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  1. There are quite a few hardware changes to make this happen (more than you'd think ;)) if this is something you truly want to do drop us a line from our site and we can discuss it
  2. Already have that done... trying to get a bunch of other stuff to go with it (for the T1's!) I see you've got a 2018 according to your profile if thats the case its already done. Check out the WAMS Spec BCM on our site!
  3. We have helped facilitate this for a few dealers, we need to see which cluster you have then custom program it to enable all of the outputs properly then you wire it in (overly simplifying it but thats the gist). If you choose to get the windshield thats up to you, I'd see how it looks first without it then go from there sometimes you get lucky The good news is this is a much simpler process than it was on the K2 platform.
  4. So this like a needle in a haystack but I can't find one even to rent around here LOL Anyone want some free mods?
  5. Slightly different when you have to design for a billion hardware combinations VS 3 LOL
  6. This system has been in Cadillac vehicles since 2017. You've only seen 3 on your specific truck; the radio family has seen a metric ton and as I said this was both internal and external releases thats kind of how you get to version 805.1 No new math I promise!
  7. A lot of work sadly, there is a thread here about it though that shows what kind of work it takes
  8. Yes but not with a dealer programming it. Drop us a line from our website
  9. Dealer can do the update if the OTA doesnt push (as its about 50/50 on that it seems).
  10. I honestly cannot believe how bad that system is. Its WELL over the 100th release for software (internal and external) and its still buggy as all get out and people want to put them into the old trucks?
  11. Short version is if you have the IOS radio you have the ability to upgrade to Navigation
  12. Damn I really like the look of that, I'll have to enable that on my wifes phone!
  13. Hey Rog, Sorry about that! I think this may have been answered in the other thread that kind of was going in parallel so my apologies! At any rate K2 development has been frozen for some time as all resources are obviously on T1's now. That said short of a safety recall that involves the BCM it would be highly unlikely unless you are getting the BCM physically replaced that it would be overwritten. If something like that were to happen you'd simply provide a copy of the work order and we'd redo your unit at no charge just like the rest of our services. The good news is we've only had to do that a handful of times over thousands of different modules and platforms so you might have better odds winning the lottery from our perspective
  14. Not sure if this is necessarily a forum issue or the app but I'm getting notifications in sequence for events that occurred almost exactly 50 minutes prior Just a heads up in case its not just me LOL
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