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  1. Range Technologies

    Hopefully sooner than later. They did a recall update on my truck. The description for the update said the valve could cause a check engine light that would disable the DFM until it was reset. That means the DFM can be shut off with the right signal.
  2. Range Technologies

    Range is working on the DFM disable. Will not be long.
  3. engine stop start

    FYI - Range Technology already has a plug in to eliminate start/stop
  4. Undercover Swing Case

    Yes. Thanks. Problem is, the pictures are not very clear.
  5. Undercover Swing Case 2007-2018 GM Truck - SC 100 D

    $125 total to Dallas
  6. Undercover Swing Case

    It may be the same box but the bed itself is a lot different. Much wider where it mounted on my 2016. That is why I would love to see a picture of one in a 19. Drivers side looks like it would interfere with the step pole. Passenger would cover up the receptacle.
  7. Driver Side Mount Good shape. A few scuff marks on front. Works perfect $85.00 Local Pickup in Orlando or Tampa (water is dripping in the pic, no cracks) Locking Lid Includes 2 Keys 5-minute installation: 6 self-tapping screws included. Totally removable for complete access to truck bed. Totally portable–take your Swing Case & content for work or play. Allows for 2-inch clearance above truck bed. Lockable lid to keep your belongings safe. Quick-release latch allows case to swing-out to you; swings back into locking position. Moisture seal to keep tools dry and ready to use. Holds up to 75-pounds of tools or cargo. Convenient sliding tool tray. Mirrored Swing Case model available for other side of truck bed. A versatile tool box even with cup holders–you may find your own convenient use for! The UnderCover Swing Case–the only swinging, removable, portable utility case for trucks on the market. Swing Away, Work or Play! New from UnderCover! Works with all tonneau covers: soft, hard, folding, rolling. Swings out to nearly 180-degrees for easy tailgate access. Lightweight–made of the same rugged UnderCover® Tonneau ABS material.
  8. Were in truck for 2 weeks. I did not like the way they overlapped the door sill so I cut them. Drivers side came out a little crooked. Passenger looks good. Selling cheap, my loss. Prefer local pick up in Orlando or Tampa. $35.00 plus shipping if needed. (figure between $15-40 depending on where)
  9. Came out of my 2019 1500 Denali. Believe it fits all 2019 models but you would have to check. Did not take a pic installed. Included a stock photo. My truck does not have the tunnel down the middle though. Local pick up in Orlando or Tampa. $80.00 2019-sierra-1500-interior-storage solutions-19PGSR00274.jp2
  10. 2019 1500 Denali Carpet set

    Came out of my truck on second day of ownership. Perfect condition. Prefer local pick up in Orlando or Tampa. $75.00 plus shipping if needed. (figure between $15-40 depending on where)
  11. Undercover Swing Case

    Very handy. I keep my receiver hitch and straps in it. I like it because it is easily removed from truck when needed.
  12. Did a search but cannot find any pictures. Does anyone have a swing case on a 2019? Really would like to see a pic. I imagine it would interfere with the pole on the drivers side although they list a part number for it. I took the drivers side case off of my 2016 and will be listing it for sale soon.

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