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  1. Anything previously quoted and verified will be accepted please allow 24 hours for replies to emails.
  2. Yup replied about an hour later check your spam, would have called but you were missing a digit in your phone number ;)
  3. Do me a favor shoot me your vin from our website (whiteautoandmedia.com) id like to send you some diagnostic info.
  4. Yup that's a good part number does the fan run all the time when you plug it in?
  5. Thats sadly not a valid GM part number I guess it may be easier just to take a picture of the label and post it up if you can? Also just to everyone know we are getting incredibly busy again. If you email asking for fitment we will email back a new doc we created that breaks everything out with the specs and proper part numbers. These are for a perfect match with all US spec options that will allow you to upgrade to a cluster that supports the steering wheel controls should you wish to make that leap at a later time (or the same time). Just trying to streamline this and get back to people quickly as it takes a bit of time to run checks for proper fitment and with the current workload we want to be able to get back to people as fast as possible with relevant information but still be able to process orders in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding!
  6. ^Yup what @pgamboa said If you want to utilize the rest of the car play/AA interface via voice as was intended you'll need to get one of our custom cluster upgrades to get those additional controls e.g. siri etc.
  7. Just replied (check your spam if you don’t see it). In your instance it’s very easy though which is nice We are currently closed due to a family emergency until Monday but will do my best to reply when I have time.
  8. Denali cluster in SLT

    Hey gang I've had a bit of a family emergency and need to leave town. I was going to have someone cover emails but its just for a couple of days so I'm hoping you guys will understand. We will reopen on Monday the 10th for all correspondence and order processing, if you have one here or inbound it will be processed next week so I apologize for the few extra days of time this was NOT scheduled believe me. Thank you!
  9. Questions get answered all day via email. It's not really conducive to anyone having multiple page discussions with one person in a thread hence why we direct everyone to email/website as it has most of the common stuff on it and we dont have to keep track of the 40+ forums for vehicles we support at the same time.
  10. Please drop us a line from our website and we can discuss all the options; thanks!
  11. Happy to take care of you drop us a line from our website and we can go over everything.
  12. Denali cluster in SLT

    Correct. Ok gang got two more units in yesterday shipped from third parties with zero information in or on the box. If your unit was supposed to arrive this week (Wednesday or prior) and it didn't have any information in the box you need to contact us ASAP or these (as well as the unit from Arizona) will be returned to sender tomorrow; thank you!

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