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  1. I was waiting out to trade in my 15 for the next body style until I seen its looks exactly like an F150. I really didnt care for the 16-18 frontends either. Chevys Labor Day sale on '18 LTZs was the savings grace, not for that I would have bought a Dodge.
  2. I dont think you can get a RCSB above LT trim anymore which is sad.
  3. 340 trouble free miles here. I dont notice it shifting at all. too soon?
  4. when it came off the transport
  5. my cell phone camera dust lens broke/fell off and now its full of dust, but my pickup looked pretty shiny at menards the other day
  6. Do we need a 6.2 - no, do we want a 6.2 f ya. I dont know why a guy would need and HD diesel to pull a 5k boat. BTW who buys a pick up for a race car....
  7. Your not the O.P. so I dont know how or why this has anything to do with the thread? His current truck only has 400hp
  8. O.P. I seen in your other post that you used to have a 5.3 Avalanche. This new 5.3 has 70 more HP than that one with more gear splits to keep it in the power band longer. It just depends IF you can get the discounts with the 6.2 or not. Also check out Laura GMC in St.Louis they have deals on 6.2s
  9. wish I had known about this dealer just a few weeks ago... those are cheap compared to locals
  10. lol its hard to argue against max power from the 6.2. BUT I think he is looking for max rebates which arent going to be had with any 6.2 models right now. The 5.3 with 3.42s will and does a fine job of towing boats around. Ive towed boats, cars, skid loaders (8000lbs), mini excavator 12k. Skid loaders were no problem, the mini could be. I have to say the 5.3 has more power than the early nineties big blocks either GM or Ford.
  11. Its funny I bought a sweet 2001 in 06 or 07 with 120k, drove it for 110k more, trouble-free miles, btw and by then it was too rusted to do anything with. I was very sad to let it go, by far it is our favorite. I then bought a new 2013 2 lt because with rebates it was the same price as used. Had it for 22,222 miles. GM did the 10K off again and I got a 2015 1lt drove it for 29k miles. When Labor day '18 came around GM finally had an LTZ sale so I didnt feel so bad about buying my dream 6.2 which now has 340 miles.
  12. The 5.3 will be fine for what your planning to haul.
  13. Rejuvenator from Malco works great for stained or dirty chrome.
  14. I tow 3 to 4 hours depending on the race track, every 1mpg savings buys lunch.

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