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  1. Unsettling Experience

    That would suck. Was the engine still running? Did you get lights flashing in the DIC? What happened next?
  2. Under Rear Seat Storage Bin 2019 Sierra Denali

    Still available.
  3. Did that link show up? It is funny, I can see the article in your post.
  4. This is a good article by the lifter maker: It probably has been posted before, so my apologies if it is a repeat. Melling-tech-bulletin-on-GM-LS-Deactivation-Lifter-Issues-3.1.18-1.pdf
  5. Mine cost $2063.34 Total under warranty. It was a 6.2. Parts $818.76 Labor $1244.58 Oil changed every 7K. I drive 30K miles/year I picked it up when ready and drove to the GMC dealer and traded it in. Lifters.pdf
  6. 2019 1500 Denali Carpet set

    Still available
  7. WeatherTech Floor Liners Front 2019 1500 Denali

    Sorry. The shipping costs are too much $ to CA to make it feasible. You could buy them new.
  8. WeatherTech Floor Liners Front 2019 1500 Denali

    I do not think so
  9. WeatherTech Floor Liners Front 2019 1500 Denali

    I will check. yes 2019
  10. 2019 External Antenna?

    I never use AM/FM either. Have taken off the antenna on last 4 trucks. Cover with rubber cap.
  11. Extended warranty

    Actually GMEPP is a generic term for the new protection plan ( GMC, Chevy, Cadillac) The old GMPP is administered by ALLY and is still in business.
  12. Extended warranty

    GMEPP. Official GM protection plan I am in FL so the plan is a little more expensive 5yr/100K Platinum $100 Deductible $1440.00 Best Prices: James Black Cadillac of Ebensburg PA | GM Extended Give them a call and they will explain everything.
  13. For those of you that hate auto stop

    Do you also know there is a toggle switch to turn it off. At least my truck has one. A button with an "A" on it. You have to turn it off each time you start the truck though. Congrats on your new truck.
  14. #3 works for me. I used to just jump in an go. Now I wait a minute. Sucks to have to wait, but it does take the computers a minute to "boot" up in my truck.
  15. WeatherTech Floor Liners Front 2019 1500 Denali

    Did I mention that these are perfect for snow and ice?

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