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  1. Denali cluster in SLT

    No sir! just have to make sure everything is on the same bus revision etc. We'd really like to program all of it to keep everything kosher.
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    I totally misread this. I thought he was asking about a hud retrofit with lane departure. Lane keep assist requires a bunch of different hardware including a different steering rack LOL
  3. 2018 LS Custom Audio Controls?

    There is a work truck upgrade there in this very subform. While you dont have a WT much of the same situation(s) and fixes apply; it might help you out
  4. Yup PM's are off to keep traffic through one source; our website. You can drop us a line there anytime! Keeping XM isn't an issue you'd just transfer radio service from one ID to another. Hmm looks like you may have some internal flash corruption/failure. You can try having it reprogrammed and see if it lives, very unlikely to have just one byte fail though have you noticed anything else odd/off?
  5. Because you likely had a mismatch in hardware as do many others going down this road hence the above comment.
  6. Our basic service is $99 others may opt for other options but both modules are $99 for the absolute basic get it running no frills service. Want to mismatch hardware or other requests then yes the price goes up which is why we urge people to research the combination first before purchasing hardware.
  7. Got it. I'd be willing to give you a smoking deal on an IO5 module (have one that was new but used for development so basically still new lol) Drop us a line from our website and reference this conversation (if thats the route you want to take obviously! :))
  8. There are other things you can take advantage of with the AA/CP spec hardware if you choose. We offer an unlock service that truly unlocks the module and allows for video in motion from USB (or from DVD/BluRay if you have it) Rear camera in motion (with the ability to add in a front camera using the same input etc) nav entry in motion etc. It's not for everyone and if none of these pique your interest maybe this isnt a good upgrade for you as its not exactly cheap sadly. The additional "apps" from GM are restricted from their back end through a myriad of different levels (not going to disclose all of them here) but sadly its likely apps on a non 2017+ from GM isnt going to be a thing.
  9. This is purely for AA/CP. There are some aftermarket modules that hijack the display that are out there but really depends on what you're looking for (some jailbroken iPhones have a version of CarPlay that can mirror more apps etc).

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