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  1. No videos that I'm aware of but we do provide detailed instructions on the site you can take a look at. We are currently working through an issue with 2019's with 360 cams so would advise you not to order until we post the all clear here. 2019 with normal camera works as described on the site.
  2. Drop us a line will see if we can help you out www.whiteautoandmedia.com
  3. This is what you're after: https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/denali-high-country-cluster-upgrade-t1/
  4. It can change those features as much as possible think of it as HP tuners for your bcm. If you have specific parameter questions drop us a line from the website and we can pull the exact ranges if necessary.
  5. Judging by the amount of feedback we are getting about just this feature I don’t think dealers can do it although we do allow you to set it to 27 hours if you think that may be enough hahah
  6. Sorry I should have explained better I just need a basic switch to pull a terminal (or three) to ground on the BCM these switches are probably big time overkill even though I LOVE the look!
  7. Yup new features although the more I look at these switches and as awesome as they are probably wont work for something as simple as this (applying a ground). Kills all exterior and interior lighting (IPC dims as much as possible) and the strobes are basically exactly what you think complete with headlamp wig wag (if you choose lol) all with factory hardware
  8. Currently planning on the WAMS Spec BCM Strobe Controls and the Blackout/Stealth mode when the switches arrive Past that whatever else we add that requires a physical switch I guess!
  9. Just a heads up it looks like V153 is getting skipped and going to V155 hopefully soon!
  10. Those of you with 2019's and 360 Cameras Please check your email ASAP thank you!
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