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  1. Hmmm....I'm wondering if this is what I"m hearing in my truck that all this time I think is coming from the passenger door. I'll go weeks w/out hearing anything and then hit a few bumps and the inside of my truck sounds like an old fashioned typewriter going down the road.. I have the under seat storage bin too.
  2. Cool. That’s good to know and thanks for the reply on this. I’ve mentioned it before on these forums, but it feels like I’ve had way more ticks and rattles and noises in the interior of this truck than I’ve ever had in any other GM product I’ve ever owned. The one that’s been the most annoying is my passenger door rattle. It’ll be quiet for days and then I’ll hit a random bump and it’ll set it off like an old typewriter. I’ve played around with the door striker and have wiped down the seals, etc..and it seems to always come back. I recently put polyethylene clear tape on the striker and around the frame of the door (not on the door but on the body of the truck, just lined it up to where the rubber seal makes contact when the door is closed) and that seems to have maybe worked. We’ll see.
  3. The exact same thing is happening to me now. I’ve heard it for months but just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it. I can actually just move or wiggle the sensor around a couple of millimeters back and forth on the shaft and it makes the noise. The only thing I’m worried about is that if it gets stabilized like that so that it doesn’t move, will that cause something else to break later down the road? (I have no idea but just a thought I’m having). I’m guessing you havent had any issues regarding steering since you’ve done this?
  4. Hey guys thanks for all the good posts on this topic. Overall for me the truck feels solid and definitely drives nice. The only “but” I have is all of the little ticks and rattles I’ve heard since the truck was only a few months old. The most annoying had to be my “B Pillar “ rattle, which I believe I’ve completely solved by adjusting my right rear door striker (of all things). The other being my passenger side door rattle which I think, (knocking on wood) I may have solved by strategically placing clear polyethylene coated tape around the door frame and on the striker. All things I probably shouldn’t have to do myself. It’s definitely the first GM vehicle I’ve ever owned that has these types of rattles and noises. But those are more like nuisances I suppose. It’s definitely a nice cruiser though. And the exhaust note is just perfect IMO (its just the stock system - although I do have the Chevy chrome tip on it which I think looks cool). We’ll see, I’m gonna try and hang on to it and get some miles out of it.
  5. I feel like all I see online regarding the 14-18 Silverados and Sierras is basically negative. Stories of many of guys having major transmission issues and/or failures before 100K miles, clunking drivelines and steering ...etc... I’ve had some rattles that I’ve more or less figured out now, but I haven’t had anything catastrophic yet. - knock on wood. And of course I shouldn’t considering I only have around 23k miles on my truck. (2017 5.3L with 6 speed, RWD crew cab) I really do wonder though, what are my chances of getting slammed with some big expense when the thing only has 70k miles on it in a couple or three years from now? Anyone out there getting up there in mileage 14-18 with no issues? Maybe I’m just looking for a good confidence boost right now incidentally, my 2001 and 2004 Sierras I used to own were trouble free, put a good amount of miles on both.
  6. Did you ever figure it out? I have the same issue on my passenger side door. its driving me insane.
  7. I'm having a door issue with my 2017 Crew Cab (which I've posted about here before in a different forum). The passenger side front door sticks out slightly when closed and it makes the door rattle like crazy. I've had it back at the dealer before for it (at first I thought it was the seat) and all they did was replace the door latch. Well of course that didn't stop the rattle. I've used electrical tape on the striker (which only temporarily works), I've adjusted the striker multiple times, and I've even tried adjusting the entire door by loosening the bolts that bolt the door to the hinges and moving the door around. I've applied liberal amounts of silicone grease to all the rubber around the door too - that stops the rattling sound for a couple days. Then it comes back. The door moves and rattles so bad that the actual latch hook has a hole in the plastic. I really really don't want to take it back to the dealer again, but I'm fearing I'm going to have to.
  8. I actually watched a video on Youtube (In German w/English subtitles lol) about adjusting the door on a Sprinter van. Same procedure pretty much , but what they did was completely removed the striker and then did the adjustment. I guess with the striker there, when you go to adjust the door by closing it the striker will actually make it go back to the "wrong" position it was in in the first place. Which I guess sort of makes sense. They adjusted the door how they liked it, tightened up the hinge bolts, then put the striker back on May try it that way..
  9. I just got around to do messing with this today. I’ve been putting tape on the striker in the meantime but it starting wearing off and rattling again . So Is there some kind of trick to getting the door to move inwards once those bolts are loosened up? It seems that once I loosened the bolts the door didn’t really want to move in and out that much While trying to get the door to move in a little more i actually shut the door and gently pushed on it against the truck (with the bolts still loosened). After that and trying a few more times to pull the door inwards i tightened the bolts back up, and then readjusted the striker again by loosening that and shutting the door on it a few times to center it up. Overall it seemed the door moved in slightly, but it still sticks out some when closed. I drove around for a few minutes after and the rattle seems to be gone. pretty much but I’d be willing to loosen those up and try it again if I could figure out how to get the door pulled inwards a little tighter. thoughts?
  10. Did you ever get a chance to take your truck into the dealer for the B Pillar tick? I haven't tried messing with the pillar spot welds yet but it seems that putting that black gorilla tape around the rear driver side door striker seems to make it stop. I did that in November and it finally wore out from opening and closing the door I guess. I heard the ticking coming back this morning so I re-taped the door striker again and the ticking went away. So my guess is that if it isn't the B Pillar spot welds, then it has something to do with the rear door being out of adjustment. This doesn't surprise me, because my passenger door is out of adjustment and it ticks and rattles too - I've sprayed that door's latch and striker and it makes it go away temporarily - again I just need to find time (and patience) to get in there and adjust the bolts for the door on the hinges.
  11. On cold mornings, who on here has a fairly noisy crackling/crunchy/popping kind of noise from the long piece of dash that runs right in front of the windshield when you drive over road bumps or road imperfections? Mine seems to be doing it more often this winter and much louder than I've ever heard it before. Seems to happen at any temperature below about 50 or so. I can press on this piece right around where the red light sticks up from the top of the dash and it will replicate the crunching sound. I understand its the plastic contracting in the cold weather, but has anyone taken that piece off and added tape or felt or anything to try and stop it , and if so, did it work?
  12. I'm assuming when they say "door side hinge bolts" they mean the two bolts that I have arrows pointing to in the picture? (This is a picture of the passenger side door hinge facing forward, the two bolts are on the door)
  13. Cool, thanks for posting this. Its supposed to be an nice weekend coming up down here so I may give this a whirl. I had a feeling it was an adjustment issue but was hoping the striker adjustment would be enough to do the trick.
  14. Its funny, I've basically been a GM guy my whole life and I don't recall ever having a GM product that had these kinds of weird, irritating rattles inside the cabin - and this includes 1980s GM products. LOL. Some days the truck is super quiet. Other days the dash rattles and the door makes noises. Then next day, its quiet again. So odd. I really do have a love hate relationship with this truck. On days when its quiet I really enjoy it - and I think its a really good looking truck too. But when I start hearing that door vibrate its like the only thing I hear and it really makes me wonder how in the world a fairly new vehicle could have that kind of an issue. Another irritating problem with this truck - coupled with living in Houston - is that its turned out to be a magnet for a**holes. I've had the wheels stolen off of it once, and then two weeks ago someone completely damaged my door breaking into the stupid thing - both times right in front of my house.
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