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    2014 Silverado 4WD LTZ 6.2l Max Tow, 2006 Silverado 4WD Z71 LT3 5.3 L33
  1. Yea, driver is not the issue. I have driven his truck and seen it for myself. I have hundreds of thousands of miles under my belt with things in tow, not green by any stretch of the imagination. Fancy me this, you take that 2018 in question pop in in tow haul mode, set the cruise to the posted limit( just like the guys on TFL truck do) and hit a long steep grade and the truck falls on its face, slows down like 10mph, downshifts 3 gears, pegs the tach and then starts to pick up speed again, upshifts and starts the process all over again have anything to do with the driver? My 2014 towing the same trailer under the same exact operating conditions will scale the same grade easily while maintaining the posted speed limit without downshifting. How is this possible if more gears and taller rear end gear are better? The only difference between the trucks is the gearing and the tranny, both have the same 6.2l both are crew cab 4wd, same size tires etc. Bottom line is more gears and taller rear end gearing isn't all that. He is going to either re-gear that truck or dump it for a 2500. The only way his truck works ok is to lock it into 5th, otherwise its a joke, even in 5th it still has issued with grades my truck does not. He has no such issues with his gmt900 at all towing the same trailer on the same roads and he did tow in 4th or D since his was a 4 speed.
  2. +1 to this and its exactly why after owning GM trucks for the last 30 years i have a feeling my 2014 may just be my last. I want to be able to get it the way i want it period. The gearing choices totally annoy me. I read this entire thread and the focus seems to be on the effective gearing in first gear . What about top gear or whatever gear is closest to 1:1 where you will ultimately end up when you are towing on the freeway. I personally don't give a crap how many gears it has it will suck on the freeway pulling and be shifting constantly with 3.42's or 3.23's. I spend 90% of my towing time on the freeway and i pull a lot of miles, i don't care how quick it gets up to speed, i want the truck to maintain it without effort and be able to climb a hill with a load. One of my best friends asked me to help him figure out why his 2018 1500 6.2 max tow with 3.42's and the 8 speed was a dog pulling his utility trailer that weighs about 5k loaded on the freeway. Its simply the final gearing, any time he hits a hill it falls flat on its face downshifts into 3rd or 4th and revs to the moon and starts to loose speed. He also never gets out of 6th gear, ever on the freeway with a load in tow. That unto itself is not an issue its the not being able to maintain speed without dropping 2+ gears that's the issue. Compare that to my 2014 6.2l max tow with a 6 speed and 3.73's i have no issue with that same trailer on the freeway on any hill, it just goes like it should. Mine will cruise along happily in 5th( which is an overdrive) and sometimes see 6th. On hills it will just pull it or sometimes downshift into 4th and maintain speed like it should be able to. He lives in the mountains in NH so hills are something he runs into often. Our trucks are the same basic config, the big difference begin gearing and the transmission. Not only does mine perform better on the freeway towing i get better mileage doing it because i'm not downshifting and running 5500 rpm any time i hit a hill. He says his old 2008 5.3 4 speed with 3.73's pulled his trailer better on the freeway and i totally believe him. My old 2006 5.3' with 3.42's had the same struggles as his new one on the same hills pulling a load. That truck would never get out of 3rd ever on the freeway with a load and would downshift at the mere sight of a grade. I ended up re-gearing that truck because it was so disappointing and it was problem solved.
  3. I installed a B&M transmission pan to go along with the rear diff cover i installed a few weeks back. I am so glad i did it. The oil was gross, it was last flushed ~30k ago. Today i did the pan and filter and filled it back up with Amsoil ATF. I also did the transfer case too. The front and rear ends are both also filled with Amsoil. The pan was kind of a pain to install since i had to drop the Y pipe to get some clearance but beyond that is was easy. One thing i will note on the transmission is it shifts way better than before, not sure if its a placebo effect or not but it has never felt as good as it does today since it was new. The rear end seems a lot less clunky too with the heavier oil in there, the factory oil was like water. The pan, A sample of the oil i drained from the transmission The rear diff cover i put on a few weeks ago
  4. Im looking for a rack system to carry our kaycks when we go camping. I would like to be able to maintain my Extang full tilt cover that i have today to keep the rest of our stuff out of the weather when we travel. Does anyone know of a system that may work with a cover that sits on the rails like the Extang does?
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    I just did 5100's all around on mine last weekend. I had the stock black shocks that come with the max tow package. So far im really happy, truck rides better than it ever did. My originals were smoked at 65k, 3 out of 4 were leaking and the one on the right rear had like an inch of up and down slop in it and i had developed a nice little shake on the freeway, that is gone now.
  6. No there are no real concerns with the 6.2 that im aware of, its just as reliable as any GM v8. I doubt you will find too many ecotech 3's at all with 200k plus, they are too new. Reality is 5.3 or 6.2 should be about the same reliability wise since they are built on a common platform. I have 65k on my 6.2 and its been soild and if i were in the market for a new truck it would have another 6.2 in it. I don't think i could go back to a 5.3 after being spoiled by the power the 6.2 has. I have had mine since new and like my last truck plan on keeping at at least 10 years and i have no doubts that i will. As far as towing goes the 6.2 with the NHT package is an absolute animal. for towing with a half ton is really does not get much better. I tow a 5000# boat and have towed over 10000 quite a few times and never wanted for power. Yea it is, my truck is a beast. literally has sports car acceleration in a full size truck.
  7. Yes, in 2014 the 6.2 with the NHT and 4wd was a rare cat indeed. I had to order mine, there were none anywhere in the country when i bought mine regardless of color. My dealer searched everywhere and GM told him they had none in the pipeline that were being built that way. I looked it up on NADA guides and they show if optioned up like mine is. A CC 4wd, NNT, 6.2 sunroof, nav, side steps etc the retail would be ~36k. Take that for what it is but i would think the price asked for that truck is pretty good if its in good shape. #elKrusto, in 2014 the NHT included a 3.73 gear not 3.42.
  8. 6.2 Long term?

    I have a 2014 with a 6.2 with ~65k on it. The only problems i have had to date were a bad injector and a busted exhaust valve spring. The injector i guess had a TSB on it and they replaced all 8. The truck ran fine it just had a mil light on that had to do with cold start and it happened not too long after i bought it. The valve spring i think was just bad luck vs a systemic issue with the 6.2. They fixed that over 40k ago and its been fine since. Overall in my opinion its as solid as any other motor GM makes and i would not hesitate to buy another.
  9. Who likes their 6 Speed?

    Quick update, I ordered a Diablo Intune 3 and applied a tune to the truck. I used the standard diablo 93 octane tune, transmission firm programming and shut off afm. I left the upshift torque control alone. It’s like driving a different truck now, all and I mean all of the drivability issues are gone. No more clunky slow shifting transmission and no more afm stumble. The truck drives like it should wether I’m taking it easy around town, cruising on the freeway or mashing the gas. I did lose a couple things of mpg but it’s worth it, the 6.2 is thirsty anyway so a couple tenths is no biggie. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. 6 speed 2-3 clunk

    My truck did this from day 1 until i tuned it. I went with a standard Diablo tune with the firm shift option and it no longer clunks.
  11. Really? I don't recall ever hearing that, i know a lot of guys that swear by the Amsoil 2 stroke oil, myself included. The HP injector oil (now called hp marine) has been around a long time and i have never heard of it gelling on anyone. I personally have been running it in my outboards for like 17 years now on my bass boats without issue, literally i have used over 100 gallons of this stuff over the years. My old 150 Merc EFI had over 3000 high RPM hours on it running that oil with no carbon buildup and no issues. My current boat with a Merc Pro XS optimax has over 1000 hours on it and same deal. Runs perfect with no issues. I also used to run a different amsoil 2 cycle called sabre outboard in my old Johnson ficht motor that blew powerheads like crazy back in the late 90's. Those motors were pretty much the demise of OMC because of the issues they had. Running factory OMC oil they would carbon up like crazy and ultimately jack the rings and blow, often in 10 hours or less of run time. I popped 3 powerheads in one fishing season before i switched to the Amsoil, The carbon problems went away with the Amsoil and i ran two seasons problem free on that motor before i dumped it for a Merc.
  12. I have had WT's in my last 3 trucks and i have never had a problem getting them clean and looking new again. simple green and a scrub brush is my method.
  13. My 6.2 broke a valve spring on #7, valve was fine.. It ran but ran horribly, was down on power, shifted horribly and the dash lit up like a pinball machine. When it happened i literally had just pulled out of my driveway. Happened with ~25k on the clock, i have 60k now and no other problems since it was fixed.
  14. My truck will kick in the auto grade braking on big hills when i have trailers in tow but never on small hills or flat ground. I dont manually downshift it either, i should not have to.
  15. Who likes their 6 Speed?

    The TPS has been checked and shown to be good, it has done this since the day i bought the truck so its not a new thing. Like i said this particular thing only happens when i get off the throttle suddenly at the exact same time as it is upshifting. Otherwise it does not hesitate for 3 seconds like this. I still have other gripes with the transmission like harsh shifts and sometimes it hunts for the right gear. I think its programmed poorly, my dealers transmission guy thinks the same and off the record he has suggested a tune to try to fix it since GM wont. I have not tried a tune yet but its in the near term plans.

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