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  1. Shoot us your VIN from our website. Depending on the build adding it can be very simple
  2. I had to triple check as i was second guessing myself but its FOB grabbed this from the owners manual " RKE transmitters are not labeled with a number. If your memory seat position is stored to 1 or 2 but this position is not automatically recalling, then store your positions to the other button or switch RKE transmitters with the other driver"
  3. In a roundabout way yes. You can delete the Fobs then start from 0 and re-add them which will put put them into slots 1,2,3 etc. Make sense?
  4. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/236952-wams-autosync-tool-now-supports-ota-programming/
  5. So with all of the craziness in the world right now and all the bad news we figured everyone could use some good news and we’ve got what we think is a pretty good start! When we released the AutoSync in December we hinted that there were some big things coming that would make some of you very happy and some of those things are here now! Over The Air updates have always been a “thing” for AutoSync, it’s how you get the latest firmware for your unit. Well I’m proud to announce that Over The Air (OTA) PROGRAMMING is available now as well for selected applications (with more to come!) This also allows for full support for 2017+ BCM programming as well; all done seamlessly as if it were factory. We also have added the option for a FULL speed limiter delete for those of you who have vehicles that are difficult/expensive to tune such as the L5P and T1 trucks as well. With the lovely COVID issue worldwide we are still waiting on one part to finish a huge batch of AutoSync units. Those parts have shipped and we are just playing the waiting game at this point. That being said we expect to fill ALL backorders VERY soon including the units that were originally holding for custom programming to be built. So those of you who have been patiently waiting for a unit WITH optional programming (thank you SO much!) will get units and this new OTA programming method the second we have hardware to send. Those of you with existing units we will be posting upgrade instructions as well as instructions on how to obtain the optional OTA Programming items so keep an eye on the website under that product for more details Please bear with us as we ramp up this all new program, this is a huge leap and we are all going to take it together. If you have any questions regarding this process or how this may affect your existing order please contact us via the website and we'll go over everything with you but its going to be great! Most importantly we hope you all are safe and healthy; what a crazy time to be alive!
  6. Drop us a line with her vin from the website I want to say hay they may still have been silverbox based at that point. Edit: I totally read this wrong we can fix that no problem.
  7. That’s for XM radio some of those connectors do seem to get pretty brittle for some reason could be heat cycling.
  8. The coloring is based on the vehicle build so Chevrolet has a Color Scheme/theme and GMC does that matches the rest of the vehicle. The issue I was talking about was the physical bezel of the cluster thats really the main difference (And programming). The Deneli bezel does have the GMC logo on it which is something to consider. This is the high country style: This is the Denali Style Same cluster hardware different bezel :
  9. There are several hundred in the field now. The biggest issue we've seen is someone ordered a Denali Style but liked the High Country style better so make sure you know what you are ordering
  10. Yeah not like that at all sadly and the dealer cant do it; they go through us. www.whiteautoandmedia.com
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