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  1. 2018 Sierra WT io4, io5???

    Look on your RPO label.
  2. But it doesn’t buy you all the other cool stuff we can do while we are in there such as extend remote start run time, fogs with high beams, extra flashes on flash to pass speed limiter removal etc etc etc ;)
  3. Denali cluster in SLT

    Hey gang just a little operational update here: We've added a fifth complete programming bench and because of this and the resulting increase in efficiency we are lowering the price of this service (and some other popular services). Moving forward we are going to bundle in the odometer lock removal service at no extra cost for used clusters as part of the regreening process so those may be used now as well (just make sure we get them before you plug them in!) We are also going to be starting to take hour meter programming by request into these units. The issue is most trucks dont show the idle hours where the denali does so looking it up prior to shipping the unit in will be difficult at best but if you want to go through the trouble we will make it happen. Thanks [emoji4]
  4. We can add that for you for $50. Only caveat is you'd need to ship your module to us.
  5. Awesome and thank you! So some people get lucky and have a windshield with a decent enough optical clarity that you don't need the different windshield, its about 50/50 but the good news is unlike the previous gen they make HUD windshields specifically for these. Greg at Pace Performance can order one for you, not sure on cost though.
  6. Another one off to one of GM Dealer network customers! This really makes a big difference in day to day driving, HUD retrofits are now WAY easier too
  7. Io4 upgrade?

    He likely reprogrammed it as a 4” again. Drop us a line from our website if you need more help (or need us to do it or send you another hmi etc)
  8. I’m not after seeing the label, drop us a line from the site we will get this squared away for you.
  9. It will show the factory navigation maps yes but not the car play maps etc. @th3magpi3 Nice job dude!! I know that's a royal pain in the ass!
  10. So yes and no... we actually added this to the 2015's K2 trucks before the factory decided to do it. The issue is the Pickups only have express up on the one side (driver). So if we did this we'd shut off the auto down for the other 3 windows just to make sure it was completely controllable. That being said I actually had five seconds to myself this weekend (VERY rare) and was able to make a change that is super small but will make a big difference in daily living with this new tank of ours; I changed the tap to pass turn signal count from 3 to 4. Yes silly I know but most of the time 3 flashes is not enough to cover a full merge and 4 seems to be the sweet spot thus far
  11. 2017 was first year for new color scheme 2016 has both red and blue available for gas engines.
  12. No, only if you wanted the full factory integration with all of the steering wheel controls to work as intended inside AA/CP. However if you think you want to upgrade the cluster later to get those features (which I highly recommend as the entire system was designed around voice controls and pressing the button on the screen to use siri over and over sucks in CP for example LOL) we need to handle the conversion as everything is matched.

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