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  1. Well post pictures if you do. I am an HF guy but not mobile enough to get much use out of it. I can easily do HF remote with my Flex so having 6-160 HF would not be hard for me using an iPad with data plan in the truck.
  2. What are you running for a rig and where are you mounting? I have been a ham for 35 years and have never ran HF mobile. Mostly because I do not want to deal with antenna.
  3. Speaker came today. Just a brand off Amazon that is sold under 100 different names. They sell for only $13 to $15. Sound is good and happy with it. Figured I would add a couple pictures. Just screwed it to plastic cover. You can also see the bulkhead connector (yellow arrow) I added along with CAT 5 shielded cable to extend the mic.
  4. I agree with above. I am a simplex guy so rarely catch me on a repeater so I went with a 5/8 ~ But Larson, comet and diamond all have a nice selection of 2/440 antennas. I like Larson because its flexible. Some of the others are super rigid and I wanted more "give" in the antenna.
  5. Chris, how the heck are ya! FYI, I did a review on the antenna and they sent me a code REVIEW542 which should knock about $30.00 off. Rich
  6. From these guys. https://www.pciraceradios.com/products/brake-light-antenna-mount?variant=2139856076809 Super simple install. Less than 30 minutes. Removed screw in top of C pillar and tipped it out. Used a wire to snake coax over and was able to get coax to bottom by just tucking it in the pillar molding.
  7. Few pictures of my install of my Icom 2730a in my 2017 High Country using a brake light antenna mount. Still waiting on external speaker. Extended the mic cable to under the drivers seat and mounted a bulkhead connector to plug mic into but forgot to take a picture. Its likely the external speaker will go under the drivers seat firing forward as well. TIG welded a little bracket to mount the head unit to the business card holder. Ran the power cables direct to battery Through the accessory nipple on the firewall. Wiring down along the sill plate \ Radio mounted under back seat and wiring for mic, head unit and external speaker under carpet. Radio does not come with bracket so made one to attached to the Seat bolt on floor. Mic bracket on side of console. Head unit installed Third brake light mount. Stupid expensive but very nice. Mount installed Brake light back on. Larson 5/8 wave (I don't use 440) Good match. It really needs about another 1/2 clipped off the antenna. Made a wire to pull the antenna over when I pull it into garage to wash and parking garages. Bottom end has a hook with a couple layers of shrink tubing. 73, kd0zv Rich
  8. I will look again under passenger. Still looked tight. Thanks
  9. I wish my High Country had that much room under the front seats. With heated and cooled seats and all the other power I can barely slide my hand under there. So looks like the new Icom is going to go under the back seat! 73 kd0zv
  10. Well the coax is already into the vehicle with the mount I am using. So just hope its easy to snake across the headliner without dropping it. 73, kd0zv
  11. Looking for the best place to get 15 amps of power inside the cab of my 2017 High Country. I am adding a 2 meter amateur radio transceiver which will likely go under the seat (if it fits). Ideally retained power would be nice but I think the new radio has a sleep feature so it will shut off in 30 minutes of no activity. I am not opposed to running the the battery if there is a decent way to get the wires through the firewall. I saw something about up fitter connectors but most everything I read was for older trucks. It looked like the wire for 15 amp circuit was only 16 ga., which seems pretty wimpy. So looking for suggestions. Also, the antenna is going back to the cargo lamp with a billet aluminum adapter between the cab and the light so any tips on pulling the pillar moldings and getting the coax from cargo lamp to the rear corners and down would be appreciated.
  12. My 2017 is doing it as well. Truck should be dry but might be ice in grill melting and running out. Basically every stop light I slow down at will alert me. Maybe it is something else and not water.
  13. Well what is bad is if you watch the actual GM videos for frontal collision my truck does not work that way. Based on that you would be positive the truck is broke. I assume they have made some updates to the system since the video came out.
  14. Well I doubt you will get anywhere with it. All trucks seem to work different even if they are functioning. I finally gave up with dealer. I do know it works as I had it save me a few months ago. Someone slammed on brakes a couple cars up and I was not paying attention and it stopped my truck without issues. I did not even see it coming. Lane change thing is pretty much shut off all the time as it only works part of the time. I might use it if I do some highway driving late at night.
  15. Well if you don't have a heated garage to work on it now, just keep it clean and applying wax/sealant through the winter.
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