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  1. Message me for tge info. They are available. Ben
  2. doing the rest of it next weekend. These are display for my Future HD customers. LOL
  3. Dipped my radio pod bezel to woodgrain. Gonna do the rest of the interior later next week.
  4. hey, I'm the one who make them. you can look me up on FB Block8head Custom vent pods. Ben
  5. Add gauge pod and Aeroforce interceptor gauge to the interior!!
  6. Yes sir. They are factory ordered and available for the 19 High Country.
  7. Mine is 19 HC 6.2l Standard bed with max tow trailering package.
  8. is there a reason why GM doesn't recommend to install on the truck with Enhance tow package, Max trailering. whats the different?
  9. I love them. Have it on my 16 and by far the best design GM ever had. I like it better than my boss f350 power step. Which is the same as Amp.
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