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  1. The directions say to use their pre-mist spray for tough stains... Pre-mist spray https://www.amazon.com/Capture-Carpet-Cleaner-Release-Pre-Mist/dp/B07SS2B7QV Capture Powder 4lb https://www.amazon.com/Capture-Carpet-Rug-Cleaner-Resealable/dp/B01MS4I0H2
  2. Picked up this suburban cheap from a friend. He didn't care much about the interior and there were a lot of stains on the carpet. I was able to get some of them out with water and shampoo but the red fruit punch spill remains. I agree that taking the carpet out for deep cleaning is the best method. I've shampooed other vehicles without issue but apparently the suburban has some modules under the carpet or some chaffed wires that got wet. I've left it in the sun with doors open and carpet is almost completely dry, still a bit damp in a few spots. Drove it around town yesterday and no issues.
  3. Fixed! Moral of story, careful on how much water you use cleaning suburban Yukon Tahoe carpet. Remove door sill covers and vacuum up water that collects there. Raised front of vehicle to help water drain to rear and door sill channels. Leave battery disconnected until it dries out. After raising front of truck on jack stands maxed out and rear still on ground I removed all the door sill plates and vacuumed up water as most of the water collected in the door sills that had alot of wires in the door sill channels. Also saw some water dripping from underneath after raising front end. Letting it sit like this for 2 hours with doors open and battery disconnected, I hooked battery back up and it started up, said driver 1 on DIC. Radio , windows, dome lights, all gauges work again. Cleared a lot of codes. They haven’t come back except the prior 3 I’ve always had.
  4. Was cleaning the carpets in 2003 suburban Z71. All seemed fine until I tried to start the truck. I get unknown driver, no gauges, no radio, no power windows. Tried disconnecting battery and checked all fuses under hood and driver side fuse panel. All are good. Pulled up all the door sill plastic and vacuumed up water that was sitting in there where wires are running. After this it now starts and runs but all sorts of electrical gremlins. I went over the carpet again but it is still damp. Where are the ECM, BCM, ABS, Airbag, Driver / seat and any other computer modules located? I thought most were up under the passenger dash. For now I unhooked battery and opened all doors to let it dry out. When it did start, It displayed "Driver 2" Everything worked for a few minutes then gauges died and so did windows, radio, dome lights, etc.
  5. Realized my slightly discolored black leather spots are due to a family members over application of sun screen. I’ve gotten most of the white sunscreen out but still a noticeable spot. Not sure what cleaner to use that won’t further damage the fake leather. Your discolored spots could be due to lotion or sunscreen transfer.
  6. Mine are peeling worse than that since day 1. Showed dealer and they said they could fix but would have to pull bed. I declined. Besides looking like they will fall off mine are still there 5 years later driver side is worse than passenger
  7. I run the 5100's at max height and gained 2.25" of front lift. Do not run a spacer with the 5100's. Rides firmer than stock but still comfortable and very controlled. Your frontend is bouncing uncontrollably because you have no down travel. AKA when the wheels need to travel down after the suspension is compressed, they can't because you have the frontend maxed at maximum expansion.
  8. I used to get service stabilitrak on startup every few months. I don't offroad much but our highways around here are rough enough to qualify. Never gotten the message driving. Have you checked for any codes and checked all your grounds? G218 ground shouldn't be an issue on a 2018. I would occasionally get service stabillitrack on startup but thats it. Check and clean all your grounds, especially the engine ground to body. There are 3 frame grounds: 1. under driver seat on frame 2. behind front passenger wheel well 3. on top of spare tire by trailer tow package. Your negative battery cable may have high resistance and need replaced. Dealer replaced mine and it didn't really change anything but they said it was out of spec for resistance. Here is the official Technical Service Bulletin TSB https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10168185-9999.pdf
  9. AC and floor hvac climate control buttons didn’t light up today. Guessing it’s a entire control lane not just replaceable lights? 5 years old and 21k miles. Lowest bidder for this part.
  10. AC and floor hvac climate control buttons didn’t light up today. Guessing it’s a entire control lane not just replaceable lights? 5 years old and 21k miles. Lowest bidder for this part.
  11. Anyone know If I can plug these into my factory radio and get the functionality or is there some interface module thats needed? I have a 2018 GMC sierra with max tow package that came with the large towing mirrors Echomaster mirror cameras 2015-2019 GM Silverado/Sierra Factory matched mirror caps blind spot cameras ! | eBay Echomaster Front camera https://www.ebay.com/itm/134161439353
  12. Thanks for the info. Not very interested in the 6.2 and AWD Yukons. I do like the next gen of Yukon 2015+ those are starting to come down in price a bit but will have to wait it out and I’ll still keep my eye out for a 09 tahoe 6.2 which only came is SLT if you want 6.2
  13. I live at 7000' high altitude. I run 87 for daily driver use but put premium in when dropping down to lower altitudes and if going to tow. Never had a knock sensor code or heard any pinging / knocking. Premium is .40 - .75 cents more per gallon vs regular 87 octane. Includes sams club.
  14. I considered upgrading to the GM Big brake kit offered on K2xx trucks. I recall you can run 18” wheels from T1XX truck /suv or a 20” wheel from K2xx truck. GM still puts a 17” steel spare tire on vehicles with big brakes from factory so if you get a flat on the front you need to move a wheel from the rear to front then put the 17” spare on the rear because it won’t clear the front big rotor / caliper. Stock wheels on t1xx trucks have different offset to clear the larger calipers.
  15. 6.2 L92 VS 6.2 L9H. L92 2007-2008 L9H 2009-2013 https://help.summitracing.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4851/~/intro-to-the-l92%2C-l9h%2C-and-l94 Isn’t the L92 rated lower hp and torque vs the L9H? Thought the L92 was 380hp and L9H was 403hp. Main differences were cam and vvt phaser. L9H was flex fuel compatible. L92 not. I’ve been looking for a 2009 Tahoe 4x4 with the 6.2 L9H but they are kinda rare since 6.2 was only offered that one year in Tahoe LTZ trim only. This one year config also came with larger rear axle and 6-speed auto. http://www.automobilegt.com/Brochures/Chevrolet/2009_Chevrolet_Tahoe.pdf GMT900 Suburban never got the 6.2. Of course 2007-2013 Yukon and Yukon XL Denali and Escalade came standard with the 6.2 but they were AWD, no selectable 2wd, auto 4hi, 4lo transfer case. Odd the brochure lists 6.0 available in half ton suburban. Don’t think it ever was except in the hybrid versions and the 2500. These are getting cheap-ish as the years and miles pile on… What years had valve spring failures or is it any year 6.2?
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