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  1. I have the bakflip on my truck. I would recommend a retractable like a roll-n-lock. For most of the hard folding covers the foam bumpers fall off in hot weather causing the top to get scratched up when folded. I’ve had this happen on four different covers. Also, a point of consideration is the type of tailgate on your truck. I would recommend a cover that you can still have access to with the tailgate closed. I have had issues with my automatic tailgate with the last issue being a total failure to open while at the dealership. If your tailgate won’t open and your cover requires an open tailgate then you are in a bad spot.
  2. I ran wix for years, but now that they are made in Mexico I decided to look at other options (do my best to purchase made in USA). I have been running the PF63s that I purchase by the case from rock auto for around $3.50 a filter. I have cut open several of the newer PF63s and they all look pretty good. I had considered switching to Baldwin B7449, but they are almost double the cost per filter. I don’t know, I may switch over once I run out of these PF63s.
  3. This video just dropped earlier today with some of the updates.
  4. I use Lucas Red-n-tacky. Manual calls for NLGI #2, LB or GCLB. There are 9 fittings. Below is a good thread on it. Take the front skid plate off to get to the pitman and idler arm fittings easier. I did have to get a longer hose for my grease gun so I could reach them.
  5. I always do the first oil change around 1,000 miles. Next, at 5k miles. Then, every 5k going forward. While it likely makes little meaningful difference verse running a normal interval prior to the first change, it still makes me feel better. One thing I do believe makes a long term difference is greasing the front end early on. These trucks have hardly any grease in the front end when they come off of the lot.
  6. I appreciate your response. I took it to the dealer, but they claimed that they did not find any water intrusion. I am currently mulling over the entire situation. My truck has been into the dealership twice, but they do not seem to care. Even went so far as to all but say that we were making this up. We tried to show them this thread, but they could have cared less. After the first visit, we were told that they couldn't do anything unless we could get the malfunction on video. That if we could get it on video they would fix the issue and replace my tailgate because of the body damage. It malfunctioned about three weeks later. The same thing, up and down repeatedly hitting the door in the rear of my garage. Luckily, we had padded the doorknobs and hardware with pool noodles to prevent additional damage. Captured everything on video and took the truck back to the dealership. Now they claim that since it didn't malfunction in front of them that they can't fix it. They also claim that they never said that they would replace the tailgate, but that it would be up to GM. We have the email traffic going back and forth capturing all of the communication. I will not conduct any business with that dealership going forward. I'm thinking that I am going to make the several-hour drive to take my truck to a dealership that I trust and see if they can help.
  7. Does anyone have this issue on the regular power tailgate, not the multi-flex? My tailgate has opened on its own on four different occasions. On the third occasion, it was backed into the garage. My wife walked out to find the tailgate repeatedly opening and closing over and over. There is no telling how long it had been going. Caused some body damage due to the repeated hitting of the hardware on the door at the back of our garage.
  8. I think that a gas truck will serve your needs just fine. 6300 lbs boat shouldn’t be anything for any 3/4 ton truck. I have a 22 CCSB w/ gas. My dad has a 21 CCSB w/ duramax. So I have experience with both. Been very impressed with the towing of the 6.6 gas. My camper is relatively small, but handles it great. The gas stations between my house and office don’t carry diesel, so fueling a gas truck is way more convenient. A lot of folks complain about the 6 speed transmission, but I feel that the transmission is a great matchup for the engine.
  9. I have the z71 liners so can’t speak to the others. The z71 liners are pretty good, no real complaints. Do what you would expect them to do. I did like the liners in my 2017 a little bit better.
  10. I have a 22’ ccsb 4wd. I get between 13 & 14 city driving and 17 +/- on the highway. Towing our travel trailer I’m around 9.5, my bass boat about 12. All combined, I’m probably right around 14 average across the life of the truck.
  11. Mine (22’ LT CCSB Z71, 6.6 gas) has a payload of 3562, but I don’t have a sunroof, 5th wheel prep, or extra battery. My GVWR is 10,650. For additional reference, my dad has a fully loaded 21’ LTZ Z71 w/ the Duramax. His payload is around 3350. He has the 5th wheel prep and everything.
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