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  1. G218 ground shouldn't be an issue on a 2018. I would occasionally get service stabillitrack on startup but thats it. Check and clean all your grounds, especially the engine ground to body. There are 3 frame grounds: 1. under driver seat on frame 2. behind front passenger wheel well 3. on top of spare tire by trailer tow package. Your negative battery cable may have high resistance and need replaced. Dealer replaced mine and it didn't really change anything but they said it was out of spec for resistance. Here is the official Technical Service Bulletin TSB 18-NA-161 1..7 (nhtsa.gov)
  2. My 2018 6.2L L86 just rolled over 20k miles. I change oil every year and usually only put 4 - 5k miles on in that time. I've been running mobil 1 Full Syn and Pennzoil platinum. Recently joined the Amsoil club and will probably run the OE oil since I am changing with low mileage intervals. Not sure if the XL would benefit me much unless I start putting on more miles between changes. Walmart online has a 2pk of Mobil 1 212a filters for $18 which seems pretty good. I have run the Fram Ultra XG10575 after the mobil 1 m212a and oil looks the same at 4500 miles. Rockauto has cheapest price on fram before shipping but they limit order to 1 which kills the low price. Here's a youtube video comparison of m1-212a vs Fram XG10575.
  3. Yes. I used the two wires from the Bose sub plug as the speaker level inputs on the lc2i. That’s the thick black speaker wire I ran from Bose sub plug into LC2i left speaker input. Since there was only one speaker level input from sub I ran it to the left input on the LC2i then just used some short wire to jump the left to right input on lc2i. Not sure if that even mattered. My JL XD300/1v2 turns on when it senses audio from the rca input so no remote wire needed.
  4. @Spurshot Thanks for the reply and your detailed post. I do all of the maintenance on my older trucks. Done oil changes and bilstein 5100 2” lift on the 2018. Your post made this look super easy. I’ll keep an eye on the leak and prob just do it myself. I checked bolts. They are tight and T30 torx. Must be shrinking oring.
  5. Guessing most don't have a leak or haven't noticed it since you can't see unless you remove the "batwing" air intake. I found this old thread and will prob just replace o-ring myself if it continues to leak in the next few weeks / months.
  6. I used the LC2I and one of the wires off the factory Bose subwoofer plug for the amp power signal. Still rocking my JL stealthbox in center console. Has been good except had to reseal stealthbox box where woofer mates to box there was an air leak. I mounted amp an lc2i under the rear seat. Ran all the wires along the passenger side under door sill covers.
  7. Hi all, Anyone else have a small oil weep on front of engine above crank pulley? I think it’s the VVT cam phaser. I removed my air box and tube. Noticed a small oil weep. It just surrounds the sensor but not running down timing chain cover. Cleaned it off with carb cleaner. My 2018 6.2L just turned 20k miles. I’m out of bumper to bumper but still have a few months of power train left. My dealer sucks so if it continues to weep may try replacing gasket myself? Has anyone done this? Any other known leak areas on this generation of engines?
  8. I used the LC2I and one of the wires off the factory Bose subwoofer plug for the amp power signal. Still rocking my JL stealthbox in center console. Has been good except had to reseal stealthbox box where woofer mates to box there was an air leak.
  9. Torqued my motofab 2” rear lift block with new ubolts to 100 ft lb. Have driven 1500miles and recheck torque. Were still at 100ft lb.
  10. @doubeleive I’ve owned several sets of BFG KO and the KO2. They are very quiet for an aggressive all terrain but like all tires get noisy once they wear down to less than 50%. The noisiest tires I had were Cooper Discoverer ATP which is very similar to their AT3. They started out quiet but at 60% tread left they were extremely noisy on the highway.
  11. @M1ck3y Yes I can. Fun fact the passenger side of the bumper has a larger gap between fender and bumper than the drivers side. Came from the factory that way. Most people don’t notice but I can’t unsee it with my OCD
  12. Installed bed rug which happens to match snugtop carpet. My first bed rug and it’s very nicely padded on the bottom which makes crawling around in bed pain free. Also has a foam on the side’s which is a small amount of insulation when truck camping 🏕 My truck came with the spray on bed liner and the Velcro bed rug uses does not stick well to the bed liner even after using their promoter which they were very stingy with. Not a big deal I guess since it’s mostly to prevent air from getting under it and ballooning up at highway speeds. Not an issue with a tonneau or camper shell / topper.
  13. Got new BFG’s! Tire prices supposed to rise again so decided to drop $$$ and upgrade now. Bilstein 5100 on top notch in front for 2” lift. 2” moto fab block in rear replacing factory 1” block raising rear 1.25”. First pic Goodyear Fortitude HT 265/65/r18 31.5” Second pic BFG KO2 275/70r18. 33.2”
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