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  1. I see that "HID LED" in the High Country, and in the Midnight Edition package for the LT Trail Boss, but what is it, exactly? The wider DRL light is easy to differentiate from the other thin DRLs as part of that light option group, but the HID LED headlights look like the LTZ lights. What am I missing? Are they actually brighter, or different at the reflectors, or both, or neither?
  2. How about using the two paddles on the back of the left side of the steering wheel?
  3. Take a look at the Audio Control LC7i - Its a adapter that goes between the factory headunit and the amplifiers you would add. Here's a link to their website: https://www.audiocontrol.com/car-audio/factory-system-upgrade/lc7i/
  4. Sticky side towards the bed - the cover will flex against the strips, so you want that side to be the pressure seal.
  5. I'm sorry, I read your question was about the leaking back window. My bad. About the tonneau cover, if you are leaking at the front cab corners, double check your front gasket seal at the leading edge of the box. Sometimes the seal is not all the way across, or, since your truck is a 2019, look at the front seal and see if its shrunk, or lost its pliability so that water can get it, around the gasket edges
  6. First of all, welcome to the Forum, and congrats on the new truck! Rather than starting yet another thread, please go to the existing, exhaustive thread on the topic - your answers are there
  7. A few things - the tailgate is super finicky. have you tried nudging the whole cover forward or backward just a hair - and see if the tailgate will not see whatever resistance is keeping it from dropping? I had the same exact Bak Industries Revolver X2 on 2 different Silverado's and 1 was spotty, and when i reinstalled on my new truck i moved it just a touch forward on the rails, and it does not leak, and it is much more reliable going up and down - Like a 1/8" farther forward towards the cab. Hope that helps!
  8. Very Cool - What were the "rules of engagement" - what were the passing and speed rules for your time at the track? I've never had the opportunity to run on a course like that, I'm very jealous.
  9. So trade it, already. Seriously - if you haven't looked into that, you should. Get a newer truck that doesn't have the 1st year bugs. Pretty much everything you listed has been mentioned it this forum. That's what I did - tired of my window leakin/ crappy shiftin/ radio glitchin' 1st year Silverado. Cost me 3k in trade difference, ended up with 0.0 interest, my payments went down and I ended up with a 6.2 10 speed from a 5.3 8 speed, 22's instead of 20's, and a handful of other updates. Life's too short to be pissed off about a truck.
  10. About 1200 or so trucks there, so at 50K each thats $60 Million.
  11. I just realized that my 2021 High County Crew Cab has some baffles in the gas tank that my 2019 High Country Crew Cab did not -when backing out of my driveway with the 2019 I could hear the gas banging around the tank. There is no similar noise in the 2021.
  12. I just did a search 100 miles from zip code 97006, and took out most options except for the 6.2 - there are some in transit, but you may have to look at an RST or an LT Trail Boss - much better to settle for the upgrades for those trims than the 5.3 in a Custom..
  13. This is the rarely seen and not yet uploaded in this forum Oxford Brown color in a 2021 High Country.. I was not a fan of "stick around Brown" before I saw this in person, i felt the color that Chevy uses on the website has a much more generic non-metallic brown color. In real life it's a chameleon color, it goes from Black, to Charcoal, to Brown, to kind of a Mossy Green. It Pops Charcoal. The High County Bronze grill and the Black/Umber Interior make this truck stand out.
  14. That 200+ page thread - ouch - but as bad as that is, there are so many replies to each new example over the last 2.5 years, especially in the beginning where many people helped document the issue with many posts and pictures as well as their results, good or bad. Not every post in that thread is a new failed window, is my point. I went thru it with my 2019 - followed all the tab info including a new window - and it eventually leaked. High resale value and a sympathetic dealer got me into a new 2021. Too early to tell lol. I'll be out in the rain the next few days. The poll is a great place to start - I do suspect there is a large pool of folks that would like to report good or bad. Lastly, in no way am I diminishing the intent - its stunning that there are still new 2021 trucks that are leaking, after 3 years to document and resolve it
  15. You have diagnosed the problem - I had a 2019 Silverado that also had the left and right rear radar sensors transposed. The dealer swapped the harnesses and that took care of the issue.
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