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  1. well after reading this post, i set my mind on a muffler delete. while out the other day i stopped at two different muffler shops...first one was a circus, all to find out they wanted 150ish to do it. the second shop also wanted 150...but i had to provide the clamps and the sawzall to cut the muffler off...needless to say neither shop got my money. since i actualy like working on my vehicles my self my next step is to find the 3'' pipe i need and do it myself. for those that took this route, is a flex or a bend necessary ?
  2. had the same issue when i first installed my cover...eventually things settled in and loosened up and no longer have the issue, tailgate opens fine...not that i use the feature that often. another thing you will notice is that if u have the bed packed and theres pressure against the tailgate it wont open as well...youll need to push against the tailgate to release the pressure to allow the mechanism to unlock the tailgate. sometimes i fell like some of the features with the new tailgates and with the pro tailgate on the gmc...they seem cool but aren't practical for guys that use their trucks in a more traditional way.
  3. cant see a picture but if its what i think it is...yes...had them installed on my 2015 when i added a new grill
  4. no rubbing or trimming. no spacers but i am running an offset.
  5. sorry...i know i was a little vague...im looking for someone selling a used one, perhaps they bought and didnt like it or no longer need it. i kinda in need of one but having a hard time dropping $1200.
  6. anyone selling a decked drawer system for 2019 short bed ?
  7. i had em on my 2015...my reviews are mixed. i always had to open my cover a a little to full open the lid on the swing case. the cases locked but only way to lock them to the truck was a traditional keyed lock, whicj meant that had to be unlocked and relocked every time i wanted to swing the case open. they blocked some of the emitting bed light and on the 2019 looks like it will block the lights completely. with that beeing said they were a great option to keep items like hitch, tow ropes, straps, tie downs, etc. easy to access, able to have with a tonneau cover and didnt take up alot up bed space
  8. cant speak to any of the tires u listed but i ran 33s on my leveled 2015 and have 33s on my trailboss...no issues or trimming. both on 20"wheels
  9. The other reason i went to my previous dealer for service is the day after i took delivery i had flat tire...called my purchasing dealer and was told the service department was closing soon...call back monday...this happened on a saturday. Drove to the other dealer ive been using and explained what happened, they said they truck was so new they dont have the lift mounts or potentially any parts but they would jack it up with a floor jack and see what they could do. turned out to a bad valve stem and was outta there fixed in 20 min...no charge. second issue i had at my purchasing dealer...was there about a week after i got my truck...sales manager, who i worked with to purchase my truck, walked by me 3 or 4 times...never once said a word too me...not a hello, hows the truck, etc. shitty feeling. havent been back since...infact went as far as to take the sticker and plate frame off my truck that advertises that dealer.
  10. I bought and serviced my 2015 at the same dealer...when i got my 2019 in September of last year the issue was availability. the dealer i was familiar with didn't have any, couldn't even give an estimate, never mind an all black LT trial-boss. I ended up going to another dealer since they got one in...in fact at the time i got my truck it was like 1 of 2 black LT trial bosses in CT or new england. deal worked out i got my truck. I went back to the dealer i was using before and actually asked if they minded if i continued to come there for service since they were always good to me. they said absolutely and appreciated the desire to continue the business. In the year ive had my truck and times ive been there ive seen no shortcoming or deviation in the service that ive come to know. I think at he end of the day theres more to it than if you bought your truck there or not. I had a good thing going...they know me, i know them.
  11. just bought a wireless charger and dissected it...pulled the guts and used what i needed
  12. i did it... it was easy...but it sucks, i never use it and have my phone plugged normally for apple carplay
  13. i have a bakflip. went with that on my new truck vs the roll soft cover i had on my 2015. got it cause liked the function. felt it was slightly more secure then the soft cover. mainly i feel that criminals look for convenience. the unlocked bike, the opened window, unlocked car...open truck bed. Im fully aware that anyone can pry that cover open but not something i worry or dwell on daily.
  14. made for 20XX has long been starting gun to many folks on here going "oh i bet i can make this work" lol.
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