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  1. I have a 2019 5.3/8 speed. I came out of a 2016 6.2/8 speed. This new combo works for me just fine. Here is my lifetime mileage. I do not change my driving style for fuel mileage at all. Whatever it is, it is.
  2. Yes, on the outside I keep a rolled up towel in my truck specifically to cover the vent . It doesn't happen often but is a real pain when it does.
  3. Lots of people running the range device. You can perform a search on it and see the threads. Well worth it in my opinion.
  4. Another benefit: I would think that a basic Denali would have a higher resale value vs a loaded to max SLT ( which is about the same price).
  5. It is either a 7mm or 9/32. I used the 7mm. No extension needed. Can't hurt to check them. Takes 2 minutes.
  6. My 2016 Denali had a fantastic ride and my 2019 is even better. No bouncing. Smooth as butter.
  7. About 1 mpg with 75% highway driving. About 50 gallons/year in my case. Hypothetically of course. ?
  8. Call Range. They can reprogram it for the 2019. They will not guarantee it though for the 10 speed.
  9. Yes, normal. Warning lights light up when key is turned to show they are working. When truck starts they should turn off. It is when truck is running and you have warning lights you can worry.
  10. Nice mod. I use mine to reach into the front of the bed often.
  11. This is who I always use: http://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html Give them a call, they will give you a no nonsense answer and quote.
  12. Any issues with battery drain on the 19/20's. I have my range installed and drive the truck daily but wondering if I should unplug it if it sits for 2-3 days. From what I have read it does not seem to be a problem. Thanks
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