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  1. https://www.rigidindustries.com/mounting-options/46517 - This is the fog light mounting brackets https://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting?f[0]=field_product_family%3a9 - They can hold either 2 of the SR-M LED pods or 1 of the SR-Q pods on each side (I went with the 2 SR-M's on each side). They come in a variety of outputs for driving, spot, etc. Install was easy - I paid someone to do it for me lol. I don't think it's too difficult however.
  2. No, not on the 2015 at least. And thank you. I no longer have it, but I do miss it
  3. I'd suggest the wheel skins. As much as I love Plastidip for multiple applications, I have seen too many wheels look "cheap" with Plastidip. They also take a beating and can be a pain to apply properly. Those wheel skins look like the best bet IMO.
  4. Won't help you if you're driving and ice builds up on the windshield though...
  5. Did you do anything with the bolt holes on the bumper? You could still see them at certain angles. Didn't really bug me much but curious if you bent them up, cut them off, etc.
  6. Looks good. I removed mine fully on my truck but this looks good too. Anything is better than the original valance, that's for sure. Plus by cutting it while it's on the truck you don't have to remove then reinstall about 2000 bolts! Good thinking.
  7. Just curious if anyone has used DiamondKote paint protection on their trucks or other vehicles. Essentially it's a spray on protectant that creates a film over the paint, which I guess would be similar to getting a clear bra installed. Just looking for any feedback on it. Thanks very much. https://www.diamondkote.com/auto/appearance-protection-products/paint-protection/
  8. The re-done pictures look much better. I am interested in having this done as well, but have read some stories of the partial hood coverage showing the dirt along the edge of the film over time.
  9. On my '15 LT it came with the power adjustable pedals from the factory. Not worth pouring all that money in to add those features after the fact, which some may not be possible. Dealership should be able to search local inventory for something that has the features you'd like.
  10. I had multiple Rigid Industries lights on my truck... I think 8? Never had an issue once with them. For the price I paid for them, I would expect no issues. Hope their customer service gets back to you. May be worth a follow-up phone call. If you bought them from a third party, like Amazon, you might be SOL though.
  11. Although I liked my BakFlip tonneau cover, I love the look and functionality of this one!
  12. What kind of trucks? New or old? Newer ones would be more difficult to get away with but nothing is impossible nowadays...
  13. Welcome to the forum! And congrats on your new truck. Like most things in life, you usually hear more about the negative things vs. the positive, and that is also true on the internet. Unless your truck actually shows signs of an issue, I would not worry. Most of the vehicles I have ever owned have been GM vehicles and have also had them with other family members. They are great and I have found usually very minimal maintenance is required if you treat them right. Are there issues that pop up from time to time? You bet, and it can suck. But that's what the warranty is for. And if it's out of warranty, these forums are fantastic for helping determine the cause and how to fix it, as well as where the best place is to find parts for cheap. Anyways, don't worry. You'll love your truck! There are tons of happy members on these forums who would also agree.
  14. Is it still under warranty? If so, let the dealership fix it properly.
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