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  1. That would not matter because in my parts all the Rams get every stick on chrome add-on possible !
  2. I just cant drive a Dodge But they did rock it out of the park on the dash on that thing !
  3. I always lean towards the bow-ties although I have owned two GMC's. Cant get used to the look of the new 2019 Silvy's but have to say from my perspective the Denali looks 10x better. Wouldn't hurt my feelings if they would lose the front fender vent/emblem on the top. That tailgate is over the top too. Cant imagine you would want to subject it to any real truck use though.
  4. Top of hood rock chips

    What color is it? You say its not down to primer. Are you saying it only chipped 1/2 way through paint.
  5. Well you have a lot more paint than some of us that just need bumper and maybe leading edge of hood done. If I had just painted mirrors that would have added $100.
  6. I am pretty sure my 3M only has 10 years against yellowing, peeling, etc. I have been told the key with either product is the installer and that the products are similar.
  7. I have a tri-coat 17 High Country. I did the bumper on it with 3M bra. Most everything else is chrome. I have never seen decent touch-up for pearl paints. I think you will find the range to run from $400 to $600 depending on the model of your truck and how much needs coated.
  8. Where's my dippers at??

    Dont we have an off topic forum?
  9. Thanks for the update/let down. LOL Yea typical bullshit!
  10. I thought the tops were real leather ?? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. I personally would take it to the dealer and tell them you are "concerned about the factory issue". At least get it documented. Maybe they will offer to replace it. Probably a good chance many trucks are like that. Cows are not perfect as they get bug bite scars and rub up against barb wire.
  12. black radio screen

    I did the first and second day I had my 2017. Called Onstar and they did a reset the first day. That fixed it. The second day it happened for 10 minutes and I took it to dealer. They could not duplicate. Has not happened since.
  13. MyLink Issues

    Maybe this explains it. Not same year or vehicle but does show how you can use "voice activated" Which is somewhat deceiving as even on my high country its activated by a button and then you talk.
  14. MyLink Issues

    So you don't have these buttons? Wonder how you use voice activated features without them?
  15. Most total miles per engine hours...

    Unless you live in a part of the country where we often start the vehicle and let it run for 20 minutes to warm up and get the snow and ice off to drive 5 minutes.

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