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  1. I have changed out 2 or 3 of them over the years, but they also had 80k + miles on them too. Our local dealers stock them. One variable would change how long they last would be location. I see you are hiding behind a screen name with no location. We have much more time with in-climate weather vs someone in Texas.
  2. fixed your quote. I dont have any pics or VINs of the vehicle in question, but I do have friends and one of them replaced that clutch on a brand (at the time) pickup. Even in the article posted it listed the clutch is only 5 - 20%(not going to reread and give exact) applied .... how can you even argue? Apply your brakes at 20% for 120 miles, tell me what happens.
  3. Im holding out for a bidet....
  4. Asian woman, maybe 12 years of age. No offense to anyone intended.
  5. After working on 1000s of diesels I have noticed oil changes affect engines more than anything. You can tell who does them when you pull off the first rod cap.
  6. This is the reason I dont buy used. That article further enforces the reason why I dont use auto and why local GM dealerships stock transfercase clutches. Obviously the clutch isnt burnt out everytime you use it, but with the right spotty ice conditions they have worn out in under 120 miles.
  7. clean out the cup holder that thing is filthy..... lol
  8. did the tires affect your milage?
  9. I have been running 87 in mine just to see. I have not felt, heard any difference. I think I would have to take to the drag strip and compare time slips to see if there is any.
  10. I have towed long enclosed snowmobile trailers though the mountains with both, at speed I couldnt tell the difference. If the trailer is being blown around by wind you need to slow down, doesnt matter how much the tow rig weighs.
  11. GMT800 Talk, chime in

    Of all the pickups I had this was my favorite. This pic was after I had to put on "rust" flares - looked so much cleaner without them before it started rusting. I drove this thing for over 120k, and literally hauled our house home with it one trailer load at a time. Only had to put a fuel pump in it. Still had the same tires on it that were used when we bought it, I will have to say they made me a believer of BFG. Sadly with the amount of miles and the rust we let it go.
  12. I just stole SSchups pic(hope you dont mind Scott). Chrome bumper/grill looks nice with the ltz z71/high country inserts
  13. ^^ Reminds me of a trip to PA in the 90s, when I first saw the Mennonite vehicles. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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