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  1. Where Is The Crew Cab Standard Box Models

    I would prefer a standard box because this truck will be used for work purposes and also for a personal truck. also a 6.6ft box would fit my atv better.
  2. leveling a trailboss

    There is a few more components that isn't shown, such as bump stops front and rear..
  3. leveling a trailboss

    And that is a leveled trailboss with 35" tires
  4. leveling a trailboss

    the trailboss 2 lift is used thru another set of front shocks, you need to take apart the strut and install another, something how the bilistien 5100 adjustable shocks are.
  5. Question About Trailboss Lift

    I was wondering the same, according to my understanding. its a 2" front and 2" rear, the truck isn't leveled, I seen a few people put the rough country 2" leveling kit on the trailboss/at4 no issues. I believe these trucks got 2.25" of rake. I don't think the max tire size of 33" chevy claims you can run up to a35" tire.
  6. 2019 Sierra AT4 level/wheel/tires mod

    Do you have a side shot o your truck with the leveling kit? Also what is the frount and rear wheel well heights?
  7. 2020 Chevy Tahoe & GMC Yukon Caught On Public Roads

    Any one notice in one of pictures the Tahoe with the machined look wheels? it has red tow hooks suggesting its could possible be a trail boss version..... I do remember when the sierra AT4 was shown GMC said they're eventurally be a at4 in every one of its models
  8. 3.0L Duramax Diesel Specs Leaked From Canadian Dealer Portal

    Give it a couple months there will be tow mirrors.. GM is waiting to show the new mirror design on the 2500's first.
  9. Canadian AT4

    high country models are between 79-81k so expect the denali a little more
  10. Canadian AT4

    I found a lot of trucks thru the kijiji search, delaers usually posts inventory there
  11. Canadian AT4

    Pricing for the Canadian trucks got released today, I can tell you the prices are skyrocked here in Canada, I had my eye on a LT trailboss until I found the one I wanted had a sticker of $67k, every High country model I seen was between $79-81k and about the same price for the Denali. Right now you can buy a LTZ Z71 with every possible option for about $68
  12. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    How do you find the headlights at night? also wouldn't have either picture of the performance of those?
  13. I would think it be nice to have something like a RST off-road or basically a colored matched LTZ model to sit right between LTZ and High country, A source connected with GM told me that in the near future that there is going to be a new Cheyenne model trim level, apparently it was shown at a dealer meeting.... I am unsure of the placement of this trim level, its probably between WT and Custom or it could be something around high country.
  14. New Silverado color to come? Scorpion

    I would really wish they would offer a green colour again, it was offered in 2015, it looked awesome! Also the deep ocean blue would look nice too. right now the blue color doesn't suit every model well.
  15. Where Is The Crew Cab Standard Box Models

    Any idea when?

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