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  1. It basically the exact same for your car as it is for an email account or phone. Just think of "your car" as "your cell phone". They both track where they are, and let anyone with the right password to see that information. Your wife, spouse, parent, friend, etc, can't see it unless you set it up and give them the password. Who ever has the password to the car, gets to see the info about the car. It not just an open app anyone can browse to any car, or even a car in your family, unless you all share passwords (like Netflix ). If someone can't explain to their spouse that they want their own password on their phone or their car, that's not really a scary technology issue.
  2. I got a "free" "lifetime powertrain" warranty when I bought my car last year. It is provided by National Automotive Experts. I have no personal experience yet, as i have not made any claims. However, one hassle is since I don't live near the selling dealer, I have to get all my required maintenance per-approved before getting it done. Even if I get it done at a local dealer. Its not really much trouble (5min phone call), but I am not suppose to change my own oil, or do any of the required maintenance myself. At least not without re-doing what I pay the shop to do, or doing it more often that required. Web site is here: http://www.mywarrantyforever.com/
  3. Thanks! Fuel Sledge 18x9 +1 275/70 r18 Nitto Ridge Grappler PS: I missed that this was supposed to be a thread on stock 18s. Sorry.
  4. Wiper blade upgrades?

    I have really like the PIAA wiper blades. I've used them on my last two trucks, and replace twice a year.
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Ride quality over the Z71 shocks and springs was night and day in my opinion. I took a 500 mile trip right after buying the truck on stock. I hated the stock suspension. My biggest complaint was hitting any kind of a bump, rut, or pothole while corning. The truck would bounce on the springs and loose traction, giving you the feeling like it might just drift off the road. Even speedbumps and potholes at low speed were very exaggerated. The Fox Coilovers resolved all of that and gave the truck a much more controlled feel. Not smooth like the MagRides in the Denali’s and High Countries, but still great for a daily driver, yet stiff enough to take offroading, and take washboards at speeds.
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I have a similar setup and love it. I went 33x11 Ridge Grapplers just because I like narrower tires for rain and snow. Price seems OK, but I got a full set of the Fox PS2.0 from mrtmotorsports.net for $910 last April. Install is fairly easy (rear is dead simple, fronts a little more involved). So maybe bargain with them some, since that a lot of labor cost, unless they include a alignment (which you'll need).
  7. Sounds like the amp is being over driven. that happens when it is called on to play at power levels (volume) that it can't keep up with, and clips power and frequency; or it is paired up with less efficient (higher ohm) speakers that draw more power. Factory speakers are generally very low ohm. This allows for smaller head unit amps. Its also harder to make them sound good, so "high end" speakers are generally higher ohm. Mix a low power amp with a high ohm speaker, and you get severe clipping and output drops. Just a guess though. It could also be a bad connection, bad wires, "blown" speaker coils, blown amp, etc.
  8. It called a "Limited-slip rear differential" and the RPO code has generally always been G80. Its standard in all GM trucks and SUVs as far as I know.
  9. Never had problems with 4-5+ Optima yellow and blue tops, but knew that Johnson Controls had taken them over a while ago. I now have a Northstar battery (made in USA) because it had great reviews, and it was one of the few Group 94R AGM batteries I could find at the time (Optima claimed to have one, but found only trade show references). Interstate batteries are made by Johnson controls, same as Optima but different specs I would imagine. I'd put Northstar and Odyssey as both excellent USA made AGM batteries that you can't go wrong with. batteriesplus.com is give a 20% off truck battery sale right now: CDP13175: 20% Off One difference between Northstar and Odyssey is the warranty: 60month versus 36month
  10. +1 to the "I don't think your howl is normal". I use my 2018 (and did use my 2012) in Auto mode 100% from about Oct-May in the Pacific Northwest, on everything from snow, to gravel, mud, lightly wet pavement, and very dry pavement. Freeway and local roads. From 0-80+ MPH. I never hear a howl or wine, or feel any gear friction or wear. The only time I feel it, is hard acceleration on wet, snow, or icy pavement. It just feels like it is locking up the clutches and getting better traction. It is a clutch based system. The only wear it causes, as far as I know, is the same wear that your transmission, AC compressor, and fan clutches experience all the time. Sure clutches wear out. But in 5 trucks, I have never once replaced a transfer case clutch in an Auto capable transfer case in less than 150K miles. In fact, I have never had one replaced period. I'd ask your dealer to verify it is working right, and check your fluid levels.
  11. Damn! If I didn't already own a 2018, I'd fly to get that one. Go for it. I am dying to own or build a SC truck some day.
  12. What Shocks?

    On my 2012, I replaced the whole compressor. GM Part 23282712 for a 2015. They get pretty beat up mounted by the spare tire (if the 2015 has the same setup).
  13. "They" are the company that get sued by the lawyers us customers hire when we hurt ourselves, but don't blame ourselves. There is no big brother. Just a legal system setup to reward coffee spill-ers, and a government setup to provide teats. Welcome to the "land of the free".
  14. Very cool. Nice work. I'll bet this will keep your valves much cleaner than we can legally in the states.
  15. 4x4 to AWD conversion

    The 2016/17 Suburban 3500HD had it. So it might be possible in Silverado HDs too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

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