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  1. Where Is The Crew Cab Standard Box Models

    I love them. Have it on my 16 and by far the best design GM ever had. I like it better than my boss f350 power step. Which is the same as Amp.
  2. how far does it sticks out? any side shot?
  3. Where Is The Crew Cab Standard Box Models

    Mine arrived at dealership today. picking it up tomorrow!!!
  4. Beautiful truck. What is your wheel size and offset?
  5. Blue Denali cluster and Camaro Frameless mirror.
  6. Testing NGAUGE in my pod. Looks pretty!!!
  7. Make a new Center console switches panel!!
  8. Gauge Pod?

    ^^ LOOks awesome!!
  9. Thanks!! It's Denali cluster. ;) Thank you sir!!
  10. dipping my own custom switch panel.
  11. Well, I can't tell you if it work or not since I'm not an expert. You can try, but no guarantee.
  12. You still need all the wiring in order for the switch to communicate with the BCM. Just the switch itself. It will not work.
  13. i'm pretty sure you can get just the switch itself. Let me see if i can get the part # for you later.
  14. The Bar will work for the 15, not sure if the light switch and harnesses will work for the 2015 BCM. As you can see .It's only involved a few wires. LOL
  15. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/202108-how-to-install-bed-sport-bar-led-lamps-3rd-led-brake-light/?p=1996448

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