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  1. FYI we can program to enable these in the factory way you just have to wire them in The icon will display on the dash as well etc.
  2. Hey Dwight! I think the issue is you may be having is when you started bouncing between different solutions which is why we kept asking if you wanted to keep the old system or go with the AA/CP upgrade. The "conflicting info" is likely what you're seeing as differences in services/hardware and costs. What we were trying to explain was if you want to simply go to the 8" version with the older system you need to replace the HMI only (and the screen obviously) but if you want to go into the car play upgrade you need to replace both the radio and HMI in addition to the screen; I think thats where the disconnect is. My guess is being in this thread you've decided to go the AA/CP route which is great and makes this VERY simple. If you'd like to continue your discussion with us I'd be happy to go over exactly what this portion entails I see we've got about 25+ emails with you already
  3. Theres no mount on the original grill and the camera needs to be an pretty specific spot for the imaging to work to add the front section. Oh and your truck is not useless till it comes back you just wont have cameras LOL We got along for how many years without them?
  4. I think we can fix this actually, at least the software end of it you'll still need to change out the grille, add the camera and wire it in.
  5. Yup denali cluster upgrade of the appropriate kind alleviates this, we cover it under that product on our website quite a bit
  6. Ha! I literally just emailed requesting some other info that I think will help and I didn’t see the deletion rpo from your build either so we are on the same page.
  7. It's not a bad upgrade I promise on a 2016 you've got everything but the HMI so you're basically there. Just use the contact us link on the site and put your VIN in there and we'll go through it all
  8. Hey Kenny, Drop us a line from our website we can go over the build and get you situated
  9. I linked above, he's probably like me with a bajillion people on different platforms reaching out to him 24/7 best thing I can tell you is to reach out from his website (linked above) directly
  10. I believe Phil Gamboa/ harness doctor is going to be selling these EDIT Yup looks like they already are https://harnessdr.com/product/2014-2018-silverado-sierra-hud-retrofit-harness/
  11. Hahahaha but was it worth it?! because honestly that looks factory!!!
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