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  1. Denali cluster in SLT

    Yup neither have any of my Denali vehicles
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    That is normal operation for the Denali units sadly.
  3. Denali cluster in SLT

    If you have a 2018 this is a smoking deal. We have done quite a few from that vendor and unlike other eBay sellers all of them have actually been new.
  4. Have actually considered this. Its a different module than we are currently working on but what the heck LOL
  5. Yup shoot us an email from our website and we'll double check for you but I believe those are actually the same as the 2018's.
  6. Not too much to play with at all Again the concern is if I'm able to help hence the 100% door statement hopefully an early 2014 owner will chime in because from what I can see that bulletin would make things WORSE LOL
  7. I get that (and agree) the issue I see is even the early posters were complaining which means theirs were 100% already and it still was bad LOL
  8. I replied to that initial thread as it states the 2014's were originally 100% closed but people were still complaining...
  9. So I just read this whole thread as I've been asked to see if its possible to fix this redoing the HVAC calibration on our end. That said I'm a bit confused as the bulletin states the original 2014 operation was 100% but now 90% for dust issues... that said it looks like stock 2014's who didnt have the update were still having recirc issues; is that the case? Because if so me making a calibration to move the mode door to 100% recirc sadly wont fix anything.
  10. So I guess the question is this is a common complaint? I mean I dont mind doing custom jobs but this would be a big one (and way to expensive lol) to do for one person
  11. Well that's not BCM controlled BUT we do service the module that controls it. Are there more details on this? E.g. has anyone physically looked at one in operation to determine if it's not a physical design flaw etc. That would help me determine if I want to go down that rabbit hole. We will begin offering BCM programming on a time limited basis here very soon. This will be VERY limited time slot wise as it takes an enormous amount of time to build them on our end. I want to say thats just ECM controlled in which case a tune with the code disabled will allow you to remove it.
  12. All custom and you'd need to contact from the website; there is a lot of time involved in some of this stuff.
  13. Yes we sell the programming. You'd want to contact us from our website for more details
  14. So as many of you know we completed most of our initial K2XX development on one of the very first production salable Yukon Denali's at launch of the K2XX SUV's. This continued with each minor iteration including another 2016 Yukon Denali for new feature integration and into other platforms with shared architecture from there on out. That said it was time to return to our roots back to K2XX but this time with something different ;) Say hello to our new 2018 Sierra Denali development vehicle! (and no we did not park it like this lol) We will be using this vehicle relatively short term to finish some of the specific functions/features that have been requested but we were unable to fully test (we do not release anything we have not fully vetted in a long term test vehicle) so this should allow for some hopefully exciting new offerings. Heres what we've done so far that may interest you guys (not listing the cosmetic stuff :)) -HMI Full Unlock, Video in Motion from USB, Nav Entry in motion, Vehicle config in motion, Rear Camera in motion -Rear camera in motion thank to @pgamboa's fantastic super easy plug and play harness (and the above programming) -Remote start run time extended to 20 Minutes per Cycle (40 minutes total). -Fogs with High beams WITH Auto High Beams - Fogs work in BOTH modes. Those of you with Intellibeam know that simply pressing the fog lamp button kills the auto high beam function completely on a factory truck. We have other things we are working on as well that are Truck specific as well such as cargo lamps available at all times (in motion etc). Some of this will directly translate to T1XX Trucks as well and we have done quite a bit on those as well, we will likely grab a T1XX SUV for development in 2020 as well. Stay tuned as we are going to have a lot of fun with this thing!!

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