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  1. B Pillar Tick

    Is your noise still gone with your side steps off?
  2. B Pillar Tick

    It was pretty hot here this morning and the b pillar tick seemed to be louder and more pronounced (again only on the large potholes). So annoying I think I may try playing around with the running boards this weekend to see if that helps. I start hearing the ticking noise and I wonder if its going to come back and keep getting worse and worse...
  3. B Pillar Tick

    Its funny that I'm reading about this issue with the side steps this morning, more on that in a second... So these days the infamous loud b pillar rattle that reverbs up through to the top by the seat belt only happens to me lately in the morning, and again only on real huge potholes or bumps. Okay, I can live with it - I suppose. And its still not as annoying as the rattling passenger seat that I have. So last night on the way home (but not this morning on the way to work) I was hearing a distinct metallic vibration - not the loud rattle, but just a constant low dB vibration as I drove down older concrete streets, coming up from the b pillar , back door area. My street is asphalt - so I turn on my smooth street, nothing - quiet as a church mouse. Okay, great. So I get out of the truck and slam the door shut in the driveway - boom - the same exact sounding vibration that I hear on rough streets, and I hear on the outside of the truck. So I open the door up, and slam it again, but this time with my foot on the side step - low and behold nice and quiet - no sound at all. Ah ha! So of course I start tapping on the side step (I have the fairly wide chrome style ones) and as I tap it from the bottom I can hear it making that vibrating noise. So of course now I'm wondering if this is the source of the louder click I hear in the mornings too... I got on youtube last night and there's some videos out there of guys taking off their running boards/side steps and actually beefing up the rubber padding that's applied between the u brackets and the body of the truck. Apparently torquing down the bolts doesn't really help as much as applying thick pieces of 3M rubber weather stripping on the flat surface of metal where the bracket and truck sheet metal are wedged together. This could be of interest:
  4. I've been posting about my passenger seat rattle on the B pillar tick forum on this site (because I've had that issue come up from time to time too) The passenger seat is making a metallic clicking/rattling noise on bumps when the seat is empty - although I am starting to hear it too with my wife in the seat, but it usually isn't as bad if the seat is occupied. If I push against the seat with some force (towards the passenger door) it goes away. I can't tell if there is something loose under the seat or if perhaps a piece of metal frame inside the seat is maybe cracked or came apart. I've tried playing around with some of the wiring and harnesses under the seat but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've been thinking about taking the seat out completely (removing the torx bolts and actually lifting the entire seat up ) then maybe putting some shims under the rails on the left side to apply pressure up against the seat and then bolting it back down to see if maybe that stops it. I'm really at a loss. I had the truck at the dealership a couple of weeks back and of course the tech couldn't hear the noise - which is mind boggling to me because the seat is rattling pretty much constantly when you hit any imperfection in the road. I get this feeling he didn't feel like messing with it. Who knows. Its just such a pain driving it over there and then trying to see if they can get me a loaner or take me to work. Its irritating. Other than the rattles the truck is great - but the rattles drive me nuts.
  5. B Pillar Tick

    So I'm noticing in the mornings that the B pillar metallic click is back - but only when I hit real large potholes that shake the whole cab. Last summer when it was doing it - and usually it was in the mornings - it was real bad - happening on pretty much any groove or small ridges in the road. But now its only on the largest of jolts to the cab. And again, its only in the first part of the morning that I'll hear it at all - after the sun beats down on it all day no clicking at all. There's this "sweet spot" of expansion that is causing something to heat up just enough to touch and make noise. so odd. Now my passenger seat on the other hand - that is rattling and clicking like crazy no matter what the temperature - and its driving me nuts. The fact the dealership couldn't hear it just means to me the tech probably didn't feel like messing with it. Its very obvious. I can push on it and make it stop. The sound is metallic in nature but it could very easily be a plastic piece or something too. I slipped out the headrest thinking that maybe that was making the sound but it isn't that (still rattles and clicks w/the head rest out). Its either something loose under the seat or perhaps the metal frame of the seat itself is cracked or came apart. I'm toying with removing the seat my self out of the truck and trying to figure it out. The only thing stopping me is the 97 degree Houston heat.
  6. B Pillar Tick

    Every once in a while I’m getting a vibration in the b pillar (not the ticking noise it’s more like a rapid vibrating noise) on road surfaces that have a lot of small ridges like older concrete. Sounds like it’s coming from the bottom of the b pillar near the back door. Its inconsistent tho. Seems to come and go
  7. B Pillar Tick

    Surprise surprise - dealer couldn't replicate the sound of my rattling passenger seat. Sucks.
  8. You wouldn't happen to still have those pics of this would you? my passenger seat rattles and makes a metallic sounding click on bumps and I just left it with the dealer for 2 days and they "couldn't replicate the sound" (of course). I've tried putting a trim removal tool under the rail to prop the seat up like that but it didn't really seem to work.
  9. B Pillar Tick

    So I got my truck in this morning to the dealer for the seat rattle. I got a Colorado as a loaner and low and behold the loaner has the metallic rattle in the pillar on bumps. LOL
  10. B Pillar Tick

    Its been real warm here in the mornings (80-83 according to outside temp on nav screen) and I think I'm starting to hear the clicking in the pillar - but only on real big potholes and only when its the first thing in the morning. Last summer it was doing it on pretty much any road surface with a groove in it (again usually in the mornings), but that isn't the case now. I just drove it during lunch (mid day heat its about 95) and the only thing rattling is my passenger seat - no clicking at all. I'm going to take it in for that passenger seat soon though - that is absolutely driving me nuts. I think the frame inside the seat is cracked or something.
  11. my passenger seat has been rattling for a while now and it seems to be getting somewhat worse. It’s almost like a rapid metallic kind of sound on bumps and potholes. I can mess around with the seat a little bit and get it to stop but it always comes back. The passenger seat seat itself seems to have more play than it should (I can really move the back of the seat a lot back and forth).
  12. B Pillar Tick

    Ugh - that sucks mojohn. I have to figure out what's going on with my passenger seat. It will be fine for a few days, then someone will sit in it and then it will rattle like crazy (on bumps) until I start messing with it again.
  13. B Pillar Tick

    I did notice last year it was much worse in the mornings during the summer here in Houston. Damp humid mornings. Thing would rattle on every bump and groove in the road. But on the drive home from work after the truck sat in the parking lot all day in the heat and sun it would either not do it or it would be real faint. We’re starting to get more damp and higher (mid 70s) temps in the mornings now and it isn’t doing it (yet). Hoping like hell it stays this way.
  14. B Pillar Tick

    Okay that’s what I noticed too when mine was doing it. When it cooled off in the fall it stopped. Then it came back for a day or so back in January sort of randomly. Try this because mine seemed to stop for good (fingers crossed) after I did this. Open the back door and take the rubber boot / connector that attaches the wiring that comes through to the door to the plug in the B pillar off and then reconnect it. It’s a connector where you pinch on it and it should snap out. Mine had a bunch of play. I could really move that rubber boot around the hole. I’m curious if that stops it for anybody else.
  15. B Pillar Tick

    That sucks. Out of curiosity what’s the temperature outside where you are?

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