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  1. Ah thanks! I'm going to try that - moving it inwards - luckily I do have a set of Torx sockets too. I'm honestly surprised the dealer didn't try doing that either. They replaced the latch but did nothing to the striker - go figure.
  2. My passenger side door will rattle like crazy on bumps. For many months I thought it was the passenger seat but after a lot of trial and error and trips to the dealer its definitely the door lock/striker. The dealer replaced the actual door lock mechanism but it still rattled after that. My solution to stop the rattling (sounds like typewriter ticking noise) I would hear on bumpy roads has been to wrap some black gorilla brand tape around the outside of the door striker loop. It has worked beautifully but I think after a couple of weeks it starts to wear out or something and I start to hear faint rattling again, which makes me have to re tape it, which I don't want to do anymore. The striker appears to be lined up with the latch pretty much dead on (just eye balling it), but I'm just wondering if the striker should be adjusted on the B Pillar inward (towards the middle of the truck), or outwards?
  3. When you adjusted your door striker on the passenger side did you move it up or down ? (or sideways even?). This whole time I thought my passenger seat was rattling its turning out that it actually isn't the seat at all. I had one dealer replace the door lock and it did nothing, and then another dealer replace the passenger seat frame, did nothing. I decided to put gorilla tape on the door striker and it stopped the ticking and rattling - but its finicky. My wife rode in the passenger seat the other day and the next time I drove the truck without anyone in it, it was rattling again. So I took the tape off and put a little bit less back on (and also took a mallet and slightly tapped up and down on the striker) , and now its quiet again. I'd rather just adjust it though and not worry about it rattling again. The B pillar tick on the driver side remains though. Lately it seems to be even more sporadic. Usually when its lower than 75 or so outside it doesn't' do it, but it was in the 60s and rainy this morning and it was doing it. I should also note that I taped the driver side striker and tapped up and down on it too hoping maybe that was the cause of my driver side problem as well - but I truly think that the driver side is definitely the bad weld.
  4. Hey thanks for posting this. I had my B pillar trim off the last couple of weeks trying to figure this out. I even bought some Noico "dynamat" type material off Amazon and put it on various points inside the pillar around the seat belt adjuster this last weekend and it basically did nothing. I'm going to study this document and see if perhaps I can do this myself. I'd do anything to stop this noise at this point. Incidentally I had to throw the trim panels back on the pillar yesterday morning because I was going to be transporting some coworkers around yesterday and I didn't want to have to explain why all my trim was missing on the pillar LOL. In my hasty attempt to put it all back together before work (sweating profusely thanks to an especially humid Houston morning) I ended up somehow messing up the tabs that connect the lower black trim piece to the upper gray piece that surrounds the seat belt slider. its looks terrible. When I take this apart again I'm also going to try and figure out how I can align those two trim pieces together. I don't understand how those two tabs don't "catch" anymore to keep the pieces firmly together...
  5. Let us know what they say. My dealer tends to be kind of mediocre when it comes to fixing things. I had to take it to another dealer to finally get my rattling passenger seat frame ordered (the part hasn't come in yet, but when it does and they fix the seat its going to be like Christmas morning for me to not have my passenger seat rattle anymore). I actually took off my B pillar trim this weekend and spent some time trying to figure it out - which of course I can't. Today during lunch I drove over to a stereo shop near my office to see what they'd charge to put Dynamat type product in the pillar and it sounds like it'll run a couple hundred bucks or so. I may just buy the material and do it myself since I have the pillar off. A kit of that mat product is about $125 for 12 square feet. I may just break down and buy it and then use the left over stuff in other areas of the truck. My thought was putting it on the metal that is exposed facing the inside of the cab. Perhaps taking the seat belt height adjustment mechanism off and then putting the dynamat behind it, cutting out the bolt holes, and then bolting the seat belt mechanism back in over it. Then perhaps putting some more on other exposed surfaces within the pillar too, both inner and outer skin. It seems like that stuff was designed to reduce or eliminate vibrating metal , so this may be the only solution. (of course assuming that is the piece of the pillar that's actually vibrating...)
  6. How's your B pillar rattle been lately? Mine was ticking and clicking like crazy this morning (still in the high 70s here in the mornings) - since its a Saturday I"m thinking about taking it apart and having a look inside there again...
  7. So I took the truck in today so they could re fix the seat. They had the truck all day, replaces the door lock mechanism and told me it was that. Of course half half way home the seat was rattling like crazy again. I’ll probably take it straight back to them tomorrow.
  8. Hey thanks for the suggestion on this. I've been all over the internet trying to find pics of Dynamat applications inside B pillars and surprisingly haven't found very many. I think I need to just take it apart and see what I'm up against. (I had it off once last year trying to hunt down the sound but don't quite remember all the details on what it looked like in there)
  9. Hey I'm curious about you mentioning the B pillars here. There's a large forum on here about guys having a Tick or clicking sound in their B pillars - especially during warmer weather - and was wondering if you had that too before you put the Dynamat in the pillars? The noise has come and gone for me all summer and its really annoying when it happens. Been thinking about taking the pillar trim off and putting Dynamat on the metal in there to see if that would stop it.
  10. I had mine done at Knapp Chevrolet downtown (I see you're in Houston so you may know that dealer). Was nice and quiet for 2 weeks and now its back , and really pretty bad. They did something with the seat frame and seat back. I didn't really ask the details on what the tech did but I sort of wish that I did. So I talked to the service rep there the other day when the rattling started back up again and he said they'll probably just end up replacing the seat frame when I take it back - I just need to find a day to take it in and leave it. I only have 18k miles so its still under warranty. just such a pain in the rear taking it in for this kind of stuff. The other issue that comes and goes is the annoying B pillar tick. Its so finicky though because it usually only happens in the mornings, and only when the temp is around 80-85 or so. So many ideas and suggestions on this site about what causes it but I'm real close to finding a stereo shop or something that can professionally Dynamat the inside of the pillar to see if that will stop it.
  11. Hi Waterskier - there's a long thread about the B Pillar tick going on over here: There's a lot of guys on that thread with a lot of ideas of what it may be that's making the noise on their various trucks. It's been happening to me but only in the mornings on my way to work when its about 75-85 (or so) degrees outside. Once it warms up during the day it goes away. If its a morning that is gray and rainy or the previous day's temperature didn't get very hot then the noise isn't there (for me at least). Incidentally my biggest heartache has been my passenger seat. It was rattling like crazy and I finally got the dealer to fix it about 2 weeks ago (they did something to the frame inside the seat). It was dead quiet until yesterday, now its rattling like crazy again and I'm about to bring it back tomorrow. For the pillar I'm thinking that I'm going to take the b pillar trim back off (I've had it off before looking around and like you couldn't figure out anything) and I may just get some real good dynamat or some other sound absorbing material and just place it all inside there. I've even been toying with having a stereo shop or other such type of place do it. If its only $150 or $200 it may be worth not having to take it back to the dealer 20 times .
  12. I took mine back to the dealer 2 weeks ago and they fixed the rattle by doing something to the frame of the seat. It was great until this morning - rattling like an SOB. I'm going to take it back and see if they can just replace the whole seat this time.
  13. Have an appointment to take mine in for the seat tomorrow. Driving me insane I may mention the b pillar and see if they can spray foam in the pass through connector - although I don't have any faith they can fix any of it. Toying with actually taking the truck to a stereo shop or something and seeing if they can take that pillar trim panel off and professionally put Dynamat and foam in there to stop it. I'm sure getting the dealership to do it would be nearly impossible.
  14. Have you taken it back to the dealer lately since the weather is cooler? I was hearing mine on bumps again this morning (78 degrees when I was hearing it). Its interesting, sometimes it'll tick only once but if its a strong enough jolt or bump it seems like it'll keep ticking for a second or two , like a fast Morse code. Then it goes away until the next bump.
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