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  1. any qualified tinter will color match the back to the front. im pretty sure tinting the front windshield is illegal in most if not all states. personally i dont find it necessary given that your riding higher than most other vehicles. headlights dont shine in my eyes and looking in my vehicle isnt really common from the front anyway. tinting the other windows will aid in the overall heat aspect. not sure what you mean by matching the paint or having issues with electronics.
  2. Brake Pad Life

    i believe he said hes gone thru 20%....which seems reasonable for 13000 miles. im in the same ballpark with 10000 miles. without factoring in driving habits and paths traveled it seems normal. I have larger wheels, heavier tires, i tow occasionally. I look at the information as a helpful guideline rather than something i worry about. brake pads like tires are going to need to be changed eventually. beats the old days with my nissan armada when i was having pads and rotors changed every 15,000 miles cause nissan didnt put adequate size brakes for the size of the truck.
  3. i get it from time to time...seems to happen when i do like others stated above...funny thing is i kinda like it and wish it was . a view option...i feel like it gives a greater field of view.

    next time you bring it in...drive it thru the show room floor....tell them you dont know what the problem was and it appears to be intermitten....I HATE when the demeanor of the dealership changes after you take delivery. I havent been back to the dealer i bought my truck from for that very reason. as i said previously these are issues to the over all perfomance and function of the vehicle, not small glitches.
  5. leveling a trailboss

    wow i didnt realize the front grill and headlights were so different on a custom vs. the LT
  6. Window tinting

    when i had mine match tinted the installer threw a meter on it to confirm the level to match.
  7. TIRE - WHEEL on Silverado Traillboss

    i have 20s with 33 inch tires on my LT TB...no issues, trimming or rubbing
  8. Towing Pics

    aside from my boat i also tow a 6x12 v nose enclosed trailer, with the extra head room as well. my truck is 5.3. Felt fine and one trip i went on a winding steep hill with no issue at all. back when i has my 2015 i towed a tracked skid steer and trailer just fine. in some conversations i had with some dealers over the years they told me they have seen a lot of notorious 2500 customers stepping down to a 1500 cause the increase towing abilities and the better day to day driving.
  9. Front Plate

    here in CT a front plate is required so the dealers install them to comply with law...with that being said...i removed the plate and the bracket as soon as i got home from picking up the truck. I would ABSOLUTELY have the dealer do it its required. its no different then any other legally required item. if u screw the bumper on the 50k truck thats on you., if they screw it up its on them....BIG difference.
  10. Towing Pics

    anyone else feel the 19s tow better ?...im coming from a 15 and i towed my boat the other night and had to remind myself it was there a few times.
  11. Owners Manual Pouch

    owners manual is available digitally thru my chevy app. reg and insurance i keep in a CD jewel case.

    i noticed the fish camera thing at first too. haven't seen it happen in a while though. maybe an update addressed it. didn't happen enough that i was ever concerned. i noticed the parking brake engage sometimes as well but it seems like its sensing the truck on an angle. i never noticed it happen on flat ground. biggest issue i'm having now is a whistling noise from my passenger side that my wife indicated was coming from mirror today. ill take a look this week and see if i hear the same thing. i'm ok with a moderate amount of small glitches on a redesigned truck, so long as they don't hinder my daily driving and they fix it faster then they started. anything else is unacceptable for any dollar amount. people work hard and what we pay for any vehicle is relative. good luck with what your dealing with. squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  13. took mine off in a walgreens parking lot waiting for my wife the first week i had the truck.
  14. Antenna

    picked up a stubby at oreillys. i think under $20 and 30 seconds to install
  15. if i recall the the tubing that came with it didnt fit i nteh holes to the left on my 2019...i wentout and got clear tubing and used that to fit in the holes

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