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  1. The OP started this with a complaint about snow performance. The issue with the 22" street tires in this case is the snow performance. I don't think many on this forum would go serious off-roading with 22's. Low profile 22's with an aggressive tread make more sense in a snow environment. There are *not* many options for those.
  2. I find it interesting that All Terrain tire options are limited for these trucks. The short sidewall must make the manufacturers nervous. Having said that, there are quite a few 22" wheels delivered on these trucks, so you'd think there would be more options. BFG does have a 22" AT tire, it's available in 33X12.5R22. However I don't think there's 12.5" available for tire width on these trucks. I'd very much like to be proved wrong. I'd like to see pics of a 33X12.5R22 on a stock level, if anyone has done that. Nitto 285/55r22 options that fit are available, for a more AT stance than the Michelin Defender. I've also read that the Nitto 305/45r22 fits stock, as well
  3. Hey OP, maybe change the title of this thread to clarify this is not the new 2022 refreshed interior, but the old 2019 version.
  4. Brad, which radio system do you have - IOS or IOT? I had the IOT in my 2019 Silverado, and had all sorts of CarPlay issues. In 2020, when they added wireless CarPlay and the display enhancements, they also added memory to the processor. My 2021 IOT radio has nowhere near the radio issues (It sometimes takes longer than I want to index the songs, but it connects and functions). My story is similar to yours, in that I ended up trading the 2019 for the 2021 because of the early build gremlins, I was able to take advantage of the crazy trade prices last spring. I highly suspect the 2019 radios did not have enough on board processing power and memory to run the software - and that the only fix is going to be exchange the radio for a newer version, but thats not as simple as just swapping the radio, as the cameras and other connections were different in 2019 than 2020 and up. They pushed out an infotainment and electronics system that was not quite ready for prime time, and have since fixed it - but not retroactively to the older units. If you are ready to give up on GM, https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/silverado-sierra-wireless-car-play-android-auto-navigation-and-hd-radio-upgrade/ might be place to start.
  5. I doubt it - the 2021 is a much better vehicle than the 2019 was - they had a few years to work the electrical gremlins out. I'm very happy with the current model, the electrical updates will have to work themself out before I buy an early model run truck again. I'll be very curious to see how many of the update options actually get to the vehicle, with the current chip shortage. The current 2021's have several options unavailable now that were available earlier in the 2021 run. I also read that supercruise will have limited availability, so, I am interested to see what actually ships on the production models vs the preproduction units we have see so far.
  6. OP asks a great question - the stock 275/50r22 Tires don't leave a lot of options. I have not found a "three peak rated" tire in that size, I've been looking a lot, and I'm nervous that plus size tires will rub, and I'm not interested in a lift. So, it looks like the Michelin Defender (not "three peak rated") will end up on my truck.
  7. The ladder will interfere - I'm not sure if it will "fail" the synchronization process, and give you the 3 cameras view, or if the sync will stich everything together and still show the vertical post of the ladder. Could you mount the camera to the left side vertical ladder rail? An aluminum plate drilled into the ladder, long enough to center the camera, would work, as long as it was rigid enough to not vibrate. Or you could offset the camera rearward until the ladder was out of the field of view.
  8. It's not as great a difference in 2021 as it was in 2019. In 2019 the Multifunction tailgate and the Adaptive ride control were Denali only. As we move to 2021, those features are both available on High Country, which equalizes the feature set between the two greatly. It comes down to whether you like the chrome look of the Denali, or the body colored trim features of the High Country. Personally I like the two tone Umber and Black interior option on the High Country, the seats in the AT4 also have some brown trim to break up all that black in the Denali, and both seats have the same ventilation/vibration alert features. The GMC digital gauges are cosmetically different that the Chevy ones, the info displayed is the same. The sound deadening is the same, and both have the leaky rear window and the lifters that break, so, eventually it comes down to personal preferences, what's in stock, and where you can get the best deal.
  9. Oxford Brown Represent! Not too many of these around, for sure. Thats a better picture than any I've taken of mine, lol - I might copy it!
  10. Yes- on your phone - go to Settings ->General->CarPlay and follow those directions to turn it on
  11. Look into this adapter from Furrion - its supposed to handle this issue: https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Furrion/FR74FR.html - I however went with the GM Camera (I have the 2-camera 360 view option) that displays on the center console, instead of the Furrion System. I found that adapter when I was researching trailer camera systems.
  12. Are you running 33/12.5R/22 or 275/50/r22 - or something else? I'm hoping you will say 33/12.5/22 as I have been looking for confirmation that will work for awhile - the only BFG KO2 options are in 33 or 35" sizes, and Like that look. If I end up with Terra Grapplers that will work, too.
  13. Did you buy the truck new? The window sticker will say if the DFM is there, or if you were one of the ones that bought a truck with the DFM Delete there will be a credit listed in the build options.. If you bought it used, you can tell by the RPO Codes which engine you have, and that will also call out DFM or not. As far as functioning, some people can hear it, or you would need an OBD reader that could display that info. Unlike the older AFM Trucks, there is no dash readout that shows engine status.
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