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  1. guns and ammo. electronic ear phones, game caller
  2. What are you going to anchor the winch to?
  3. Why is it the tiny syndrome always prevails? The OP is going to drive this like a Civic and put massive amount of miles on it. Any of the 3700 will be lost on the hit he will take from the miles. Sure the 6.2 is funner, but when you drive a 100 miles a day driving like an **** loses its appeal and you just want to get home.
  4. I would buy them. I think they will work perfect for you intentions. I remember one time throwing brush under my tires to get out of a ditch. These would have worked much better as they are taller and could "push" better. Mind that you arent matting the gas pedal.
  5. For what you are doing I would probably just get the 5.3. I have had both.
  6. thats a lot of driveways to push
  7. Im just a test and tuner. If we had a track closer than 2 hours I would consider some bracket racing
  8. One thing that helps out the look are body colored mud flaps. This is the only pic I have on my computer but you can get the drift.
  9. Current GM executives must hate Chevy
  10. Kind of ironic, the hp big blocks of the 60/70s used to suffer from dropped valves also.
  11. Isn't it. Any of the 5.3s I had did better than my wife's old Jeep Liberty or my in laws Enclave. I just don't see the point of owning a smaller vehicle that doesn't better gas mileage, especially if we go on a trip they never have enough room for luggage.
  12. Auto 4x4

    I guess I left out that the roads that day were 50/50 ice covered. I dont know the wheel speed differential, but it was constantly shifting the front end in and out took out the t-case clutch. So either programming allowed to much speed differential, or didnt engage it fast enough, or didnt leave it engaged long enough - I really dont care I just dont use auto when the roads are bad. I know another guy that had me replace his at 80k as the clutch was gone. HIs t-case oil was black as coal. I spoke with my local dealer and they kept clutch kits on hand. Im sure on just wet roads a person would never have problem. Their will always be certain situations where clutches will be burnt out of the norm.
  13. Auto 4x4

    You were correct to start with. There is only one clutch engaging the front axle in the transfer case, rear is connected with a steel collar. Try slipping that clutch 10% for a few hundred miles. When these "auto" systems first came out a shopping trip to Des Moines and back (180 miles) was enough to take them out. Its no different than riding/slipping a clutch on a manual trans. One of the reasons I buy new vehicles....
  14. I hardly feel my 8 speed shifting. Good to me.
  15. This is all that really matters. The difference between our 01, 03, and 13 was very slim - really unnoticeable. When we got our 15 I could see the difference at the gas station traveling the same trips we always make. Tail wind

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