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  1. Have an appointment to take mine in for the seat tomorrow. Driving me insane I may mention the b pillar and see if they can spray foam in the pass through connector - although I don't have any faith they can fix any of it. Toying with actually taking the truck to a stereo shop or something and seeing if they can take that pillar trim panel off and professionally put Dynamat and foam in there to stop it. I'm sure getting the dealership to do it would be nearly impossible.
  2. Have you taken it back to the dealer lately since the weather is cooler? I was hearing mine on bumps again this morning (78 degrees when I was hearing it). Its interesting, sometimes it'll tick only once but if its a strong enough jolt or bump it seems like it'll keep ticking for a second or two , like a fast Morse code. Then it goes away until the next bump.
  3. Thanks for the tip on this I'll check it out. I moved the seat around a bit and drove it around during lunch and it seemed quieter again. I'm beginning to wonder now if I'm just so tuned into all these different noises that maybe I'm just hearing things now.
  4. Hello all, I've posted previously on the forums here about two particularly annoying rattles I have in my 2017 Silverado Crew Cab. One is the b pillar - which only comes and goes on warm mornings and early evenings. We've got a really long thread going on this site with tons of posts regarding this. Lots of good ideas and comments too. hopefully we all find a solution to it, its annoying as hell. The other is my passenger seat. It makes a metallic sounding clicking /creaking /squeaking noise on bumps and on concrete roads where there are grooves in the pavement which causes the truck to vibrate slightly, rattling the seat. I can make the noise stop by pushing on the seat towards the door (with some force), but it comes back instantly when I stop pushing. Dealer was no help basically on that one. I've tried bending brackets, messing with the metal bracket that moves the seat back and forth, etc..nothing stops the rattle. So this past weekend I bought a can of white lithium grease (WD-40 brand) and sprayed the rails of the seat and the areas around the torx bolts that hold the seat down the body of the cab (I took off the trim on the side of the seat to get to the back right side bolt too). I also stuck the needle of the can onto the hinges of the seat back (I didn't remove the seat cover or anything ). All noises from the seat instantly went away after I did this. I've been driving the truck all week and the seat was super quiet, not a single noise. Until this morning . Seat is totally rattling again. Now I think I'm on the right track so to speak with perhaps the seat metal to metal contact points needing lube. But I'm just wondering if anyone on here thinks maybe a different kind of lube would work better, or if perhaps maybe I just need to go back over the areas I initially sprayed again? Does anyone have experience using greases or lubes like this on what are basically static interior parts? I really don't want to end up getting rid of the truck over something like this, because overall I really like the truck. But this stuff really drives me nuts!
  5. Well the seat is still quiet but the b pillar tick remains. Heard it this morning on my drive to work.
  6. So I decided to buy some WD-40 brand White Lithium grease this weekend. I put some on the passenger seat rails, the torx bolts that hold the seat rails down to the cab of the truck, and finally the bolts that hinge the back of the seat to the bottom of the seat, and it seems to have completely stopped the rattling noises in the passenger seat. if this is all it takes I"ll be sooooo happy. The grease was $8 at Lowes For the B pillar noise I also decided to spray it on the rear door hinges where they connect to the b pillar as well as the door striker (for the front driver side door) that's connected to the b pillar. I also sprayed it on the bolts and brackets that hold on my running boards underneath the truck. I've driven the truck around for a couple of days as well as to work this morning. I haven't heard any noises from either the seat or the b pillar. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that perhaps it was just the metal contact points needing some grease or lube to take care of these noises. I'm remaining hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully this is all that's needed. If it starts coming back I'll definitely post something here again.
  7. Funny I was thinking today about both my 2001 and 2004 Sierras I owned both brand new. I don’t remember having these kinds of ticks and rattles in those trucks. But I honestly don’t know if that’s because I was apt to play music louder when I was young (or just play music more often as opposed to news or something like my boring self now). I can’t help but think that those trucks just didn’t have rattles like this one.
  8. Yeah if I’m hearing this all year long during cooler weather too I’ll be seriously considering trading it in.
  9. I can definitely hear it in that video, and that's pretty much what mine sounds like. I wonder if its originating in that area where you have the camera pointed or "traveling" down the pillar into that area. If we can hear it by our ears in the upper part of the pillar, maybe the source is also making the noise travel down as well. When it happens it drives me bonkers...
  10. My b pillar was ticking like crazy this morning - almost on every groove in the road. (and of course my passenger seat was clicking and ticking like crazy too ) I saw something about finding the "b pillar pass through connector" and spraying expanding foam near it where two pieces of sheet metal are wedged together on a post about someone with a Chevy Colorado. Does anyone know what that is ? I'm assuming its where the wiring harness boot attaches to the pillar but I'm just taking a wild guess.
  11. Do you have a picture of this area where you stuffed the foam in ?
  12. No worries. There’s a bunch of us over on the b pillar tick forum that have it in varying degrees of intensity and occurrence. Mine only happens on pretty big bumps and at certain temperatures or dew points. Usually in mornings or early evenings. My big upset is a passenger seat that rattles and at times makes a clicking noise that’s enough to drive me insane when it does it. Can’t figure it out and of course the dealer couldn’t make the noise happen. I can push on the seat towards the door and make it stop though. But as soon as I stop pushing and lift my hand it starts ticking and rattling again
  13. For the b pillar fix do you know where about on the length of the b pillar did they spray the foam?
  14. Its funny how noises caused by something in one area of the truck can reverb into a completely unrelated area. I know in my case though its definitely the seat making the noise. I can push the seat with some force towards the door and the noise instantly stops. Drives me insane sometimes.
  15. I know this doesn't really solve the problem of what's causing the ticking but has anyone given thought to taking off the lower panel of the interior b pillar trim and then strategically placing some kind of sound deadening foam or rubber inside on the walls of the pillar or on the back of the trim? I've seen product that stereo shops use to reduce rattling and noises. thought about doing that but not sure if it would dampen the tick or not..
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