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  1. My guess is that they are different because in 2020 Chevy added Adaptive Cruise, where in 2019 there was just regular cruise, and the parts to support that have a different support structure behind the grill. Of course the 2022 refresh has a completely different grill and fender design.
  2. No - porpoising is not really a thing, it damps out in 2 oscillations at the most, the suspension cleans it up. Yeah, I'd say the rear weight of the suburban helps with smoothness but at the expense of payload capacity. The 2022 suspension is much more advanced than what you had in your old suburban. I have never considered adding sandbags when I'm not towing. Its plenty smooth for daily driving when empty.
  3. So, I tow a 4500 pound RV. Back in the day, I had a 2005 Suburban, standard suspension. I then went to a 2019 Silverado Crew Cab Short Box, with the standard suspension, There was just a little proposing, with a weight Distributing hitch. I understand thats not an option with a boat. I then went to a 2021 Silverado Crew Cab Short Box with the adaptive Suspension. The 2021 has much better road manners all the time, it is much smoother with, with less rear hop, with or without the trailer. I attribute that to the upgraded suspension. Is it better than the old Suburban? Well, its no worse. The Suburban has an advantage unloaded because of the added weight of the back glass and roof, while the pickup has open space. That makes a difference in the ride quality, for sure. With towing, depending on how you load your hitch weight, i suspect you could dial in the correct weight easy enough to help eliminate the porposing. When I am in town and running the trailer back and forth to storage, I don't bother with the weight distributing hitch, and the ride is still fine. So, my takeaway is that you will get a smoother towing experience with the upgraded suspension. There are some guys out there that have done airbags with the adaptive suspension - etrailer has one, for example, so there are some modifications available. I don't feel at 5000 pounds I need to do that.
  4. As cool as the refresh is, once the newness wears off and the 30.00/month subscription for the google functionality kicks in (!), and that the software engineers that wrote the center display did not fully utilize the screen - the clock (and the other lame tile options that tale up the right side if the display) are just a wasted opportunity to me. Maybe in 2024 they will rewrite the software so the whole screen is utilized. In any case, I'm plenty happy with my 2021 High Country Black/Umber Interior, and that I'm not waiting on chips.
  5. This trailer is in the 3/4 ton range - you will most likely be over your max payload once you are loaded up. You'll ba happier with a lighter trailer or a bigger truck. You'll be pushing the limits, for sure.
  6. Mechanically the 2021 and the 2022 LTD are the same. I don't know for sure, as i have a 2021, you should reach out to the chip tuners to confirm compatibility - I suspect you will like what they tell you!
  7. Not as many as there were, lol - I had a 2005 Suburban in that color - its just a little different than the SEO teal that is (rarely) available. A few years ago (2019) I saw someone here that had wrapped one in teal that was very close to the old GM one. Here's the link:
  8. If you like the truck, buy it already and extend the power train warranty and enjoy it for years, If you're really worried about it now, don't buy it - you'll always have one ear listening for the tick tick tick.... I'd buy it - the forum exaggerates every problem these trucks have to where you would think they all break - and they don't. Many of us have trucks that work just great, we just don't find as much to ****** about.
  9. @Thomas RodriguezI hear 'ya - fellow minnesotan here that has the same concerns - I also have the stock Altenza 22's that are lacking off road. I spend 3/4 time on the highway, no problem, but 1/4 time I'm pulling an RV, and have flashbacks to being stuck on wet grass with the slick street Bridgestones. Having said that, I don't want to give up anymore sidewall with the 285/45r22's, so I've looked at 285/50r22, and 305/45r22, to get some other size options. Nothing really looks like a great option, for the price of a lot of these, you could get takeoff 18's and open the options way up - which is my leaning. But I would like to get someones review on the BFG Trail Terrrains, too.
  10. Yeah, and the OP could have said something to the dealer, too - but thats not the point. I'm not blaming OP or the dealer - The point is VSI doesn't seem to have a path to support their customers to navigate thru software updates, which anymore seems to be a regular occurence- so if you do a VSI "upgrade" your factory firmware is stuck in time, so "buyer beware". VSI needs to work out a pathway for upgrades, or clearly state the potential for routine software updates disabling their system. I'm sorry the OP is stuck without a resolution path.
  11. @1454, I still don't blame the tech, or dealers, here. There is a TSB out there where the complaint is a distorted rear camera - the fix is a firmware flash. Its entirely possible thats the direction the tech was going when he flashed the firmware - we don't know, but you can't say for sure that its "Clearly a hardware issue to fix". Remember, the VSI updates are designed to leave a factory look - and none of the factory RPO codes were changed - so the tech had no idea the update had occurred - to be sure he could have asked, but there was no "tell" that might have tipped him off to do so. Thats a totally different situation than your analogy of a shaking aftermarket wheel, which is clearly an upgrade that is visible to the tech, and questions would be asked. In this situation the radio hardware looked exactly as it would have from the factory configuration. Having said that, @Transient still lost the use of his navigation update from VSI, which still sucks. I get that he's upset, he should be, but he's mad at the wrong people - VSI has to have a solution for this, right? Well, I went to MVI's website and I was appalled at the tone and positioning they take for customer support - like, there isn't any, to speak of, except by text message, and that is not in real time - they do not offer any real time support. I don't know how MVI can sell these upgrades without a path to update when the factory firmware updates - Apple, Android and Microsoft all update their firmware all the time, and we look to the software manufactures to follow with updates as needed to make their software work - MVI makes no mention of anything like that on their website - no support links whatsoever. I'd steer well clear of MVI until they fix that problem and have adequate support for ongoing updates. OP, did you log the problem with their online chat? Have they responded yet? I'll be happy to apologize to MVI when they help you, if that day ever comes. But until then, it's on them to have a path for resolution.
  12. If you are in the tire industry, what have you heard around the new BFG Trail Terrain? Not as aggressive as the TA KO2, Three-Peak snow rated, and also a cross between highway and Off-Road. I haven't seen them yet, but they look like a solid option for Minnesota driving.
  13. The Terra Grapplers and Ridge Grapplers from Nitto are also highly rated and available in 285/45/22. Lastly, the Michelin LT/X is available in 275/50/22 and is not a full A/T tread, but a lot more aggressive than the OEM tires, and they are a direct fit. I ran those for years in a Suburban, towing a trailer in Minnesota winters, and light off roading with an RV behind it.
  14. The path for resolution for this goes thru MVI. I understand you're pissed at GM, but, how are they to know what aftermarket vendors are doing to their firmware to make the aftermarket devices work? Now, as far as MVI is concerned, it might be helpful to assume positive intent - it may very well be that the GM update that broke the system was not anticipated by MVI - and MVI needs to figure this out, not just for you, but for anyone considering buying their hardware. There's also no guarantee if GM winds back the firmware update, that the MVI system would then work. Its also a new update from GM, and I doubt that GM gave MVI any heads up the changes were coming. Give MVI a little tine to fix this, or at least to communicate to their customers what the modification path looks like. MVI has to consider that this might be an ongoing process, where GM updates , the MVI mods break, MVI sends an update, and on and on. MVI has a problem. Unfortunately its your's too.
  15. The OP started this with a complaint about snow performance. The issue with the 22" street tires in this case is the snow performance. I don't think many on this forum would go serious off-roading with 22's. Low profile 22's with an aggressive tread make more sense in a snow environment. There are *not* many options for those.
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