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  1. That kit is actually a plug and play for the primary fuse block though you could use it on the auxiliary block with some modifications. I just installed it on mine.
  2. My plans depend on whether or not GM can build and deliver a truck and how long it takes
  3. Not flexing either just clarifying, if you read the entire post you might understand. Not sure what you disagree with we are saying the same thing with the exception that it has to rotate some to engage- not be rotating, there is a difference.
  4. Just clarifying, what I said is more accurate and self explanatory.
  5. "Electric Brakes" MUST be rotating is just a little misconceiving for people that know nothing about the mechanics of it. They do not have to be rotating (Rolling), they do have to rotate just a few inches once the magnet is actuated by the peddle or the controller before it engages the shoe to the drum, so if you are sitting still on flat ground in drive let off the brake pedal and engage the brakes with the controller it should not roll far at all before you feel them engage if gain is properly set.
  6. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. If you were closer Id say come by and I would be glad to help. I would also say this, adjusting drum brakes is an art you eventually get a feel for it, slight drag can have a different meaning to each person.
  7. Think of it this way, there is no difference in pushing the brake or sliding the switch when it comes to activating the trailer brakes, gain controls the amount of trailer braking for both actions. The biggest reason the switch is there other than to test or set them is if the trailer starts swaying you want to grab that switch and NOT press the brake peddle and at that point they need to act just like you pushed the brake and NOT lock up, make sense?
  8. On flat and level it should not allow you to roll in drive at idle, but not regardless of gain setting. They do not need rotation, when activated it uses an electro magnet to engage the shoes assuming we are talking electronic controller with drum brakes on the trailer.
  9. I am assuming you have the Gain turned up correct?
  10. Yeah I haven't been in this forum very long and have read some absolutely ridiculous post, this being one of them.
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