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  1. Which radio source are you on XM or Terrestrial?
  2. Hey man! Doing great hope you are as well thanks for the code that will definitely help can’t wait to get a rig into this thing couldn’t really find a way I liked before seeing this!
  3. Hey Rich!! Love that mount I'm going to have to pick one of those up; thanks for sharing I had no idea that was a thing!
  4. You dont need to do this anymore, its done through custom BCM programming now all OEM
  5. It’s covered we generally do 20 minutes per cycle.
  6. That looks fantastic! I need a dump a Yaesu into this thing one of these days! 73
  7. It IS a GM warranty. Our parts come from a GM Authorized ESC and carry the standard one year GM warranty and that service/parts are Factory Warranty (if applicable given vehicle age) and GM extended warranty compliant. I'm also quite perplexed about which lack of input was the issue considering we replied to each of your emails in well under 10 minutes... which is interesting given your first post. We told you exactly what to order, that it was brand new with GM warranty and what the price was. I'm not sure how much more concise you could get with that as we didn't even have to guess since we have access to GM's warranty system we pulled your build saw you had the HMI credit and knew immediately what to do.
  8. Oh my gosh I thought she was driving your truck glad she’s ok though man!!
  9. Yes it displays automatically at the bottom of the screen at all times if it’s enabled. How much damage did your truck end up having?
  10. If it has AFM it certainly should! (thats a standard so it shouldnt deviate) if it didnt we'd definitely give you a refund thats for sure.
  11. This post is for the 2007-2013 crowd the WAMS Spec BCM for the 2014+ is on our website.
  12. Range is awesome!! Just an FYI you can also do the same thing (And user control it) with our new AutoSync and a bunch of other cool features!
  13. It works for your trucks too! Out of the Box has a ton of features including AFM disable but a bunch of other really cool optional features you can opt for like Video in Motion on your 2012-2014 UYS Radio, BCM programming and more https://www.gm-trucks.com/white-automotive-introduces-new-gm-vehicle-programmer-scan-tool/
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