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  1. Running Board Pics

    Halfway through swapping factory flat chrome for factory round black.
  2. Weathertech front and back. Had to trim some for bigger tires, but it was easy. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. socket set?

    There are no SAE nuts on Silverado's, at least I haven't found one. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. the Auto 4x4 setting should never bind the front wheels, as the transfer case shouldn't be locked front to back. That's why it can be used on dry pavement. So if they are binding up, there is something wrong.
  5. If you are thinking of the already stuck scenario, I'd get something like these before I'd try something on the wheel. My experience with chains on 4x4s is that it didn't really get me anywhere the tires alone wouldn't, they were a PITA to install, and installed right, they are not tight to the rubber, so clearance to the wheel well and fender became an issue as the tire spun or I got up speed. Installed tight, they broke off quickly. https://www.arbusa.com/recovery/tred/
  6. Only in the Monopoly games does the "Bank errors in your favor" :-) I started getting someones paycheck in my checking account once. I didn't notice it, but the bank did; and adjusted my balance without a warning or call of explanation. Legally, they can fix these issue without your permission or knowledge. So, my guess is, if you had received the check, and cashed it, and spent it; that the bank would re-adjust everyone's balances, and you would now owe that money, or have a big fat negative balance. Same with the title. Possession of the title paper doesn't really mean anything as far as I can tell. Its just what the state's records show, and those can be fixed to correct errors.
  7. latest_mods

    after wheels, tires, a front lift with Fox Ps2.0, and new 2" rear block, new sidesteps, tint, and Bak bed cover.
  8. Agreed! Nice looking truck for the Northwest. Congrats.
  9. Just some notes from my '18 6.2L experience so far: - I've never been able to fit 8qt of fresh oil in after draining the old stuff and replacing the filter. 7qts is a lot closer to what it seems to take. - I have also noticed the dip stick only reads from one side. I can't explain it, but that's what I see. Even cold. 0/20w seems really hard to read. Its like water. - After adding ~6qts new, I drive it around some (about 2 miles), let it sit for 30min+, and then recheck level. Once, I needed to add another quart, once it stayed full. My old GMs always took another quart after the quick drive. - between new and first change (2k), I didn't watch the oil level. Between the first and second oil change (7k miles), it burned 2qts. Between the second and third (5k) it didn't burn anything, but I added a CatchCan at the second oil change, and I've dumped that twice with about 8oz of sludge/oil. Seems to have stopped burning oil, so maybe that was break in.
  10. I wonder what it means when the Shake Shack at 660 Woodward is at the top?
  11. Yes, I realize that the reason I don't like Android Auto is because it is missing features and convenience I like (that might be available in a future truck I own). When I compare the GMNav display, with what is projected from Waze running on my Android, my opinion is the built in app is running at higher resolution than the remote-ed app. I don't know the specs, but that's my opinion. My truck is a '18, so wireless charging works great for me and my S9. It is a fairly simple mod to add just about any wireless charging dock to a truck these days. If, like me, you find the GMNav system to be useful, the downside is you have to pay $99/year to keep the maps updated, and even then, they seem outdated. So Waze on the phone, or projected via AA is better in that regard for sure. However, the reason the map updates are free in Waze, is because Google collects and sells much of the data collected via your telemetry. In fact, that's how Waze works. It is real time traffic and condition reports based on you sharing your data with everyone else, including the advertisers. Why does the Les Schwab tire ad pop up when I am just blocks from a Les Schwab? Because my data, location and trip info is being sold to the highest bidder. For $99/year, I get to remain private, and still figure out where I am going. Again, just my opinion/preference. You asked me " WTF are you talking about ", so I was explaining it.
  12. here's WTF: WTFs the point of wireless charging and the convenience of leaving my phone in my pocket or setting it on the console, if every time I get in the truck, I have to plug it into a F wire. WTF! Wires! So damn last decade. Besides, there is no analog zoom in Android Auto. Its a two step touch screen item that is hard for my phat fingers to pull off, and I am lazy, and driving too fast to deal with that kind of shit. ;-) Besides, if your not paying for something valuable (map updates), it because you are the product being sold. Just saying.
  13. Agreed. I shopped a Ford Raptor 3.5EB and the 6.2L LTZ (Centennial). I really like the shift timing and perfomance on the Ford. Off the dealers lot, I'd say it is better. But, this is my 6th or 7th GM truck, and I just don't like the interior or steering feel of Fords. Plus they have one color leather on Raptors: black. After getting my Centennial 13k miles ago, and updating the engine tune, I really like it. It doesn't shift as well (seems to be optimized for gas milage, not perf), but a local shop (and BlackBear) will tune the shifts to whereever I want them. I havn't spent the money to do it yet, and might never, since I sort of get used to it. Can't go wrong with either, if you like the looks and the options.
  14. Agreed for the most part, and I mostly use Waze when i need to because it is much better at RT traffic data. However, the convinience of the much larger built in Nav screen, much quicker analog zoom controls, coupled with it not draining my battery; I find that I can't stop completly using the GMNav system (backed by Here maps).
  15. Seems like that was right. Software version is the same as the part number from gmnav.com. It still does NOT list the Chick-fil-A in my neighborhood. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

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