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  1. Anyone else ever hear this noise when turning the steering wheel? I've narrowed it down to my steering angle sensor. I can get under the dash and move it around and it makes the noise. It also very clearly audible when you're laying on the floor board looking up at it. I've been driving around with it like this for thousands of miles and over a year. I haven't been in the mood to deal with the dealership any thoughts? I may try putting some cardboard pieces between the sensor and the housing like another guy on here did (he has a good video on youtube too). drives me bonkers though in situations where I don't have my radio on and I'm making low speed turns.
  2. Have sort of an odd question. When you were hearing this noise did it sound like it was actually coming from the front passenger seat and/or front passenger door?
  3. Hmmm, I'm going to look a little deeper into that. Maybe try adjusting them up and down or putting some tape around the base or something.
  4. Thanks for the tip on that one. That does actually happen from time to time too, but this is definitely something different. The other day I took unzipped the seat cover on the back of the front passenger seat and gave the hinges and some of the bolts and tracks a coat of lithium grease. I've driven the truck about 30 miles or so since then and its been quiet. I think the real test will be the next time I go somewhere with my wife sitting in the seat and then drive around again when the seat is empty. see if it starts rattling again.
  5. Wanted to give you an update (I've watched your videos on Youtube - thanks for posting these because they're a big help). I've messed with the back seats and I think they're pretty quiet now. As far as my noise I hear on the front passenger side of the truck I don't think it had anything to do with the door at all. I think its had everything to do with the passenger seat. I've posted this Youtube video in a different forum here with the noise I've been hearing and I think that *maybe* I've fixed it now. My guess though is that its probably only temporary fix. I unzipped the back of the passenger seat cover and sprayed WD-40 brand lithium grease on the seat hinges and on the tracks and exposed bolts. I've driven the truck probably 30-40 miles since then and its been dead quiet now. I'm afraid though that its going to wear off or get jacked up the next time someone sits in that seat and then gets out again... I'm toying with maybe putting flocking tape or something near the hinges. I also should say the dealership replaced the lower seat frame last year and that didn't do diddly - they also replaced my door latch (thinking it was coming from the door) and that didn't do anything either.
  6. So I started a topic the other day about a noise I'm getting from what sounds like the front seat (but heck, it could be from the rear too I can' t figure it out). And it mainly happens when its empty. I've taken some of the front seat apart and sprayed lithium grease everywhere, I just don't know (I've had the dealer replace the seat frame and they also replaced the door latch thinking that could be it).. nothing has worked I took this video the other day, sounds like this (almost like an old time typewriter on bumps):
  7. And whats crazy too is how expensive batteries are now.
  8. That would be great if you could remember it Brad. I will also say the seat is real creaky when I lean on it or push it slightly. The sound is like a creaky old mattress or something. So today I spent a little More time looking at the passenger seat. I took the trim pieces off the bottom rails and then started to remove the cover off the back to try and get a better look at the inside of the back of the seat. I sprayed some lithium grease on the rails and exposed bolts That hold the seat down and then also sprayed some on the hinges inside the seat. After all that , the seat does still creak a bit when i move it around. So I’m not really sure what is doing that. I drove around a bit after all that and it seemed quieter but its so hard to tell because sometimes its quiet anyways..
  9. Whats odd is it won’t do it all the time. I can drive it sometimes on the same bumpy road and it makes no noise at all. Then out of the blue it will start ticking and rattling like a typewriter on bumps. It’s sooooo irritating when it happens.
  10. Had to replace mine yesterday actually. Got the same exact battery you did from Autozone. I could tell it was going because the truck was cranking slower and slower the last few weeks. Finally died yesterday. 2017 5.3L with only 23k miles. I think the Houston heat helped doing it in.
  11. Here’s a longer version of the video (about a minute or so)
  12. Guys, please help. Every time I think I have this figured out I actually don’t. The dealer has replaced the door latch (that wasn’t it), they’ve replaced the passenger seat lower frame and I’ve lubricated the hinges on the rear fold up seats and the hooks in the back of the cab. I’m still pretty certain though this noise is coming from the front passenger seat. I can push on the seat when the truck is not in motion and it makes a creaky grinding sound. I made a video clip of the noise I hear as I’m driving down any street that has imperfections in the pavement. It’s driving my batsh*t insane crazy.
  13. Hmmm....I'm wondering if this is what I"m hearing in my truck that all this time I think is coming from the passenger door. I'll go weeks w/out hearing anything and then hit a few bumps and the inside of my truck sounds like an old fashioned typewriter going down the road.. I have the under seat storage bin too.
  14. Cool. That’s good to know and thanks for the reply on this. I’ve mentioned it before on these forums, but it feels like I’ve had way more ticks and rattles and noises in the interior of this truck than I’ve ever had in any other GM product I’ve ever owned. The one that’s been the most annoying is my passenger door rattle. It’ll be quiet for days and then I’ll hit a random bump and it’ll set it off like an old typewriter. I’ve played around with the door striker and have wiped down the seals, etc..and it seems to always come back. I recently put polyethylene clear tape on the striker and around the frame of the door (not on the door but on the body of the truck, just lined it up to where the rubber seal makes contact when the door is closed) and that seems to have maybe worked. We’ll see.
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