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  1. 19' Silverado Black

    Not my photos, These came from a different site.
  2. GMC: Sierra Elevation Adds A “Youthful, Athletic Presence”

    So is this truck a lifted version like the at4/trailboss??
  3. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Do anyone know anything about those lights in the mirrors? I'm seeing it appear on various models, But on the order guide I don't seem to find details on it.
  4. And we've got a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Order Number

    Any idea on when is your truck is expected to be built? week of?...
  5. In need of ordering advice

    I am actually in the exact same situation, I am wanting to order a truck but the dealership that I deals with knows how much I wants to buy one of these 2019's. Sadly the truck I wants is a little too pricy and the only way I be able to afford it if I gets some type of a deal on it, But this is very unlikely because usually when dealerships gets a totally brand new vechicles they don't give very much of a discount. Right now on a 2018 its a pretty good promotions currently on. I was considering as well ordering the exact same truck at another dealership that I don't deal with,
  6. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    One thing I did not notice anywhere was power adjustable peddles? I don't think this is even a option on this generation
  7. Any idea when the LT Trailboss will be available? I was going to make trip to the dealership next week about ordering one, Also first time I ever heard talk of a dealership wanting a down payment on a vehicle order. usually its none
  8. Anyone know anything about pricing and or build and price? I am considering on placing a order at a dealer but i'm thinking the truck with what options I wants might be a little too much. Also I noticed in the order guide in multiple videos and pictures that these trucks do not have power adjustable peddles. Well I don't see either type of button for it.
  9. Do anyone know when the crew cab standard box (6'6") be available? Also anyone see a crew cab Trail boss with the 6.6ft box? or is this even going to be offered on this trim? I'm about to order a new truck withn the next month or so but a short box don't really work for me.
  10. Can there be options added to one of the configurations you has chosen? I'm interested in the LT Trailboss all the options listed in the configuration I wanted, But a sunroof isn't in the configuration shown, But it is option for the lt trailboss on the order guide with optional leather package and convenience II package.
  11. There is still another engine to be shown, It says under the fleet order guide that the 5.3L is standard on the LT trailboss and above trim levels, and LT and RST models it says the 5,3L is a option but below in small print "Base engine not available at launch"

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