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  1. Fuel pump priming. It should only happen when opening driver door and truck has been sitting for awhile. This is normal on 2014+ Trucks and SUV with Direct Injected engines.
  2. I put bilstein 5100 on my truck. I did 3rd notch from bottom and got 1.75" lift in the front. 4th notch will get you 2" or a bit over. Truck rides firmer than stock but not rough. It is not floaty boaty feel like the stock ranchos. If you like that ride then bilstein may be too firm. I left the rear alone and still have 1.5" - 2" of rake which I like when i hook up trailer or haul stuff truck isn't @ss low. There is a Bilstein shock level thread in the mods section. Lots of info. You need a spring compressor or find a shop that will do the fronts. Rears are super simple to swap shocks or add a larger block.
  3. Hopefully a diesel Tahoe and suburban are next đź‘Ť
  4. I would like to test drive one. One thing that stood out in the press release was that the timing chain is at the rear (near firewall) of the engine. So if a tensioner, guide or chain needs maintenance or replaced, step 1 is remove engine? If that’s the case, I would own until warranty’s is up. The chain, tensioner, guides are engineered to last until 100k? 200k? 300k?
  5. Ol' Chevy will me missed...

    Looks good! Keep us updated from time to time. How was your 2014 Chev? How many miles? Problems?
  6. Yep. My first car 1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20V had red and orange cluster. I liked it and was a good theme. Drove a few 2000's era Pontiac and no thanks on the horrible knobs and the red backlighting.
  7. Great breakdown of pros and cons. Here are my thoughts... Additional Pros: Cup holders for rear seat on back of center console +3" of rear legroom vs k2xx Full rear bench without cutout in center seat vs k2xx Heated steering wheel turns on with remote start Additional Cons Larger exterior dimensions vs k2xx No adaptive cruise (Available in 2020)
  8. Have you checked local craigslist for OEM takeoffs? 1988 - current are same bolt pattern. 6x5.5 metric OR 6x139.7 US 17" and larger wheel diameter will fit ( your spare is 17") 1500 Trucks, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon XL, Escalade wheels will interchange. TPMS sensors can be swapped over to other wheels for $60 - $120 at local tire shop
  9. Too bad the 6.6L Gas is stuck with the 6 speed ONLY. GM needs to offer the 10 speed as an option. Betting this will happen in a year or two.
  10. Yep. If it has a Cummings in it, the seller asks for top dollar, even if the rest of the truck is falling apart, the pre emission Cummings is gold. Same said for 2004 - 2007.5 LLY & LZB Duramax.
  11. mid cycle refresh in 2021 or 2020? K2xx Generation got a face-lift 2 years in....
  12. The perfect truck?

    Have to love all that torque avail at such a low rpm with diesels. 3.0L [email protected] 6.2L [email protected]
  13. The perfect truck?

    What is your trailer unloaded and loaded weight?
  14. The perfect truck?

    I love my 6.2 max tow NHT crew standard bed. Good payload for a loaded half ton at 1900lbs. My towing is 11,700 but I wouldn’t want to tow that with a half ton. Probably would be a little higher if I didn’t have sunroof, heated cooled leather,etc. 6.2 and 8 speed are excellent towing my 4000lb enclosed box trailer loaded with utv and camping gear. This is through the mountains at 5k - 8k elevation. Truck is always in the correct gear and a downshift isn’t much of a drop or jump in Gear spacing. My next dream truck is the 2020 HD AT4 with duramax or the 6.6L gas ONLY when GM offers it with the 10 speed! I was excited about the 3.0L in-line diesel1500 but they only rate towing at 9600lb when a max tow 5.3 or 6.2 is rated around 12k.
  15. Your post makes me wish 2016+ had 5 yr 100k powertrain instead of 5yr 60k.
  16. Sounds like a good deal. Post some pics if you pull the trigger!
  17. I have the range Version 8.x. Works great! No problems with battery drain and have left it plugged in for a week when not driving truck.
  18. Just got back from store and noticed oil cap calls for 0W-20. (I was driving other truck while getting oil ;-) Local walmart only had 5W-20. It is Dexos approved (Mobil 1 Full synthetic 5W-20) Anyone running 5W-20 in their 2014-2018? Guess I could hold off a few days and exchange. I'm currently at 7500 miles on my 2018 6.2L and oil life is at 23%. First oil change was at 4500 miles.
  19. Yep. My local dealer is the same on loaners. First question when I went in for oil and rotation service was did you buy truck here? I said no. We will call you when it’s done. 3 hours later no call. I called back and oh yeah it’s ready. Don’t even want to wast my time for the other free oil change!
  20. 0W-20 vs 5W-20

    Yes I have one "free" oil change left but my local dealer is booked out and I was not impressed when they did the first oil change. Picked up M1-212A filter.
  21. Hi all, I have narrowed my subwoofer selection to the below options from JL Audio. I am leaving the 2 dash and 4 door speakers Bose as they are plenty loud and the Bose AMP filters the low frequencies so they don't distort even near max volume. I like the idea of not loosing underseat rear storage with the single 10". But will that be enough? They also offer (2) 10" subs for under rear seat. I was going to order the under front console center sub and if thats not enough I could add the rears and keep or sell the front. Single 10" $599 designed for Crew Cab trucks with front bucket seats and factory console 10TW1-2 10" 2-ohm subwoofer power handling: 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak power) https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13694645/JL-Audio-Stealthbox.html?tp=113 Dual 10" $1199 black Stealthbox enclosure fits under rear bench seat two 10" TW3-D8 subwoofers power handling up to 800 watts RMS https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13694647/JL-Audio-Stealthbox-Jet-Black.html?tp=113
  22. Had a “network installation successful” come across radio display this am.
  23. Had key on but engine off for a few minutes and noticed service adaptive cruise control message. Adaptive cruise control was not offered in k2xx trucks. I do have the Denali cluster upgrade. I know adaptive cruise was offered in suv. Has as anyone else seen this with or without Denali cluster swap? service stabilitrak message a few weeks ago on a cold start but never returned. 2018 Sierra 7300 miles
  24. Haha. I bet they would “fix” it

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