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  1. Yes we've done them, they don't fit the opening properly or match any of the coloring etc. If you can get past that drop us a line we are the company that does them for everyone LOL
  2. Its in final testing now follow along below And yes the dealer is correct this is nothing they would be able to do, took a ton of custom work to get all of it integrated 100% OEM but we've got it and its coming! https://www.facebook.com/WhiteAutoandMedia
  3. Basically anything with an HMI, best to just search by PN yards can also check other yards by PN as well. Worst case just have us supply them. They are brand new OEM parts with full warranty at dealer cost
  4. Our WAMS Spec BCM can also add remote start if thats something you guys are interested in.
  5. Heh the good ol days LOL did my first tuning the same way on the LC2
  6. LOL!! Will do ;) these in particular are almost out of testing though heheh
  7. I’d say dealer wise you’re fine with either. BCM’s don’t report CVN’s like an ecm or tcm so unless you tell them they really aren’t going to know and the odds are pretty good they are one of our customers anyhow ;) BCM is actually the speed limiter master, that’s why when you get tunes they have to set it from “external” or “other module” to internal.
  8. Not sure what you’re after specifically however you can find the features list on the site which is pretty extensive. Warranty wise our biggest customers are dealers if that tells you anything ;) https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/t1-pickup-wams-spec-bcm-programming/
  9. I would wait a bit... more options coming soon with more features ;)
  10. How does it sound? Was considering grabbing one of those!
  11. Generally in situations like that its hardware not software what feature are you looking for?
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