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  1. Well to be completely honest its considerably more involved than just the tire rating; many of these trucks have tires rated well beyond the top speed they are limited at. The Trucks actually have several limiters and whatever one is the lowest is the one the system utilizes. Generally this is the transfer case limit or everyones favorite the driveshaft limit If you hang around long enough with the high speed guys about 50% of the time they have a driveshaft pretzel horror story lol
  2. Using the instructions in the product description to find your radio type.
  3. I think thats something until we are 100% sure on everything by model year end users will have to verify on their own clock spring wise. The trucks were 2020-2021 however the 2019 should be the same in this regard. Yup!
  4. Hey gang! In a strange twist of fate we had two customers in the past few weeks retrofit our T1 Uplevel High Country/Denali clusters to IOR equipped vehicles. Both users after adding the required wiring and steering wheel controls have confirmed that not only do the menu controls work but also the full steering wheel audio controls! In the past only our Dealer customers had done this retrofit so we were unaware of this facet due to lack of feedback (no news is good news!) but this is great news for those of you who have been wondering about this! HarnessDR.com says the
  5. At this point there is not support for 2019’s with 360 cameras.
  6. We have brand new full warranty units direct from GM in stock drop us a line with what unit you need probably will be less than half of that LOL https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com
  7. You have nav. Its on the SD card in the console
  8. V155 was released to dealers today Not sure on OTA schedule yet but you can goto your dealer and have them update your 2021
  9. V155 was released to dealers today Not sure on OTA schedule yet.
  10. We still offer a ship in upgrade for those who only want NAV on their IOS equipped trucks. You'd want to contact us on the site for details however most just go with the wireless carplay/android auto upgrade as it comes with Nav.
  11. Again the only current issue is with 2019's with 360 Cameras which we have some new perspective and direction on now and have resumed work on those. ALL other years/models are 100% OEM perfect.
  12. Have to make sure the time zone setting is enabled.
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