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  1. Here is a how to video. He mentions that the replacement bolts are different size than stock.
  2. Fixed? How many miles? Why did it bend pushrod? Mistimed AFM event?
  3. Well I'm out of ideas. I still get a service stabilitrack occasionally, along with B127E especially if I turn truck off and then restart after a few minutes (like when in a long line at drive thru). I also get a random service safety restraint system, airbag light, along with U0140 Lost communication with Body control module only if i leave a door open when truck warming up for several minutes. Shut truck of and restart, no message and airbag light goes off, all seems normal after that.
  4. I still randomly get a service stabilitrack or service safety restraint system once in a few months. I used to get them fairly often. Replaced positive and negative battery cables, cleaned ground under passenger front fender liner and driver seat on frame rail. More info here: Guessing its a loose connection on harness somewhere...
  5. Update: I got the service stabilitrack error randomly on startup a few months after Dealer replaced negative cable and bumper to bumper warranty ended. Occasional codes of B127E, B127B, B1325, U0121, C0800, U0073 Replaced short positive cable from battery to junction box. All connections were tight. Cleaned ground on outside frame rail under drivers seat. It's been 2 months and no random codes or stabilitrack. Next thing will be to replace battery if codes come back.
  6. Voltage changing while driving is normal as stated by others. If you have starting issues or odd messages on screen after starting (service stabillitrack, low battery, service restraint system) Check the resistance in the battery cables. I had my dealer do this before warranty was up and my negative cable tested bad (high resistance). They replaced that and no more random messages after startup. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10168185-9999.pdf
  7. Yes the new version has issues. I have the GMC app (same thing) The press and hold keep holding is annoying. I can’t get Face ID to work. Always asks for my pin.
  8. High resistance in battery cables can cause low battery warnings service stabilitrack, etc. dealership replaced my negative cable after it tested bad. No more service stabiltrack service safety restraint system. I never had issues with power steering going out though.
  9. Not an AT4 but my 2018 crew cab 6.6’ 4wd SLT (sunroof, bucket seats) 6.2L Max tow payload is 1900lbs. Love the looks of the AT4 but with softer springs for better off-road ride payload is reduced. You could always add sumo springs, add a leaf or air bags if it squats too much when loaded or towing.
  10. Damn! Guessing you are out of 3 yr bumper to bumper but still covers under 60k 5yr powertrain warranty?
  11. Damn that sucks. Maybe it’s not fully latching or only latching one side? Dealer can scan for codes if it’s electrical issue.
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