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  1. driver info center and stereo

    I did not realize anything on the infotainment system could change the DIC by touching anything on the screen. I would think DIC scrolling would be more likely caused by steering wheel button issues. As far as the chirp on the infotainment system, have you tried doing the screen calibration? I have no clue but just throwing it out there as something to try.
  2. I guess I did not know there was a setting for that. If I look at my app, it is filled with "Hard breaking" and "hard acceleration". Honestly, I don't care, but this reminds me of the time I took the drivers seat out of my Trailblazer SS. I was running a nitrous line to the back and I had the key on with the seat out when I wired up the nitrous controller. On-Star called me to make sure I was OK and I just told them the truth that I was installing a 200hp shot of nitrous to fix that hesitation on throttle tip-in I had been complaining about. Thank you for the call. Vehicles have been logging hard acceleration and speeds over XX for decades but consumers are not aware of it. Even back in the 90s I had a 93 Cadillac STS and the dealer knew it has seen speeds in the XXX range and full throttle runs. They didn't seem to care.
  3. If you are talking about the steering wheel button that sets the distance, I have and I leave it on the default max distance. Dnt, my 2017 steering wheel "centering force" is barely noticeable. It works fine but is easy to overcome. That system works OK as long as you don't let it go back the other direction and hit the other line. It starts a pretty good zig zag if you do. Based on all the reading I have done online, I don't think there are differences in model year (at least 16,17,18) but I think there is a difference in the trucks. Maybe its camera angle, etc. I have a friend that is a GM tech and he drives an 18 Z71 and he is always triggering his frontal on the highway. I have seen mine trigger one time when I was switching lanes with a dump truck in front of me. All I know is my truck does not act like any of the chevrolet videos I see online demonstrating the product.
  4. Has anyone every tried Adams invisible undercarriage spray?
  5. My 2017 High Country doesn't seem to work either. I'm currently having negotiations with the dealer. LOL. The dealer told me it's working normally so I got on a chat session with Chevrolet customer relations and they told me it wasn't and told me that contact the customer experience manager at the dealership so I did. For what it's worth I also set up a 4-foot by 4-foot piece of cardboard, put on my seatbelt and headed straight for the cardboard. I ran right over the top of it without a single alert. I was probably doing about 15 to 20 mile an hour. I dont get any sort of alert when I cross the center line either although the truck attempts to steer it back. After talking to the mechanics at the dealership 90% of them don't appear to understand how it works anyway.
  6. I think the sale ended 2 or 3 days ago.
  7. Mine has not came up in park yet. I have only had the truck 10 days and have seen it twice. Honestly, I cant swear to the first time but the one that just happened popped up when I was driving down the road.
  8. I guess I am fortunate to understand English or I would have to press the button, select a language and then read while mowing down innocent pedestrians.
  9. Nothing like having random pop-up messages that cause you to take your eyes off the road so you cant focus your attention on driving. Anyone that needs to be told this shouldn't be driving.
  10. Thats an amazing price on that truck.
  11. Last week every 1/2 ton truck I saw on my two local dealer lots were 25% off. They are back to normal now. But everything from the work truck to the high country. I saw $60,000 high country's for $44,000
  12. Have they changed the process in recent years? My 2017 looks nothing like these pictures or the half painted trucks I have owned in the past. This looks more like undercoating. Rich
  13. Unless they changed it you could have called from any phone with proper ID they could have unlocked it. On my Trailblazer SS I have called from a customer landline and did so. I would not be concerned about overheating in that temp.
  14. Yea I agree. I don't think the mechanics care at all. But many years ago I used to be in the automotive service equipment business and we had a local Ford dealer that was full service and one that was mostly sales. So the full service one ended up doing a lot more service work. They always put the other dealers vehicles second in line for work. I know this to be fact. So somebody cares in some cases. I don't know why they would because every time I go to buy a car they always tell me there is not much profit in the price. So I assume the fancy show room, parking lot and facility is paid for by the service department !!
  15. The mechanics see all the warranty history including delivery. It's part of their "SI" system in GM. Sent from my P01M using Tapatalk

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