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  1. My 2017 is doing it as well. Truck should be dry but might be ice in grill melting and running out. Basically every stop light I slow down at will alert me. Maybe it is something else and not water.
  2. Well what is bad is if you watch the actual GM videos for frontal collision my truck does not work that way. Based on that you would be positive the truck is broke. I assume they have made some updates to the system since the video came out.
  3. Well I doubt you will get anywhere with it. All trucks seem to work different even if they are functioning. I finally gave up with dealer. I do know it works as I had it save me a few months ago. Someone slammed on brakes a couple cars up and I was not paying attention and it stopped my truck without issues. I did not even see it coming. Lane change thing is pretty much shut off all the time as it only works part of the time. I might use it if I do some highway driving late at night.
  4. Well if you don't have a heated garage to work on it now, just keep it clean and applying wax/sealant through the winter.
  5. I agree with this. The installer I used is one of the best in the area and the had issues with the fog light recess on my High Country. I would pay to have it done. Buying the film is not cheap either.
  6. I have a 3 car garage that would fit 4 if empty and I still park outside. With kids and a garage as small as yours I would be way more concerned about damage to the truck and being outside sounds safer. I have mud flaps on mine and have not seen my first winter yet. Is it really that bad?
  7. I like the look as it brings back memories. My dad and his partner both had red and white 71 Chevy Cheyennes with bucket seats which they bought new identically equipped. The paint scheme followed the body lines which unfortunately the new one do not. I like the idea of it, but just not for me.
  8. Isn't that an optical encoder? If so it should not physically be touching when it turns.
  9. It just shows you your owners manual, allows you to schedule a service visit and if any issues or recalls are known for your vehicle.
  10. Yea nothing seems to work. I tried stripping it off, repairing it, etc. I am assuming when connected through android auto it uses the trucks microphone and not the phones? Maybe I will try my wifes phone to see if its phone related.
  11. Saying Yes does not work nor does just send. What I just noticed is it really doesnt matter if I say anything or not. I can just say nothing and it will do the same thing. Maybe I will unpair it and removed android auto from phone and reinstall.
  12. I know its quirky and doesn't work right but you would think it should work better. I don't think I talk like an idiot but apparently Android Auto thinks so. I have no issues with it interpreting what I say to create a message. As a matter of fact when I say Text John Doe mobile that works fine too. But when it says do you want to send it or cancel it does not seem to understand me saying "send it". No matter how hard I enunciate the words, 90% of the time it fails and just goes back to whats your message. Any tips? I would like the option to use it.
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