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  1. That Trail Boss wheels and tires? was the original ones swapped out? didn't think the dealer would do that.
  2. I'm looking at adding roof marker lights to the cab of my truck. just wondering If any one done this or has one with it done. I'm unsure if the new 2019's has different wiring from last years models that may lead into a headache when installing. Also any one know of a part number for the new style lights off new 2020HD's
  3. i'm pretty sure the LT model has a composite leaf spring. that's the reason why.
  4. How much did they charge you for the install? it says 4.8hrs, Also did to get a discount on the lift? I kind of like to get a idea on much this would cost to add to a RST im looking at before going to the dealer to negotiate on a price for the truck.
  5. Yes, the Z71 is a must to get the duel exhaust, I just built and priced both models, there very similar once you adds the packages to both. but the $1799 2" lift option is a bit much,
  6. I'm in the market for a new 2019 Silverado, I definitely wants the 2" lifted truck, I found out you cannot get a double cab LT Trail boss. The crew cab doesn't work for me, because I needs the 6.6ft bed for work and needs the truck to fit in my garage, And I would like some convenience feature's that the Custom doesn't offer. So my idea is to get a black double cab RST and add the 2" gm performance lift. Get dealer to swap out wheels and tires for the 18" gloss black trail boss ones and the duratrac tires. So really it look like a trail boss. Has any one done this to a RST? or any other model?
  7. The code for the 2” factory lifted suspension trucks are Z7X, Silverado trailboss and Sierra at4 has the exact same suspension.
  8. Local GMC dealer is taking base model Sierras and vinyl wrapping the grill and bumpers glass black, blacking out the emblems adding a 2" leveling kit and 33" duratracs and machined look wheels and calling it a Sierra AT2
  9. in my opinion do the entire hood black and maybe do the small center bulge that Is black in the picture white. also add 12" of black to the bottom of the truck.
  10. White RST a local company wrapped it black, i honestly don’t think it was cheap either.
  11. A local dealer of mine done something pretty different than usual with a new 2019 Silverado RST, I have not seen a 2019 GM done like it anywhere. In my opinion it looks pretty dam nice! definitely a eye catcher I thought I share it.
  12. Very good, you wants to consider the accessorie fog lights for yours. I’m going to hold off a few more days till June. Hopefully there maybe be a better promotion, last June the 2018’s had close on 8800 off and 0%. I do know that the trail boss models are selling like hot cakes here! The custom model looks pretty cool but I wanted bucket seats, and a possibly sunroof.
  13. Couple hours from St. Johns, what made you come from a lt z71 to a custom trail boss? The prices of the new lt trail boss are insane. And the crew cab standard box is very rare.
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