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  1. ^ what he said. Have been waiting to test something that hopefully will work its been a bit challenging with the difference in bus standards between the vehicles that got 10" units and our trucks.
  2. Awesome glad you found it!!! Wish we could assist on the wheels we just do electronics here which most of the time is a curse LOL
  3. Hey Jim! You shot us an email at 2:44 am we replied at 8:42am check your spam as directed on the submission confirmation page Gmail for whatever reason is relentless LOL
  4. No HMI bypass module because no HMI Camera would be wired direct to the radio module box.
  5. You'll love it pretty awesome stuff going on in there!
  6. Its coming... Keep an eye on the custom owners facebook page.
  7. Correct. We put one in our new 22 to get HD radio back as well, the base cluster may be able to show MPH but the high country for sure does obviously.
  8. I got rid of it! And FINALLY got its replacement. The 2021 I ordered (same specs) has been sitting in an overflow lot in Roanoke IN since 3/17/21 so I ordered a 2022 with the exact same specs and look what came in first LOL This is our new development vehicle a 2022 Denali Ultimate CarbonPro LM2; also my first diesel and so far I'm LOVING IT. Definitely a different driving experience over gas but so far even with like 100 miles on it the fuel economy is insane as is the torque. At any rate it stayed stock for about 50 miles (this likely wont surprise any of you) first mods were WAMS Custom BCM programming (fogs with high beams, windows up from fob, remote start run time increase etc the usual stuff), WAMS Custom High Country Cluster to replace the Denali cluster with GMC graphics (lets be honest it looks better than the Denali unit lol), auto cooled and heated seats/wheel and an AutoStop Eliminator. Next up I'll be swapping in one of our wireless CarPlay kits to get HD radio back then after that maybe screw around with the rear heated seats LOL
  9. Adding this for people searching in the future however 99.9% of the time a vehicle built without a rear camera will NOT have all of the wiring from the camera back to the HMI.
  10. Probably because its not a bulletin and doubtful given how new it is that its been posted anywhere else either. Dealer will have that document under that PIP#
  11. Sorry that link shouldn't have carried over but I believe this is the (hopefully) fix everyone is after
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