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  1. You sound like you are in the same place i was a year ago. I wanted out of my 2014 bad but what i saw in the 2019’s i could not bring by self to buy i one. After 30 plus years of GM truck ownership I ended up in a Ram. I have zero regrets and like you said its on a different level. If you are ready and that is the truck you like pull the trigger. Life is too short to not be happy with what you are driving. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. And on the inverse side a lot of truck buyers want upscale interiors. To compete today you need to build both a basic workman’s truck and an upscale truck for those that want it. There is room and a market for both. If Chevy had that Tahoe interior in the Silverado when I bought in March I may well have bought one provided the seats were not the flat, hard unsupportive ones they have today. Until this truck I have been brand loyal to gm, I like their trucks and am comfortable with the power trains and overall build but was so disappointed in the new one. There was no way in hell I was going to drop close to 70g on a Chevy the way they are today. I personally did not see the value vs what others are offering. That’s what led me to the Ram limited I own now, it was the interior that sold that truck. I drove a lot and I want to be comfortable when I’m doing it which is why I’m buying a luxury truck. If I had a different use case like a carpenter buddy of mine who uses his truck like a tool a more basic interior would be in order. For me that is not the use case, my truck is a long distance tow mule, daily driver, family vehicle which is why I bought comfort and luxury. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I think you are right, looks like drive and reverse you have to pull on them not push. My wife’s RDX is like that for reverse.
  4. I have an unopened bottle of Amsoil XL 0w20 that I would like to give to a local to me GM truck owner that can use it. I no longer own anything that uses this weight so it’s collecting dust in my workshop. If you want it please PM me and we can meet up somewhere, first come first serve on this one and no I will NOT ship it. Local only. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. When I had mine I ended up doing a diablo tuner on it to get rid of the afm and reprogram the transmission for crisper shifting. I hated the way it drove with the afm enabled, mine always had a distinct hesitation when it switched from 4 to 8. I had around 30k on it when I installed the tune and I noticed no discernible difference in fuel economy for the remainder of the time I owned the truck. It always got like 14 city 19 freeway.
  6. Hopefully GM does something and gets the interior right on the next redesign, its a shame if they dont in my opinion. Call me vein or whatever but the interior is probably 70% of the reason why when i decided to cut bait on my 2014 i ended up in a Ram. Beyond the reliability issues i had with my 2014 i despised the interior, specifically the rock hard seats. My truck is a tow mule and daily driver. I tow my boat a lot all over the place to fish in tournaments, sometimes driving 6-700 mile days depending on where im going. Interior comfort is a top priority for me and my specific use case which is why i buy fully loaded trucks. When i test drove the new Denali and HC i was very underwhelmed and actually liked the interior and the seats less than the truck i wanted out of. I was underwhelmed enough that after 3 decades of driving GM trucks i felt like it was time to look at what else was out there. I drove every half ton on the market and ended up in a Ram Limited, a decision to date i do not at all regret. It is a very comfortable place to eat up miles and in the 13k i have put on it since April the only time it has seen the inside of a shop was for its first oil change and tire rotation, otherwise its been flawless as it should be with so few miles on it. We will see how it holds up long term but so far its got a way better record then my 2014 did at the same stage.... I still miss my old 2006 Silverado LT3, that truck had the most comfortable seats i have ever owned. It was like driving a couch down the road and was as reliable as a hammer.
  7. 2014 6.2 15k #7 injector replaced due to cold start issue 30k #7 valve spring replaced, spring was busted. 40k radiator replaced, leaking from seam 40k oil cooler lines replaced, leaking at crimp 60k #3 injector replace, cold start issue, 70k ac compressor replaced 80k starter replaced, smoking when cranking trunk 80k alternator replaced, bad bearing. 80k new battery 85k punched out and traded it in.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. When I did mine I had to remove the sway bar end links and also separate the upper ball joints to get the originals out and the new ones in. Mine were set to stock height and I swapped the factory springs onto the new shocks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I'm with you. I recently left the GM fold myself after 3 decades of ownership and blind loyalty. I just felt it was time to try something different after the debacle that was my 2014 left a bad taste in my mouth. I looked at every half ton on the market and in the end i wound up with a Ram Limited, it was simply the nicest appointed, most comfortable truck of the bunch. So far i am thrilled with the Ram. Of my last 4 Gm trucks 2 of them were even remotely reliable and that was my 1996 and 2006. The 2004 and the 2014 i owned were both problem children from minute one. The funny thing is i also ordered the 04 and 14 trucks built how i wanted them and the 96 and 06 were bought off the dealer lot. Maybe i should only buy GM truck with a year ending in 6 and only buy of the lot?
  10. I had both a startup squeak and also lugging on start on my 2014 6.2 The lug ended up being the starter. I originally thought battery too but after I replaced the battery and the starter began to smoke it confirmed the battery was not and issue... The squeak was the bearings in the alternator. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I just read this entire thread and a lot of it hits home with me. My 2014 6.2L had been in the shop way more than it should for a truck with 80k on it. I just looked in the folder i keep all my receipts in and the truck has been to the dealer 20 times in 80k miles for warranty work and recalls. That averages out to once every 4000 miles, that's way too much. I never experienced any lifter failures but i did have a busted valve spring on #7 when i hit like 30k on the motor. It was fixed and has never happened again. Like the original poster I also had a leaky roof from the 3rd brake light gasket, a failed starter that almost caught fire, my "infotainment" system has been plagues by crashes and lockups, and mine has been a shakerado since day 1. That shake has gotten worse with age, a lot worse. Given what one of these trucks costs i simply expect the truck to be better than this. Mine is a fully loaded LTZ that i had to order since i wanted a 6.2l with the 3.73 gears and that meant i needed to get a max tow. Those were basically unicorns in 2014 so i had no choice but to order it and wait. When i ordered mine there was not a single one on a dealer lot in the country and none being built in the pipeline. Needless to say i waited a loooong time for GM to get around to building my truck. Given all the problems I have had with it i would say its an understatement to say I'm disappointed and have been for a while. My 2006 Silverado was the best vehicle i have ever owned and i wish i never got rid of it, even with 200k on the clock it was more reliable than my 2014 has been. I wanted to drive this truck for 10 years when i ordered it, its not going to make 5...... All that said tomorrow will be the last day of my ownership for my 2014 Silverado. I am trading it in on a new truck, and while i feel a little bittersweet and a little nervous it wont be another GM. I really wanted to like 2019, i really did but when i drive one it reminded me of every reason i want out of my 2014 and given the 65k+ price tag on a truck equipped like the one i already own that was not happening. I don't want another shakerado, i don't want another truck with a transmission that cant make up its mind as to what gear it needs to be in, etc.... I ended up in another brand and i pick it up tomorrow, wish me luck....
  12. Yea, driver is not the issue. I have driven his truck and seen it for myself. I have hundreds of thousands of miles under my belt with things in tow, not green by any stretch of the imagination. Fancy me this, you take that 2018 in question pop in in tow haul mode, set the cruise to the posted limit( just like the guys on TFL truck do) and hit a long steep grade and the truck falls on its face, slows down like 10mph, downshifts 3 gears, pegs the tach and then starts to pick up speed again, upshifts and starts the process all over again have anything to do with the driver? My 2014 towing the same trailer under the same exact operating conditions will scale the same grade easily while maintaining the posted speed limit without downshifting. How is this possible if more gears and taller rear end gear are better? The only difference between the trucks is the gearing and the tranny, both have the same 6.2l both are crew cab 4wd, same size tires etc. Bottom line is more gears and taller rear end gearing isn't all that. He is going to either re-gear that truck or dump it for a 2500. The only way his truck works ok is to lock it into 5th, otherwise its a joke, even in 5th it still has issued with grades my truck does not. He has no such issues with his gmt900 at all towing the same trailer on the same roads and he did tow in 4th or D since his was a 4 speed.
  13. +1 to this and its exactly why after owning GM trucks for the last 30 years i have a feeling my 2014 may just be my last. I want to be able to get it the way i want it period. The gearing choices totally annoy me. I read this entire thread and the focus seems to be on the effective gearing in first gear . What about top gear or whatever gear is closest to 1:1 where you will ultimately end up when you are towing on the freeway. I personally don't give a crap how many gears it has it will suck on the freeway pulling and be shifting constantly with 3.42's or 3.23's. I spend 90% of my towing time on the freeway and i pull a lot of miles, i don't care how quick it gets up to speed, i want the truck to maintain it without effort and be able to climb a hill with a load. One of my best friends asked me to help him figure out why his 2018 1500 6.2 max tow with 3.42's and the 8 speed was a dog pulling his utility trailer that weighs about 5k loaded on the freeway. Its simply the final gearing, any time he hits a hill it falls flat on its face downshifts into 3rd or 4th and revs to the moon and starts to loose speed. He also never gets out of 6th gear, ever on the freeway with a load in tow. That unto itself is not an issue its the not being able to maintain speed without dropping 2+ gears that's the issue. Compare that to my 2014 6.2l max tow with a 6 speed and 3.73's i have no issue with that same trailer on the freeway on any hill, it just goes like it should. Mine will cruise along happily in 5th( which is an overdrive) and sometimes see 6th. On hills it will just pull it or sometimes downshift into 4th and maintain speed like it should be able to. He lives in the mountains in NH so hills are something he runs into often. Our trucks are the same basic config, the big difference begin gearing and the transmission. Not only does mine perform better on the freeway towing i get better mileage doing it because i'm not downshifting and running 5500 rpm any time i hit a hill. He says his old 2008 5.3 4 speed with 3.73's pulled his trailer better on the freeway and i totally believe him. My old 2006 5.3' with 3.42's had the same struggles as his new one on the same hills pulling a load. That truck would never get out of 3rd ever on the freeway with a load and would downshift at the mere sight of a grade. I ended up re-gearing that truck because it was so disappointing and it was problem solved.
  14. I installed a B&M transmission pan to go along with the rear diff cover i installed a few weeks back. I am so glad i did it. The oil was gross, it was last flushed ~30k ago. Today i did the pan and filter and filled it back up with Amsoil ATF. I also did the transfer case too. The front and rear ends are both also filled with Amsoil. The pan was kind of a pain to install since i had to drop the Y pipe to get some clearance but beyond that is was easy. One thing i will note on the transmission is it shifts way better than before, not sure if its a placebo effect or not but it has never felt as good as it does today since it was new. The rear end seems a lot less clunky too with the heavier oil in there, the factory oil was like water. The pan, A sample of the oil i drained from the transmission The rear diff cover i put on a few weeks ago
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