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  1. Too bad the 6.6L Gas is stuck with the 6 speed ONLY. GM needs to offer the 10 speed as an option. Betting this will happen in a year or two.
  2. Yep. If it has a Cummings in it, the seller asks for top dollar, even if the rest of the truck is falling apart, the pre emission Cummings is gold. Same said for 2004 - 2007.5 LLY & LZB Duramax.
  3. mid cycle refresh in 2021 or 2020? K2xx Generation got a face-lift 2 years in....
  4. The perfect truck?

    Have to love all that torque avail at such a low rpm with diesels. 3.0L [email protected] 6.2L [email protected]
  5. The perfect truck?

    What is your trailer unloaded and loaded weight?
  6. The perfect truck?

    I love my 6.2 max tow NHT crew standard bed. Good payload for a loaded half ton at 1900lbs. My towing is 11,700 but I wouldn’t want to tow that with a half ton. Probably would be a little higher if I didn’t have sunroof, heated cooled leather,etc. 6.2 and 8 speed are excellent towing my 4000lb enclosed box trailer loaded with utv and camping gear. This is through the mountains at 5k - 8k elevation. Truck is always in the correct gear and a downshift isn’t much of a drop or jump in Gear spacing. My next dream truck is the 2020 HD AT4 with duramax or the 6.6L gas ONLY when GM offers it with the 10 speed! I was excited about the 3.0L in-line diesel1500 but they only rate towing at 9600lb when a max tow 5.3 or 6.2 is rated around 12k.
  7. Your post makes me wish 2016+ had 5 yr 100k powertrain instead of 5yr 60k.
  8. Sounds like a good deal. Post some pics if you pull the trigger!
  9. I have the range Version 8.x. Works great! No problems with battery drain and have left it plugged in for a week when not driving truck.
  10. Yep. My local dealer is the same on loaners. First question when I went in for oil and rotation service was did you buy truck here? I said no. We will call you when it’s done. 3 hours later no call. I called back and oh yeah it’s ready. Don’t even want to wast my time for the other free oil change!
  11. 0W-20 vs 5W-20

    Yes I have one "free" oil change left but my local dealer is booked out and I was not impressed when they did the first oil change. Picked up M1-212A filter.
  12. Just got back from store and noticed oil cap calls for 0W-20. (I was driving other truck while getting oil ;-) Local walmart only had 5W-20. It is Dexos approved (Mobil 1 Full synthetic 5W-20) Anyone running 5W-20 in their 2014-2018? Guess I could hold off a few days and exchange. I'm currently at 7500 miles on my 2018 6.2L and oil life is at 23%. First oil change was at 4500 miles.
  13. Had a “network installation successful” come across radio display this am.
  14. Haha. I bet they would “fix” it
  15. Yes. It should definitely be an option! You think it would be offered to help their cafe numbers.

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