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  1. I got mine at Lowes. It was in a pack of assorted sizes.
  2. Normal. It is the security system at work. If you were to unhook the trailer it causes the truck alarm to go off.
  3. The DFM delete is in testing. Should be a couple of weeks. You can order the stop/start now.
  4. I am thinking this is the issue to. I only started having this problem in the last 7-10 days and that is when I was upgraded to 12.2. Could be a coincidence though. My truck updated to 803.01 yesterday and that did nothing for the issue.
  5. I started experiencing this same thing about 3 days ago. I have had my truck for about 4 months and it just started doing this. I am on version V 509 and it has not updated since the end of Dec so I do not know what changed. You can go to "sounds" and turn the "change with buttons" to off and you phone should still ring.
  6. Mine was a 9/18 build. Just like yours, mine only seemed to leak after a long light rain. They replaced the window on mine
  7. It drains outside the bed. In between the bed and the cab. The other one goes down into the inner fender well somewhere Both would work I figure.
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