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  1. Correct. We put one in our new 22 to get HD radio back as well, the base cluster may be able to show MPH but the high country for sure does obviously.
  2. Zero percent chance of the 2022.5's working in 2019-2022.
  3. I got rid of it! And FINALLY got its replacement. The 2021 I ordered (same specs) has been sitting in an overflow lot in Roanoke IN since 3/17/21 so I ordered a 2022 with the exact same specs and look what came in first LOL This is our new development vehicle a 2022 Denali Ultimate CarbonPro LM2; also my first diesel and so far I'm LOVING IT. Definitely a different driving experience over gas but so far even with like 100 miles on it the fuel economy is insane as is the torque. At any rate it stayed stock for about 50 miles (this likely wont surprise any of you) first mods were WAMS Custom BCM programming (fogs with high beams, windows up from fob, remote start run time increase etc the usual stuff), WAMS Custom High Country Cluster to replace the Denali cluster with GMC graphics (lets be honest it looks better than the Denali unit lol), auto cooled and heated seats/wheel and an AutoStop Eliminator. Next up I'll be swapping in one of our wireless CarPlay kits to get HD radio back then after that maybe screw around with the rear heated seats LOL
  4. Adding this for people searching in the future however 99.9% of the time a vehicle built without a rear camera will NOT have all of the wiring from the camera back to the HMI.
  5. Probably because its not a bulletin and doubtful given how new it is that its been posted anywhere else either. Dealer will have that document under that PIP#
  6. Sorry that link shouldn't have carried over but I believe this is the (hopefully) fix everyone is after
  7. PIP5823A: Intermittent Extended Crank No Start - (Oct 1, 2021) Cadillac Escalade models 2021 All All LM2 All Chevrolet Silverado 2020 - 2021 All All LM2 All Chevrolet Suburban 2021 All All LM2 All Chevrolet Tahoe 2021 All All LM2 All GMC Sierra 2020 - 2021 All All LM2 All GMC Yukon models 2021 All All LM2 All Correction: Reprogram the Engine Control Module (ECM)
  8. A few people have expressed interest in a lower cost method to do this upgrade. While I think if you're going to go through all of this the real upgrade is the Denali / High Country variants we have come up with a more economical solution as well if thats the route you want to go https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/2019-2022-t1-ior-cluster-upgrade/
  9. Update... hit the six month mark with no movement and gave up. Ordered a 2022 same specs for $500 more somehow but without HD radio and Rear Heated seats... both of which I'll fix LOL
  10. If you have been waiting to order a 20/21 High Country Gas US Spec cluster we have a few spares from the giant batch that we just got in this afternoon (that took nearly 6 months to get). If you want one order please order NOW. When these are gone they are back to backorder This chip crisis has been crazy with these units. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/denali-high-country-cluster-upgrade-t1/
  11. I saw that! Hoping they take advantage of the downtime and assuming parts stock send every worker out to complete the build shy inventory just sitting in a field outside the rail head LOL
  12. Me too but this sucker was built 3/17 just waiting on a module lol insanity.
  13. Dunno man a truck sitting now for almost 6 months is worrisome for obvious reasons
  14. No but the second the truck arrives I'll order it! (and the intake lol)
  15. So this is a fun one! Our new LM2 development truck was built on 3/17 yet it STILL has not shipped due to Microprocessor hold. From what we hear its actually an instrument cluster its missing (which admittedly hilarious given what we do) just curious if there is anyone else here stuck in the same situation? Crazy times!
  16. If our LM2 truck that was built 3/17 ever actually makes it off microprocessor hold I will let you know!
  17. Its not BCM that's why its not on the list lol It's new sensors, wiring, different module, programming for that module as well as likely IPC programming as well.
  18. It can be added, not something a service center can do properly though sadly. I'd be curious which part number radio is in that truck.
  19. Hey gang GM just dropped V158 for these radios. It will be available as an OTA but as we know those can take a bit to hit given how they are rolled out in small batches. That being said if you would like to update your kit please use the contact us page from our site and include your order number and we'll send you instructions to do this immediately to your vehicle!
  20. Thats very odd... The truck was built without Wireless CarPlay or Android Auto, all they had to do was lookup the build. There could be some region specificity but still very odd...
  21. Ok that confirms what the service manual says thank you so much this helps with some other stuff we are screwing around with Thank you @Chad Sommer!!
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