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  1. Uhm... I mean technically I did it for all of your K2’s? ;)
  2. Yup that’s no problem at all! If you guys have application specific questions / future additions etc please contact through the website as we can answer things in more detail there
  3. Yes, you did indeed read that correctly. You can now have all of the proper steering wheel controls inside of Car Play / Android Auto without having to physically upgrade your cluster. This service will still require you to ship your cluster in (and of course we will turn them as fast as humanly possible) or you may choose to source a used one as these are plentiful and honestly pretty cheap! Just make sure you get with us prior to purchasing a used unit to make sure everything matches as it should as there are many different types and combos such as red/blueish green lighting, Z71, All Terrain etc https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/udd-color-cluster-upgrade/ Big thanks for the push from our dealer network and fantastic customers like you guys!
  4. Should just clip on, if you want to shoot us an email I can send you the diagram and likely part numbers if you want!
  5. All of them will have the brackets as they didn’t make any hud equipped vehicles that didn’t have those options. That being said you could use the camera cover trim to cover it up
  6. This is correct and I'm very sorry for the delayed reply! Since this service is especially time critical for the majority of our customers, to keep the processing time in line with what we advertise we have stopped taking these for a brief moment while we clear out our backlog of orders; the site will be updated when this is completed
  7. Should be noted even if you have the cluster you'll still need our custom programming to enable the outputs and menus to drive it.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I don’t have records on me but if you got the car play parts from us they are still under warranty.
  9. Start with swapping your old radio first that’s the MOST bus master then you can swap hmi if need be. It’s not too bad to troubleshoot if you have spare parts
  10. Yeah host just dropped that box for emergency maintenance unfortunately. You can directly email sales at whiteautoandmedia.com in the interim just make sure to include your vin that will save everyone some time
  11. Lots of good info here but you can drop us a line from our website with your vin and we can tell you exactly.
  12. You would need steering wheel controls to interact with this cluster which you could obviously add if you wanted to.
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