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  1. Did you ever get a chance to take your truck into the dealer for the B Pillar tick? I haven't tried messing with the pillar spot welds yet but it seems that putting that black gorilla tape around the rear driver side door striker seems to make it stop. I did that in November and it finally wore out from opening and closing the door I guess. I heard the ticking coming back this morning so I re-taped the door striker again and the ticking went away. So my guess is that if it isn't the B Pillar spot welds, then it has something to do with the rear door being out of adjustment. This doesn't surprise me, because my passenger door is out of adjustment and it ticks and rattles too - I've sprayed that door's latch and striker and it makes it go away temporarily - again I just need to find time (and patience) to get in there and adjust the bolts for the door on the hinges.
  2. On cold mornings, who on here has a fairly noisy crackling/crunchy/popping kind of noise from the long piece of dash that runs right in front of the windshield when you drive over road bumps or road imperfections? Mine seems to be doing it more often this winter and much louder than I've ever heard it before. Seems to happen at any temperature below about 50 or so. I can press on this piece right around where the red light sticks up from the top of the dash and it will replicate the crunching sound. I understand its the plastic contracting in the cold weather, but has anyone taken that piece off and added tape or felt or anything to try and stop it , and if so, did it work?
  3. I'm assuming when they say "door side hinge bolts" they mean the two bolts that I have arrows pointing to in the picture? (This is a picture of the passenger side door hinge facing forward, the two bolts are on the door)
  4. Cool, thanks for posting this. Its supposed to be an nice weekend coming up down here so I may give this a whirl. I had a feeling it was an adjustment issue but was hoping the striker adjustment would be enough to do the trick.
  5. Its funny, I've basically been a GM guy my whole life and I don't recall ever having a GM product that had these kinds of weird, irritating rattles inside the cabin - and this includes 1980s GM products. LOL. Some days the truck is super quiet. Other days the dash rattles and the door makes noises. Then next day, its quiet again. So odd. I really do have a love hate relationship with this truck. On days when its quiet I really enjoy it - and I think its a really good looking truck too. But when I start hearing that door vibrate its like the only thing I hear and it really makes me wonder how in the world a fairly new vehicle could have that kind of an issue. Another irritating problem with this truck - coupled with living in Houston - is that its turned out to be a magnet for a**holes. I've had the wheels stolen off of it once, and then two weeks ago someone completely damaged my door breaking into the stupid thing - both times right in front of my house.
  6. I have a 2017 1500 Silverado Crew Cab. I’ve posted about this before in various areas on this website and it’s driving me crazy because I’ll get it quiet for a little while then it comes back. My passenger door rattles on bumpy roads. For the longest time I thought it was my passenger seat but after the dealer replaced the seat frame the rattle was still there. They replaced the door latch mechanism and it was still there after that. It wasn’t until I put black gorilla tape on the door striker that the rattle stopped. Unfortunately it only stopped it for a few weeks. Then I tried adjusting the door striker up and down, and I’ve sprayed WD40 brand white lithium grease all inside the door latch. When I do these things the rattle will go away for a week, maybe two weeks. Then it starts quietly coming back. I’ll spray more grease on the latch and it goes away. Only to return again eventually. I feel like this is something I can fix myself (maybe). I hate messing with the dealer for anything beyond oil changes as they either can’t reproduce the sound or simply just don’t fix it. one thing I’ve noticed on the passenger door is that when it’s closed it sticks out ever so slightly (like it isn’t closing flush against the cab). I can push the door closer into the cab but it slightly pops back out again. I feel like this may be part of the problem. the striker only slides up and down however so I’m not sure how else to get it to close tighter to the cab? ideas , thoughts???
  7. ah, so they were trying to disconnect the ECU my truck came with, put in their own so they could just use their own key or something?
  8. I think someone tried to steal my truck last night (my cameras were on but didn't detect anything - it may have happened before we turned the cameras on for the night). I noticed that my hood was opened when I went out to my truck to go to work this morning so I closed it. I thought maybe I accidentally hit the hood latch under the dash with my foot getting out of the truck last night. Well nope, they broke my driver side door handle and lock getting into it. The door won't open at all - either from the outside or the inside. I have to use the passenger door to get in and out. They didn't take anything from inside the truck, so it makes me think they were trying to take the whole truck and then maybe something startled them so they stopped. The locks still work, but it seems like the horn might have been disabled or damaged because it won't sound off when I go to set the alarm on my key fob.
  9. So I've been messing with the striker on this passenger door for the last couple of months. I'll adjust it and everything will be quiet for a while and then suddenly the rattling will come back - almost at random. The striker on mine only goes up and down - I can't get it to go side to side (or inwards and outwards if you will). Today it started doing it again so I adjusted the striker pretty much all the way down. The door isn't really even with the back door anymore, but when you look down the side of the truck it seems to be more flush with the body. Drove it around a few minutes and seems like the rattle disappeared. Kind of wondering if maybe I shouldn't apply some lithium grease or something to the rubber seal that goes around the door? What's really crazy is for the longest time I thought it was my passenger seat rattling. It can get pretty loud - like a typewriter sound.
  10. Heard the door rattling again on my way home despite adjusting the striker yesterday. So I pulled over, opened the door and gave it a real hard slam - drove off and the rattle was gone. Maybe I need to apply some grease or something to the door seal? maybe readjust. not sure.
  11. I was looking up the GMT-400 and looks like it was 88-98. I liked those years a lot - especially the Z71 models, they looked great. When I was in college my dad had brand new GMC Sierra step side single cab 2wd - I want to say it was probably a 96 or 97 model and I want to say it was the 305 (I don't think it was the 350). I remember driving it a couple times and man that truck could really move! I loved it. He only had it about a year or so (w/the single cab there was not enough room for him ). He traded that in for a 98 GMC Jimmy and boy was that thing a real piece of garbage. Ended up having a bunch of weird problems with it - transmission crapped itself , radiator fluid turning into mud, you name it. There was some kind of "neutral safety switch" that went bad - you could start the car in Drive hahahaa. I will say that 4.3L V6 in it wasn't bad, but everything else about it was just real half ass.
  12. Its funny to me that my 2001 and 2004 Sierras never seemed to have any of these kinds of nuisance issues like rattling doors or ticking b pillars. Those trucks were pretty solid from what I can remember. Although I was a bit younger and listened to music louder in those days so maybe thats why I never heard anything LOL. My 2001 Sierra was a 2wd and despite it being 2wd I took this awesome off road adventure in New Mexico with it exploring the desert around Chaco Canyon Natl Historic Park. Drove that sucker through some pretty rough terrain. I remember when I did get back on pavement how unbelievably quiet and solid it still felt (I thought for sure I had messed something up). I just don't know if my 2017 interior would hold up to that kind of an off road adventure. I think I"d have rattles and ticks and popping noises even worse if I did something like that
  13. So I adjusted the striker a bit the other day and it was quiet until this morning - I could hear it ever so faintly rattling on bumpy streets. So I pulled over again and did another adjustment and this time I tried to push the striker inwards towards the interior as much as I could (it doesn't seem to want to go very far in and out, it goes up and down with ease however). The door is quiet after driving around on rough pavement now but what I find odd is that despite pushing (and tapping with a rubber mallet on the striker towards the interior while the bolts were loose ) it now seems like the door is sticking out slightly when shut - which seems counterintuitive. I can live with that if it means no more rattling though. Incidentally I also heard my infamous B Pillar ticking a little too so I took the rear driver side door striker and adjusted that too and the ticking went away.
  14. ***B Pillar tick update** I haven't done the procedure that wingsaa suggested yet (its cooled down here in Houston and the noise has basically gone away and I really haven't had a chance to take everything apart again). However, this morning I noticed the tick was coming back on bumps (71 degrees this morning here). So for giggles, because I still have the roll of Gorilla tape in my truck from when I taped up the passenger door striker for that rattle, I decided to pull into a quiet neighborhood on my drive to work and tape up the door striker on the REAR driver side door. Started driving off and the tick was immediately gone. My hunch is it has something to do with the perhaps the door being held firmer in place against the cab and maybe "pressing" harder against that weld (?) Not really sure. To me though its not really a solution. I may just adjust that striker when I get around to actually adjusting the passenger door striker too.
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