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  1. Blue Denali cluster and Camaro Frameless mirror.
  2. Testing NGAUGE in my pod. Looks pretty!!!
  3. Make a new Center console switches panel!!
  4. Gauge Pod?

    ^^ LOOks awesome!!
  5. Thanks!! It's Denali cluster. ;) Thank you sir!!
  6. dipping my own custom switch panel.
  7. Well, I can't tell you if it work or not since I'm not an expert. You can try, but no guarantee.
  8. You still need all the wiring in order for the switch to communicate with the BCM. Just the switch itself. It will not work.
  9. i'm pretty sure you can get just the switch itself. Let me see if i can get the part # for you later.
  10. The Bar will work for the 15, not sure if the light switch and harnesses will work for the 2015 BCM. As you can see .It's only involved a few wires. LOL
  11. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/202108-how-to-install-bed-sport-bar-led-lamps-3rd-led-brake-light/?p=1996448
  12. The Cluster is from the 16 Yukon Denali. Need to be program it to work with truck.
  13. yes it will work for the 2016 + Silverado/Sierra . No BCM reflash needed.
  14. yes, i use them to launch and load my boat at night. yes, The switch come with the Led bars not the sport bar. Thanks
  15. To make it easy to understand the instruction from GM. I have to minimized down to a few simple pictures of how it done so you don't have to go thru 11 pages of How to from GM. Wiring and plug connection from the led lamps on top of the bar is already there.all you have to do is running the wiring connector all the way to the engine bay fuses box. Now onto the good stuff. 1) On the main harness with the Relay. you will find a long takeout with 2 attached inline Fuse Holders and one with fuse. You don't need the loose one without fuse. Run that wire all the way to the batter box and connect it to slot #3 that have nothing connect to it. See pic: 2) Now on the harness, you will see the 3-way connector. There is a ground eyelet, route that wire down to ground location next to the driver side tow hook area. see pic" #4 in the picture. 3) secure the relay to the location that show in the pic here: 4)Now, on the harness. there are 4 wires that taped together. 2 yellow wires" 1 with the purple flag and 1 without" and the other wires is 1 blue with purple flag and 1 is orange" you don't need that orange wire. Detach the blue and orange wires and leave it to the side. you will need the blue one. Snake the 2 yellow wires thru the dash panel grommet. see pic: 5) Once you get the wires inside.Remove the headlight switch panel and remove the headlight switch and replace with the new switch that came with the led lamps package. The 2 yellow wires that you have inside the cabin. 1 is shorter than the other. the shorter one have purple flag on it. Connect the longer yellow wire that have no purple flag to the headlamp switch connector slot # 9. You need to unlock the tab on the connector in order to insert the wire in there. see pic: 6) Connect the yellow wire with the purple flag to the BCM "Brown plug, slot # 5. See pic: 7) Onto The Loose Blue wire. Connect the end with purple taped flag to the BCM" White connector" Slot # 12. See pic: Connect the other end of the Blue wire to the headlamp switch connector, Slot # 6. See pic: Now you can plug the connector back into the new headlamp switch and put the panel back in place. 8) Connect the 3-way connector from the engine bay to the extended connector that run from the bay all the way to the fuel filler neck and plug it into the 3-way connector from the bar. That's it for the bar led lamps. To turn it on. You need tho turn the head lamp switch to the On position and press the led switch for 2 seconds for it to turn on. the yellow led lamp icon will appear on the dash. see pic: 9) now onto the 3rd led brake light. At the 3 way connector from the engine bay. you will see 2 purple wires. one is shorter than the other. you will only need 1. so leave the other one alone and tuck it somewhere. 10) remove the purple/Grey wire at the slot M6 from the connector. see pic: and replace it with the shorter purple wire from the 2. That's it and you done. Put everything back together and Enjoy. here are the pics of the finish product.

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