spd, and factoring my local fuel cost of regular vs diesel, I see a cost savings with the diesel of $215.67 per year, assuming 15000 miles. At that savings rate, it would take over 10 years to make up the cost difference between the two powertrains. Of course, fuel cost differences can make a difference, but in my parts diesel is always a fair amount higher than regular. My point is that simply bragging about MPG does not tell the whole story
  3. I'm a flatlander - what do you mean by R1 and R2 conditions?
  4. You still need to buy more amps to properly control each independent speaker with either a DSP or the lc7i. I've been out of the aftermarket audio game for awhile, but always had a soft spot for the Audio Control gear. Since you don't have the Bose, the DM-810 has incredible capabilities that I would've loved to have had back in the day, and has a lot more capability that the lc7I, so because of that new info, I'd do the dsp and upgrade everything, if i had the cash to do so. You are going to want to upgrade the amp to get 6 independent channels, and you have already spent the cash on speakers, so go all in and get the DSP as well.
  5. You should do the lc7i - the lc2i is designed to convert 2 channels only. I don't know which radio you have, so there are different configurations, but if you have the Bose level system you really would want to have the channel flexibility in the lc7i to convert all of the audio channels coming from your radio. The down side is you need more amplifiers. Audio Control is a great resource if you need help designing the complete system.
  6. Ordering Tech/Safety2 was a no-brainer for me. I use the cameras every time i park in my garage, i have ~ 2" of clearance front to back, and I use marks in the garage to make sure I can close the garage door. Blind Spot and cross monitoring are also useful. The wider angle of camera view also enhances awareness to the rear corners of the bed. It does take some getting used to the 2-D image that you see, however. Would not buy the truck without it.
  7. OP, are you required to use GM Financial? Seems to me that you could offer a better deal thru a more competitive lender. For example, let's say you shopped around a 825 credit score to some of your banks (which might be a nice change of pace from the 500's and 600's out there, but that's another story for another time) and the same lender that a buyer could finance thru directly at 3.9% would be happy to buy that same loan from you at 3.9%. You'd then resell it at 4.9% - or 5.25% - at least you'd make a point on the deal? At 4.9%, that 50,000 loan would be ~802/72. The 6.9% 48,500 loan now comes in at $824.55 - you'd still be able to show $22.00 in monthly value to your buyers without the rebate, and improve your loan attach rate at the same time. Why would you not do that? On a related note, how do you get paid (as an F&I guy, not the overreaching deal with backend funding) on the 0.0% rate loans?
  8. Originally, I asked the Finance Question that was in other thread, except I hadn't read that old thread and I saw it had blown up. I was going to delete, it, but as I did, OP responded.
  9. Totally agree with all of this. Everyone that has been in my High Country compliments the seats (have the two-tone brown and black) and how great the radio sounds. I use Apple CarPlay most of the time, when I looked at the Ram 12" screen with CarPlay running, it only used 1/2 of the screen, what Ram calls the "top card" and the "bottom card" is used for something else, nav/phone/climate, etc. Seemed like a waste of space to me. Oh, and the head up display in the tech package rocks, too. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I was not a fan of all of the western cowboy leatherwork in the Ram interior - that great big embroidered "Limited" logo on the center console does absolutely nothing for me. I much prefer the simple look of the GM interior.
  10. Not disagreeing with anything in your post - but bear in mind that what seems to be the issue is that some UHS cluster equipped trucks display enhanced info in the HUD, and some don't. Nothing in the order guide points to that difference.
  11. On The Reel, I see what you are getting at. My mistake here is that I took the GM Engineer word for gospel. I went back and look at my build sheet, and, I have both UHS and UDD listed for my non-radio displaying display. To clarify, do you have the radio info on your display? Back to GM on Monday for more clarification!!
  12. With the help of fellow member eppieguy (who gave me his VIN that I could compare against mine with the GM Engineers) I have been able to find out some more information about the Head Up Display that is part of the Tech Package option, to find out why some trucks show radio song and phone info and some don't. Although there is only 1 option package (Tech Package) available to order the Head Up display, two RPO Codes can potentially ship with the 2019 Silverado and Sierra Tech Package: UDD and UHS. Only UHS shows the radio, song and phone info in the Head Up Display. Here is the RPO information for the 2 Displays: UDD DISPLAY INSTRUMENT DRIVER INFO ENHANCED (MULTI COLOR GRAPHIC) UHS DISPLAY INSTRUMENT DRIVER INFO ENHANCED (MULTI COLOR ENHANCED GRAPHIC ) The GM engineer went on to say that there is no way to predict which was used when, and there is no upgrade path from UDD to UHS, apparently there are harness and hardware differences more than just the dash cluster. You can't order specifically 1 vs the other - you get whichever is available in the line on build day, and the trim package ordered (AT4/Denali, LTZ/High Country) does not trigger a particular RPO. So, if you want to make sure you have the enhanced display, confirm your build sheet has UHS listed in the RPO List. If I had known this before I took delivery of my Truck i would have looked harder at the Head Up Display and confirmed the RPO Code. I'm somewhat disappointed in this news, I bought what I thought was the top optioned High Country and that was not what I got. I have not decided if I want to pursue the conversation with GM to confirm there is indeed no upgrade path that might be available.
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