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  1. Just rumors. GM may offer the dash from the new 2021 Tahoe / suburban. Remember the GMT900? Two interiors offered. A cheaper truck dash and the same dash in SUV for SLT LTZ Denali. I’m guessing GM may offer a two dash option again.
  2. I went from the 20” chrome clad wheels above (wheel face is plastic!) to 17” wheel with 285/70/17 BFG ko2 load range e. At 45 psi they ride better than the 20” minimal side wall p rated tires the truck came with. 20” load range e will definitely be stiffer than the stock p rated tire at same size.
  3. You can wireless charge and cable charge at the same time. I do this occasionally if I want my phone to charge faster.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdSzqhfxwwU Rumor has it GM will raise the tow rating for the oil burner (gears & radiator?) to over 10klbs in 2021
  5. duramaxforum or diesel place will get you more responses.
  6. I have the Extang Solid Fold 2.0. It's OK. Leaks a little from the folds and sides when going through car wash or a hard rain. Driving through rain on highway it is almost completely dry. Haven't been impressed with there support. For a $800 - $900 cover I expected it to be drip and leak free. It will also shift around on wash-boarded roads or even a bumpy highway. Always moves to the drivers rear tail light. The only real holds are the 2 front clamps. The rear clamps just keep it from opening easily and dont really help for side to side movement. I do like the thick panels that are barely warm to the touch on the underside, even in 100 degree heat. The easy to remove was a big plus as well. You technically can walk on it but will leave slight depressions you will see when it gets wet. https://www.amazon.com/Extang-Folding-Tonneau-83450-Silverado/dp/B00VT9E3C2?th=1 https://realtruck.com/p/extang-solid-fold-2-0-tonneau-cover/
  7. I didn’t care for the k2xx when they were first released in 2014. I liked the GMT900 design except the interior needed a update which didn’t happen due to bankruptcy. I ended up buying a 2018 k2xx crew standard bed. The design grew on me and the interior was a huge improvement along with larger cab and more powerful engines. I wouldn’t buy a T1XX until near end of cycle. That’s just me, I’d rather buy when all options are available and the trucks have been released into the wild a few years. They are growing on me a bit. I like the GMC HD, haven’t seen the Chevrolet HD in person. I like the I6 diesel in the half ton but don’t want to buy that right out of the gate. Another huge plus on my k2xx is it’s almost paid off!
  8. All Bose systems with bucket seats and center console have a small Bose subwoofer under the console. I removed mine which was barely 6" woofer. I replaced with a 10" JL Audio stealthbox that fits under the center console so I don't loose under rear seat storage. The stock Bose sounded OK IMHO but lacked low end bass. With the 10" stealth box and 300W amp for the sub, the rearview, console armrest, front seats vibrate when I have the gain set to max. Downside is you hear rattles from the console which is probably why the Bose sub was so small and didn't respond to low rumble bass.
  9. You own the gas 6.6? When you say drives much better. Steering, suspension, turning radius, viewing angles? Or just that the 6.6 is a improvement over the 6.0?
  10. Have you tried a light rubbing compound? Turtle Wax T-415 Premium Grade Rubbing Compound - 18 oz. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000NMDFNY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_rDDVDbRX3GS00
  11. Truck on wheels like normal. Held strut rod top with tiny wrench or use vice grip on top of rod. NOT on the shiny part! Then tightened nut by hand as tight as I could with wrench. [emoji123]
  12. Just added oe nut and tightened down. It’s been quiet since.
  13. Happy with my K02 LT tires. Only gripe is they like to grab any and all rocks then project them down the side of my truck when getting up to highway speed. But I think that's most M+S tires with deep lugs. BFG makes 2 different tread compounds. Softer (has the 3 peak symbol on sidewall) and harder longer wearing tread for HD diesels. I've read the harder compound does help with tredwear but does not do as well in snow and ice. I have the 3 peak softer compound. Have 20k on the tires and they have plenty of life left.
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