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  1. 20x9, 0 offset with 295/55’s. Love em! Aggressive look without being obnoxious.
  2. Just south of the cities in cannon falls.
  3. My fault, I thought DL3’s were the bigger tow mirrors.
  4. Really appreciate the info! I watched the goat rope videos, way over my head. Ive looked at the diablew website and their prices don’t look to shabby. Anybody have first hand experience with biablew? Does it come with tunes on it already with the option of data logging? Or do you just do data logging? What are somethings it helped with? I’m not looking to make my truck a drag truck. Or even have the desire to get it up to triple digits going down the highway. I changed out wheels and tires, other than that the only other thing I’d do is a borla atak.
  5. Looking for some info on tuners. And maybe a good brand to go with for a 2014 Silverado Ltz. I’ve tried doing some research on them but find vague info on them. Do they come with settings on them or do you tune them yourself? I’ve read something about unlocking something on vehicles? I have also read that you can take off a “speed limiter”, what’s that do? Just prevent the truck cutting out at 99mph? I guess I’m looking to maybe gaining back some mpg’s from putting on aftermarket wheels and tires. I know nothing about tuning shift points and all that. If I could get some detailed info someone that has some knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  6. My fault! The set up that goes straight out the back, chrome tips.
  7. I’m looking to buy the borla atak for my 14 crew cab short bed. I want to make sure I don’t order the one for a crew cab 6.5 bed. Does anyone know the part number for the atak for a crew cab short bed? also input on the atak and s-typ would also be appreciated!
  8. 20x9 0-offset Moto Metal mo970’s 295/55r20 Cooper Discoverer Stt pro minor rubbing on the liner. Took off the mid flap and trimmed the Little Rock guard to the lugs on the tires didn’t catch it in reverse
  9. I’m not out for a lifted look. I’m looking to take approximately.5” of the 1.5” of rake my 2” level left. I also don’t want to keep stock struts, I’m in the market for bilstein for more than just the adjustability capability.
  10. I’ve gathered it shouldn’t be done. But WHY?? What does it harm? Why can it be don’t if the leveling strut is set to the stock setting but not if you start raising the setting? another question, does anyone know how to adjust height on bilstein struts? Do you gotta compress the spring to move the clip?
  11. Moto Metal mo970’s 20x9 0 offset 295/55r20 Cooper Discoverer Stt pro rough country 2” level 35% side window tint 5% Dixie strip on the windshield
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