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  1. tech that drove my car seemed to have the same thoughts...he said on the early build 2019s they didnt use atf that met the specs and demands of the new transmission. once it was discovered they changed it at the factory level but never issued a recall for the affected trucks. wierd but wasnt gonna make an issue out of it. agian after the flush the improved difference was immediately noticeable. in fact i towed something last week and felt a difference there too.
  2. Tech at dealer took for it a drive. Immediately knew it needed a flush. Got it done while I waited. I noticed an improvement immediately. Thanks everyone for the input
  3. did the fluid flush...immediate difference
  4. got a 2019 trialboss....47000 miles. recently i noticed a shifting issues. seems more apparent at cruising speeds, like around town, residential areas. its not a clunk or jerk but almost like a delay or lag. so i called dealership yesterday and happen to talk with the service manager and he told me to bring it down to have it reprogrammed. i initially was a little perplexed and questioned him and he said hes not seen many issues with the new transmission and that with how heavily integrated these trucks are with electronics thats his bet on the issue. he said most issues that he comes across o
  5. how many miles beofre the flush ? im at 47000, dealer told me i needed it last oil change...part of the 45000 maintenance package
  6. honestly i love it...its def throaty, and a lot more aggressive then i anticipated.
  7. have a 5.3 and did the afe pipe yesterday...look me 20 min...i found that the clamps had to be in the right place as to compress the slotted ends...ill check it in a few days to make sure nothing loosened up.
  8. Finally got to the muffler delete today. been debating with myself for months about, finally got the piece of pipe i needed and pulled the trigger today. took me about 20 min. stood at the rear of the truck and started it...HOLY ****** !!!i kinda just giggled....not knocking anyone but the video and sound clips dont do it justice. its deep, real deep, very throaty...screams on a cold start, def noticeable at reg startup. great rumble and progression when getting on it but when cruising or even normal thru my neighborhood its not loud at all. the cost vs reward cant be beaten.
  9. i have a magnet. its located in the flat space to the left of ignition about even with gas pedal if u reference ur picture.
  10. looked this up and it looks interesting. might give it a try. couple thing i found is that many people have the same issues, some said it was corrected with firmware updates. not sure where you guys got this but i found it on amazon. might be the route i take so if i do have an issues it will be easier to return.
  11. well after reading this post, i set my mind on a muffler delete. while out the other day i stopped at two different muffler shops...first one was a circus, all to find out they wanted 150ish to do it. the second shop also wanted 150...but i had to provide the clamps and the sawzall to cut the muffler off...needless to say neither shop got my money. since i actualy like working on my vehicles my self my next step is to find the 3'' pipe i need and do it myself. for those that took this route, is a flex or a bend necessary ?
  12. had the same issue when i first installed my cover...eventually things settled in and loosened up and no longer have the issue, tailgate opens fine...not that i use the feature that often. another thing you will notice is that if u have the bed packed and theres pressure against the tailgate it wont open as well...youll need to push against the tailgate to release the pressure to allow the mechanism to unlock the tailgate. sometimes i fell like some of the features with the new tailgates and with the pro tailgate on the gmc...they seem cool but aren't practical for guys that use their trucks
  13. cant see a picture but if its what i think it is...yes...had them installed on my 2015 when i added a new grill
  14. no rubbing or trimming. no spacers but i am running an offset.
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