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  1. Nice mod. I use mine to reach into the front of the bed often.
  2. This is who I always use: http://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html Give them a call, they will give you a no nonsense answer and quote.
  3. Any issues with battery drain on the 19/20's. I have my range installed and drive the truck daily but wondering if I should unplug it if it sits for 2-3 days. From what I have read it does not seem to be a problem. Thanks
  4. Back from the shop: Early results show no shuddering and back to smooth shifts. I think I will just have the tranny flushed every 30K miles or so. These transmissions seem very finicky with the fluid. I do like the tranny in the 2019 though. It shifts so much smoother than my 2016.
  5. My guess is low battery voltage. Has been an issue for some. Have you tried jumping it? Do a search for "dead battery" on here and you will see tons of info.
  6. My truck is in the shop as we speak. Built 9/18. 5.3/8 speed. 23 months 35K miles. Started shuddering about the last 500 miles. Hope the fluid change does the trick. My 2016 6.2/8 speed started shuttering at 40K.
  7. I have this happening now. No recall on my truck for it. Was there any end result of this Thanks
  8. I got mine at Lowes. It was in a pack of assorted sizes.
  9. Normal. It is the security system at work. If you were to unhook the trailer it causes the truck alarm to go off.
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