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  1. My cousins 14 Double Cab 5.3 has No catch can and AFM has been enabled since new.
  2. My 2018 6.2 only has 8k miles. I planed on keeping it for many years 10 or more. If it still has good value in 3 - 5 years I may sell or trade in, especially if it gives me any trouble. So far been good except: for all the reports of shattering rear sliding window (I pulled fuse). Drivers door window rattles when closed. If I roll it down a touch then no rattles. Cab protection adhesive strips between bed and rear of cab are Peeling. Dealer says they will have to pull bed to put new ones on. Putting that off for now. Lurches forward when in park and cold start. 8l90 transmission.
  3. Is it just the 6.2 with injector issues? My cousin has 14 5.3 Silverado. Owned since new. Does minimal maintenance. Oil changes are when OLM says change. He now has 136k on it. No problems other than battery dead 3 years in.
  4. What kind of towing mpg are you getting? i have a 16’ single axle v nose enclosed. 3k - 3.5k loaded. I get 8 - 9 towing from Phx to flag. If I’m on flatish roads like to the north rim I can get 11 - 12.
  5. GMT900 N88 wheels BFG K02 285/70/R17 LT Load range E
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Make sure you get truck aligned if installing on anything other than stock setting. I put mine on 3rd notch from bottom for 1.75" of lift. Truck drove fine but TOE was way out and would have chewed tires. Got it aligned and 5,000 miles later tire wear is even.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    I received exactly what you pictured when I ordered 5100’s. There should be a clip that goes around the rings on shock body. You reuse stock spring, upper and lower perch / mount. I re used stock strut shaft nut and stock lower shock nuts. The supplied bilstein strut shaft nut was not as deep as stock nut and I had a banging in front end on bumps after a few months using bilstein nut. If you look at stock strut shaft nut, threads are at the top and space at bottom so it won’t bottom out on threads.
  8. Anyone know how to tell if you have updated pump? Wondering if my 2018 has the updated design? Build 12/2017
  9. Or have a paint store / body shop make some factory color in a spray can. Tape off the section and spray the factory color on. Some light wet sanding and it’s 👍
  10. I’d highly recommend magnaflow 12909 or 14909 (stainless) flow through muffler. $130 - $200 for muffler. Then take to exhaust shop and have them cut out restrictive stock muffler and flapper. Then weld in magnaflow. I can now hear cold starts in the house. Quiet cruising on highway. Sounds like a v8 when you stomp on it :-)
  11. I also added the AFE sprint booster (like pedal commander but made in USA). This made the biggest difference in seat of the pants feel. My new truck is almost as responsive as older drive by throttle cable trucks. It makes he go pedal much more responsive. https://afepower.com/afe-power-77-14003-sprint-booster-power-converter AFE runs 15% off sales fairly regularly or pick up a used one if you are patient for under $180
  12. https://afepower.com/afe-power-51-74104-momentum-gt-pro-dry-s-cold-air-intake-system this usually goes on sale for 360 - 380. I found a used one for $200. Can’t tell a power difference but a lot louder when towing or 3/4 throttle you hear much more intake noise. Looks nice under he hood and cleans up the engine bay. I added the pre filter bag as an extra layer of protection. Dry filter is Easy to to clean in the kitchen sink with some dawn and warm water, let air dry. I slap the stocker back on when it goes to dealer for free service.
  13. Very sorry to hear this! Thoughts and prayers be with you. Kick Cancers @ss!!!

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